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Mavis Carpio is a teacher in a university. She is new, gorgeous, smart, and young. Did I mention she's single? There's no doubt she'll get hit on by students and other people. Never would she have thought that a student would actually seduce her during office hours. He was so good that her walls disappeared. of course she regretted it, but he just have a way to bringing down her walls and fill her with lust.

Everything changes when she ended things before it gets messy. She wants to focus on her career and not get fired for sleeping with a student. __ drops the class. Three months later she finds out she's pregnant. Mavis is bad with names, so when she found out that ___ is actually in advance math and the son of one of the wealthiest men she was afraid to tell him. Would he believe her? Would he deny the kid? Would he even want to be a dad? Would she keep it? Find out!

- 800 char limit only because I'm barely on now.
- real picture
- he has to be between 22-26
- I need a male FYI
- fill out a crappy little skelly. Use mines as an example.

Mavis Carpio
Math teacher
29 yrs old
She was a lingerie model and it helped pay her school debts. She was never in long term relationship because truth be told she was and possibly still is in love with her male best friend who moved when she was fourteen. Never would she have thought that she'll sleep with a student or get pregnant by one. As much as she would like to have a family, none of this is right in any way. __ was a formal student of hers. She focused on her career, making money and traveling ever chance she gets.

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Mavis started to watch Scared Famous on demand. It had her jumping. She would die. She's a punk when it comes to certain things. Hearing a a chime from her tablet scared her. She saw Kai texts. She cursed him out. [i [#af18ae 'We're okay. No symptoms. Thank god. Btw thxs for the flowers and small bag of goodies.']] The show has her talking to herself. She was only able to watch one episode. Once when the cookies were out the oven she went back to grading. She barely graded half the stack and it was already one in the morning. The pregnant teacher went to sleep.

The next day she took the cookies with her and left it on her desk in her office. She arrived twenty minutes early. There is no point on grading since she has to prepare for her class. She isn't going to give them anything that needs grading. To be honest they may watch a movie while she grades. Only if they're okay with it. Her class agreed to watch a movie. She put on Gifted. The movie is about Frank Adler is a single man raising a child prodigy - his spirited young niece Mary - in a coastal town in Florida. Frank's plans for a normal school life for Mary are foiled when the 7-year-old's mathematical abilities come to the attention of Frank's formidable mother, Evelyn , whose plans for her granddaughter threaten to separate Frank and Mary.

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  Mavis / Simply_Random / 2d 8h 36m 30s
Kai sighed, "Okay dinner and I'll tell my parents after you make your decision.... I don't want my mom getting excited for a grandchild and then not getting a grandchild....I understand where your friends are coming from but being raised by someone else who are not your biological parents fucks up a kid... I should know." he texted her back sighing.

He finished up his homework and his band practiced but he ended it early, his mind was somewhere else.... his mind was with Mavis and their child. "Mavis are you feeling okay?" He texted her again. He didn't care if he seemed clingy at all because he was genuinely worried about her. Plus she was carrying his child.... and he didn't want Eric butting in and stressing her out even more. He prayed she wanted to keep the baby because honestly he wanted to keep the baby.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 2d 9h 59m 16s
Mavis was on her bed grading things. The thought of moving again sounds so good too, but she loves the view she has and the space. Not to mention she changed a few things. She got up to bake some snicker-doodles. Kai texted her, twice she grabs the tablet to read the messages. [i [#af18ae 'In a way it is your news to share. I think you should tell them first and if they want to meet me that's fine. I haven't told anyone but Gina. Who also told Cleo...']] She even told him the offer they proclaimed. She even told him that she has said she'll think about it since she has two weeks to think about what she's going to do. As for the date, it can't be called that because it's awkward in her opinion. She heated up the left overs to munch on as the cookies bake. Gina sends her a text saying her beta level has increased. Mavis sighs cursing under her breath. On her tablet she went on her gyn patient portal to create an appointment. Within seconds she made an appointment for next Friday in the morning. She's going to go alone. For some reasons he didn't want to be alone, but she didn't want to invite Kai because he is a former student. Sighing again, she sets the tablet down and turns on the TV.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 2d 10h 8m 31s
Kai sighed and left, seeing Eric outside he pushed him against the wall. Kai was a big and intimidating man. "Listen scumbag, if you ever... and I mean ever touch Mavis again or even think about it, you will answer to me. Got it." Kai said almost growling at the small man.

He ended up leaving and heading to his meeting and afterwards he texted the number she gave him, "I don't want to tell my mom without you... she will be so excited and I want her to meet you, not trying to be creepy. This isn't just my news, its our news and if that Eric scumbag bothers you again, I will take care of it." Kai was a black belt and he never told anyone because he never had to use it on anyone but if he did, Eric would be the perfect punching bag for him to use. He texted her again, "Maybe tomorrow we could have our date?"
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 2d 11h 1m 47s
Mavis shakes her head no. He lives too close to campus people will see. She’s not up for that. [#af18ae “I will report it. I just want to grade all of this first but it may take a while. Four classes worth of grading. You should enjoy your meeting and go celebrate with your family.”] she ties up her hair to continue grading. She gets up to crack open her window a little. When she sat down she continued to grade papers. [#af18ae “I know I said maybe today, but it can’t be today. Please don’t get offended but I’ll never physically go to your place. You live too close to campus.”] she says twirling on her computer chair as she grades with a purple pen. She is quick to stop grading when she saw texts from her mom. Her mom still can’t believe Eric is a scumbag. Speaking of scumbags he walks in like nothing.

