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[font “Letter” [center Darian turned off his phone throwing it on the desk and shut his blinds he didn’t want anyone too look in to his room. [b “Nah I think we will stay here and drink. I have a few more bottles where that one came from.”] he spoke getting closer to Kaneki.

[b Lets see school…Stay away from the rough guys one has blonde hair and two tall guys follow him around. All rough necks they like to cause a lot of trouble. But if your around me im sure they will leave you alone. Also you must meet us everyday afterschool, we go to study together they have lots of girls that come which is ann… it’s a pain some times.”]

Darian laid back before thinking about more booze his mother knocking on the door. [b “Boys are you okay in there I have snacks if you want them.”] she spoke and darian groaned.

[b “Just leave them right there at the door mom we will grab them soon.”] he spoke his vision blurring slightly as he stood up grabbing a second bottle from his drawer pouring himself a full glass chugging it down before grabbing the snacks bringing them back in locking the door.

He set them on the desk then laid in his bed taking off his shirt getting to hot from the alcohol. [b “I think that’s all but I don’t want to talk about school lets talk about you Kaneki.”]]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 24d 25m 19s
[i Kaneki started thinking of any questions to ask him. Honestly, he only took down two glasses. He hasn't gotten drunk for awhile, he listened to Darian as he started talking about.prono magazines? 'Ew...' Kaneki thought.]

[i Letting himself think some more, his vision slightly blurred a tiny bit. Looked like he was a little buzzed. He rubbed his eyes slightly and then let his hand rest down on his lap, his eyes slightly open]

[i He then noticed how close Darian's face was to his, he didn't move back. But once Darian's phone rang, he opened his eyes wider and then watched him get mad at whoever was calling him. Kaneki coughing slightly and clearing his throat as he watched Darian drink from the bottle]

[b "How about you get drunk when we get there, hmm?"] [i he says. The alcohol getting to his cheeks as he started blushing for no reason. He ran his hands through his blue hair and let out a soft yawn and a stretch as he looked around.]

[i Continuing thinking of a question he then thought of one] [b "So, about school.I see you told me only a little bit about it. Are there anymore things or people you want me to stay away from?"] [i he asks, putting his hands behind his head and keeping them their and looking at Darian]

[i He then looked at the bottle and did a small smirk after Darian was done taking his down. Kaneki finished the little bit off, he let out a sigh and smiled] [b "Much better"] [i he says and smiles, looking at Darian]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 1y 24d 57m 58s
[font “Letter” [center Darian watched as Kaneki wiped his hands on his shirt smirking as he pounded down his drink shocked he didn’t throw it up or want a chaser to go with it. [b “Right, we can go later ill let you know all about me anything you want to know.”] the male grinned from ear to ear.

His pink eyes watched as Kaneki went to the foot of his bed and sat there he seemed to be looking around his room taking everything in. [b “You wont find any porno magazines in here. I can assure you that.”] he lied. Darian did have pornos but they were locked away in his safe with his 9mm gun.

Darian kept them hidden there because they were not normal, they were more in the line gay Magazines and he didn’t want to disappoint his mother by her seeing them so he left one straight porno under his mattress.

Darians face drew a big smile as Kaneki’s face turned red. [b “Oh you sing? I don’t sing very much but the boys always buy food and drinks sometimes their fathers sneak in alcohol to us.”] he spoke pulling back watching Kaneki take another glass full. [b “Careful now. Don’t want you to drunk before we leave. Russian Vodka is more potent then this America crap.”]

His pink hair fell in front of his face as he sat on his bed. [b “Or maybe I do want you to get drunk. And ill keep you all to my…”] he spoke creeping his face closer to the blue haired males until his speech was interrupted by his phone ringing.

The male grabbed his phone answering it. [b “Fuck you are interrupting me. We will be there soon. Calm your ass.”] he spoke before hanging up and looking back at kaneki taking the bottle drinking straight out of it.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 24d 1h 38m 48s
[i Kaneki let out a weird look, he lost his virginity in the house? Kaneki lightly wiped his hands on his shirt and looked at Darian, a little confused why he locked the door, then, looked at the glass]

[i Kaneki took the glass and slightly smiled, he took it down quickly and placed the glass down. He looked up at Darian at and nodded] [b "Right.but can we go later? I kinda wanna get to know you first"] [i he says and a light blush appears on his cheeks.]

