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Kai had tears in his eyes reading the note. "You didn't call me... I would have been there... babe you shouldn't be on your feet, go rest I can make your tea." He said coming up behind her and resting his head on her shoulder and his hands on her stomach.

"The important thing is you and the twins are okay but you need to rest in bed or the couch, and argue me all you want but I'm not leaving until your cleared." He said sighing. He could turn in his assignments online and he had enough clothes to wear and wash in his bag. He wasn't going to let anything happen to her.

He kissed her cheek lightly, "I love you and for some reason Gina thinks my name is Pocahontas." He said trying to make her smile. He wasn't offended by the nick name, he actually thought it was funny. "I'm glad she was there..."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 6d 10h 29m 23s
Mavis has the sniffles from silently crying. She sat up and wiped her face with her sleeves. She gets up to go get her bag. She hands him the envelope. It’s a not for work saying she needs to be on bed rest for a few days because of the concerns for a possible miscarriage. She’s not allowed back until she gets cleared by the doctor. It also has extra pictures of the baby, but she wanted him to read the note.

[#af18ae “I was sent home early because my students were worried about me. They said I looked terrible. A few of them who have kids figured out I was pregnant but wouldn’t say anything to anyone. They told your dad and he sent me home. I went to the store and someone told me I was bleeding through my pants. I haven’t used the bathroom in a while. The bleeding wasn’t a lot when the doctor checked but it’s to make sure they babies are okay.”] she goes to the kitchen to make some honey green tea.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 6d 10h 33m 54s
"Yes Sunday we're going to my parents and my mom is more than excited to meet you." He said and kissed her before she left. "Be safe today baby and remember if you need me just call or text me." He muttered as she walked out the door. Kai spent most of the day on his designs, sitting on the couch measuring and adjusting the walls of the design he was working on.

"Mavis said I could stay while she was at work, What happened?" He asked Gina as he helped her with Mavis and helped her get sat down. He knelt down in front of Mavis, "Mavis, talk to me its okay...." He said as she went to shower. She had showered and was in bed when he leaned in the doorway, "Mavis can we talk.... Gina wouldn't tell me what happened and... my dad texted me that he sent you home early, whats wrong?"

Kai had finished putting away the things she bought at the store before he came to talk to her.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 6d 11h 7m 23s
Mavis grabs a piece of French toast and put it in her mouth. She walks over to him to see what he was doing. [#af18ae “Well you can stay if you want. I think I may just come straight home. I’m barley functioning.”] she says chewing on one of the French toast. She grabs a cat treat to give them both one before she leaves. Mavis places a hand on her stomach feeling a weird pain. She rubs it for a few seconds before brushing it off. [#af18ae I also need to go foods shopping to get things to make for thanksgiving. Are we still going to your parents?”] she asks putting her sandwich in a ziplock bag. Her heels kept clicking with every step she took. She went to go out on a scarf and her jacket. [#af18ae “I gotta go”] she says kissing temple before grabbing her things and rushing out the door

Somehow she made it to work thirty minutes early. She apologized for being late for the morning study group and began to help. She was even given another cup of coffee and coffee donuts. It made her feel loved by her students. For some reason she was very hungry today. She munched on the donuts, her sandwich that was for lunch, and the chocolates she had in a jar Incase any students wanted some. By the time it was lunch time she was throwing up everything she ate. It was the reason why she got soup and toast with butter. The dean sent her home because a few of her students were worried about her. She looked exhausted and sick. She was out at shop rite by one getting things for thanksgiving. Someone stopped her to tell her she’s bleeding. It scared her. She went straight to the emergency room. It didn’t cross her mind to call him until they asked for her to have someone take her home but Gina was there. There’s no sign of a miscarriage but it may happen so she needs to be in bed rest for a few days. Maybe a week. Gina helped her carry the groceries inside her apartment. “Pocahontas, what are you doing her?”
[#af18ae “Hey...”] she says avoiding his eyes. Gina sighs.
“Well I’m going to go. Remember you need rest. Pocahontas can help you if you need help. Stay in bed.” The way she was speaking and looking at Mavis told her that she better listen or else. Mavis just nods and went to go shower, change and laid in bed biting her nails. She worked too hard and now she may lose the babies... she tried not to cry but she did.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 6d 11h 51m 1s
“I slept over last night I’ve been sitting here working on my laptop for the past hour Mavis.” He said looking at her worried. “I know you have classes today but I don’t so I figured I’d get some design work done or at least make a dent in it. I have awhile until they need it but what else am I supposed to do?” He left out that his mother wasn’t talking to him because she hadn’t met Mavis yet and she felt that it was her right to meet the mother of her grandchildren. Kai had josh told her Mavis was busy.

