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Mavis made him his plate first. The girl heated up both plates a little. She was singing baby it’s cold out side, whispering it. The girl looked like a looney dancing and her mouth moving and soft quiet whispers escaping her lips. Eventually she gave him his plate. Hearing him say mom made her freeze. She was chewing slowly. Her head shook no. Please don’t make her talk to your mom. Please... crap!

The girl punches him. [#af18ae “Hi Mrs. Lakota... I’m fine. We’re fine. I’ve just been doing to much but everything should be fine. I emailed your husband the letter my doctor gave me to take leave for about a week...”] mavis laughs. [#af18ae “He’s okay. He’s been playing with my new fur baby. He claims to be a cooker but I don’t know. I have seen that side of him yet.”] Mavis says sticking her tongue out at him. [#af18ae “From what Kai told me anything but the lemon meat pie.”] she says laughing. Mavis even told her about what she’s bringing to help her decided what to make.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 5d 17h 9m 0s
Kai nodded, "Yes please your an amazing cook." He kissed her cheek and watched her look at her stomach, 'They're in there thats for sure.... your hungry because the twins are hungry and they're growing... " He muttered and chuckled taking seconds. He was starving himself as he hadn't made breakfast.

His phone rang, it was his mother, he put her on speaker. "Kai have you asked Mavis what she wants for Thanksgiving dinner?" Kai chuckled, "Yeah mom your on speaker, say Hi to Mavis." Kai couldn't stop smiling, his mother was a bit of a scatterbrain. "Hi Mavis, Sweetie I can't wait to meet you. How are you doing? Kai mentioned you had a bit of a scare but didn't say much else.... is he taking care of you? Is there anything special you'd like to eat on Sunday?" Kai listened, "Mommmm you make it sound like I'm horrible, of course I'm taking care of her as much as she will let me."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 6d 5h 50m 6s
[#af18ae "I can work out all by myself until it looks like I ate a watermelon seed and there's a watermelon growing inside of me."] She says walking to the couch to watch some TV and get off of her feet. She grabs her phone that was on the arm rest of the couch. Her phone needs to be charged. It's only 34%. She checks her job email to [i hundreds] of messages. A few students thanked her for everything. Some said the test was super easy. Other's said it was okay. They were even upset finding out that other people grades the test. It made her laugh actually.

Mavis ate everything on her plate really fast. [#af18ae "God.. I'm so freaking hungry. It's ridiculous..."] She says getting up to go get seconds. [#af18ae "Oh and that meat pie doesn't sound good. I'm sort of picky with my pies. Do you want seconds?"] she asks making more toast and grabbing a bottle of water. As she waited Mavis rolled up her shirt to look at her belly. It does feel a little different.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 6d 6h 11m 15s
Kai nodded, "Perfect." He said leaning down and kissing her and taking the plate, "Thank you for making me food too and I'll work out with you... I work out all the time.... plus I think this.." he said kneeling down and lifting her shirt to reveal the small bump, "This is amazing.... " He kissed the bump lightly. "Daddy loves both of you." He said smiling up at her. He got up to eat and kissed her again, "You look beautiful Mavis... I know you can't work out right now with the bedrest but when your off bedrest we can." He dug into his food, "This is really good, I've never had an omelette like this but I like it.... you have good taste... and yes it was really a meat pie with lemon, she even put lemons in it... my mom isn't the best cook but when its basics like turkey and apple pie shes okay."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 6d 6h 51m 40s
Mavis was eating one of the toast with butter already. [#af18ae "She can make what ever. I'm bringing food over too. Was it really a lemon meat pie? Or did she use too much lemon juice when cleaning the meat that gave it it's lemon taste?"] she asks opening the oven when she heard it beep. She sets it down to cool off. She lifts up her shirt to show him the thing popping out. [#af18ae "It's starting. I look like like I'm super bloated where I look pregnant, but I am pregnant..."] She says poking her belly. [#af18ae "You're the cause of this. I'm going to need to start working out soon. I don't wanna get pregnant fat and regular fat..."] She lowers her shirt to make their plate. They each for two of everything. Mavis adds extra cheese on to her eggs and some ketchup. [#af18ae "So I'm going to make perni, pie, aybe some cookies, egg salad, and a fruit salad. Think they would be okay with that?"] Mavis asks him handing him his plate. She lifts up her head and puckers her lips for kiss.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 6d 6h 55m 51s
Kai nodded, "No problem, I got you a few other kinds when I came over and put them in the cupboard up here." He said showing her the box of assorted teas beside her normal tea. "But I will make the kind you like, and like I said, breakfast smells amazing even though its more of a brunch, and besides the garbage stunk and was heavy, I'm glad its outside now."

