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Mavis jumps in excitement and skips into her walk-in-closet to get dressed. she lets her hair out of her braids giving it a wavy effect. she rushes the to bathroom to brush her teeth. [#af18ae "We need to see if there's a pet store open. I didn't but him anything!"] she shouts rushing back and forth to get ready. When she was done she runs to the kitchen to make them both some hot coca to go. [#af18ae "We can't freeze..."] she whispers grabbing some snacks and putting them in a bag. She rushes back to the closet go get a towel to keep them the kittens warm. She doesn't have a baby size blanket for them. [#af18ae "I forgot I ordered things for them. Hopefully they came in... I got prime on Amazon and it's a lifesaver."] She says pushing him out her apartment. She gives him his disposable traveling cup of hot coca to lock her door. Mavis was practically power walking to the elevator. She can't wait to go see and hold her first real pet.

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  Mavis / simply_random / 9d 7h 14m 40s
Kai chuckled and nodded, "let me change and get my boots on and we can go.... your cute when your excited." He said going to put his jeans on, his t shirt was still in the wash so he just shrugged on his leather jacket and zipped it up over the Harry Otter shirt that he had borrowed from Mavis. "Get ready Mavis your kittens are waiting."

He was waiting by the door for her with his keys in his hand smiling. "I'll busy myself by the way, don't worry about me and friends, I usually keep to myself and bury myself in work... you will probably have to drag me away from work sometimes when I am really into a project like the art hall. I was so focused on that I didn't think about anything else and now that its being built I am more relaxed and I agree we will meet there for the twins' appointment. Do I need to bring anything with me? "
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 9d 7h 48m 3s
[#af18ae “You should make some because you can’t do everything with me Kai. I’m not your mother. I’m very independent and very social. You can’t alwaya come with me...”] Mavis knows she sounds like a bitch for saying it. But it’s true. They can’t always hang out. He can’t always be with her. She used to be wild and free. Eric changed that for a while because he’s so freaking controlling. She doesn’t want Kai to be like that or worse. She had friends who tried to use her when she was modeling for connections, perks, and money. Mavis is too nice to just stop talking to people. She just tells them straight up no. She auditioned and so should try. Or they should go through the proper channels. Even with lending money, she made a contract stating they need to pay her back and if they fail to do so in -blank- amount of time there would be an interest rate that would increase every 6 months. Mavis was no fool.

[#af18ae “I can drive. I’ll just meet you there Kai.”] Mavis sits up seeing an email about the cat she wants to adopt. [#af18ae “Oh my god... I got the cat. They’re thee house away. They asked if I want another cat... it’s his sibling. I think I’m going to get her for my mom.”] she jumps off her bed to see how much it’s snowing. It’s anoit the same. Bearable. [#ag18ae “Lets go get them! Knowing you, you don’t want me to drive alone. Let’s go. I’m asking you to come with me. Please. Please. Please!”]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 9d 8h 9m 1s
"My mom and dad have their own lives and I really don't have friends." He said taking the post it note and putting the appointment in his phone and sticking the post it to the back of his phone. It was true, Kai really didn't have a lot of friends, if any. All his friends tried to use him for connections or money. Kai had no one but he wasn't going to tell Mavis that. He just looked at the ground, sulking in his own mind. He had been thinking about stopping drinking since he found out she was pregnant and it had just happened without him trying. He didn't want to be an alcoholic father, he wanted to be the hands on dad, proud of his kids.

"I'll be there on Wednesday, would you like me to drive us? I mean we will both be in classes and I get done at 2:30 so I can just stick around and wait on you to finish."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 9d 8h 49m 52s
Mavis scrunches her nose. She’s not big on calling people cute nicknames just because. She doesn’t even like it when people do it to her. If she isn’t dating someone or isn’t that special someone don’t ca her babe, hun or sweet. Or anything between the lines. It’s weird. Unless that person is an elderly then it’s understandable.

