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"The only person I'm going to a Halloween Party with is you." He said sighing, "I don't have a costume picked out either and you think it will be safe for you to go to the Bahamas at 5 months pregnant with twins? Isn't that something the doctor will have to approve? and of course your mom can come to Thanksgiving. My mother will love to meet her and I will honestly like to get to know the grandmother of my children." He said sighing. "I don't know why your friend Amy keeps it up, I told her I'm not interested.... Does she know your pregnant? Does anyone other than Gina? I mean maybe she would stop asking if she knows your carrying my children." He said leaning against the counter sighing.

Kai smiled seeing her lift up her shirt. She might think shes bloated but he didn't care. He let his large hand cover her bare midsection.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 10d 15h 14m 45s
Mavis lifts up her shirt. She’s now show. She’s bloated. The girl knows her body. The bloat looks like she’s either getting her period or maybe she ate too much. She did make a big breakfast. She rubs her stomach. Does he think she’s showing? Is she getting fat already? She wears tight clothes most of the time. She’s not ready for the big belly!

[#af18ae “Depends If my mother can come and the babies.”] she says jokingly about the babies. Mavis isn’t doesn’t really want to do the staff parties. Normally she would stay for an hour and then leave. [#af18ae “I may not to to go Christmas party. I’ve actually booked my mother and I a trip during the summer to go to the Bahamas.”] she says doing the hula dance. [#af18ae “Are you dressing up for Halloween? Shannon is throwing a Halloween party. Be ready. Amy may invite you. She keeps asking about you.”]
  Simply_Random / 10d 15h 25m 32s
“Babe your not bloated your pregnant and beautiful and I uh was going to talk to you about thanksgiving. I know we’re not dating but my parents want to meet you and everything and my mom cooks this big meal for us ans my aunt and uncle and I wanted to know if you’d want to my date for thanksgiving?” He said hopefully. She would be showing a lot more by then, he didn’t think she realized she was showing now.

He smiled when she held him around his waist and frowned when she let go. Halloween was in two days and thanksgiving was coming up fast. “We don’t celebrate on thanksgiving we celebrate the day after because my dad usually has holiday parties to go to. I don’t go to those but you and I will have to go to the college Christmas makes me go and staff is required and that’s two weeks before Christmas.”
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 10d 17h 10m 29s
Mavis tries not to look at him. You can tell he’s hurt. Hurting to be exact. It’s like he gets what he wants all the time. But Eric messed her up. Yes they’re having a baby because she got drunk and seduced him or whatever. If the window wasn’t cold she would’ve leaned against it. When she finished eating Mavis went to go do the dishes. She wasn’t sure if she should say anything. Maybe she was so experienced and rocked his world that made him fall in love with her. The thought of it made her smile when she shouldn’t be. With it snowing early, it makes her want to pull out the Christmas decorations.

[#af18ae “So what are you and your family doing for thanksgiving?”] she asks him when she was done doing the dishes. She hugs him from behind to cheer him up. [#af18ae “Ugh, I feel bloated...”] she says letting him go after three minutes.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 10d 17h 57m 50s
“No there’s still cake, I didn’t eat everything so if you want some I can get you a slice.” He said smiling. “I know you almost married the jerk and I’m sorry I brought it up.” Kai muttered. Anyone could see the hurt in his eyes. Those big brown eyes were an open book when it came to his emotions. He loved her, she was carrying his children but she wouldn’t date him. What was stopping her? Was there something wrong with him?

“For the record I wasn’t offering that my dad cancel classes for tomorrow I was just saying he would know if they’re cancelled before we would but judging by the snow there won’t be any classes tomorrow.” He said getting up and walking to the kitchen to get the cake out of the fridge. He sat the cake on the counter and sighed. What were they doing if she never wanted to go out with him? Would he just be daddy and their kids wonder why mommy and daddy aren’t together and never were?
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 10d 18h 49m 31s
Mavis tried not to laugh at how ridiculous he looks. The only thing that seems to somewhat fit him is the pants. When he offered to ask his dad to postpone the testing she glares at him. So much for not using daddy’s powers. This would be the second time he’s using it. The first time would be him telling his dad to make sure she doesn’t lose her job. [#af18ae “Kai. Don’t. Besides he doesn’t have enough power to do that. He’s not the one principle of the school. If it still happens I’ll just go to school early and stay longer to make sure everyone who needs help gets it.”] Mavis grabs her plate of food to go sit on the floor near the big living room window to watch the snow.