He sighed as he made her tea, "I am focusing on my business and school, I passed my finals according to my professors I talked to them earlier so I'm off until mid Janurary of next year and right now its snowing and I finalized that blue print this morning so I think I'm okay... your my main concern right now. What do you want for dinner because I'm cooking, no arguments and if you don't tell me what dishes you like my mom will try making something really weird and it won't taste good. One year she made a lemon meat pie.... "
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 6d 7h 27m 10s
[#af18ae "A different version of omelettes ans had brown. Maybe with some toast..."] she says smiling. She turns her head to kiss his cheek. She sniffs the air to see if she could smell anything, but she didn't. That is probably a good thing. What makes her happy about this pregnancy is that she doesn't have symptoms all the time. It's cute how he thinks she has symptoms and tries to make her feel better. [#af18ae "You know I don't have any symptoms at the moment right? Plus I ate regular pizza a few days ago. Certain days I can't eat certain things. You sir need to relax. Focus on school and your business. When I need you or if I have some sort of symptom I'll let you know."] Mavis tells him smiling. The hash browns were done before the omelettes. It's time for some toast with butter. [#af18ae "Can you make some tea for me please. I really like the honey lemon tea, please."] she says toasting four slice of bread.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 6d 7h 32m 9s
Kai came in and noticed she was up, "Good Morning... or should I say Good Afternoon gorgeous." He had left the door unlocked when he went outside. "I just took the garbage out, it was smelly and I know you and smells right now don't get along and I didn't want it to make you any sicker than you are." He said wrapping his arms around her midsection from behind and kissing the crook of her neck where her neck met her shoulder. He stopped feeling a small bump and let a smile creep over his face but didn't say anything. He just felt it and kissed her again. "What are you making Mavis? It smells really good."

He had finished his finals and called the professors and apparently his father had explained that he would be taking them from home and Kai had finished them with time to spare so after today he was off of school until Mid Janruary and so was Mavis. "My mom asked what your favorite Thanksgiving dishes are for Sunday, shes shopping today."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 6d 8h 7m 5s
Mavis was out. She doesn’t even remember Kai taking her to her room. She slept for hours. She didn’t wake up until the next day at one in the evening. One! She rarely sleeps in. When she woke up she went to go pee. She was there for a while. She was still spotting. But it’s super light. Sleeping so long Gabe her a headache. [#af18ae “I need food...”] she mutters walking to the kitchen rubbing her stomach. She looks down feeling a small bump. [#af18ae “It’s starting...”] she says trying to suck in her guy but it didn’t go anywhere. She groans as she opens the fridge. What to make? What is she going to eat?

[#af18ae “Hey there handsome...”] she says feeling stache rubbing up against her legs. She picks him to kiss him and gently scratch the back of his ear. It made him purr. She places him on top of the island so she can make a different version of an omelette through muffin pan. It has peppers, cheese, and bacon. She’s even making hash browns from scratch.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 6d 8h 13m 2s
Kai played with the kitten and gently shook Mavis awake, "Let me take you to bed honey, I can carry you." He said motioning her to put her arms around his neck. In truth you weren't supposed to take your finals from home but when your dad was the dean and understood you had to be with your pregnant baby momma, you got away with a few things.

Kai gently lifted her up and carried her to her room, careful not to hit anything. The kittens followed them and crawled into bed just as he was laying her down. "Rest Mavis, I'll be here if you need me." He said and kissed her forehead.

