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Kai smiled, "I'd love some and okay... two weeks... but keep me posted please.... and I'd like to be at your appointment for the baby... I mean I want to be there for you and be supportive but this is my child too and I want to be involved in every step of it.... even if it means meanial appointments." He picked up a piece of cold pizza and bit into it. "Thank you." He muttered after eating the piece of pizza in literally two bites.
He was a big guy and he had a big appetite, "Like I said, you need anything, just call me or text me and I'll be here.... anything at all." He said sighing. Even if she called him in the dead of the night, he would be right by her side. It wasn't just her fault what happened but he wasn't upset. Shocked but not upset and he owned up to his mistakes... but this baby wasn't a mistake... he was hoping it was a blessing in disguise.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 27d 6h 19m 5s
[#af18ae “She’s more like a sister. We’ve known each other since we were eight…”] Mavis walked away when he called her sweetheart. She was never one for nicknames like that. Especially when she isn’t dating that person. [#af18ae “Give me at least two weeks to think about it, okay?”] she places a hand on her stomach.

Mavis feels normal. No symptoms or bloating-ness. It’s hard to tell she’s pregnant when she doesn’t feel pregnant. She disappears into her room to put on a pair of a black fleece legging and a long sleeve oversized sweater. She walks back out sighing. She began to clean up and put away the left-over pizza. [#af18ae “Before I put these away do you want some?”] she asks eating a cheesy bread stick,

[ outfit]
  Mavis / simply_random / 27d 7h 5m 34s
"Your friend is.... fun." Kai said sighing, "Listen, neither of us meant for this to happen but we're having a baby.... if you don't get an abortion which I'm praying you don't. Yeah its unexpected but for one, I already love this baby, together or not I'll be the best father I can be, and another thing is this baby is going to be gorgeous since your its mother." He took her hand pulling her close to him, resting his hands on her waist, his thumbs on her stomach. "Sweetheart, it'll be okay if you let it.... please keep the baby.... I'll pay every hospital bill if you need me to, anything you and the baby need, consider it done."

This morning when he woke up he had no idea that he would be becoming a father but right now talking to Mavis it felt right, like the most natural thing for him. He loved her and he was just realizing it now.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 27d 7h 28m 53s
"Why does he sound like he's talking to me? Is he one of those weirdos who talks in third person? If so I say abort that baby and move." Gina says walking into the kitchen to grab another slice. "Don't trust wealthy people. They lie to get what they want." Gina says sitting down where Mavis sat. Mavis rolls her eyes.

[#af18ae "Kai you can have any girl you want. I'm old-ish and my life isn't like yours..."]
"What she is trying to ask is why her? She old, dry, poor, and has a past."
[#af18ae "Er... something like that I guess..."]
"Oh don't forget about the trip... and the other thing. I need to go and help Cleo pack before she brings her entire apartment to my apartment. Keep me posted!" Gina kisses Mavis check and belly. "Bye alien thing growing in my best friends vagina. Bye Pocahontas." Mavis follows Gina to lock the door behind her. She turns around pressing her back against the door sighing.
[#af18ae "My life is a hot mess..."] she mutters.
  Mavis / simply_random / 27d 7h 32m 53s
"I'm not using my parent's wealth and money... you haven't even asked anything about me... I might be 21 but I have a job, I own my own business.... I can support a child.... I don't miss any days anyway and I'm a perfect student, ask Mavis, shes seen my grades." Kai said leaning against the counter.

"I own Lakota Builders....have since I was 18.... we have offices and signs all over town.... we just got the licensing for the new Art Hall building going up in the spring and I design all of the buildings.... I am an architect major." He said like it was common knowledge or they should have connected the dots.

"The only thing my parents do for me anymore is my tuition since dad is the dean, I live on my own and occassionally dad will do a favor for me like sparing Mavis' job. I am a functioning adult that happens to play in a band on the weekends because its something I love to do."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 27d 7h 47m 23s
[#af18ae “Ew, she can’t adopt me because then that would make us related by law. Not to mention I already have a mother…”] Mavis looks at him in disbelief.

She gets up to get something to drink. He doesn’t know but Gina made her an appointment at the hospital she works at for tomorrow. It is her day off, so it would be easy to hide it from him.