[#af18ae “I know what you meant Kai. Don’t forget I’m still recovering from my last relationship. I almost married the jerk...”] Mavis said sighing at the end. It looks like a snow storm is heading their way. The wind seems to be picking up. Make her happy knowing her mom is somewhere warm and safe. [#af18ae “It looks horrible outside. This is going to be a freezing winter. Don’t forget we still have some of your birthday cake leftover unless you ate it while I was looking for my mom.”]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 11d 4h 23m 14s
Kai danced with her and said, "I meant think about us... what we could be, you and me... Found You just happens to be my favorite song at the moment because I can relate to it. Just think about actually dating me officially." He smiled and nodded, "its supposed to snow all night and into Wednesday, I can ask dad since he makes the official call but if it keeps up we won't have classes until Thursday most likely and its not officially winter yet."

He watched out the window as she did, "I hate snow and all that comes with it but it does look peaceful out there." Kai leaned over and kissed her cheek. The shirt he had borrowed from her was still a size smaller than he usually wore and his tattoos on his arms peeked out from underneath it. He was a big man and she was very small, even with mens clothing.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 11d 4h 54m 56s
All she did was smile and bit her bottom lip when he said he loves her. Her hands were placed behind her and she twirled in place. When he asked to think about it she arches an eyebrow. [#af18ae "You want me to think about Kane Brown and his song Found You? That's weird Kai."] she says chuckling. Mavis began to walk backwards and nods. Her song came on again, but it's different people singing it, [i Baby it's cold outside'] began to spin, twirl, and dance to the song. She even makes him a cup of hot coco with marshmallows since she doesn't know if he drinks coffee.

When he joins her she grabs his hand and danced with him. She didn't care if he danced along with her or not. Especially if it's a song she likes. When the song was over she sat down panting and smiling. [#af18ae "I'm having a feeling if it snows again where the school is closed the test will be postponed and I personally would like that so I can help my student study and pass the class."] she says chewing.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 11d 5h 12m 57s
Kai chuckled and kissed her cheek, "Thank you for letting me wear your clothes and I will put mine in the washer and I know eventually I have to leave but... I don't want to... I mean...I love you okay." he said getting frustrated with himself. Kai had only ever said those three words to one other girl and that was messing with his emotions right now. He didn't want anything more than to be with Mavis but what he felt with his ex and how she hurt him. All those emotions came boiling back to the surface.

He took a deep breath and said, "Don't worry about me..." He quoted one of his favorite songs of the moment, "Sometimes the finish line is the start of something new... if I never lost her, then I would have never found you." He held her close. He was wearing her superhero pants and Harry Otter t shirt. "I know we're not dating... but will you at least think about it?"
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 11d 5h 33m 40s
Mavis has noticed that he's been calling her bae or babe She doesn't know how to react. Yes, she pregnant but it doesn't mean they should get married because of it. She wants to get to know him. She would be dammed if she goes through the whole engagement thing with Kai and have him do what Eric did. [#af18ae "Luclkly for you I don't really like kicking people out. But eventually you do have to leave."] Once when the chorizo was done she placed them on the island. [#af18ae "I do have a washer machine and I guys shirt if you want it and no it's not Eric's. I just like some of the graphic tees guys have and I use them for pj's."] Mavis takes him to her walk in closet. Only 60% of her closet is actually full. Her walk in closet is huge. She opens the drawer that has the men size shirts/sweaters and two pajama pants. [#af18ae "Please don't judge me. Mens graphic tees are softer than ours and sometimes better. Plus I like to lounge in big clothes from time to time."]

[ Shirt 1]
[ Shirt 2]
[,260_.jpg Shirt ]
[ Sweater 1]
[ Sweater 2]
[ pj pants]
[ pjp pants 2]
  Simply_Random / 11d 5h 41m 55s
Kai sighed and said, "No plans for today, can't work in the snow, my parents stayed an extra day at the lake so I'm alone and I have nothing to do... so I'm yours until you kick me out and honestly I'm shirtless all the time at home. Its just something that happens and I don't have alot of clothes here babe."

