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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/x8MDCxs.gif]][center [i тнe end oғ an old ѕтory,]
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[Oregano [size14 Our tales have met their fate. Kenneth Nixon and Jennilynn Leonidos’ love had fallen into destiny’s hand. The two married, creating three little bundles of joy. Zachary Smith and Mia Contadino had ceased their wicked games and caved into their true feelings: neither wanted to be without the other. But, that didn’t mean they still couldn’t torture one another, like pretending to be unsure if Mia’s first child did, in fact, belong to Zachary at all. Daemien Leonidos’ and Kalonice Nyx played their own adventure until it was game over for the two. Kalonice had given in to the truth, she was in love. And in return thee two ended up with three little accidents. No, Daniel Leonidos did not leave his life as a pastor in the church, but that did not mean he and Daisy Crowe did not get married and had children. After all, he was a Leonidos and Leonidos’ never let anything get in between the person they loved. Darse and Noel, they’re still under control, dealing with their own adopted children, Dastiel and Damien Van, who decided to stop saying No to one another, sometimes. As for the demented attraction between Xavier and Jenicia… let’s just say the insane decided to implant two monsters into the depressed before saving two others from similar paths. And finally, after all of life’s obstacles, Issac Leonidos, the father of the Leonidos clan wars finally reunited not only with his long lost love Melanthe, but their son Daniel… and with lots of hard work to get Melanthe to regain her memories, she remembered. Soon enough them too decided on another love child.]]

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[i тнe вegιnnιng oғ a new generaтιon]

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“Le cirque des merveilles welcomes you,
The dreamers, skeptics, the lost...
Here under the black and white stripes your eyes will be mesmerized by wonders.”

Bluish-green eyes stared at the poster plastered on the door at her father’s veterinary. The red backdrop with the tent. Faces in circles... but, where was he? This was the same circus she had seen seven years before when she was eight. Maybe he use wasn’t in the poster... or had he left the circus at some point?

Melody pushed the doors open, her eyes falling on to her father. A soft smile over her face. “Daddy can we—“

“I’ve already got tickets. The lion tamer rememberer how I helped his friend the last time.” Melody’s smile brightened. That meant that she could see the.... well he probably wasn’t a boy any more. Melody blushed at the thought, wondering how much he could have changed. Had he gotten taller? Maybe he finally learned English, was he still kind? There’s was so much she needed to know about him.

Melody did not have to wait long... only a few days. Still, she could not wait. She found herself outside of a dark, creepy house. Inviting to those who knew the family, but scary to others who did not know what lied behind those doors. She pushed the door open, “Xavier?”

“To what do I owe this pleasant surprise?”

Melody jumped in her skin. Her head turned to the side, eyes falling on a dark haired male, the signature vendetta smile plastered over his face. “I.. There’s a circus in town, but... it’s not open yet... i wanted to see someone and... I was wondering if—“

She didn’t even have to finish. Melody’s hand was grabbed by the older male. He pulled her out the door and lead her to his garage filled with cars. “Pick a car, any car.”

Not that she’d be able to drive any of them. Her eyes fell on a coral colored car. She wasn’t sure what kind it was, but it didn’t matter. He had saw her staring at it. He pulled her over to it, helping her in before he got in and drove.

“What attracts you about this person?”

Melody shook her head. She wasn’t necessarily attracted to him. “I met him when my dad took me to the circus... he gave me a flower and he... he kissed my cheek. He was nice and.... I couldn’t understand him, but I want see if he is there still or... or if he got out.”

“A bit of a crush huh? I remember how I felt when I first met Nini... Except she wasn’t all that nice, and she was quite easy to understand.” He chuckled. “I am sure that if he is still there we can find him. Now, what do you mean you couldn’t understand him?”

A crush...she shrugged her shoulders. She wouldn’t deny that it was possible, but she didn’t even know who the boy was or his name for that matter. “He spoke another language.” She answered in response. Melody was sure they’d find him. If anyone could find someone it was Xavier. Although he was deemed the towns psychopath, Xavier was one of the smartest and nicest men she had came across. “I’m not sure which kind,” she shrugged her shoulders.

“Is that what got you interested?”

“No,” she paused a moment. “He... I wanted to help him get out... he looked like he was in pain.” Her eyes shifted to the window. She could see the bright red and white bulbs around a large black and white stripped tent. “I want to see him... but I don’t want him to be hurting anymore.”

“The circus, lyubimyy rebenok is a dangerous place. If he is here, I’m certain he’s a fighter. What did he do?”

“Acrobats.” She answered as they exited the car. Xavier was already at her side. He took her hand, leading her towards a tear in the steel fence that separated the circus from them. She entered after him, his body covering hers as they walked.
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