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Mavis scrunches her face. Already? It’s not even Christmas yet. His mom is one of those people who mixes Thanksgiving and Christmas. The girl take a deep breath. [#af18ae [i ‘I’ll take it. There’s nothing I can do about it. Besides you’re just like your mom. I know you want to know too, but no one can’t force anything on me. Just accept and be grateful that I kept the babies and have you stay at my place. I know you love me. I have feelings for you too. Just please, baby steps. But I’m fine. I spent a pretty penny getting things done. Made another obgyn appointment. Purchased more prenatal. Just been busy. Yet doing nothing at the same time.’] she replies to him. Her mother is still a no show. She waited three house. Dinner was made and left covered with a note. She even left behind an old ultrasound picture. Mavis went to go buy some flowers for Kaia mom and an old school whiskey for his dad. Eric was at the liquor store. He caused a scene. He was drunk. With some help she managed to get in her car and drive away. Amy and her friends were there to see how she was doing. With the outfit she has on it hid her pregnant pouch belly. They caught up on a few things. Amy apparently moved on but it turns out to be Tony from work/school. They left around midnight. Mavis went to bed. Woke up around nine to cook what she’s going to bring over to Kai’s parents.
  Simply_Random / 2d 4h 41m 34s
“I miss you. How are you feeling today? My mom has me picking up things she forgot for the dinner on Sunday and she’s making you your own ornament for the Christmas tree...we each have one and it’s her tradition....she will make them for the twins too when they’re born but she’s very into it and I didn’t know what to tell her when she had already started. I’m sorry if you don’t want it.” Kai texted her sighing as he pushed a grocery cart through the store trying to get the specific things that his mother had forgotten which was a lot. She was scatterbrained.

Kai was worried about Mavis the last time they had been apart she had ended up in the hospital with bleeding so he had every reason to be worried. “My mom keeps asking what we are and I told her mom just let it be. “ he texted Mavis. He wanted her to know what she would be walking in to.
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 2d 5h 24m 57s
Mavis playful rolled her eyes. [#af18ae “I can drive. I’ll go get my mother and we’ll meet you there. Just text me the address. Okay?”] Kai said goodbye to her as if he wasn’t coming back or as if she’s going away and he’s never going to see her or the kids anymore. [#af18ae “Kai I like you but I think tomorrow is my time which might include my mother at some point.”] she tells him after the gig. When he left she locks the door and turns on the condos security alarm for extra protection. The kittens happily followed her to the bedroom. They slept till eleven the next day. Mavis cleaned higheres people to clean her apartment from top to bottom, corner to corner. Laundry was done. Groceries were also done. The kittens enjoyed have other people around. Mavis went to her mothers and she wasn’t there. She stayed though. Her place looked horrible. She hired the same crew to clean her mothers place while Mavis went food shopping again for her mother. Then did her laundry too. There was mud everywhere. It’s crazy. She even had to pay some bills that her mother hasn’t paid. It made a small dent in her account. Then again there’s a lot more in her saving account. Mavis was sitting on her mothers bed as she texted Kai asking him how his day is going.
  Simply_Random / 2d 5h 38m 28s
Kai looked at her pained and sighed, "If I really have to go... and one but I can come pick you and your mom up if you'd like...." His parents lived in a mansion on the other side of town... the street was even named Andrews Avenue. "I'll be over tomorrow.... I have too much free time on my hands now and I don't like being alone." He said as he kissed her gently. He turned around and headed for the door before turning back around and kissing her hard, it was a passionate kiss. He pulled back and sighed, "I love you Mavis." He let his thumbs stroke her tiny baby bump as he held her. "Like I said, I'll be over."

He went to the door and put on his boots. He really didn't want to go but he knew she needed her rest... not that she didn't sleep when he was there. He had even let her sleep past noon one day and hadn't woken her up.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 2d 8h 10m 34s
With being cleaned, in pajamas, and relaxing she can feel her body relaxing. [#af18ae "No offense, but you're going to get kicked out soon."] she says smiling. The kittens were laying on top of her. Stache was on her shoulders and Ninja was on her side with a paw on her belly. She looks up photos of Tara's birthday party from last year. [#af18ae "You didn't miss out. It can be a pain for both kids and adults. Today was a good example of it."] she says removing both kittens off of her. They meowed at her and climbed back up. She sets them back down. She doesn't want them to get used to being on top of her. She isn't a bed for them. [#af18ae "And yes we'll be there. What time does it start?"] she asks him getting up, [#af18ae "Time for you to go baby daddy."] she says smiling. [#af18ae "I need to sleep and get things done tomorrow. I can't do that with you hovering over me all the time. Go home, relax, and do whatever you do on your free time Kai.] Right now she could go to sleep and maybe sleep all day like a hibernating bear.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 2d 8h 21m 6s
"No problem. Like I said I had fun dispite what happened. We're still going to my parents Sunday right? I think my mom wants to see you more than she wants to see me and I'm no exaggerating." He said sitting down on the couch. He had taken his jacket and boots off at the door.

