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[google-font] [sacramento [center [size28 [yc ] is a demon, trapped in a mirror by somebody many, many centuries ago. The mirror has gone from place to place, and he’s been able to see a lot. But only from inside the mirror. [mc ] ends up buying the mirror from somewhere, unaware of what lay inside. [yc ] is given the chance to watch her, and/or try to make contact. Either way, somehow, [yc ] escapes from the mirror, ending up in [mc ]’s home. Now that he’s out, he wants revenge on the person who trapped him in there. But as it turns out, somehow [mc ] is the key to him being out, and he can only be out for a short period of time. Also, he can’t venture too far, or the mirror brings him back in. So [yc ] must travel with [mc ] to find the one who trapped him and get his revenge.]]]

[h3 [center [sacramento [size28 Rules]]]]
[center [sacramento [size28 Looking for someone to either play as the yc or the mc.]]]
[center [sacramento [size28 No godmodding.]]]
[center [sacramento [size28 No power playing.]]]
[Center [sacramento [size28 Have fun!]]]


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