[i He slowly walked over to Darians bed and sat down at the foot of it. Examining the room and taking in the information. Naomi stay with the guys and him, sports.]

[i He didn't notice how close Darian's face was and when Kaneki looked back to him, he widened his eyes slightly and blushed a deep shade of red] [b "M-mmm, okay.karaoke? My parent's n-never did that much singing.....b-but I guess I do..."]

[i Looking at the male with another shy look, he scooted back a little bit and then examined the room, looking at the Russian Whiskey and took another glass, chugging it down and letting out a sigh] [b "Right then....."]
  NightSkyFox / 1y 24d 2h 55m 59s
[font “Letter” [center [b “That child may look popular and acts that way but none of those good for nothing boys are really his friends.”] she spoke before taking their empty plates to wash them.

Darian sat in his room typing on his phones to the guys who continued to bother him about coming to hang out. [I Only if I can bring a friend. I’m sure that this friend of mine will be joining us in school so why don’t you guys get to know this friend of mine.] he wrote back and the group chat blew up saying yes to bring this “Friend”.

Soon Kaneki came through the door talking about how much bigger this room was than his old room. [b “The room you have now.. I lost my virginity in that one. That house has been vacant for a very long time. Its about the same size as this one maybe a little bigger.”] he spoke getting up from his bed and locked his door before unlocking his chest drawer.

The pink haired male took out a bottle of Russian vodka and two small glasses. [b “Right, this place if you stick with me and my guys in school girls will be chasing after you left and right. Maybe join a sport be I play Football and I wrestle. Im team captain for both. I have taken the team to championship and I went to nationals in wrestling. Also stay away from Naomi. Shes the slut of the school she will sleep with anyone and anything that has a pair between their legs.”]

He poured him a glass and then himself one pounding down his. [b “You don’t have to drink but it goes down smoothly. But it might calm you down for what’s going to happen.”] he spoke getting close to Kaneki’s face.[b “come with me we are going to meet the boys. Lets go tell your parents we are going to Karaoke. ]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 25d 4h 44m 37s
[font "letter" [i Kaneki looked at the male and started eating, listening to Darian's mother and he slightly tilted his head [b "Hmm? Does he now? He looks the type to have a lot of friends...."] [font "letter" [i he says and thinks for a moment.]

[font "letter" [i After finishing his food and talking to Anya, he stood up and said thank you and walked upstairs. Looking around, he didn't know which room was Darian and took a shot at one. Finding the correct one]

[font "letter" [i He took a few steps in and then closed the door. Looking around he looked up and did a light smile] [font "letter" [b "Hmm.your room is bigger than my old one....much bigger"] [font "letter" [i he says and sits down on the floor, propping his head onto his hand]

[font "letter" [i Kaneki continued looking around, a little embarrassed being in someone else's room. Kaneki looked back at Darian and started examining him again, getting him pictured into his mind so he could remember him if he ever saw him out of the house sometimes]

[font "letter" [i Letting out a soft sigh he folded his hand and rested them on his knee.] [font "letter" [b " said you were gonna tell me about this place? Would be nice"] [font "letter [i he says to him with a small smile]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 1y 26d 23h 12m 33s
[font "Letter" [center Darian watched as his mother introduced herself and caught herself from calling him a trouble maker. Which made him hold a scawl on his face. His mother bowed again before sitting down. [b “A Pleasure to meet you.”] she spoke

Darian sat at the table piling food on his plate before seeing Kaneki put his hands together and his mother stepping on Darians foot. [b “Ouch… I saw okay okay.”] he put his hands together ad prayed with Kaneki. Once he finished Darian piled Kaneki’s plate with food. [b “Growing boys need to eat.”] he grinned.

The pink haired male finished his plate of food before standing to was his dishes.[b “When your done come hang out with me in my room ill give you a good welcome into the neighborhood.”] he spoke as he went upstairs his mother still at the table with Kaneki.