“Mavis my love I can explain about yesterday. It was a business meeting. How’s your mom?”
[#af18ae “Everything is a business meeting with you. How did you find out where I work?”]
“Amy told me. Let’s go out. Rekindle. Let’s pick a wedding date.”
[#af18ae “You’re delusional. Eric you need to leave. You’re really delusional and creepy. Don’t make me file a restraining order against you.”] Mavis began to pack her things. [#af18ae “Thank you for checking up on me Kai. I’m about to leave because of this psychopath.”] Eric kept trying to persuade her. With the help of some students she was able to ditch Eric and get to her car and leave. She feels bad for leaving Kai like that but Eric is such a duché. A lying, cheating duché.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 2d 11h 11m 20s
"Only my dad knows and he guessed and if you want to report that hidden camera to him, we won't have a problem banning that sub. I wanted to wait to tell my mother with you.... I mean I want her to meet you.... I have a business meeting in an hour about the Art Hall but after, can I come over later or you can come to my place." Kai said hopeful. He was irritated with the sub not actually doing their job and spying on her. "My apartment is literally down the block, if you ever need a break during your free period, even if I'm not there, your welcome to go and take a nap or relax just to get away from all this... I'll give you a key." He muttered as he looked around for more surprises left by the sub.

Looking on her shelves he sighed, "Ah ha found another one." He picked up a pile of books with a fake book shoved it it and a camera lens showing through the spine. "Fucking creep." Kai said ripping the cord out of the camera.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 2d 11h 39m 59s
If someone would’ve told her she would become a cool teacher and her students enjoys her company she would have never believed it. They’re also so open with her. It’s nice. Her office began to empty out within time. Mavis learned to eat slower. It helps with the nausea. She texted her mother a few times since she was free. She even helped some of the students with their math assignments even thought they aren’t in her class.

When Kai came in and asked to speak in private the students began to leave. She didn’t look up. She was grading assignments that the sub left behind. [#af18ae “I’m sorry Kai... this freaking sub is stupid. He didn’t grade nothing, my office is rearranged, and I found a hidden camera so now I need to see what else he left behind...”] she she was done checking one of the four page handouts she looks up at him. [#af18ae “I’m fine and so is my mother. I have my lunch/dinner”] she says lifting up the large container of food. She tosses out the hidden camera after cutting the wire. [#af18ae “How are you? How’s your parents handling the news? Assuming you told them.”] she says leaning back in her chair.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 2d 11h 44m 53s
Kai came in and headed for her office seeing her and smiled. He didn't dare say anything when some of her students could hear but to them, he just looked like any other student coming by for tutoring. "Miss Carpio, may I have a word with you in private?" He asked shutting her office door. Kai looked nice, he was wearing dress pants, leather shoes, his hair was slicked back into a man bun kind of style, along with a long sleeved sweater and a button up vest. He looked dapper. "I have a business meeting in an hour and I wanted to come and see how you were feeling." he said when he knew there were no students listening.

"If your free tonight, I'd like to either take you out to dinner, or we could order something in... its up to you... you said maybe yesterday but I understand you were busy." He said flashing a smile at her.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 2d 12h 3m 16s
Mavis was in the middle of explaining something when the room door opened. She saw Kai delivering books. She wasn’t sure why she’s getting textbooks but she wished he would’ve dropped them off of at her office instead. She didn’t pay too much attention to him because she’s teaching. Clearing her throat she continued. When class was over she asked three students to help her carry the texts books to her office and they can either have 10 points added to their next class quiz, or use it to leave or come to class 10 minuets early or late.

When she got to her office only to call her mother to see how’s she’s doing as she has to rearrange her room again. This sub messed up her room and she didn’t appreciate it and it looked dirty. In a way she has an OCD. She has to have everything cleaned and in order. In the way she put things. As she cleaned she had a student for some tutoring. Her door was wide open. Whenever her student, Henna, needed serious help she would sit down and explain things in depth. A student came in to ask her if the picture they have up is her and it was. She confirmed it but said she’s not going to add Any students as a follower. Her account is private. She noticed she has about 2k likes since last night. She hasn’t gotten that much likes in a while. It scares her.

When tutoring was over she had time to kil. It was already 4pm. Mavis refilled the fish bowl with mini chocolates. She had a small dining set so it’ll be easier to reach. But instead she had kids hanging out in her room. She made sure they weren’t cutting. She didn’t mind having company. They even brought her Chinese food which was nice.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 2d 12h 17m 33s
Kai had to run some errands for the librarian, he was getting extra credit for delivering books to the classrooms. He smiled seeing Mavis’ class on his list. He went there first, knocking on the door, “I have books to deliver from Mrs. Taylor. He unloaded some books from the cart and sat them on the counter along the side of the class room.