"Can I stay or are you going to kick me out?" He asked jokingly. He didn't want to go back to his empty apartment and he didn't want to go to his parents house and be lectured by his dad or pestered by his mom to meet Mavis. If she made him leave he would probably end up wandering around a store all night. He didn't sleep well some nights but when he was with Mavis it was so easy for him to fall asleep and he didn't understand why.

"Princess dinosaur sounds fun... you know I've never actually had a birthday party. With like friends and inviting people. My parents aren't social for the sake of friends so I usually got toys or taken some place but never a party... our kids will have parties... the best parties."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 2d 9h 18m 37s
[#af18ae "She always has a princess theme party. Last year she was a princess dinosaur."] she says staring up the car. Mavis didn't answer him when he asked if she wants him to drive. It make her feel like he thinks she disabled. It's annoying. She's pregnant. Not disabled. Now with Ryan, he thinks money can make people forget things. That's why he made Tara give them the card because Mavis knows Ryan and wouldn't have accepted it because it would have cash in it as an apology for his bitch-of-a-wife. The ride back to her place was silent. She didn't even turn on the radio. Her mind needed time to process things. It took a while to find parking, but when she did it was two blocks away and it needs two turns. When they got to the house the kittens practically jumped her because the missed her. They dangled on her sweater as she continued to walk. The first thing she did was set the doggie bag of food down and went to go shower afterwards. Today was an exhausting day. [#af18ae Thanks for coming with me."] she says braiding her hair, walking to the couch to rest her legs.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 2d 9h 29m 58s
"If you would have started a fight, you know you have me to back you up and Ryan gave you a super generous gift Mavis... and for the record... Ryan said I could call her princess. I might have done it the first time without asking but she was having a princess party and she seemed to be okay with it. Just her mom is a bitch... just when our kids have parties can we invite him and Tara and not her or would that start another shit storm?" He asked with a smile, hoping to make Mavis laugh.

Kai pumped the gas that she paid for and got back in the car. "Are you good to keep driving or do you want to ride shotgun for awhile?" He asked not wanting her to get too tired. "I like you even more and I had fun today even with everything that happened. And you have a friend who is actually trying to be supportive of us and the babies."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 2d 10h 22m 49s
Mavis smirks when he doesn’t say anything and gives her the keys. She got in and restarted the car. When she drove by the house Tara was outside with Ryan. Ryan picked up the little girl as she lowers the window. “Here we made you a doggie bag and daddy gave the babies an early present and a sorry card from us!” She says happily. Tara and Mavis exchanges blowing kisses. Ryan simple winks goodbye for Mavis and shook Kaia hand since he was closest. Tara just waved by after giving him the things. I’m the card tats wrote I’ll miss you. I love you and can’t wait to meet the babies on the left. On the right Ryan wrote a whole page about how sorry he is for how Amanda treated her today. How lately she’s been crazier since her birthday is also coming up, blah, blah. Then there was $700 to buy the baby things.

[#af18ae “So of a little girl doesn’t tell you to call her princess don’t do it. Amanda gave me an ear full as to why not do it. I’m so surprised she didn’t chew your head off...”] mavis says popping a lollipop on her mouth. Both Kai and her got good bag since some kids didn’t make it to the party. Knowing Amanda she’s not going to let it go. They had to stop to get gas. She paid for for. Mavis sighs. [#af18ae “Today was a weird day. Can’t believe you like me even more. I hate them for making me cry. If I wasn’t pregnant I definitely would’ve started a fight.”] she mutters staring into space.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 3d 53m 39s
Kai sighed and handed her the keys. Knowing it wasn't worth the fight to argue with her over it after the day they had had. Once he was in the SUV he turned to her. "You know I love you right.... and after what happened today... I love you even more and I didn't even think that was possible." After what had happened, Kai had seen a side of Mavis that he never had before. He had never seen her break. He knew it had to do with her hormones and the babies but after everyone knew she was pregnant.... she seemed a little more relaxed and he noticed the little smirks everytime Amanda got put in her place.

