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Kai came out and opened the driver's side door. "Mavis what is going on? Are you okay?" He asked her seriously. He hadn't heard Amanda ask him anything. He was out of earshot so he couldn't have answered her if she wanted him to. "You need to talk to me and not run away from everything... are you hurt?" He asked worried and ran a hand through his hair.

When he saw she was crying he shook his head, "Mavis..." He took her hand and wiped her tears with his thumb. "Baby... I love you... I might say that too much but its true and I've never loved anyone like I love you. I don't know what happened in there or what the hell I missed but you have no reason to cry. So many worse things happen in the world then getting upset. Just take a deep breath and talk to me... I know there was cake here but we can stop and get sweet tea and waffle fries and just relax."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 3d 6h 42m 16s
Mavis wasn't going to Answer and she knew what which is why she asked Kai. When Kai didn't answer her, Amanda got mad. Her face changed colors. Being there made her feel feel awkward. She had to walk away so she doesn't cry. She left her things there and went to the backyard. Ryan was going to go, but Amanda stopped him. Instead Ryan went to go get Kai. [b "Hey man, Mavis might be crying or be planning to kill my wife... she's in the backyard."] he says whispering to him. He checked on the kids and stayed there before he some how ends up in the dog house.

Mavis was pacing and shaking from anger and being cold a little. She's ready to go. Mavis wipes her face and went to go say bye to Tara. With Mavis leaving early, it made her cry. Mavis left Kai inside and went into the car and got it started. If she has to leave him she will. Being pregnant sucks. She couldn't control anything.
  Simply_Random / 3d 7h 8m 57s
Kai was helping with the kids in the other room and making sure everyone had juice and napkins so he was out of ear shot of the entire conversation. But he was trying to be helpful and he was thankful that Mavis had corrected him but it was just his nature to call the birthday girl princess. She was adorable and wearing a princess crown. He understood her mom was a bitch so he didn't question it. When the movie ended, he restarted it on the DVD player so the kids could watch it while they were eating and then he sat down and took a drink of his coke that he had been drinking.

A kid's birthday party wasn't exactly a date but this was an outing and she had never taken him to meet anyone else she knew before now. This was a step wasn't it? He thought it was at least and he might not be the best at kids birthday parties but he was trying.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 3d 8h 28m 36s
Mavis never had problems with kids. Kids, babies and some teens love her. No matter what she simply doesn't want kids. Her mom struggled with her. Mavis doesn't want to deal with that. She doesn't want her future husband and/or baby daddy dying on her. If she never has a kid she doesn't have to worry about that. She could even travel whenever she wants. Now that she's pregnant she has twins on the way and a cat.

When Amanda told the kids food is ready they went running over there. Mavis pauses the movie. [#af1ae "Don't call her princess. It has to be her name or birthday girl. Amanda is anal about things like that if you're not family."] She whispers to him before walking to the kitchen. She helped when it came to serving the kids and setting them up in the kiddie section. They had a lot of little tables and chairs. As they ate, the four random parent for a kid served themselves.

[#191970 "So Mavis isn't this guy too young for you? You're what to him?"]
[b "Babe..."]
[#191970 "What? I'm simply asking a question. He follows her like a love sick puppy. It's not like she's pregnant. Either she can't have them or doesn't want the. I forget which. So what's you're name and what are you and Mavis?"] she asks before chewing on something.
  Simply_Random / 3d 8h 37m 58s
Kai tried to help with the kids and ended up watching Mavis smiling. She was a natural. What was she so worried about? Mavis was going to be a great mom if she ever got out of her own head. Kids loved her and she was so good with them. Kai didn’t see a problem. One of the little girls laughed and pointed to Kai, it was Tara, “Mavy he looks like Maui.” Mai chuckled and asked, “do you like Maui princess?” She nodded and hugged him.

Kai sat there with Mavis and the kids watching the movie. He had honestly never seen it but it had to be a cool movie if it had The Rock in it right? Half way through he had caught on and kinda knew the songs. The kids seemed to love him and his tattoos....they really thought he looked like Maui....maybe that should have been his Halloween costume but it was almost Thanksgiving. Kai made a mental note to remember it for next year.
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 3d 16h 49m 3s
When the guys left Amanda was a little more threatening then usual. No matter what she still tried to help and watch the kids. Some of the other parents were helping too. Mavis kept a smile on her face. Another mom stayed with Mavis and the kids. They seemed to be watching the movie more than the kids. They even sang along to the songs from Frozen it at times made everyone stop to sing. Eventually they went to go check on the other adults too. Just to be social with the other adults. Even the mom Mavis has been hanging out with seems to have problems with Amanda. Well more like the other way around.