The students weren’t interested in him but he smiled at Mavis. He knew she was working so he wasn’t going to bring up the baby but he noticed the flowers on her desk and the tea in her cup. He gave her a knowing look and said, “if you need anymore books let Mrs. Taylor know in the library or me, I deliver her books on Mondays for extra credit and public service hours toward graduation.” Public service was mandatory to graduate and Kai got his in this way.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 2d 14h 42m 57s
They spent about two hours at the restaurant. When it was time to leave Eric shows up with a girl in his arms giggling. His face was priceless when he saw Mavis and her mother. He didn't dare to look at Gina because Gina will curse him out. Her mother never believed that Eric would cheat on her daughter and he apparently kept trying to get with Mavis through her.

Mavis had Gina take a picture of her to update her social media. It has been about a month since she posted anything. She threw in a few simple hashtags and her photo on Instagram received about 300 likes within an hour. Her account is private. She had a motivational quote saying [i 'The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.'] and [i Mathematics is like love; a simple idea, but it can get complicated. Love being a math teacher.']

When she got home she saw the random gift in front of her door. She opens the door before picking them up. Seeing the note he wrote made her smile. After locking the door she went to go shower and sleep. Even though she needs time for herself to figure things out she went to work. The flowers and back of tea went to work with her. The flowers would brighten up her office. All of her students missed her. It was easy to continue what she was teaching. They didn't like the sub, so Mavis had to reteach what the sub taught and quickly add in whats coming for them on Thursday. Tony was now dating the school nurse, but it didn't stop him from checking out Mavis.

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  Mavis / Simply_Random / 2d 15h 17s
When Kai got finished early he picked up some flowers and some tea and snacks and put it in a small bag and took it to her place. Putting it on her doormat because he noticed she wasn’t home. There was a note inside the small bag that read:


I hope your feeling better today, I texted you but you must have been busy which I understand. I hope your mother is doing okay. I did some reading and found some things that I hope will help with how you felt yesterday. Text or call me anytime.

Love, Kai

It was a nice gesture and it showed he was really trying and would really be there for her. Not to mention the flowers were gorgeous. Purple roses mixed with maroon ones. A whole dozen of them. Kai pulled out of her parking lot and headed to his apartment. He didn’t know what he would be doing tonight but he knew it would be missing her.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 2d 15h 27m 55s
Mavis deleted the app, the one she used to text Kai. The app is now on her tablet instead of her phone. The pace of the restaurant was okay. She did enjoy the piano playing through the speaker. The girls kept getting hit on. Even her mother which surprised all of them. Mavis wouldn't mind seeing her mom mingle and maybe meet another love of her life. When her mother went to use the bathroom Cleo asked Mavis what she's planning on doing with the pregnancy. They really want to adopt a baby. In a way it will be a win, win for everyone. She could tell people that she's being a gestational carrier. They came up with a good plan. Too bad for them, Mavis haven't decided yet. She's giving herself a two week window before it's too late to do anything. That's what she told them. Also that Kai really wants this and he'll help out as well. Before they could ask her anything her mother returns. Her mother made a waitress take a group photo for memory sake.
  Mavis / Simply_Random / 2d 15h 43m 30s
Kai worked most of the day and texted Mavis as she had told him that maybe tomorrow he could take her out, “How are you feeling today Mavis?” He texted her hoping that she would get it and be feeling a little better. He was worried about her. “I’m working at the office today, if your in the area why don’t you stop by or I can come to you.” He texted her and put his phone in his pocket as he worked on some designs.

He would be there the res rod the day if she didn’t want him around. He was burying himself in work so he didn’t get depressed. It distracted him. He finished the art hall projections early and sent them to his father for approval so they could start buying supplies for the building. His dad asked about Mavis and Kai told him that when they were ready to talk to him and his mother than they would.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 2d 16h 3m 1s
Mavis mother knew something is wrong. Gina came in to check on them. She even took some more blood samples from Mavis when her mother was in the bathroom. Around midnight Gina got Mavis to go with her to see her friend Alexander who’s an ultrasound tech. It was too soon to see the babies but there is a sac there. It’s hard to tell though. Mavis didn’t bother asking for the scan picture. The blood test is more accurate. Nothing how long it takes to get the results it won’t be in until sometime tomorrow.

The next day her mother got sent home. when the girl checked her emails a lot of students asked if she’s okay and why she left early the other day. It melted her heart knowing that her students care about her. To celebrate her mother getting out Gina, Cleo, and Mavis are taking her out to a fancy restaurant. They all have to dress up. It’s actually Mavis and her mother’s first time there. This isn’t their normal scenery. It’s really fancy and looks like rich snobs go here as a casual. Two of her students works there and was happy to see her. They managed to give them good seats. Mavis ordered a none alcoholic drink and said it wouldn’t be far to drink when her mother can’t. Because of it no one questioned it.

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  Mavis / Simply_Random / 2d 16h 14m 9s

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