He leaned over and kissed her lips gently. "I mean it plus Tara LOVES you almost as much as I do... almost... but shes adorable and I hope that I am as good at being a dad as you are at being a God mother."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 3d 4h 19m 51s
Amanda tried jumping into the conversation. With some miracle she also tried to be nice to Mavis. Mavis didn’t have to deal with her because the other parents would answer Amanda’s question or ask Mavis something and getting her attention while doing so. It made her smile. It took a lot to prevent herself from laughing. Amanda would so lose her shit of Mavis was to laugh in her face. They even made sure Mavis eats and was sitting. It was like having Kai in different forms. So annoying actually. Tara would also come into the kitchen to make sure mavis was here. She even avoiders her mother and went straight to mavis. It filled Amanda with rage of tears. Eventually they sang happy birthday. Mavis wanted to leave after that but Tara asked to watch Moana again and have Mavis sing and say everything she knows from the movie. When it was time to go mavis walks to the drivers side. [#af18ae “I’m driving. Don’t you dare ask if I’m okay to drive. I am. I’m fine. Keys please”]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 3d 4h 25m 10s
Kai stayed close to Mavis and far away from Amanda. He wouldn't know what to say to the bitchy woman. He stayed closed to Mavis because he felt awkward everywhere else... he didn't belong with the guys as they were all drinking and he knew Mavis would probably be tired and he would drive home. The twins had a way of tiring her out and doing it quickly. Kai had to always be thinking ahead. He leaned against the counter in the kitchen with a small paper princess plate and a slice of cake. It was his second slice. What could he say? He liked cake. It was pretty good cake too for being at a kid's birthday party.

Kai was quiet around people he really didn't know unless he had alcohol in his system aka liquid courage but he loved Mavis and would do anything for her and Tara was a sweetheart. It was just Amanda he didn't want to deal with. She had pissed Mavis off and that put her on his shit list.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 3d 4h 47m 40s
Mavis was quick to say no. It was like a quick reflex. But it’s said and done. It’s also the truth. Tara began to braid Mavis hair as the walked to the house. Mavis didn’t even bother looking at the other adults. She stayed with the kids. They were doing some art and craft things. Mavis wipes Tara’s fave before Tara began her art and craft.

Ryan kept to himself. He was in his man cave with the only dad there. He doesn't care if Kai joined them or not. The football game was on. A mini fridge with beer, water bottles, and a few other booze. Mavis feels like Amanda hates her because her little family loves her more than her. Her kids and husband. Hell, Amanda’s parents enjoyed her company on their wedding day, baby showers and some family events that she attended. Amanda is just a bitch. Mavis eventually went to the kitchen to get a bottle of water. A few of the parents began talking to her. Congratulating her and telling her what to expect. Mavis told them it’s twins so it made the conversation bigger. Amanda was now alone gawking.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 3d 4h 53m 27s
Kai took the keys out of the ignition and sighed, everyone knew now. He smiled at Tara, “You...deserve all your presents and everyone at your party. We’re going to stay...don’t worry.” The little girl clapped and returned to Mavis as Kai put the keys in his pocket. Ryan turned to her... “So he’s your boyfriend? “ he asked trying to make conversation.

Kai didn’t answer in fear of saying the wrong thing and setting Mavis off again. He didn’t want to see her cry and he didn’t want to see her upset like that again. It broke his heart. Mai sighed and held the door for Mavis and Tara to go inside and Ryan nodded, “Good man...and good luck...pregnancy is tough.” Kai nodded. Ryan had whispered that last part. Ryan shot a look at his wife that said don’t say a word but knowing Amanda she would open her big mouth again.
  Kai Lakota / Polkadotrocker / 3d 5h 14m 33s
Mavis was ready to go. What is Kai doing? She took her hands back. [#af18ae “Kai. Don’t. I can’t handle the urge to cry or beat the living day lights. Being pregnant change my patience and control. I’m crying from anger. I hate her. I accepted her because he loves her but I just wanna smack her sometimes...”] mavis says trying to hold back her tears. She sits up hearing Tara screaming her name. As much as she wants to stay on the warm car she jumps out and kneels down. Tara practically jumped her. Ryan ran towards them. [b “Stay. Please. For Tara. Everyone practically put Amanda in her spot. The little ones are calling her a bully. Stay. Please.”]
“Please stay. For me. For my birthday. You can take all the presents back. Just stay a little longer...”
Mavis sighs picking her up. [#af18ae “Just for a little while...”] she says getting up with the birthday girl in her arms. She turns to Kai so he can turn off his car. She waited for him.
[b “Everyone also knows your pregnant... I thought she should know. She was super sensitive when she was pregnant. Maybe you’re the same. I never saw you break before...”]
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 3d 5h 38m 18s

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