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[#af18ae “I ate. I got Chick-fil-A twice and a sandwich at WaWa as I got gas.”] she says eating some cheese, [#af18ae “Not to mention three cups of hot coco. I won’t be surprised if the babies come out dark now.”] she adds jokingly. When she was done her grilled cheese was golden brown and buttery. She practically moaned in satisfaction. When he asked about her mom she shrugs. Her mom only past the small bills. Mavis lays for the house. It’s her way of giving back. She would love to know what her mother is up too though. Carmen didn’t even tell her why she was MIA for almost two days.

[#af18ae “I’m going to see her again tomorrow. Gina is sleeping over at my moms. Gina is like a sister and she cares so she’s stay the night over there. If anything my mother needs therapy because she’s acting weird.”] Mavis devoured the sandwich, washing’s her hands and skips to her bedroom. She’s so ready for bed. [#af18ae “So... can we... umm...”] how does she tell her former student sho got her pregnant that she wants to have sex?
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 12d 4h 57m 6s
Kai chuckled and said, "I'll eat it later, no worries... but we have to find something you and the babies will eat, you didn't have a lot to eat today." He said putting his hands on her waist from behind and kissing her neck gently after moving her braid to the side. "Grilled Cheese sounds good." He smiled listening to her, "I could use some cuddling myself."

He didn't know what made her sick and what didn't yet but cheese and bacon seemed to be okay options but any kind of pasta sauce seemed to be a no go. He would have to make a note of that. "How is your mom? Is she alright? Does she need anything?" Kai knew that Mavis made a teacher's salary and it wasn't a lot but if she asked him he would help her with anything, even for her mother.... there was an Andrews wing of the hospital, the maternity ward... probably where Mavis would have the twins.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 12d 7h 36m 40s
Mavis took a ling shower. After the shower she braided her hair for tomorrow. It should give her nice waves. Sighing, she walks to the kitchen. She looks at what he made. [#af18ae "Not to burst your bubble but I don't like alfredo sauce and I don't think the babies do either. My stomach is turning just looking at it... I was just going to make a grill cheese sandwich."] She tells him going to the fridge to get what she needs. Before she could start making her sandwich she heard Kai's question. All she did was shrug. [#af18ae "If you want to go you can. I was sort of hoping you would stay tonight... it's been a long day and I think I am in the mood to cuddle tonight..."] Mavis gives him a shy smile before turning back around to make two grilled cheese sandwiches.

[center [ the braid]]
  Mavis / simply_random / 12d 8h 18m 14s
Kai had stayed all day and night waiting on her. It wasn't that he was clingy... he just cared. "I can make you something to eat Mavis... if your hungry... I'm so happy that you found your mom...." He said hugging her before she headed to her shower. When he heard the water turn on he started making some alfredo pasta. He knew tomato sauce was a no go with the twins so he thought maybe alfredo pasta would do the trick plus a hot meal on a cold night always made him feel better. Maybe it would be the same for her.

When it was done he sighed and asked, "Do you want me to stay?" He didn't want to impose for another night but she had had a long day looking for her mom and he could tell she had been crying. He just wanted to take care of her and make sure that she was alright and nothing was wrong.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 12d 9h 14m 53s
Mavis had to stop to get something to eat, snacks and two hot chocolates in case she finds her mother and she's cold and hungry. Three hours later she sent both Kai and Regina separate texts saying [i 'Nothing so far. I'm going to keep looking.'] No one has seen or heard from her. It made her cry every time she got into the car talking to someone who doesn't know about her whereabouts.

It was getting dark now. She missed breakfast, lunch and soon to be dinner. Then again she doesn't normally eat dinner until 9 or 10. She spent a good hour or so driving around factories, abandoned places, etc. Mavis stops by her father's favorite place. She gets out the car to approach his favorite spot only to finally find her. Unharmed. Eating, Dirty though. Neither of them said anything. Carmen eventually got up and walks towards Mavis's car. The ride was silent. When they got to Carmen's house Mavis cooked them a real meal. Mash potatoes, chicken, biscuits and some gravy. [i [#af18ae 'Found her.']] She sent to them both. Gina came by to watch over her overnight. Mavis went home around one. By two in the morning she walks in yawning and cold. She went straight to the shower to take a warm bath, which sucks because the water can't be too hot now that she is pregnant. She ready to go to sleep and maybe eat something again
  Mavis / simply_random / 12d 9h 20m 42s
Kai sighed, “do you mind if I stay here? I don’t want to go to my parents and no one is there or at home and I want to be able to help if you need me.” He Mentally made a note that she hadn’t eaten anything but a couple strips of bacon. She was supposed to be eating for three. Her and the babies would not get the vitamins and everything she needed if she didn’t eat. Weren’t there like pregnancy vitamins for that? He made a note in his phone to ask the doctor about that when she had her appointment.