[b “Please excuse him. hes a little rough around the edges. Hes popular but doesn’t have any real friends.”] she spoke smiling softly at the male.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 26d 23h 48m 33s
[i Tasya squealed] [b "I love cupcakes!"] [i and she scurried off to her mother] [b "Bye bye Ian-Kun!!!"]

[i Kaneki blushed when he said something about his stomach] [b "I-I did it on accident"] [i the male says and lets out a soft sigh and follows him]

[i When he got to the house, the male was introduced to the smell of food, which made Kaneki remember he hasn't eaten for a few hours and he was hungry.]

[i He took a step forward and was introduced to who looked like the mother of Darian. Kaneki smiled and bowed slightly] [b "Nice to meet you, Anya. I'm Kaneki"] [i he says with his thick southern accent.]

[i He noticed how Anya hesitated on 'trou', it seems she was trying to say trouble.]

[i Smiling at the smell of food. The male walked into the house after the other two walked in. Taking a seat at the end of the table, he didn't know if the two of them prayed, but is Mississippi we always do.]

[i Kaneki was about to put his hands together until Kaneki's eyes caught something else, glancing at Darian and looking at his body. Examining him]

[i He also has realized each time Kaneki wasn't looking, Darian would look at him and examine him. Of course, Kaneki didn't mind]

[i He put his hands hands together and put them in front of his mouth and mumbled softly. He then put them under the table and waited until they were to eat]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 1y 26d 1h 11m 57s
[font “letter” [center Darian was shocked when Kaneki was able to lift the dresser with ease the boys brought it upstairs placing it by the window. He chuckled slightly before leaning on the dresser. [b “Your a lot stronger then I thought. Forgive me.”]

He continued to look and examine his body he was usually good with telling if someone was weak or strong what their body looked like how much pain they could take before they broke but now he wasn’t sure about Kaneki.

He was snapped out of his thinking when the males sister began to talk to him so he bent to her size. [b “Maybe next time then, im sure my mother would love to bake cookies or even some cupcakes. If your really good then she will make a whole cake for just you.”] he smiled at her as she walked away.

Darian followed behind Kaneki when he touched his stomach. [b “Nice and rock solid huh. Just couldn’t resist could you.”] he joked sticking out his tongue as he walked past him.

He walked into the house where his mother had eggs bacon, sausage, pancakes , waffles all ready for the two to eat. She bowed to Kaneki, [b “Hello dear, Im Anya. It’s a pleasure to meet you I hope you and my Troub….My son get along real well. Now come eat up.”] she smiled.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 27d 33m 35s
[i Kaneki listened to the bigger male, but when he heard 'hurting yourself' he slightly hesitated before going to the front of the dresser]

[i Being small, he was stronger than he looked. He lifted the dresser with ease and slowly started walking inside. Kaneki looked around for a certain spot to place the dresser]

[i He found a spot near the window and walked slowly over, PLacing it down and then standing up. Looking up at Darian] [b "Sure.I guess"] [i Kaneki says shyly.]

[i He noticed Darian examining him and he blushed.] [b "I don't wanna go! I wanna stay hewe and hewp mama! I'll see you soon frien!"] [i Tasya says and walks off to her mom]

[i Kaneki walked outside and waited on the porch for Darian, looking off into space. He then shook his head and then went to grab the door knob, instead not noticing Darian had walked to the door. Kaneki touched the males stomach instead]

[b "W-wah?! I-i'm sorry, I didn't see you there, Darian"] [i he says quickly and looks up at him with a shy look. Examining the male, tracing the outline of his body]
  NightSkyFox / 1y 27d 5h 50m 24s
[font "Letter" [center Darian looked down as the little girl was now awake and speaking with him. the male smiled down at her fakely patting her head. [b “Im sorry I woke you up little one.”] he said as she said he was now her best friend.

Darian sighed yet nodded. [b “Of course little one ill be your best friend. Come lets go since your mom might need my help.”] he patted her head once more looking around the house remembering all the nights he spent here.