He crawled into bed beside her, He wasn't exactly tired but he was taking care of her. Was she his girlfriend? No but she was carrying his children and maybe someday they would date officially. He had thanked his father for sending her home and his dad understood her medical leave from school.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 6d 8h 42m 28s
Mavis was so confused. Is he allaowed to take the test without being there? She was told she her students have to be in school to take it. Even if it’s on their laptop they need to used the schools WiFi so they know it was taken in class all around the same time. [#af18ae “Okay... glad you’re not failing...”] she rubs her head trying not to think about it too much. Eventually she was practically laying on the couch curled in a fetal position. An arm was tucked under her head. Bam, she was asleep. Her free hand dangled. Stache was having fun playing with her fingers. Mavis was so tired that she didn’t feel it. He was nibbling on her fingers and everything. She didn’t move. When he got tired he began meowing at her. Ninja was laying on the hammock on the cat tower. When Mavis didn’t react Stache jumped on Kai so he can show him some love.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 6d 9h 54s
"Yeah, professors said I could take them online as long as I finished them in the alotted time and I've already done the essays for them and sent them in. I don't struggle with school so its not something I worry about... honestly I'm only in college to get my degree and I could have gotten it in high school had I not fucked around." He said sitting beside her and getting her a blanket to cover up with.

"I learned from my mistakes in high school and I take things more seriously now, I cleaned up my act so to speak and now I have a successful business, and I have you and the twins... like I said I will always be around and fine you suggested Kimi but I love it too." He said leaning over to kiss her. "Our babies are already extremely loved and they have no idea... I mean I'm already thinking of a tattoo to get when they're born."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 6d 9h 32m 12s
Mavis glares at him. She said Kimi. [#af18ae You don’t suggest Kimi remember? I also said Dyani, which sounds like Dannie, which can be short for Danielle and it means deer, and Lulu, which means rabbit. If our babies are boys I like Jacy, which means moon, Tate and I forgot what that names mean, and Elan. I also said I wanted native names,but it also has to be easy to say as well. For my moms sake.”] she said while chewing some pringles. She turns on the TV to watch 90 Day Fiancé. The kittens kept getting on and off of her. She didn’t know it but, she was already done with the tea and halfway done with the Pringle. Mavis got so comfortable that she was getting close to falling asleep. She even turned off her phone so she doesn’t get a call that wakes her up. Hopefully she doesn’t miss an important call. [#af18ae “So are you ready for your finals? It’s tomorrow and Friday.”] she says trying to stay awake.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 6d 9h 36m 7s
He nodded and reached the pringles easily. "Babies like pringles, noted... I'm trying to remember the things that you can and can't eat."
Kai sat down in the chair and sighed, "I finished the design I was working on for the building downtown, it'll be finalized and sent in tomorrow." He looked down at the new ultrasounds of the twins, "They're okay... your okay... just a little rest... you did too much?" He said trying to wrap his head around what happened.

"I might have thought of a name today... for a boy or a girl...well a few names, Bayak pronounced Bay-Ah, means Raven and can be used for a girl or boy, and Catori means spirit and it could be used for a girl or boy as well... and Kimi... it means secret." He said looking up to meet her eyes... "I just don't know when we should stop calling them the twins and decide on their names?"
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 6d 10h 2m 16s
Mavis sighs. She turns out to look at him. [#af18ae “Kai I’m fine. I can walk around. I just need rest. I’m going to make some tea and go read a book until I fall asleep.”] she tells him playing with the hair that is in front of her face.

When she heard the water boil she turns around to make her cup of tea. As the tea bag simmered in the hot water. She looks in the cabinet for her prenatal and some Pringle. She points at the top shelf. [#af18ae “Can you get me the sour cream and onion pringles, please.”] she says moving out the way. She grabs a bottle of water to take her prenatal. She carefully grabs the mug. She goes to get her purse. [#af18ae “You can put the Pringle in my bag.”] when he does she’s to the couch since she doesn’t like to eat in her room. She pulls out a book she keeps in her bag in case she gets bored to read. Maybe she can finally finish the book! [#af18ae “And I’m sorry. It all happened so fast. I didn’t think Gina was there. She saw my name on the computer and came inside... but yea, how doing the thing from this morning?”]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 6d 10h 11m 53s

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