Kai watched her leave and locked the door behind him. He cleaned up from breakfast and ate what he made for him and put the dishes in the dishwasher before he sat on the couch to read his father to be Book and looked at the framed ultrasound she had given him. He loved it. He was wearing the shirt she had given him as well.
  Polkadotrocker / 12d 9h 58m 24s
[#af18ae "No, no. Not yet please. I want to see if I can find her before I involve the cops."] Mavis says quickly trying to rush out of her place. From what she read she knows stressing is bad, but how can one avoid it? It's like trying not to breath. It's hard. Mavis turned on her car as she was in the elevator. She had her head held up high to watch the numbers decrease as they reach the lobby. [#af18ae "Kai my car i just fine. I already ordered snow tires. My car has the traction control button. It's also excellent when it's trapped in very deep snow, mud or other surface. One of the reasons I got it."] she says power walking to the car.

Mavis hates the snow. She didn't want to run and fall. Kai would not let her do anything if that happened or rush her to the hospital. She's going to stop by the house first, then people she knows who associates with her mothers all the time and then start calling hospitals emergency rooms as they drive to the police station to report her missing. All of this is making her hungry. But nauseous at the same time so she won't eat anything since she could possible throw up.
  Mavis / simply_random / 12d 10h 43m 48s
Kai looked at her worried...”let me go with you, I’ll call my uncle on the force and have them keep and eye out for her....I know your worried but worry isn’t good for the twins.” He said throwing on his clothes and following her outside into the snowy scenery.

“It’s getting cold out, after you get home today will you let me check the antifreeze in your car. I don’t want you stranded and your car not starting.” He said concerned.

He unlocked his truck, “if you don’t want me to go with you at least take my truck, it handles better on icy roads and I couldn’t live with myself if something happened to you.” Cars and car accidents were something that scared Kai because of what had happened to his biological parents. “Please Mavis just to ease my mind either I go with you or you take the truck.”
  polkadotrocker / 12d 14h 16m 29s
[#af18ae “I’m glad I had to pee then. I don’t eat in my room.”] she says taking another piece of bacon. [#af18ae “Plus I’m not really a breakfast kind of girl but I guess now I have to be...”] Mavis adds chewing on a piece of bacon. She smiles when he pulls her closer to him. God he’s tall. Cute but freakishly tall. When he mentioned the snow she left his arms to go look out the window. Crap. The snow is ticking. She runs to the room to get her cellphone to call her moms house and cell. No answer.

[#af18ae “I’m fine. Don’t feel nothing. But I am going to skip breakfast and go look for mom. She’s still not answering.”] Mavis shouts as she quickly he’s ready. She walks out texting Gina to check again. [#af18ae “I need to look for my mom...”]

[center [ Outfit]]
  Simply_Random / 12d 15h 53m 44s
“Not leaving....I was making breakfast in bed for you....” he said finishing up the bacon. He had only gotten that far. He was always hungry though so she wasn’t wrong about that. “I’m coming back to bed for sure but are you ready for breakfast or should it wait?” He asked curiously.

Kai leaned over and kissed her lightly, “feeling okay this morning? It’s snowing out and it’s not even Halloween yet, it’s a tragedy, I say we stay in bed all day.” He muttered turning the stove off and pulling her into his arms. “Twins not giving you any trouble?” He asked looking at her midsection. The bump was there but he wasn’t sure if she had noticed it yet, it was subtle.

“You look beautiful you know.” He said and kissed her again. He was resting his hands on her waist, his thumbs stroking her midsection.
  polkadotrocker / 12d 19h 27m 31s
Mavis was already half asleep. She swears she said good night but it was actually all in her her. Shocker. She got up twice to go pee. The second time she has trouble sleeping so she munched on the brownies from earlier. It took her an hour to go back to sleep. When she finally did she had a weird dream. She gave birth to one baby instead of two. But it didn’t take long for her only child to go missing... something about night liking the mix race. It actually made her cry in her sleep. Then something else was going to happen but her dream changed. This time it was one of those old happy ones where you force yourself to dream about it again.