Once the two arrived in the kitchen the little girl explained to her mother he was here to help before letting his hand go. Darian bowed his head as she introduced herself and then the rest of the family before pointing to Kaneki. His attention went straight to the boy his fake smile now held a new one.

[b “I would love to help and congratulations, on your new home and your newest son.”] his eyes went back to the male his eyes tracing his body his mother talking about a dresser then asked his name. [b “My bad my name is Iv….Its Darian, just call me Ian.”] he smiled back at her. [b “After I finish helping may I steal your son for a little bit my mom is making breakfast and invited him over…”] he paused looking down at the little girl.

[b “My newest best friend may join us too if she wants.”] he spoke before showing himself to the living room finding the dresser. [b “This is going to be fun.”] he said sarcastically. [b “Your much smaller than me so you will be in the front when taking it up the stairs ill be the balance in the back okay I don’t need you getting hurt.”] he chuckled getting on the far side of the dresser.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 27d 7h 5m 15s
Tasya happily scurried out with a lout squeal and looked at the male. She smiled and her Southern accent replied] [b "Well hey there mister! I'm your new best firen in this here town!"] she says and grabs his hand

[b "I think momma would like the help!"] and she pulls him in [b "Momma! This is our neighbor! He says he here to help!"] Tasya says happily and let's go of his hand. Kaneki walked downstairs and froze slightly, seeing the same male with pink hair he saw earlier.

Kaneki's mother looked up from what she was doing and she smiled brightly at the male. You could tell she was from Mississippi since she didn't care if any splinters pricked her

[b "Hey there kid! My name is Brooklyn! But you can call me Brook, nice to meet ya'll, I see you have met Tasya, and this is my husband, Ren. And the boy"] she stops her speaking and points to the stairs where Kaneki stood. Kaneki was frozen

[b "And there is my son, Kaneki"] she says and smiles, holding her round stomach, smiling. [b "And the one in here is my little boy, Felix who is comin on the way! Also, yes we would love some help! Kaneki get your butt dow here!"] his mother says

Kineki felt himself unable to move and he shook the feeling away, he walked down the stairs and stood next to his mother. Looking at the male in front of him.]

[b "Ah! There we go! Kaneki! Show this young boy where the furniture, ya'll gotta get that dresser in the living room and were done!"] she says and Kaneki nods. He looked at the male in front of him [b "M-may I have your name?"
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 1y 27d 17h 3m 29s
[font “letter” [center Darian noticed a car and outstepped a family a male with blue hair stepped out before going to the otherside taking a younger girl out of the car. The boy seemed to look his age he wondered is he would be attending his school.

He got up right before his mother began to knock on the door. [b “Darian, the new neighbors are moving in why don’t you go see if they need help?”] she spoke softly knocking on his door. The male opened the door smiling down at his mother kissing her cheek.

[b “Anything for you Mum.”] he spoke with a accent. You could tell that they were not from the states the accent was thick. Darian and his mother moved here both becoming United states citizens bothfrom Russia. They both fled their home country because of Darians father.

He kissed her forehead before heading downstairs only to stop and look back. [b “Can you make some food for me and the new neighbors kid. We are about the same age im going to invite him over.”] he smiled before leaving the house and heading outside.

Darian walked to the next house the door was open and he didn’t know if he should wait there till someone came out to get another box or if he should knock on the open door. Maybe he should shout. He was about too but then saw two little feet.

That must be the child the male carried in so he sat there knocking slightly on the open door. [b “hello, im your next door neighbor was wondering if you needed any help.”] he spoke in his best American accent.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 27d 18h 55m 18s
[i The next morning came, Kaneki and his family have been driving for hours. His sister falling asleep. But Kaneki stayed awake, looking out the window.]

[i He seen many things.but this place is nothing like Mississippi. There was much more grassy plains in his old home. Here there were many more houses]

[i He was excited, but still sad. But since all his senses were dull, he couldn't feel any sadness about leaving his friends.]