He sighed, “I made French toast for breakfast and there’s some in the microwave for you if you want it. I didn’t know if you would be able to eat it and I don’t want to make you sick. The pizza is thrown out so you don’t have to worry about smelling it. How are you feeling this morning?” He asked.
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 6d 12h 54m 39s
Every time she moved so did the kittens. It was as if they were synced. Twice throughout the night she got up to pee. Each time one of them did the same. The two times she went to go use the bathroom they cuddled with Kia until she went back. The alarm on her phone was never set. However, she did wake up on time. Sort of. Twenty minutes later than her normal wake up call.

Mavis groans and walks to the bathroom to pee again and get ready. She forgot that Kai slept over. He wasn’t there when she woke up. After getting dressed so was the kittens. Her phone wasn’t even on the charger. She sighs and walks to her bag that was on the couch. It’s dead. [#af18ae “Just my luck...”] she mutters. When she turns around she saw Kai and it scared her. A hand was placed over her heart and the other on her head. [#af18ae “Hi... how-how did you get in?”] she asks walking to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee to go and make a sandwich to eat for later.
  Simply_Random / 6d 14h 51m 17s
Kai crawled into bed beside her wearing his sweats. He never slept with a shirt on, too restricting. In his sleep he pulled her into his arms to hold her, the kittens didn’t mind. He was comfortable and her bed was soft. Like sleeping on a damn cloud. Kai woke up first the next morning. He didn’t have classes today so he didn’t move. He knew Mavis had to go in today but wasn’t sure for how long. He had designs to finalize on his laptop that was in his bag sitting in one of the chairs in the kitchen so he would probably do that today while he waited on her. He didn’t want to go home again to his empty apartment, he had been there three days and hadn’t seen Mavis until yesterday and it had almost driven him insane. He was always worried about her and the twins and he couldn’t protect them if he wasn’t there
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 6d 16h 53m 16s
Mavis was moving all sluggish. Her tired self began to undress as she walks to her room to go to her master bathroom to shower. He cousins see it but she scrunched her face. After today she doesn’t want anything to do with pizza for a while. On the island there was a mixture of Olive Garden, Greek, Spanish and hala food. All left overs. There was about fix containers of left over food. She may bring them to school so if a student is hungry they can have it.

By the time she went to bed all she had on was an oversized T-shirt, underwear, and socks. Her hair was up in a lose bun. Stache was curled on top of the blanket near her belly and Ninja was on her pillow above her head. This week needs to end. Next week is thanksgiving and she hasn’t even began to prep for thanksgiving. That’s unlike her. She always marinate the meats so the flavor would be there the day of. She’s going to need to do it within two days or else it won’t be the same. Every since being pregnant she feels like she’s been snoring. She was never a snorer. Her throat would hurt when she wakes up. Both the kittens and Mavis were practically making music with all of them snoring.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 6d 22h 45m 41s
Kai chuckled and picked up the kittens, "Mavis I see your tired, I didn't know if you wanted me to stay but I brought clothes and I don't have classes on Thursdays so I don't go in tomorrow and its snowing again unfortunatley... but your tired, sleep... I just like spending time with you... we don't have to do anything but sleep." He muttered bringing the kittens into the apartment. They were rambuncious. He kissed her gently. "I'll handle the kittens and put the pizza that I was eating in the fridge and will join you in bed for cuddles."

He put the kittens on the ground and pulled her to him, resting his hands on her waist. "I meant what I said today, Thank You... for everything... and including me today... that was amazing... their little heartbeats and seeing them on that screen... I didn't know you could love someone so much and not have met them yet."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 7d 3h 53m 0s
Mavis practically passed out. She didn’t even feel the kittens plays on top of her. Her phone went off. One of the accidentally scratched her which woke her up. She could hear something or someone at the door. Even the souls of the elevator button being pressed was heard. Her heels sounds so loud to her as she walked to check who was in the hallway. When she saw Kai through the intercom she opens the door. [#af18ae “Hey... I’m so sorry. I got our late. I’m so tired... just know if you come in I won’t do anything but sleep.”] she says smiling weakly as her head rested on the door. She notice the note and takes it to read it. [#af18ae “Everything is fine. Like I said I’m just tired. So are you coming in or not because I have another big day ahead of me.”] just as she said that she could feel the kittens walk out of the apartment. From what she saw it looked like they attacked Kai with playfulness and tried climbing up hid legs before running back inside. Mavis chuckles. With her free hand she rubs her temple. Her head is hurting from lack of sleep.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 7d 4h 7m 36s
Kai knocked on the door at 10, he had came over like she had said, "Mavis?" He said knocking on the door. He jiggled the handle to make sure it was locked and she hadn't fallen asleep and left her door unlocked. He knocked again, "Mavis...." He said a little louder. He didn't want to disturb any neighbors but everyone else's doors were farther away from hers than normal.