“Hey, set down the law! If she does keep it you need to attend school, never miss a day and all of that jazz. If she aborts it, you better leave her alone and never talk to her again!” Gina shouts from the bedroom, “Girl why is your bed so soft?”

Mavis shakes her head laughing. Gina is so stupid, but it’s true. The girl sat back down to continue to eat. She didn’t know what else to say. It is hard to look at him with everything that is happening. [#af18ae “You’re only 21… I’m going to be 29 soon. How are you supposed to help raise a kid when you’re using your parents wealth and money?”]
  Mavis / simply_random / 27d 7h 51m 58s
"Hes my adopted father, he raised me, yes. I didn't tell you because it never came up and I told you that I would make sure you didn't get fired. Thats what I meant. Dad won't fire you... but please.... if my opinion matters at all.... keep the baby, I'll be there for everything.... every appointment, anytime you need me or call I'll be there. " He said sincerely.

Her friend was glaring at him and he spoke again, "Do you need anything right now? If you want your days off with pay I will tell dad and its up to you when and if we tell my parents about the baby but.... my mom will want to adopt you as her own.... like I said I was adopted and they never had any kids.... so she always wanted a daughter but my father, the dean, wasn't around much when I was small so they never adopted another child."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 27d 8h 6m 6s
[#af18ae “I know she can be a bitch, but she’s my best friend…”] Mavis says glaring at Gina. Gina rolls her eyes.
“At least I didn’t get pregnant by Pocahontas who’s also your student.”
[#af18ae “At least I can have kids.”] Gina chuckles.
“Eh, I like girls and I’m happy with Cleo. If anything, I can always adopt your bastard child.”
[#af18ae “It is not a bastard child because I’m not married and didn’t cheat.”]
“Still a bastard child.” Mavis gets up to whisper something in Gina’s ears. Gina mumbles something and takes another slice of pizza before going to Mavis rooms.

Mavis take a deep breath. [#af18ae “Andrew is your father? Are you serious… Kai! Why didn’t you tell me? As for the baby… I don’t know if I should keep it or not. I need to think about it… But if you’re correct about me getting my job back I think I’m going to take a few days off to figure things out…”]
  Mavis / simply_random / 27d 8h 10m 10s
"For your information my dad is Dean Andrews.... it doesn't matter if Mrs. Goss lets it go. As soon as my dad finds out your pregnant with his grandchild, he will do everything to make sure you keep your job. " Kai said looking at Mavis and ignoring her friend now. Her friend, Gina, just seemed to keep pissing him off. "Oh and an ASPCA story? I'm not a fucking dog.... if you forget, it takes two people to make a baby so this is not all my fault but I am here to take responsiblity! Mavis didn't tell me to come here!"

Kai was fuming. "I'll do anything, anything you need Mavis, and by anything I mean anything." He noticed her friend making fun of what he was wearing. His jeans for 400.00 designer jeans and his sweater cost as much as some people's cars as it was Gucci. He drove a porsche for God's sake.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 27d 8h 20m 39s
"More like a month and you slept with her while you were still on her thingy, thing."
[#af18ae "Roster..."] Mavis says helping Gina out.
" Listen pocahontas save my the ASPCA story. This stupid bitch is my best friend. We may not always agree with things, but I'll support her if she does want to abort the baby. How the fuck does your dad even have the power to do that?" Gina asks standing next to Mavis still eating the slice of pizza she picked up that Mavis dropped.

Mavis shook her head. She leans over the island to get the cheesy-bread sticks to munch on it. She knows her friend can be a handful, but she can do the speaking for her. If she crosses the line she'll intervene. Mavis does want to know how he managed to do something like that. [#af18ae "Mrs. Goss isn't going to let something like this go Kai..."] she says looking at him. She laughs at what he's wearing. Gina nudges her to make her stop, but it didn't work.
  Mavis / simply_random / 27d 8h 25m 24s
"Pocahontas.... thats a new one." Kai said sitting down at one of the bar stools. "If I can talk for a minute.... your not suspended Mavis...I didn't tell anyone about the baby but my dad bent the rules and reinstated you, your back to your job on Monday, check your email... and no.... I wouldn't give her money to abort the baby, this is my kid too and you might not know this but both my biological parents died when I was just a month old and I was adopted.... hence me being the only full blooded Apache indian you've probably ever seen around here... so no, I will beg her not to abort our child." Kai said kind of frustrated with her friend. "For the record, I'm not her student anymore... I only was for about a week before I dropped the class."