[#af18ae “I cant see that but that’s going to have to change since pregnancy hormones can change me and the kids will be crawling up the walls. But her name is Tara Knowles and her birthday is November 7. As for her mom I don’t know. Eric met her once. It didn’t matter that I was engaged. Maybe I’ll tell them about the pregnancy to see if she’ll stop being crazy.”] she gives him another kiss before crawling back to bed only to be under the covers. She grabs her phone to check her emails and all of that jazz. Gina booked her an appointment with the obgyn doctor for next Wednesday at 4 pm. She wrote down the place and Dr. Grey office number and fax number. She wrote down the time and date of the appointment on a separate post it for Kai with ‘baby’s appt’ on top. [#af18ae “What does you not having a drink since the club have to do with anything? Kai go hang out with friends and family. You won’t have free time for with two babies.”] she says watching him.
  Simply_Random / 9d 9h 1m 28s
“It would be nice to hear you call me babe but no Mavis I know your name.” He said kissing her lightly, “Patience was never my strong suit but I’m trying....what’s your God Daughter’s name and when is her I bring a gift?” He asked curious. “Bringing me to her party should stop her paranoid mother then right? I mean I love kids and birthday parties are kind of my thing....I mean kids think I’m some sort of giant and I end up either being the piggy back ride guy or little girls end up braiding my hair....I have little cousins and it happens.”

He let her so sighing, “as long as I have a chance....that’s all I need.” He would do anything for her and he hoped she realized that but he wasn’t going to say it out loud just yet. “If you hand out candy....would you want to do it with me? If I don’t go out I’ll have to hand some out too and I don’t want to go out without know I haven’t had a drink since you and your friends saw me in that club that night.”
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 9d 10h 57m 24s
[#af18ae “Kai you can’t go. That’s what I’m trying to say. Truth be told I probably won’t go. I may just stay in and have a horror movie night or something. Or go hang out with Jorge and Ben downstairs in the lobby to give out candy.”] she says shrugging. Being pregnant is new to her and she’s already not liking it. She never knew how some of the people she knows that are pregnant would say the loved it and would love to stay pregnant forever. It’s weird, unnatural and disgusting.

Mavis laughs at his reactions when he found out she has a goddaughter. [#af18ae “I do. Don’t you remember I told you about my best friend who’s a male? He’s married to an older women. They have three kids and he finally convinced her to let me be the godmother to one. She’s turning seven. So I’m helping them throw her a surprise party. So yes you can come to that. His wife swears we have something going on between us. We’ve never kissed or done anything within to fourteen years of friendship. She’s just paranoid.”] she turns around to face him. Since she was tiny she just kissed his chest. [#af18ae “I wonder if you remember my name because you keep calling me babe. Even when we aren’t dating. Trying to see if I’ll call you babe back?”] Mavis got on her toes and met him half way to kiss him. [#af18ae “Baby steps. Eventually we’ll date. I’ll give you a chance since you are the father to my kids. Just be patient.”]
  Simply_Random / 9d 12h 6m 33s
“Okay so I’m not invited but I get to go?” He said smirking and then raised an eyebrow. “You have a God Daughter?” He followed her and said, “I promise I won’t match you babe...but I still want to go out on a real date with you...even if you are four months pregnant I will still worry while your on your trip....I’ll even drive you and your mom to the airport if you’d like baby.” He ran a hand through his hair and took a hair tie off of his wrist and pulled his hair back into a low pony tail.

“You will look beautiful baby girl no matter what you wear to that Halloween party.” He said and put his hands on her waist. He didn’t want to let her go. “Sweetheart I don’t mean to be clingy or overprotective, I just worry about you and the twins, I mean I’ve never been a father to be before. I’m new at all of this.”
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 9d 17h 9m 30s
Mavis lights. Twirling is harmless. She raises her hands and takes a deep breath and attempts to do a cartwheel. She almost made it. With her socks, the landing wasn’t so perfect. She fell landing on her ass first. Then back. She bursts out laughing. [#af18ae “It’s good to know I can’t do it with fluffy socks in.”] she says getting up unzipping the costume. Even though it was unzipped everything in the front was covered. Well her boobs and lady party. Her stomach was showing the most. She pulls off the socks to do cartwheels back into her room. It was a success. She quickly changed back into her pajamas. She got cold.

[#af18ae “Oh for the record I won’t be five months when I go in my trip. It’ll be more like four and it should be fine. I think it’s when I’m closer to pooping them out is when it’s probably not allowed.”] Mavis said from her room. [#af18ae “But once again I don’t do matching costumes with anyone. You can dress up as whatever you want. You’re still not invited Kai. But you can come with my too see my goddaughter. If you want, of course.”]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 9d 17h 31m 6s
"Keep moving like that and I won't have any choice but to take you back in that room and take it off." He said smirking as he watched her in her costume. "Why the hell can't I be spider man you know I look good naked?" He said and let out a chuckle. " Its the only costume I have other than an indian brave." He knew she would pick indian brave, he would be wearing a loin cloth so he didn't know which costume was worse.