[i His dad looked tired and worn out from driving for a somewhat odd amount of hours. They continued driving when his family drove into a place with houses. They stopped in front of a house much bigger than their last]

[b "Tasya, sis, wake up"] [i Kaneki says and lightly shakes his little sister. She groans and shakes her head. Kaneki sighed and got out of the car. Walking around as his parents started bringing in boxes for the new house]

[i Kaneki walked over to the other side of the car ad opened the door, swiping his blue hair behind his ear and picking he picked up the smaller girl bridal style and he walked inside.]

[i Of course there were no beds and he grabbed some pillows from a box left in the living room and a blanket. laying the bigger pillows down like a blanket and he gently laid down his sister and laid he blanket over her.]

[i Kaneki looked around with amazement. He then walked over to his mom and his dad, grabbing some boxes that were marked his. He then walked upstairs to find himself a room.

[i He decided to chose the one with a large window and a balcony. This one being perfect since his parents knew each time he was stressed or something, he would need fresh air. He walked back outside]

[i He hopped downstairs, being quiet and making sure he didn't wake his sister. He walked back outside. He looked at the house from the inside and helped his mom with the kitchen items and took the more heavier things that were pans and pots]

[b "Hey mom, where do you want your stuff?"] [i Kaneki asks and looks at her after finishing unpacking for the kitchen. He knew that there was another truck coming with the furniture. His mother looked up and smiled]

[b "Do you think you could take your dad's and my stuff upstairs in the room with the bathroom in it?"] [i she says and points to the boxes next to the stairs. Kaneki let out a sigh and smiled. Nodding to his mom. He wanted to show he was happy, but the smiles were fake and he picked up two boxes.

[i Walking upstairs, he put the two boxes in the room with the bathroom in it and he whispered a 'no fair' under his breath. But he would rather have the balcony]

[i He walked downstairs and missed a step, he let out a gasp as he fell halfway down the stairs and hit his head against the wall. Of course, he didn't feel anything and he stood up and shook him self off.]

[i But, of course, his mother worried and ran over to him with an ice pack. Remembering where he hit his head. He put on a fake smile and placed the ice pack down on his head and looked around]

[i After the swelling of his head stopped he walked outside and grabbed the rest of the boxes. The furniture truck arriving, Kaneki then got a glimpse of a male with pink hair. But he shook his head and went back to work]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 1y 27d 19h 25m 12s
[font "letter" [center Darian sighed as he watched the girls from his class swarm him in the Karaoke room. Of course, the male didn’t ask them to come it was supposed to be just him and his guy friends but they asked the girls to come out because they wanted to get laid.

Everyone now a days wanted to get laid but no one interested Darian enough. The group sung a few songs and partied drinking soda while eating hot chicken sliders but it was just to boring for the male so he just sat there with a fake smile plastered on his face.

Once night fell the male got up looking down at all his so called friends letting a few words slip from his mouth. [b “Im heading home for the night ill see you guys on Monday, I have plans tomorrow.”]his smile seemed to fade as he turned around.

He brushed his Pink locks back before putting his hood on. Darian never was a sociable person when he didn’t have to be he rather be alone but when in school he was the class president and the popular kid everyone wanted to be around him everyone wanted to be him.

On his way home he noticed a home that was once for sale had a sold sign above which put a little smirk on his face. [b “To bad I liked camping out in that house with the boys. Wonder whos going to move there wonder if its going to be a guy or girl. A family or no family.”] he spoke to himself before going into his house next door.

Upon entering he was greeted by the warm smile of his mother the only person who he could really smile for a true genuine smile just for her. [b “Im home, im not very hungry I was with the guys im going to head up to my room. Goodnight.”] he spoke to her kissing her on the cheek before heading up the stairs.

Darian sat on his bed pulling his phone out he had some unread messages from a few of the girls that were with them today some of the messages were provocative which made him immediately delete them. He messaged his friends letting them know he had a good time and next time he would want it to be just them.

After he was finished messaging them he laid down falling asleep. Morning hit and the male woke up sighing he lied to everyone he didn’t have plans he just wanted to be alone and by himself. He put some music on and watched people walk through out the neighborhood.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 1y 27d 19h 58m 24s

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