Another need to pee woke her up. Mavis had to was her face after seeing tear stains. Hearing something in her kitchen scared her. She pokes her head out to see if Kai was in bed. A sigh of relief escapes her lips. Before going to see what he’s up to just put on blistex on her lips. [#af18ae “You’re that hungry? It’s only seven in the morning Kai...”] the first thing that hit her nose was the smell of coffee, but she ends up grabbing a piece of bacon. [#af18ae “What’s with the small and quick meal? Are you leaving?”] Mavis asks him.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 12d 22h 5m 42s
Kai chuckled as he crawled into her giant and comfortable bed. "Good Night Mavis." He muttered and kissed her neck before laying back against the pillows. She was absolutley right, it was like sleeping on a cloud... or laying on a cloud. He wasn't sleeping yet.

Somehow in the middle of the night he ended up holding her in their sleep, it felt natural and right. When he woke up to the sun shining through the window he sighed, last night had been amazing. He found his sweats on the floor and pulled them on. He smiled seeing her still asleep. She was even gorgeous sleeping. Her blonde waves cascading over the pillows. He could swear he saw what was beginning of a baby bump but he dare not mention it. She would tell him when she noticed it... he was sure of it.

Kai took it upon himself to make breakfast. He was a pretty good cook and he figured eggs, bacon, and toast would be a safe bet and probably not make her sick. He found a skillet in the cupboard and began cooking.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 13d 4h 41m 24s
Mavis quickly got comfortable in bed. She rolls her eyes at Kai. [#af18ae “It’s up to you. It’s not like you’ll get me pregnant. Oh wait you already did. She says chuckling. She got up to pull down the shades and close the curtains. Her phone is being charged and is on ring in case her mother calls back. Sighing, she crawls back in bed.

[#af18ae “Hey that throw blanket is amazing on keeping me warm. It may not cover you since you’re freakishly tall but I have other blankets that can. Only because I have a king size bed and no it’s not because I was fat. I just like having space and sometimes my friends sleep over and they sleep with me. But warning once when you see how freakishly comfortable my bed is you’ll never want to leave and when you do you’ll be thinking about me and my bed.”] she says getting comfortable. She waits for him to decide what he’s going to do before clapping her hands to turn off the light. She laughs whenever she does it. It never gets old. [#af18ae “Don’t think because you’re sleeping over means we’re dating. Get that straight baby daddy.”] she says smiling even though he can’t see it.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 13d 4h 49m 1s
Kai wasn't sweet talking her, it was just how he felt and he knew he could be open with her. He smirked when she said he had accomplished something no one else had..... he had her. Or at least he hoped he had her.

"Mr. Steal your girl? For the record I've never stolen anyone but thank you baby." He said kissing her back when she kissed him. He followed her to her room and stood in the doorway, "Are you going to make me sleep alone on that cold couch? on my birthday no less?" He said smirking. He had brought sweats to sleep in but he wasn't sure if she had still wanted him to stay.

Kai went to her bathroom and changed into his sweats and he was shirtless. His tattoos showed fully, on his arms, chest, and on his rib cage on his sides. He had 7 tattoos and was planning when the twins were born to get them footprints and names on his back shoulder blade.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 13d 5h 20m 41s
[#af18ae “Mr. Lakota are you trying to sweet talk you? You’ve been doing it since day one. I’m pretty sure you can stop now. I’ve achieved something no ones every accomplished.”] she says talking about the babies. [#af18ae “I saw it somewhere. I thought it looked cool. Considering natives actually braids their hair I figured you may look good in it. Mr. Steal Your Girl.”] she says chuckling.

Mavis gets up to stretch. It’s getting late. She needs to go to sleep soon before she’s grumpy tomorrow morning. Her hands goes up to her head to put it up into a loose bun. She walks up to the big living room window to look down at the semi dark street. [#af18ae “Okay well enough baby talk and complements, I’m going to bed. You can stay up longer if you’ll like. I on the other hand is tired and pregnant.”] Mavis walks up to him. Since he’s sitting down he’s somewhat her height. She stares into his eyes before cupping his face to kisses sweetly and gently. [#af18ae “Goodnight...”] she whispers after the kiss before heading to her room. Her bed is a kings size bed. Super flushy and comfortable. The mattress practically matches every curve to make you fall asleep easily. The blankets were white with penguins in scarfs. It’s a like a microfiber and a fleece... whatever it is.
  Simply_Random / 13d 5h 28m 21s

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