Mavis ignores Ryan. He really needs to stop talking about her love life when there’s other parents there. He may know them but she doesn’t. They don’t need to know if he approves or not. Even Amanda said something like why does it matter if you approve or not? How he’s just a friend. His opinion doesn’t matter. It made everything awkward for a lobby time. No one moved or said anything. If it wasn’t for Tara calling for her she would’ve cried. Only because the the extra pregnant hormones of course. Moana began to play. Mavis has seen the movie many, many times before. It’s her latest favorite. She knew all the words. Mavis began telling the story along with the grandma. It made the kids laugh. Then she sang. The other young mom she spoke too as well ended up joining to kids to listen since she didn’t know much about the movie since she has a boy.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 3d 19h 58m 49s
Kai attempted to help Ryan wrangle the kids and somehow he ended up helping Ryan grill some burgers outside in the cold. Food was something he could handle. The kids he loved but they seemed to think that he had hair made for princess crowns. Everytime he came inside one of the kids put a crown on his head and everyone laughed. Ryan even asked him if it bothered him. Kai just shook his head, "No if it makes them happy I'll wear a crown..." Ryan sighed, "Your going to be a better dad than I am.... I still get embarassed wearing things my daughter makes me wear and its her birthday... Mavis is lucky to have you." Kai was shocked but nodded, "Thank you man."

Coming into the kitchen Ryan smiled, "Mavis he has my seal of approval... you picked a good one with him....." Kai smiled. He was still wearing a princess crown but somehow he was pulling it off.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 4d 4h 29m 54s
Mavis was quickly greeted by the other siblings. She did everything she could to avoid saying hi to Amanda. She doesn’t want to deal with her. She looks at Ryan hearing is question. They aren’t together but they don’t know that. [#af18ae “Long enough to accidentally put a bun in the oven.”] she says smiling. It’s not really a lie but it’s not the truth either.
[b “I don’t believe that. We do you ever have time? You’re the queen of boring. You’ve been so focused on being a math teacher that you barely go out and when you do you regret it the next day because you’re hung over.”]
[#af18ae “I go all out to catch up on everything I missed. What can I say...”] she could feel Amanda glaring at her. Soon enough the doorbell rang. More people started showing up. Tara had friends over. They played games and had movies in the background. Some parents stayed. Others left after dropping off the kid. She even tried to help Amanda cook and bake.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 4d 4h 35m 16s
Kai put the little girl's presents on the table and stood there awkwardly with his hands in his pockets until he saw her again. Carrying the little girl.... Tara was her name. Kai smiled. Mavis looked so natural with the little girl, she was going to be a great mother, he just knew it. He waved at Mavis and the little girl. "Hey princess." He said to the little girl who seemed to be in awe of his hair.

Kai was about to speak when he saw Ryan return with his wife Amanda. Ryan looked to Kai, "Would you like a beer?" It might be his daughter's birthday party but the guys needed something and Amanda understood that. It wasn't like they were getting drunk. Kai shook his head, "No thank you but thanks for the offer." Ryan nodded, "Mavis, how long have you and Kai been together?" Kai didn't know how to answer that at all, were they even together?
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 4d 5h 23m 21s
[#af18ae "Why couldn't we take me car?"] she asks starting his car. As the car roars into life she turns on the radio before putting on her seat belt. Kai doesn't know it, but she can be an aggressive driver. Sometimes her patients be flying out the window. When it was clear to go she got out of the parking. They stopped once to go through Sonic's drive thru. She wanted a nerd cherry slushy and corn dogs. The drive their was pretty fast. There wasn't any traffic. When the got to the place she parked down the block. The girl jumps out and fixes her sweater. The girl decided to wear something loose so her stomach isn't super visible. When Kai got the things she began to walk to the house. Ryan was outside already getting something out of his car.
[#af18ae "Excuse me I think I may need help looking for a dork."]
[b "Mavy Wavy!"] he runs up to her and hugs her, spinning her around. [b "Finally. You haven't seen you in forever. You're always denying invites and shit. Who's this?"]
[#af18ae "You know how focused I was with school and my career. Ryan this is Kai and... ah.."] She lefts her shirt. Ryan's reaction kept changing.
[b "Yo... Are you... is he.... but isn't he... nah, nah. Come inside. Go say hi to the kids and we can talk more inside where its warm."] he said smiling. Mavis follows him inside. Mavis points towards the gift table so Kai can set the gifts down while she goes looking for Tara. She went upstairs to look for the birthday girl. A few minutes later Mavis walks down with Tara in her arms.

