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[I A glowing oasis. A picturesque kingdom with little to hide. Magic in the air and all around the Seelie King rich and proud. His knights shone in dazzling armour and all was well...]

[I Cut from his throne like a paper being torn in half. Murdered were his people. His knights forced to watch as their beloved home fell to the evil UnSeelie Queen and her assassins the Wild Hunt.]

[Center [I The four knights fled with their ancient weapons hidden in their bags. Outcast and exiled never to return. Armour became rags and rags became chains. They had nothing. Slaves to fate their weapons taken. Some say destroyed or simply lost and forgotten or so they thought.]]

[Center The time has come for the four to raise. With sword, bow, crossbow and axe. They shall raise from the ashes to retake their home. To restore peace and to set the realm free.]

[Center However they must haste for the UnSeelie Queen is getting ever stronger as she drains the kingdom and it's people of the ancient magic in their veins.]

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[Center The Profiles]

[Center [Pic http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/realm-of-midgard/images/e/ed/152832_1193003016_medium.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20131222204552]]
[Center [B Shadowhunterroyalty]
[Center [B UnSeelie Queen]
[Center [B UnSeelie]]
[Center [B Female]]
[Center [B Ability to use magic, summon servants, drain others of their magic]]
[Center [B Her Staff]]
[Center [B Cruel, Cold, Manipulative, Cunning]]

[Center [Pic http://fc01.deviantart.com/fs43/f/2009/091/d/e/elf_by_sandara.jpg]]
[Center [B Darien]]
[Center [B Aridhel of the Noble Fey]]
[Center [B Elf]]
[Center [B Male]]
[Center [B Can see great distances, has incredible stamina and strength. His accuracy is unmatched with the bow, and while he is an archer by trade, he's quite skilled with a sword as well.]]
[Center [B Bow and arrow]]
[Center [B Cheeky and playful when the time allows him to be. Most of the time he is generally serious, and focused. He is stalwart and upstanding, always looking to uphold justice.]]

[Center [Pic http://i64.tinypic.com/x5yq0m.jpg]]
[Center [B RamaAmor]]
[Center [B Vida Luz]]
[Center [B Tree Dryad]]
[Center [B Female]]
[Center [B Can use vines at her will, make her arms into a wooden shield, turn into a tree, heal,
"communicate" with plants and animals, run extraordinarily fast, feel other's emotions through touch]
[Center [B Axe]]
[Center [B Clueless, innocent, trusting, leaps before she looks]]

[Center [Pic http://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/thumb/7/7f/Sylvari_07_concept_art.jpg/322px-Sylvari_07_concept_art.jpg]]
[Center [B Dexy]]
[Center [B Talia]]
[Center [B Pixie]]
[Center [B Female]]
[Center [B Quick and agile, excellent at hiding, charm speak: is able to influence humans and other less powerful fae through her voice or the music from her flute, positive nature magic; can bring life but not take it.]]
[Center [B Being very small, conventional weapons aren't much good against big people; she's much better at distracting, giving her opponents the run-around with bells and ribbons. She has a little crossbow but it'll only do so much damage. Unless she poisons her darts, of course.]]
[Center [B Cheerful in disposition and reluctant to get into a fight, however, when she does, she's fearless. Generally kind but capable of causing mischief .]]

[Center [Pic http://s7.postimg.org/kzo7uvxjv/Niro.jpg]]
[Center [B nomey1]]
[Center [B Niro]]
[Center [B Alven]]
[Center [B Male]]
[Center [B Niro can swim up to great speeds, has night vision even in pitch black, can become absolutely silent to the point of being undetectable, great with a sword, and can manipulate water to an extent.]]
[Center [B Sword]]
[Center [B Niro is generally quiet, though not shy. He just isn't sure how to socialize with people and won't speak unless needed or deemed necessary. It takes a little while for him to warm up to others and be comfortable around them, but he has a good heart and always means well even if not visibly apparent.]]

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Talia had never intended to come to the seelie court, had never meant to find herself in the king's service and certainly never as a knight. But the pixie realms were being appropriated by the big people and their dwindling numbers couldn't ward them away. The seelie court was a place of all kinds of great and powerful magic that could save them from their turmoil.

But fae didn't haggle with money and every service was another servitude to be paid. Talia had fluttered and flew from job to job, favour to favour until her uncanny reputation for getting things done landed herself in the palace stables.

She remember her first day of service as a squire to a indignant princely pagent knight. He had not been happy when he saw her, being barely taller than his ankle but she charmed spoken him into his armour and into his confidence and he won his first spar. He'd been so thrilled to win, he didn't care that she couldn't saddle a horse.

Then the years had passed and the prince had become a king and the squire had become a knight, still the pixie who should get things done with her songs.

[I But your songs couldn't save him], her mind chasitised. Over the shouting and the crashing, no one could hear her. And in her panic, she had gotten caught and forced to watch as her king was killed and a demon sat in his place.

"The usurper will underestimate us," she said to her companions, refelcting in their failures, "if your serious about a rebellion, that could work in our favour." They had to crane in to hear her tiny voice, though she projected as well as she could.

A rebellion, though? If they could not do their duty adequately, how did they suppose to acheive such a fete? More than likely they would be dead before they could storm the gates as the seelie army had done only hours before.

Oh, Ari and his grand ideas and his grief stricken eyes could dream his revenge but in the end, they were four insignificant creatures in a world with no one to tell their families what had happened to them.