He was native american so the costume wasn't cultural appropriation but it did fit him perfectly. "I'll be a brave if you.... take me as your date... its a win win situation, I get to go and you get a sexy indian brave as your date. Plus how cool is it that I could be dating venom?" He asked jokingly. He couldn't deny she was beautiful in anything but that costume execuated all of her curves.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 10d 7h 12m 42s
[#af18ae "Can't be. The only thing they get is your genes. Me craving things you like has nothing to do with you..."] she mutters not wanting to hurt his feelings. He seems to want to be apart of her life. Their live a little too much. Eric was never like that so it's weird.

Mavis was chewing some cake when he said either they go togehter or she doesn't go at all and miss the fun.[#af18ae "You can't be spider-man. I'm going to be venom. I don't match with people."] she says sticking her tongue out at him. She chuckles at what he did. [#af18ae "I've seen you naked. I don't thing you wearing tights would make you look good."] she says smiling. How is she going to tell him he can't go? Eric is going to be there and so is Amy. She doesn't want any drama. Maybe she should stay home. She left the kitchen to go try on her costume. It fits better by some miracle. [#af18ae "So... this is my costume. I wanted to be something else, but when I tried this on I was sold."] she says twirling around to show it to him.

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  Mavis / simply_random / 10d 7h 19m 56s
Kai chuckled and said, 'Thats from me... I like sicilians so they do get something from their father it seems and even if I'm not invited I'm going as spiderman so the choice is yours... don't go and miss the fun or go and see all of this in a spiderman suit." he said gesturing to himself and making a muscle with his arm. He couldn't help but laugh at himself.

He already had a spiderman costume from a couple halloweens ago so it might be a little sexy and snug but he would wear it if it made her laugh and smile. "Plus I know you don't want your friends to know but if they buy you drinks.... I can always switch them for you." He sighed knowing she really didn't want to go because of the twins. She seemed to think being pregnant was the worst thing in the world and all he wanted was her to accept it and love it.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 10d 8h 47m 52s
Mavis arches an eyebrow. [#af18ae “Is that so? Who said you’re invited?”] she says teasing him. Part of her doesn’t even want to go anymore. She’s pregnant so she can’t drink. There’s going to be booze. Everyone is going to be drinking but her. It’s unfar. 10 bites in he began talking to her again. About the things she thought about. Her eyes kept blinking trying to figure out how he knew about what she was thinking about. No matter what he says she’s still going to think it. Hell, they could be married and she’ll still think it.

Then he moved on to him liking the cake a lot more now that is cold and almost a day old. She laughs. It’s good no matter what. [#af18ae “I’m surprise I can eat this. They don’t like it when I have pizza with pepperoni and bacon. They enjoy a pepperoni sicilian though. It’s weird because I don’t like sicilians.”]

[center [ The Costume]]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 10d 8h 51m 56s
Kai chuckled and said, "Babies like cake, thats good to know.. it seems to be something that doesn't make you sick... but babe if you want to go to the Halloween party I will go with you... as your date." He smirked and kissed her cheek lightly. "The babies are going to be fine, stressing and worrying about them will only hurt you and the twins. Like I said before I'm not going anywhere so stop doubting me please. I love you and even if you don't love me, these are my kids too and I'm not abandoning them."

Kai was serious, his emotions were always plain on his face and now was no exception. "I'm not abandoning you. Your stuck with me." He took a bite of the cake, "This cake is better as it gets older. I understand why its your favorite." He looked into her eyes, "When is your appointment, I'm making sure I am there."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 10d 9h 31m 55s
She shook her head furiously, no. [#af18ae “No, no, no. No one does. I sort of want to keep it a secret until I start to show. I think I’m still in denial. How can I be a mother? Me? I don’t know..”] she says frowning. Never in a million of years she thought she’ll have kids. She never wanted any for many reason. She’ll get fat, dealing with the symptoms is going to be a bitch, what if she has a miscarriage?, what if she has to raise it alone?, she’ll cry every time they hit one of the growing marks/stage, etc. Mavis things about every little thing. That’s why she didn’t care about modeling in lingerie because it paid her bills and she wouldn’t have kids so she wouldn’t have to worry about them seeing the pictures.

[#af18aw “Amy is determined. Everyone keeps telling me she is jealous of me and wants everything I want, do, or have. So I guess when you denied her and approached me instead it made her want you more.”] mavis was going to walk away until she saw the box of cake. She bites her bottom lip. Is he trying to make her fat? She grabs a fork and just began eating it from the box. [#af18ae “I’m going to get so fat...”] she says with a mouth full of cake.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 10d 9h 44m 0s

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