[ Outfit]
[ Ryan]
[ Tara]
[ Amanda]
  Simply_Random / 4d 5h 37m 54s
“Boo...I like that.” He said kissing her and raised an eyebrow when she said she was driving. “Sweetheart if you have any pain or you get tired you tell me and I will drive no questions asked.” He kissed her temple lightly and carried the little girl’s presents to the SUV. The SUV was safer to drive in the snow. “Will she like me?” He asked curiously. Most kids loved him and liked to braid his hair because it was so long. He expected no less with her God daughter and he would let her. He was never mean or rude to kids. He loved kids, that’s why he was so excited about the twins. Two kids of his own.

“I love you.” He said helping her into the SUV and supporting her back. He was so careful and gentle with her. It was adorable to anyone who saw them together. This was their first real outing.
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 4d 16h 22m 5s
Mavis nods. She doesn’t care if him comes. She is going. She began to session everything. Even things for Thanksgiving. It needs to be done. She did stop a few times to drink some water. Her phone was charging, Stache is sleeping, Ninja is playing. It took her over an hour to session the meat. When she was done Mavis went to go shower and get dressed.

Once when she finished she made sure the cats have food. [#af18ae “Go get ready.”] Mavis says starting to clean up a little. Even then she began to do things when she should be chilling. Resting. She packed a bag in case they had to stay the night. With it snowing super early there’s no telling what’s going to happen. Mavis sat down on the couch with the kittens on each side of her. Her phone kept vibrating. Her mom was upset with her because Gina told her about the bleeding and not her. Mavis was slightly annoyed that her mother wants to be a mother now and at Gina for telling her. [#af18ae “Lets go boo. It’s a three hour trip and I’m driving.”]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 4d 17h 7m 1s
"Remember you invited me to go with you to that party and kids love me... plus I got her a present remember." he said pointing to the gift bag by the pile of gifts that mavis had bought the little girl. "I will go with you and you can sit down and I can get you cake and things, but the less your on your feet the better." He leaned over and kissed her, "besides our dinner is on Sunday not on actual Thanksgiving because my dad has parties to go to so you won't have to rush and I'll take you to my parents, that way if things get awkward with my dad we can get the fuck out."

Kai didn't want things to go wrong but his dad had a way of making everything awkward and the fact that his dad was her boss would probably not make it easier or less awkward but his mother already loved her so that was a plus in his mind.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 5d 6h 9m 3s
[#af18ae "Mother's tend to love me. Gina's mother is in love with me. I'm like the daughter she never had... her words, not mines."] she says smiling, [#af18ae "Seaking of which, I don't know if I can stay long. I forgot Cleo and Gina invited my mom and I over for thanksgiving... Both their families don't like close by and we're there people when it comes to the holidays."] Mavis didn't know what to do. She doesn't want to cancel on either of them. [#af18ae "So I know I should be on bed rest but remember tomorrow I'm going to see my goddaughter..."] she says watching him. He can argue all he wants, but she's going. That's her goddaughter. The little girl got about four birthday gifts from Mavis. She wants to see the little one open them and having fun at her birthday party that she helped pay for.
  Simply_Random / 5d 6h 12m 51s
When Kai hung up he smiled, “Mom likes you, she talked to you more than she’s ever talked to me on the phone so that’s a good sign, not to mention she’s excited to meet you....this is the only excitement she gets. My mom doesn’t like to leave the house unless it’s to go somewhere with dad....I guess I deserved that punch but now she knows what your bringing and what you like.” He leaned over and kissed her gently.

He was finishing up his food and smiled, “that’s a family horror story at Thanksgiving about that meat pie. Everyone laughs. My aunt and uncle and smaller cousins will be there too and that’s the entire family.” He said sighing.

Kai loves playing with his little cousins. They were 3 and 4. He zoned out for a minute thinking about he next year his kids would be playing with them on Thanksgiving too.
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 5d 14h 36m 14s

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