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"Can you stay awake to drive? Its not a problem for me to drive at all sweetheart, I love driving... relaxes me and it seems the kittens love you, why don't you take a nap?" he asked hoping she would. The roads were icy and his SUV was something that she had never driven before so he wasn't sure what would happen. He was still eating his waffle fries and was almost done with his chicken. He took a sip of his large sweet tea and said, "But if you want to drive you can, I'm just worried about the ice on the roads." Kai was a worry wort but he had a right to be as she was carrying his children.

"Stache likes the twins." He said gesturing to the kitten's head resting against her stomach. Kai found it adorable, like Mavis. "When we get to your place I think we both need a nap and cuddles." He muttered.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 8d 5h 57m 43s
A small frown appears on her face when Kai took Ninja off of her. He is so warm. Stache was curled around her stomach. He seems to be purring in his sleep. Maybe a cat is the right pet for her right now. She lowers the volume for the radio. No reason at all. One thong for sure is that she's ready to go to sleep. They need to hurry up and get back to her place. Her bed is calling her and so is her pajamas. [#af18ae "Can I drive?"] she asks chewing on her on the last piece of her chicken-n-strips. She clean her hands, saving the waffle fries for the long ride back. Munching on something should keep her up and that's what she's going to need. Stache is going to need a tag. She'll get him one whenever she makes a vet appointment simply to have a vet and they can have all of his information. Mavis takes off her hat to put her cat in it. He didn't mind it. He curled up into a ball and went back to sleep. His head poked out to rest on her stomach.
  Simply_Random / 8d 6h 3m 8s
Kai nodded, "Yes its not a problem... the little guy is cute and I'll take care of him, you and Stache can even come and visit him or I can bring him over to your place and they can see each other." He leaned over and kissed her cheek and picked Ninja up off of her chest. "Hey buddy...." The little kitten snuggled into his hair and Kai chuckled, "I think I found where he will sleep until he goes to live with your mom."

He continued eating his food, shoving waffle fries dipped in BBQ sauce into his mouth. "You know your really adorable right?" He asked as he watched her dance and sing and play with the kittens. "Surprisingly I'm perfectly fine with you being a crazy cat lady.... I mean they are cute and I have a feeling the twins will love animals seeing as both their parents do." He said with a smile.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 8d 6h 42m 52s
Mavis practically sang to every song that played. She only stopped a few times like when Kai ordered their food. They boy who handed them their food smiled at them, mostly to Mavis because she was singing and dancing on her seat. She began to eat the fruits first. The seat belt was off. The chair was reclined back so she can open the door kennel and let the kitties roam. They meowed when they were set free. Both cats went towards her. They were climbing all over her. Stash was sniffing and snuggling her belly. She chewed smiling. Her mother's cat was trying to crawl on her boobs and stay there. She leans back a little to him out. Eventually his head was nuzlzling her neck, his furry butt was on hr chest and his tail and a paw was in her shirt. [#af18ae "This is the beginning of me becoming a crazy cat lady..."] she says chuckling. [#af18ae "But yea, can ninja really stay with you until we come back from our vacation?"] she asks moving on to the chicken tenders.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 8d 6h 47m 43s
"I'm not judging babe." He said as he told the drive thru attendant the order through the speaker box outside. He ordered two orders of waffle fries himself, chicken strips with BBQ, and a large sweet tea. He wasn't opposed to sharing his food if she wanted some either. His mother had already told him, shes pregnant and shes eating for three now, do what she says. Kai handed the girl at the drive thru his debit card to pay and put it in his wallet when she handed it back.