He looked up at Mavis, they were having a baby and he was discussing things with her and a stranger that he had never met that he didn't discuss with anyone.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 27d 8h 40m 35s
Mavis stopped crying for a few seconds hearing her door open. Seeing Kai made the water works come out even more. She held on to him. Ten minutes later she stopped crying. She pulls herself away from him and got up. She leaves the kitchen to go wash her face in the bathroom. Her makeup came off. Her hair is pulled up into a bun. Her heels clicked softer than early in school as she walks back to the kitchen. [#af18ae "I'm suspended and pregnant. My mother is sick in the hospital and I got pregnant by you. A student..."] she angrily opens the back of pizza, grabs a slice and takes a bite as she began to pace.

Her place is so silent that she could hear the elevator door opening. Someone knocked on her door repeatedly. She froze. "Mavis open the fucking door! Don't make me use the spare key. Mavis!" Mavis quickly opens the door and Gina walks in side hugging her. It was so fast that she dropped her pizza and stumbled backwards. "Oh my love, my bestfriend, your life sucks and I'm sorry..." Gina lets her go and grabs the pizza and takes a bite.
[#af18ae "That was nasty... but what are you doing here? What happen to spening time with your girlfriend?"]
"She'll live. I asked her to move in with me so she's busy packing and planning and..." she stops seeing Kai. "Holy shit he's tall. You weren't kidding" Gina walks up to him and punches him in the arm as hard as she can. "You stupid student. What are you doing here? Going to give her money to abort the baby?"
[#af18ae "Gina stop it."] Mavis sat on the bar-stool that part of the island and grabs another slice of pizza.
"No, no. I'm here now so we're all going to talk about this. Start talking pocahontas."
  Mavis / simply_random / 27d 8h 45m 14s
Kai saw her door open and walked into her apartment and shut the door behind him, "Mavis?" He called out and took a few steps inside before her heard her crying. He shook his head, "Shhhh its going to be okay....try to relax." He said as he threw his phone and keys on the island. He knelt down beside her and pulled her into his arms and rubbed soothing circles on her back. Most guys his age wouldn't have even came here and would have ignored her texts or they would have accused her of being with someone else and the kid not being theirs... but not Kai. He didn't doubt her at all.

"Its okay... I'm here... your not alone...." He said holding her. His strong arms held her close. He saw she had gotten pizza and cheesy bread and sighed, "Mavis you should eat something.... eat and relax, I'll stay here as long as you need me to, or want me to... we can talk or just watch a movie or anything. I'm not going anywhere." .
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 27d 8h 59m 13s
Mavis was panicing. She didn't even open the box of pepperoni and bacon pizza or touched the small box of cheesy-bread. He replied but she didn't bother reading his text. She told Gina what happen but with a voice message since she is driving. Curse words kept flowing out of her mouth nonstop. Parking a block away from her house, she wiped her tears away and power walks towards her building, turning off her phone and went to get take the elevator. She was pacing back and forth. Her door was cracked open. The girl sat on the kitchen floor having a panic attack. With her crying it was hard to breath. With her not breathing normally made it even harder for her to relax. She wanted to call someone but her phone was on the island and it's off. She heard the elevator open four time since she got home. Her mother is going to be disappointed. Her father is probably turning in his grave. Amy is going to disown her because she's still trying to get with Kai. Oh god... Eric... he's going to kill Kai and her. Eric is still trying to get Mavis back. Her life is slowly crashing. She lays on the floor in a fetal position.
  Mavis / simply_random / 27d 9h 8m 4s
"Can I come over?" He texted her back. He immediatley dialed his dad's phone number. "What was your meeting with the math teacher about?" He asked curious. When he told him, Kai cursed under his breath, "Dad unsuspend her now... I'll explain later but don't take her job away from her." His dad sighed, "its policy Kai, your my son and I'll bend the rules to allow her to come back but I don't know what else to do."

Kai stopped his car in front of her apartment complex and rested his head on the steering wheel. He had gotten them both in trouble. "Mavis I'm coming up, please let me in." He texted her sighing before he got out of the car. He was wearing brown jeans and a brown sweater and his hair was down, it was starting to get chilly outside, fall was in full swing.
Kai took the elevator up to her floor and took a deep breath.

His outfit
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 27d 9h 20m 26s

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