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Mavis went back to work. She has been alone since the night after Kai and her gotten the kittens. They're a handful only because they love climbing on her and following her everywhere. Like she said Gina come over to clean the litter box and replace the normal one with a self cleaning one. Carmen went back home as well. Mavis saw her once. After that it was hard to keep in contact with her since she keeps disappearing. At this point Mavis is over it. Gina would constantly remind Mavis about her appointment. Tuesday morning, Mavis had some blood work done. With going to work super early and leaving super late to help her students study was draining.

Like usual she showed up twenty minutes early. Gina was excited. While they sat down Gina told her everything that happened when they were with each other during the snow storm. Her mom showed up muddy again. Multiple times. That worried her. What is her mother doing? Gina left when another nurse got her. Mavis tried calling her mother but like usual she didn't pick up. She sits up straight hearing Kai. [#af18ae "I just want this appointment to end already..."] she whispers to him. Soon enough Gina got them. The doctor asked Mavis tones of questions, checked her blood work from yesterday and did a scan. She's about 11 to 12 pregnant. Next month after Christmas but before New Years the gender of the baby would be easier to detect. The doctor left leaving Kai, Gin and her alone.
"This is so exciting! Look at them! I think you may get one of each." Gina hugs Mavis.
[#af18ae "That was freaky... but hearing their heartbeats made me cry... I still can't wrap my head around this..."] she says looking at the screen even though she has about six pictures in her hands."]

[center [ Outfit]]
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  Mavis / Simply_Random / 7d 7h 57m 55s
On Wednesday Kai had set 12 alarms to make sure he wasn't late for her appointment. He had a class in the morning and then went to his apartment and changed for work. It wasn't really work it was just meeting with companies that were providing the tile for the new art hall building. The meeting was going over and Kai sighed and said, "I have to go, I'm sorry." One of the men looked confused, " Brian will handle the purchasing as we have decided but I have someplace to be." He said and Brian nodded, not sure where his boss was going.

Kai headed to his car and headed to the hospital where her appointment was. He quickly found parking, apparently Wednesday was a slow day and that was good for him. He saw Mavis' car and headed inside seeing her in the waiting room. "Hey..." He muttered sitting down beside her. "Are you nervous?" To him she seemed a little shook up. They were in the Andrews wing of the hospital and some of the nurses looked shocked to see Kai there but said nothing.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 7d 8h 23m 44s
Mavis shakes her head. He forgot when it is! [#af18ae "Kai... you must have a lot on your mind... it's actually Wednesday at 4. Not Monday..."] When Kai was done Mavis got up to watch them use the litter box. The seems to be trained already. That's a good thing. The washer machine buzzes. On her way out of the bathroom she went to go put the things in the drier and a few extra things in the washer. It was time to change the bed sheets anyways.

When Kai was done, the kitten practically ran to their new playground. Seeing Ninja fall from the tower made her heart skip. Stache jumps down to body slam him. At least that is what it looked like. [#af18ae "It's like having kids... they're going to get hurt if they keep roughhousing like that..."] she says sitting back down on the couch to watch the movie. [#af18ae "For the record Harry Potter is as, but I guess I'll rather watch this than that movie with sparking vampires."] she says putting her feet tucked under her.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 7d 8h 31m 46s
Kai chuckled, "Fine fine but I'm still coming over to see the kittens and remember Monday is your appointment and I'll meet you there, I'm coming straight from work that day so I'll be a little dressed up, I hope thats okay." He looked at her and said ,'I'm watching and putting together this thing, its called multitasking... okay okay I'm not good at multitasking but I'm trying and a Harry Potter Marathon seemed like a good idea. I'm a Harry Potter Nerd, sue me."