"You don't have to thank me, you got your fur baby and I got to have a mini road trip with you... and you... have a beautiful voice." He said hearing her sing. Pulling up a teenage boy handed them their food and Kai smiled, "Lets park and eat and I can crank the heat up so the kittens and you don't freeze to death... if your really cold you can wear my coat." His Leather jacket was slung over the backseat.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 8d 9h 14m 27s
[#af18ae "Drive through. Can't let them freeze."] Mavis says placing her hands over one of the vents on the dashboard. It's taking everything in her not to pull out the kittens to cuddle and play with them. Before he could take off, Mavis leans towards him to kiss him. [#af18ae "Thank you for coming with my to get my fur baby."] She says smiling. She stared into his eyes for a few more second before putting her seat belt. [#af18ae "Don't judge me but I want coffee, two waffle friends, a fruit cup, and chicken-n-strips with BBQ sauce. It's my normal order minus the coffee, but I am cold..."] Mavis looks down at her phone when Gina texted her. Her mother disappeared for three hours, but she's back. Sighing Mavis tried to call Carmen. Carmen doesn't pick up. Mavis simply puts her phone away and turns on the radio. The song Lovers by David Fanning began to play. The girl began to sing along to the song.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 8d 9h 35m 52s
Kai nodded chuckling, "Waffle fries and chicken strips it is then, and if it helps Ninja can stay with me until Christmas, I don't have any other pets and I can watch him and take care of him until then." He offered. He knew it was important to her to be able to surprise her mom with the kitten on Christmas which was just two months away. Two months wouldn't be alot, "That way I can watch your kitten and your moms' kitten while you two are on your vacation and the cats aren't alone."

He said as he gently put their crate into the backseat of the SUV, he had started the truck so it was toasty warm inside. "Do you want to go into Chick Fil A or drive through or should I just park and leave it running and go in and get our food. Its up to you Mavis." He said as he got into the toasty warm truck.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 8d 13h 1m 11s
Mavis wanted to remind him that all car seats recline. But he’s driving her. She doesn’t feel like dying or getting into a car accident. Her and Eric used to argue all the time while driving. But when Eric is driving... it gets crazy. He actually used to threaten to kill them both. He’ll even jerk the steering wheel to scare her. The relationship was really toxic. It was love, fear, and stupidness that made her stay. Eventually she got tired of everything so when she found out she cheated she called off the wedding and broke up with him.

Kai mentions food and her mouth began to salivate. She opens saw her options but Chick-fil-A waffle fries was calling her. [#af18ae “ Chick-fil-A it is, but after we get the kittens. I want to hold me new pet! And my moms until Christmas... crap how am i going to hide her cat until then?”] she asksing chewing on her bottom lip.

When they reached the place Mavis was out the car before he turned it off. Stupid mistake because she almost fell. But she told him she’s okay and jogs towards the door. They greeted her and went to put her in a play room to meet her new cat. He was so loving. He kept purring. His sibling was the same way. She felt loved. Her smile wouldn’t go away. Mavis signed some paperwork and they even gave her a bow collar for when it was time to give Ninja to her mom Carmen. They even handed her some food, coupons, and their blanket and a toy each. The cats didn’t want to go into the kennel but when they did she hugged all of them before leaving. [#af18ae “I’m so excited! Now let’s go get some waffle fries!!”] she says carrying the kennel with both kittens inside.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 8d 17h 3m 40s
“I’m fine you just relax Mavis, your seat reclines too if you want to, the lever is on the side.” He said and then she mentioned food. “Should we eat before we get the kittens? That way they don’t have to sit in the truck alone or we’re you wanting something that’s fast food that we can drive through and get?” He asked.

Soon they were coming into the town where the kittens were, “Mavis look around and see if there’s any food you like so we know where we are going.” He was still following the GPS to the kitten’s location until she decided to tell him what kind of food that she wanted. There was Chick fil a, Burger King, McDonald’s, and Taco Bell right off of the main strip of the road.

The GPS beeped that they were within five minutes of their destination. He liked to drive so he wasn’t dreading the trip back home.
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 8d 17h 25m 54s
Mavis laughs. [#af18ae “I guess.”] when Amy wants something she’s determined to get it. Sometimes she gives up easily. However, she’s hasn’t given up with Kai yet which is a surprise. He may have to move or put a restraining order against her. [#af18ae “She won’t believe it’s yours. She’ll deny it. If she’s still into you by then...”] when he said afterwards made her smile.

This car ride is a killer. It’s long. Her butt is getting numb. She’s crashing. All because she’s pregnant. Mavis used to drive six hours straight. Now she’s ready for bed. What a life... [#af18ae “I’m fine. Just had too much sugar and now it’s bringing me down. And I think so. If not I can get some old ones from my downstairs neighbor. He has two cats. I normally see him when I leave for work.”] right now real food sounds good. Maybe a sandwich. They can get some after getting the kittens or something. [#af18ae “Are you okay? Want me to drive?”]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 8d 17h 49m 46s
“Is she stalking me?” He asked a bit shocked that this woman he didn’t know at all was looking for him like this. “What’s she going to say when you start showing and she puts the pieces together that I’m their father?” He asked curious. “For the record I have no interest in her or any other girl other than you...” he said putting it out in the open.

