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[b "Were going to be moving, so get packing"] [i was all Kaneki could hear before he fainted from the words. Not feeling the pain of his fall at all]

[i Kaneki woke up in his room, his clothes and stuff packed in some boxes. Moving?!?! Why!? They can't be moving. Kaneki was shocked, extremely.]

[i Shakily getting up, he looked around. He let out a few soft whimpers and grabbed some empty boxes near his bed. His little sister coming in the room with tape]

[b "Helwo, Kaneki-Kun! Momma says use dis to shut your box up!"] [i she says and hands him the tape. Kaneki laughed softly as the little 5 year old ran off.]

[i After she left, Kaneki sighed and looked around, thinking about what to pack in which box. Maybe he could leave some stuff for the people who move in next. Who knows]

[i He sighed and started grabbing things when something from the shelf in his closet fell onto his head. Kaneki didn't feel anything. He saw the item fall down next to him, but he didn't know it hit his head

[i Picking the item up and smiling to what it was. It was a picture of all his friends here. He packed it up in his clothes and grabbed more of his things]

[i He walked over to the dresser next to his bed and packed what was in it. Grabbing all of his drawing utensils and everything else. Kaneki walked out of his room and downstairs]

[i Once he got downstairs he saw his parents. Kaneki had a sister and a little brother on the way. He looked at his dad while he was on the phone. Kaneki thought for a moment, wondering what was making them have to move]

[i His dad hung the phone up and then looked over at Kaneki and smiled] [b "Ah, hello Kaneki! Did you get everything packed? Were leaving in two days, so you'll need everything you want to keep. Leave the other stuff here"] [i his dad says and walks away]

[i Kaneki nodded and his little sister waved a tiny hand at him] [b "Onii-Chan! Come here! I have something you need!"] [i his little sister says. Walking over to Tasya, she little girl placed a star sticker on his chest and Kaneki smiled]

[b "Aww, thank you Tasya, it's beautiful"] [i he says and kisses her forehead] [b "Thank you onii-chan!"] [i she says and continued helping his mom with the dishes and silverware. Kaneki was told to pack the stuff in the living room]

[i He walked over and grabbed a few boxes. Every once in awhile asking what they should leave and what they should bring. His dad told him they were leaving some of the furniture due to the truck they were using to move all the stuff]

[i After he collected everything. Most of the house was full of boxes. Helping his dad get the large TV off the wall was hard and he then packed up the gaming counsels and his Tasya's favorite stuffed rabbit]
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