He had the tower base together when one of the kittens on Mavis' lap screamed at him. "Does that mean work faster we want our tower?" He asked laughing. The little kitten was aggressive but as soon as Kai tossed one of their balls with a bell in it, he stopped meowing at him. "I have classes tomorrow and I know you do too but I hope to at least see you a little bit, my parents are coming home tomorrow so I have to deal with mom guilt tripping me because she hasn't met you yet. "
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 7d 10h 12m 36s
[#af18ae "I don't mind spending money on my fur baby."] Truth be told she doesn't. It is her fur child. It's like shes practicing for when she has the twins. Plus she doesn't want to see him every single day. They already bump into each other at work and how is she going to explain to her friends, family, and the neighbors as to why Kai keeps coming over? It'll be a pain. Although she won't tell him that to his face. He already fallen for her so she doesn't want to make him mad or sad about it. [#af18ae "And... bam... I purchased one. I'll have Gina change it. I'll save the one I got for my mom. I guess Ninja can stay for now. With my mom constantly disappearing and avoiding me for some reason, this could be the last place she'll want to come..."] She says sitting up. [#af18ae "Hey this Harry Potter-athon was your idea and you're not even watching it!"] she says getting up to wash the plate she used for the cake. The kittens began to meow. [#af18ae "I'm coming, I'm coming."] she says quickly drying her hands. Instead o watching the movie, she watched him build the cat's play house or whatever it's called.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 7d 10h 17m 29s
"Mavis... I can clean the litter box, its for your safety and the twins safety, I'll do it, you don't need to hire someone or spend the money to get one of those fancy litter boxes that doesn't work, I'll handle it. Its just a little poop. I'm gonna have to get used to it, because diapers." He said leaning over and kissing her gently as he carried the little box containment unit to its location and opened the door, putting the litter box inside and the scooper in the drawer on the side as well as liners and extra cat items. "Let me show them the litter box and I'll finish putting their tower together."

He showed the kittens who seemed to litter train themselves, using it immediatley. "I like this thing, the smell stays contained in there." He muttered as he started putting the tower tree together.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 7d 10h 51m 17s
Mavis was on her phone texting. The kitten eventually joined her. They were cuddling together and it looked like they were making a ying-yang sign. It was adorable. She looks up when Kai spoke to her. [#af18ae "I am. Are you cold? The thermostat is on 73 degrees if you want to increase it."] she says pointing at it. It was in the hallway that leads to her bedroom, spare bathroom, laundry room and a closet. [#af18ae "There's actually a gap between the toilet and sink in the spare bathroom if you can put it there, please"] Mavis eyes continues to scroll through something she googled. The girl began to pout. [#af18ae "So listen to this... [i Cat litter and cat faeces can contain a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis infection. Although it's very rare, if you get toxoplasmosis for the first time when you're pregnant or up to three months before you conceive. The infection can be pass to and damage your unborn baby. cause miscarriage or stillbirth...]"] Mavis clears her throat and sits down her phone. She should've known this. There's nothing she can do now. She refuse to return Stache. [#af18ae I'm not giving him up... I guess I'm going to need to hire someone to change his litter box ever four days or buy the self cleaning litter box"]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 7d 11h 4m 59s
Kai nodded, "Just let me know when you want those put up and I can anchor them into the walls, I have all the tools for that in my truck." He ran his hand through his hair to push it out of his face as he continued to put together the cat's tower and little box containment unit. "Are you warm enough?" He asked concerned. If it was too cold in there he could always find one of those small infared heaters and warm the place up. He couldn't have her getting cold.

When the litter containment unit was put together he smiled, "Where would you like this to go?" The furniture piece was heavy and he didn't want her carrying it so he would put it where ever she asked him to. He wasn't one to complain about work. He just did what he had to and she was carrying his twins, he would do anything for her right now.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 7d 13h 19m 32s
Mavis went to go out the food away, cut some cake for herself and continued to put some of the cat thins away or somewhere in her condo. She lost the cats again but she can hear them playing. [#af18ae “We can but know I may not stay awake.”] Mavis days wanting him, walking to the couch with a plate of a big piece of cake. If she doesn’t stop eating like this she’s going to gain about 50 pounds or more. But she knew it was going to happen when she ordered the cake. What she didn’t expect was for him to stay and have the cake stay too!

[#af18as “I hope they’re liking my place. I keep losing them.”] she says turning on the TV to look for which channel is having the Harry Potter marathon. Mavis finds it and increases the volume. She watches him set up the cats scratch treehouse. It was hard to find a good one. [#af18ae “I also have extra pieces but it hs to be hung on the walls... although I’m going to wait until they’re a little older to put it up.”] she says pulling the couches cover up blanket on herself.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 7d 13h 55m 22s
Kai chuckled and said, "I will change back into those borrowed pajamas and then I will put these together, no problem." He watched her go and smiled, she was everything to him even if she didn't know it. "I have some chicken strips and waffle fries left too if you want to put them in the fridge too maybe we can snack on them later." He saw that there was a Harry Potter Marathon coming on the TV later. "If I get to stay do you want to cuddle and have a Harry Potter marathon with me later? The snow hasn't stopped and I'm really good at cuddles."