They were about twenty minutes away from their destination. “Feeling okay?” He asked making sure she was alright, “do you have everything you need for the kittens? We can always stop by petco on our way back again if they need anything else.” In truth he was excited that she was getting a kitten...he wanted to play with it and pet it. He hadn’t had a pet in so long, he missed it. Then again in a few months he would be a father and not have time for a pet.
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 9d 4h 35m 49s
[#af18ae I enjoy them."] she says offering him some. Her face scrunches up when he aid he stores some in the glove department. That's weird and slightly disgusting. An hour and thirty minutes later, Mavis was starting to crash. Yawns after another. [#af18ae "I think I may be having a sugar crash... weird... the things they do to me..."] Mavis says placing a hand on her stomach for a few seconds.

Mavis turns on the light to read what she got the cats. She wants to make sure she got the good things she read online for cats and is staying away from things everyone agreed to stay away from. Mavis dozed off for a few minutes. Feeling the things slipping off her lap woke her up. [#af18ae "God... stupid sugar crash..."] Mavis adjusts herself and puts the things away. She began to munch on some pringles and texting Gina to see how she's doing at her mothers. Turns out they're both at Gina's apartment. Her mother is staying in the guest room. Amy sent a text asking about Kia. What she read made her choke and cough. [#af18ae "Apparently Amy went to your place. She's asking me if I know where you live, what you do, and I know where you're at..."] Mavis replied no to everything and said she was his former teacher now his keeper.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 9d 5h 27m 1s
Kai nodded, "I'm not to fond of the stuff either but in about an hour an a half you will have your kittens." He said smiling. He just wanted to make her happy and if driving this far made her happy then he would do it everyday if he had to. "Is that brownie good? There are snacks in my glove compartment... I like to have snacks at work so if theres anything in there you want, feel free."

Kai was always snacking on cookies or cheezits at work, he had a theory that he focused better when he was snacking so he kept things to snack on, especially m and m's he loved the things and would eat them by the handful. He had a massive bag in a jar on the island in the kitchen of his apartment, he couldn't live without them. "There might be alot of candy in there too... I like m and m's they're my favorite."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 9d 6h 11m 36s
[#af18ae "His name is going to be Stach, because it looks like he has a mustache. My mom's cat is going to be Ninja because it's all black."] she said shifting her weight from her toes to her heels. When they got to the lobby she jogs over to Ben. [#af18ae "Hey Ben, how are you?"]
"I'm fine Ms. Carpio. How are you?"
[#af18ae "What did I say about calling me by my last name? We're friends. We have casual conversations all time. But I'll let it slide this time. I'm actually in a rush, did any packages come in for me?"]
"I am sorry Ms. Carpio... There are new rules and yes, yes there is. Four actually." He hands her stapled packet.
[#af18ae "Very good. I'll get them when I come back. Stay warm Ben and Jorge!"] she hides the packet so it doesn't get ruined by the snow. When they got to the car she inserted the address. It said 2 hours and 35 minutes. It took a few minutes to find a pet store to get some food, treats, and sweaters for them to stay warm. The packages has cat things already so she didn't need to buy a lot. An hour down out of the 2 hours and 35 minutes was already killing her. Mavis finished her cup of hot coco and was now munching on the brownie chips. [#af18ae "Hate the snow..."] she mutters watching the flurry.
  Mavis / simply_random / 9d 6h 40m 30s
Kai smiled, "Thank you for the hot chocolate Mavis, yes theres a Petco a few blocks form here, I'll take you there and we can get your kittens some food and toys, not a problem." He knew she would probably want to hold the kittens and he would rather drive on these roads than have her drive holding kittens.

"Just put the address in my GPS when we get in the SUV and we can go." He said as he watched her lock her door. He had left his bag in her room with his clothes and stuff in it. "Do you have any idea what your going to name them?" He wasn't going to lie, he sensed her excitement and he was excited for her now. He opened the passenger's side door of the SUV for her and held his hand out to help her up and inside before he climbed into the driver's side to drive. It didn't take long to get to the address. Minutes really.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 9d 6h 58m 39s

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