Kai had brought her some more of the tea that soothed her stomach and flowers just because. He loved spoiling and surprising her so she would have to get used to it. Kai sighed when she didn't answer the door and wrote her a note and put it on top of the bag of tea and the flowers and laid them on her doormat. The note read:

Mavis, I hope your alright, I stopped by like you said to. Call me or text me please, I love you, Love, Kai.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 7d 4h 15m 45s
Regina cleaned up the room when she left. She looked at Kai. Gina is horrible with names. He doesn’t know it but he’s going to be forever Pocahontas. “Later Pocahontas.” She waves bye and walks towards the nurse station.

Mavis class was fuller than normal. The smell of all sorts of food hit her nose hard. It made her stomach turn for a good hour. They spent a good amount of time studying. Mavis didn’t leave until 8:50. Everyone seems to have gotten so much better. It made her super proud of them. There was a lot of left overs that a few people left. Some students too some and Mavis took whatever was left to her car with some help. Two of her students who are a couple told her they’re pregnant, scared, freaking out, and well everything else. She told them to breath, see how far along they are and she’ll help them figure things out after the final. Ironic because she’s still freaking about having twins. She didn’t get home till 9:45. She was falling asleep on the elevator. Her downstairs neighbor was there feeling and doing the same thing. She forgot what he does but he feels her pain. When she got to the door and opened it the cats greeted her feet. It took her a while to close the door because they ran in and out of the apartment. All three of them layer down on the couch, yawning and dozing off.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 7d 4h 33m 59s
Kai nodded, "I'll be there at 8:30, text me if you want me to pick up food." He said and kissed her back. He sighed watching her go and turned to Gina, "I guess we're all doing something together Saturday... I mean I didn't really get to introduce myself, I'm Kai." He said reaching out to shake her hand. Kai was trying to be nice to her best friend. He was a gorgeous man and Mavis was a beautiful girl, their children would be gorgeous as well and anyone would agree with that if they knew Mavis was pregnant.

He looked down at the ultrasound pictures in his hand, his kids... those were his kids. "Its a little surreal and alot amazing that this is actually happening." He said and looked up at Gina. "I'm sorry I should let you get back to your job." He had tears in his eyes, he loved the twins so much already, anyone could see that he loved them and Mavis.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 7d 5h 39m 27s
"I am so down for some food! There's this good good chinese/spanish resturant two blocks down. Let's go!"
[#af18ae "I'm sorry but I can't go. I actually have to go tutor a group of kids. They said they're ordering pizza. Super excited for some pizza and doing something I like. But um, we can meet up at my place around 830?"] she says holding on to her shirt and walking to the sink to wash off the gel from the ultrasound. When it didn't feel weird she puts on her jacket. She gives Kai a kiss. [#af18ae "I'm really sorry but I need to go. Finals is this week. Then we have a week off. So we all can get together Saturday."] Mavis hugs Gina before leaving. Yea it was rude, but they need to understand she loves her job and she's going to be tutoring in her class because that's how many students need her help.
  Simply_Random / 7d 5h 49m 13s
Kai smiled, he had cried when he heard his children's heartbeats. He had two pictures in his hands, the twins were labeled Baby A and Baby B and the technician had written LAKOTA TWINS on the top of them. He watched Gina and Mavis talk and interract. It was surreal hearing the heartbeats but amazing at the same time. Kai leaned over and kissed Mavis' cheek, "Thank You..." He muttered. He knew that she understood it was a thank you for including him. "Do you have plans after this? Mavis? Gina? I'd like to take you both out to lunch if your up to it... I know Mavis couldn't eat before this appointment like the technician said and I've been at work meetings all day."

It just dawned on him that Gina didn't know he had a job or really anything about him other than he was dressed up right now and his hair was pulled back into one of those man buns but he looked sharp.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 7d 7h 54m 32s

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