And Talia's family… she'd planned to see them in spring for the flower festival and watch the big people dance in the street. They would enchant the bests dancers and bring them into the hills for a night of music and splendor, then the sun would rise and they'd send the big people home, confused and delirious but happier than they'd been since they were children.

She could still do that. Ari would forgive her, she knew he would, first as a friend then as someone who was unendingly kind. She wouldn't forgive herself, though. She'd made a vow she couldn't keep and now she had to repay in blood.

"In any case," she said, "we have to try."
  Talia / Dexy / 3d 6h 42m 1s
Exiled… Ari was usually so carefree and jovial, but now his blood was boiling. His king and friend was dead; defeated by a vile witch. His eyes could only narrow in contempt as the gates of the Kingdom closed and sealed before him. Despite being surrounded by his companions and lifelong friends… he felt empty, and alone. The Seelie King had been his friend. They had sparred together, drank, laughed, and admired women together. Now it was over, and that abomination had taken over. His king had been a brother to him, more than a friend, and in his own way he had loved the man. It was over… or so it seemed.

Arihdel was a member of the noble Fey Folk. He was an elf, and an archer, but most importantly he was a Knight. It was his duty to protect the kingdom, and in his nature to lead. With a cold glare to the closed off kingdom he turned that glare on his comrades.
“We’ve lost this battle… but the war is just beginning.” He turned his horse around, putting his back against his home and his enemy. It made him nauseous to walk away from this lost battle, but he knew they had to move fast. “We will reclaim the kingdom, and we will find someone worthy of the throne.” It was a solemn vow, and in time, he hoped he lived long enough to see it come to fruition.

He looked then to his counterparts, Talia, Niro, and Vida. All of them like him, a Knight of the Seelie King. He could only hope they would follow him, go with him into hiding and begin planning their rebellion. Though he wouldn't hold it against them if they decided to move on, admit defeat and try to build a new life. It was not in Ari to do that. Maybe he was blinded by vengeance, maybe he was trying to stop himself from drowning in sorrow. Whatever it was, Ari wasn't about to walk away from this nightmare without a fight. Regardless if the Unseelie Queen wanted a war or not... she was going to get one.
"I'm traveling West towards the coast. There's a village there were the forest meets the Sea. I intend to form a rebellion there. Follow me if that is your wish, but should any of you chose to venture off and start a new life..." surprisingly Ari smiled to his friends, even in the face of such heavy sorrow as the loss of their King. "Then I wish you the best of luck. Know you have always been my friends, my brother and my sisters. Should any of you ever need me or my bow... call on me and I will come to your aid. It has been an honor serving with you all."
  Aridhel of the Nobel Fey / darien / 4d 10h 7m 56s
[I [#8B008B Your kingdom is mine. Your people are mine and I will reap what I want and take what I can, no one will be safe.]]

[I She dropped him, he choked on his blood laying there on the now destroyed marble floors as she stepped over him and moved to her new throne. The hunt looked at her holding the dead Monarch's four knights. She sat promptly on her new throne stroking her staff.]

[I [#8B008B Round the people up. Kill the weak bring those who possess useful magic and have them thrown into the dungeon. Do as you please with the pathetic knights. They are of no longer use to me or my new kingdom.]]

[B Their weapons my lady?]

[I [#8B008B Let them keep them to mock them of their greatest failure.]]

[B Yes ma'am]

[I She waited till they were out of sight, out of mind become kicking the dead Seelie body's aside approaching the balcony the doors opened with protest. She overlooked her new kingdom, her staff beginning to glow, tightening her grip she began swirling her hand watching as the dark purple swirls of magic begin to fill the air. She chanted spells of ancient darkness and watched as the kingdom fell into a pitied state of decay and destruction. Just as she wanted it to be. Once complete she turned to the castle which had changed dramatically from Seelie to UnSeelie. She heard screams as people were shoved into cells. She cackled this was how it should be.]

[Center Meanwhile]

[B Go take your damn horses and leave. Do not come back you are not welcomed. Be glad her majesty is most merciful.]

[I The Guard waited impatiently for the individuals to mount their horses once so, he waited till they rode far into the horizon before he was satisfied. The large gates to the kingdom once majestic and welcoming were sealed. No one was leaving the city. Not now not ever. The guard returned to the throne room where his Queen sat intimidating on her throne. Her staff glowing in her hand.]

[I [#8B008B Bring me two younglings my staff is in need of more magic.]]

[I They were pushed in, both trembling. They were siblings. The Queen approached them her staff glowing, she could sense their magic. Reaching for the chin of the first, her smile full of intense enjoyment as she watched the youngling into dust in front of her eyes, his magic flowing quickly into the black orb. Once she was done, the other younglish was curled up trembling.]

[B Your majesty]

[I [#8B008B WHAT]]

[B This one may be of use. He's a strong one. His magic screams darkness.]

[I She examined the youngling. A little young however he would be quite the charm for her as part of her Wild Hunt. She strokes his cheek watching him carefully. Before she placed a kissed on his forehead. Causing him fall back screaming in agony. She cackled once again as he finally stopped wailing.]

[I [#8B008B Raise.]]

He did, his eyes now like her. He bowed quickly in respect as did the other guards. She swirled her fingers produced a ring, placing it in his hand she turned to the other guards approaching her head guard he nodded understanding her silent order. They led the new tracker away. Leaving her alone once more. She held her staff closer and produced a silk napkin she coughed harshly, her coughs echoing through the halls. She allowed herself to sit with her staff close by. Disposing of the napkin she allowed herself to rest. She had won.
  UnSeelie Queen / Shadowhunterroyalty / 9d 22h 37m 18s

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