He came up behind her and wrapped his hands around her waist and kissed her shoulder, "Whatever your making smells amazing, I noticed that the hinge on the bathroom door was really loose, mind if I fix that for you? All I need is a screwdriver." He really didn't want her doing things like that on her own especially pregnant and when he was around all the time. "Anything else I can do here, consider it done... maybe we can go over that paperwork the hospital sent over before your appointment? My mom texted me a few things I didn't know."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 11d 7h 35m 41s
[center [i Your welcome has been]] [center [i So nice and warm ]] [center [i My sister will be suspicious ]] [center [i My brother will be there at the door ]]

Mavis was watching the snow fall down. As much as she hates snow, she loves seeing everything white. Like a Christmas wonder land or something between those lines. Hearing Kai made her jump. [#af18ae "I know I got the email. Gina is also stuck with my mom so I don't have to worry about my mom wondering around by herself, hopefully..."] Mavis turns around to look at him smiling. [#af18ae "Why are you always shirtless? It's cold. I had to turn up the heater to 78 degrees for now."] she says finishing her coffee before making another cup.
Mavis began to make migas con huevo [i ]. Migas are Spain’s answer to stuffing. They are made from chunks of day-old bread that has been rehydrated with salt water and pan fried with sweet green peppers, onion, garlic and fatty bacon. They are commonly topped with fried eggs and any number of other items such as chorizo or even green grapes! In this case it's chorizo. It's a sausage. Mavis loves the Spanish culture. The music, dance moves, and food. [#af18ae "What are you going to do? You're the one who's away from home."] she tells him as she slowly began to serve them with what's done. The song 'You Make It Feel Like Christmas' by Gwen Stefani ft. Blake Shelton began to play and she continued to dance and sing.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 11d 7h 48m 26s
When she got up Kai laid there for a few minutes before he heard music coming from the kitchen and living room. Christmas songs to be exact... well holiday music. Kai leaned against the doorway wearing his sweats and no shirt. "All classes are cancelled for today because of the snow and everything.... what are your plans for today?" He asked sweetly. She looked adorable dancing around and singing with her coffee mug.

Kai always pictured his life like this. A beautiful wife dancing around in the kitchen, pregnant with his child, on a cold day.... but the only difference was she wasn't his wife.... she wasn't even dating him... he had to convince her to date him somehow. He wanted to be in his twins' lives and he didn't want his kids to wonder why mommy and daddy weren't together and find out they were a one night stand...
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 11d 10h 44m 31s
All she could do is smile. She was filled with lust because of all these extra hormones. What she aid slipped her mind since she’s more focuses on one thing. Sex.

Her phone was dead since last night. She was still asleep. It is so warm and cozy. Who would even want to get out of this bed? Easy answer. The babies. She was dead asleep until the urge to vomit hit her. They made her get up. She had to throw up. Thankfully her hair was braided so it wasn’t in the way. It didn’t taste or look like anything she ate. If anything it was yellow bile. Her stomach is empty. She washes her mouth and then walks to the kitchen to find something to eat. The girl used her K-cup machine to make coffee. Has the coffee brews into her favorite mug, she went to go turn up the heat. It made her play ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ song. She drank her coffee and sang along to it.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 12d 4h 26m 27s
Kai chuckled and said, "Is this your way of seducing me babe? because its working. I love you Mavis." He smirked taking her hand and pulling her toward him. He kissed her lips gently before leading her to her bedroom.

The next morning Kai woke up holding her. It was chilly in the house but being cuddled under the blankets was perfect. He didn't have classes today, no one did. Classes were cancelled because of the snowfall overnight. The plows were going and people were sleeping in. "Good morning gorgeous." Kai whispered kissing her shoulder as he held her in her sleep. He wasn't sure if she heard him but he said it anyway and he meant it. She was beautiful. There wasn't a time that she hadn't been beautiful to him and he had seen her throw up pizza and tomato sauce.
Kai would lay like this forever if he could.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 12d 4h 41m 15s

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