He read the instructions to the structures and followed them step by step. Ten minutes later he had a basic frame for one of them which was pretty impressive considering they were decently complicated but he was an architect and builder... he understood how things worked.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 7d 14h 29m 18s
[#af18ae "I highly doubt it. After this bad boy is up he may never want to leave..."] she says looking at the instructions. She takes out all the pieces and everything she read just went out the window. She began to groan. [#af18ae "Well... since you drove you can stay the night, but if you do... help..."] she says raising to random pieces up in the air. [#af18ae "I read the instructions but after seeing all of these pieces it's overwhelming and I'm still tired..."] Mavis says.

The cats ran into the living room when they heard Mavis move a cat toy that jingles. the began to play with it and sniff their future cat scratch treehouse. [#af18ae "Oh where the bags? I still have waffle fries that I need to put away."] she says getting up. Instead of look for it she went to her room to put on her pajamas. The cats followed and played. It was like having a little tail.

[ Bathroom stand/cat hidden litter box]
[ Cat Scratch treehouse]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 7d 14h 41m 1s
“Honey don’t be sorry that I drove the entire way, it’s okay. You got a good nap in....your adorable when you asleep and the kittens climbed everywhere but it’s okay...are you hungry anymore?” He asked because he knew he could eat now since it had been a few hours since they had had Chick fil A. He knew he had to go home tonight and she wouldn’t let him stay another night. Kai went to the dryer and got his shirt out, changing it and putting the otter shirt in the washer with the load of clothes that was in it and starting it.

“Think Ninja will like my place?” He asked out loud and then realized Mavis had never been in his apartment. “Maybe you should come over tonight....I mean I’m close to campus if the snow is too much and we will have classes tomorrow...and Ninja and Stache wouldn’t have to be separated their first night away.”
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 7d 17h 59m 34s
Mavis nods. Maybe it is a good reason. She doesn’t mind driving in any type of weather. If she has too then it’s what she gotta do. It doesn’t bother her. Reading and seeing car accidents throughout social media scares her but doesn’t stop her. Mavis always makes sure there’s space between her car and the one in front of her. The girl knows better.

It didn’t take long for her to go to sleep. The motion of the car put her to sleep. When she woke up they were close to her place. Both kittens were meowing, plying with each other on top of her. She careful grabs them and puts them in the kennel. [#af18ae “Kai why didn’t you wake me up early? You drove all of this alone... I’m sorry.”] she says putting on her hat and jacket getting ready to go out in the cold. When the car stopped she got out first before grabbing the kennel. She waited for Kai to get the bags. Ben and Jorge greeted them. They even had the cart that carries lavishes with her boxes, kennel and bags. They helped bring the things inside. She tips them before closing the door behind her. The kitties were let out and Mavis began to set up her place for them. She lost sight of them the minute they were set free but she can hear them playing.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 8d 3h 55m 29s
"You can drive my car anytime there is not ice on the roads, I'll even buy another key for you and put it on your key ring in case of emergencies but when its icy out like this I don't even like to be on the roads, my parents died in a car accident Mavis, sorry if I'm weary of cars and ice." He said sighing. He had been one month old then they died. He hadn't even gotten his driver's license until he was 18 because it had terrified him and now whenever someone he loved was in the car with him, he was extra careful and most of the time he didn't trust anyone but himself to drive. It wasn't that he was protecting his car, it was psychological... something in the back of his mind remembered the accident and made him extra causicious, extra careful than everyone else. When he was carrying precious cargo like Mavis, the twins, and the kittens, he was even more careful.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 8d 4h 56m 8s
[#af18ae "IF you don't want me to drive say so. I'll just move to the back and cuddle with the kittens and most likely fall asleep. But if I'm driving of course I'll stay awake."] Mavis yawns, [#af18ae "Maybe I should nap. I'm exhausted."] she says rubbing her eyes. Her head was on the head rest. She looks back seeing how spacious it looks back there. Shrugging, Mavis carefully went to the back, puts the kennel down and used her coat as a pillow. She takes Ninja and places him where hew as before. Stash went back to laying on her stomach. [#af18ae "Can't wait to be on my bed... We have a lot of things to carry. Hopefully no one is using the baggage carrier."] she says taking off her shoes to get more comfortable. [#af18ae "So what is it with guys not letting girls drive their car(s)?"] she asks petting both cats.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 8d 5h 3m 26s

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