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She smiled and patted her head as Tasya hugged her legs and then she ran to darian. He stood up and knelt down to her level as she spoke brushing his and through her hair before picking her up. [b “Alright why don’t we go talk some sense in to him okay, and ill talk to the man with purple hair once I get back.”]

Darian walked to the front door looking at his mother and then Gabriel. [b “Mother please invite him in and fix him up some nice tea, Gabriel I have to go take her back over to her house and then I will be right back okay.”] Gabriel sighed but then nodded going into the house with Darians mother where she made him some tea.

The male walked next door holding Tasya in his arms entering their house.[b “Excuse the intrusion.”] Darian went upstairs putting Tasya down and entered Kanekis room looking at him. [b “Kaneki your little sister is worried about you are you okay?”] He asked walking over to him his face swollen. [b “Seems like Evan took a liking to you. Just be careful around him okay but Don’t worry Red and Ray will watch over you.”]
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Kaneki listened to the boys, but then started going insane when Evan, who he thought was Darian's friend, started talking shit. This made Kaneki feel terrible, it was Gabriel! All Gabriel, he didn't want Kaneki hurt. [+blue "W-what the fuck!?"] he felt as if he were about to explode and Ren quickly held onto Kaneki.

[+red "Shit, Kaneki calm down!"] he says and Kaneki shakes his head. [+blue "N-no, papa! Evan is lying! I-it's all....."] he shook his head and Ren watched the boys leave. Brooklynn watched and thought about what Evan had said. [+maroon "I don't believe shit that boy said, calm down sweetie"] she said, lightly resting her hand on his head.

Tasya looked like she was about to cry [+pink "Mama! He's lying! D-darian-Kun is nice!"] she said and cried. Ren picking her up and cradling her. Brooklynn and Ren sighed and spoke [+red "Let's go guys...let's just go home and get this over with"] he says and Kaneki stands up, the only thing running through his head was 'what does he mean?'

They got home and once Kaneki got to his room, the first thing he did was punch the wall, hearing a cracking sound and his hand fell limp. He panted heavily and he shook his head 'Lies, lies, lies, lies!' of course, his mother heard the bang and ran up the stairs. [+maroon "Kaneki! Get a hold of yourself!"] she says and hold Kaneki, who cried and held his mother with one hand.

She looked at his hand and she sighed [+maroon "You sprained it badly...."] she says and Kaneki couldn't feel it, he brought his hand away. [+blue "Why should you care!? You know I can't feel shit! I have no emotions! I have nothing! I can't even feel heat! All the things I do are lies, mom! I'm a monster! We all know t-"] he said and he was hit in the head by his sister. Kaneki looked behind himself and looked at her.

[+pink "Mommy is trying to help, Kaneki-Kun"] she says and Kaneki feels his heart drop. He looked at his sister and he hugged her. She hugs back and then it was time for Tasya to do her stuff. She jumped off of Kaneki's bed and down the stairs. She then ran outside, looking over at Darien's house. She watched as a person with purple hair was seen and she hopped over to him. [+pink "Miss Mortemmm!"] she said happily, hugged her knees and quickly ran inside.

The first thing she did was see Darien and she ran over to him and held onto one of his legs [+pink "Darien-Kun! Evan!! Evan lied about you and make Kaneki mad! We have to go!"] she says and tugs on his hand. Being very persistent. [+pink "Please, Darien-Kun! There is a person out dere with puple hair!"
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[center [font "Letter" Evan chuckled grabbing ahold of Kaneki’s hand as he woke up asking where Darian had gone and he clickled his tongue Red and Ray both gave Evan a dirty look. [#008888 “Yeah we all saw his nasty little face, thinking he was so tough and couldn’t even protect you let alone himself. I always knew that guy was no good. He is a fake, and he will pay for that. The football team and wrestling team don’t need someone as weak as him to be captain right boys?”]

Evan looked at Red and Ray who simply just ignored him and Evan hissed. “Well any who, your part of our group. You’re the strongest in the school so we follow you. There are no objections here.” He was going to say more but others showed up into the room which seemed like Kaneki’s Parents.

Both Ray and Red smiled as Tesya ran in jumping on Kaneki. Bother the two were going to introduce themselves but Evan beat them too it he always did and it irritated them he never really understood why Darian kept the guy around. [#008888 “Hello ma’am, I am Evan the tall red head is Red and the Mean looking blonde is Raymond, Ray for short.”] He spoke Ray smiled and picked up Tasya as she reached up for him to pick her up and put her on his shoulders.

Evan heard her talk about Darian and shook his head. [#008888 “Oh ma’am you see Darian is a very bad influence and should not be near Kaneki. Hes an Alcoholic and sleeps with everyone Male or female. Your so lucky that we came along. We had to shoo him away because he attacked Kaneki. That’s..”] he spoke looking at kaneki seeing the spot of blood on his sleeve. [#008888 “See, look at Kanekis sleeve that has to be Darians blood.”] he spoke before the much large male came through to door which had to have been the father.

Red couldn’t take any of this anymore leaving the room in a hurry he left to go to Darians house. Ray bowed his head at the parents putting Tesya down and chased after his brother both of them started to head to Darians but then stopped knowing they couldn’t if they did then Evan would target Kaneki and they knew they had to watch over Kaneki for Darian till he came back to his old self. There must have been a reason that the male let Gabriel beat the shit out of him.

Evan frowned. [#008888 “Forgive them, it Was a pleasure to meet you all but it seems that I have overstayed my welcome. Kaneki should go home and rest we have to take care of a few things and ill text him letting him know what he missed.”] he spoke leaving the room as well.

Darian looked at himself in the mirror before punching it his mother pounding on the door worried about him. [b “Mom its time we moved again. Im sorry I don’t know how but that rich kid Gabriel knows he knows who we really are.”] he said opening the door his fist bleeding and mirror pieces in him. His mother bandaged all his wounds when a knock was at the door and she answered the violet haired male stood a butler behind him.

[#008888 “Oh hello miss Morosc…. I mean Miss Mortem. I am Gabriel and I have business With your son may I come in?” he asked and was invited in.]]
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A few hours later, Kaneki fluttered open his eyes and glanced around. He tried sitting up and successfully did on his second attempt. He froze slightly as he saw....Evan, Red and Ray? He looked at them and mumbled.

[+blue "You guys?...What are you guys doing here? Where's Darian? Gabriel and his brother beat the shit out of him"] he tried speaking more, but only felt his breath being taken away. He gulped slightly and took in more breath [+blue "W...where is Darian?"] he says.

What made Kaneki mostly confused is why they weren't worrying about Darian. Of course, Kaneki would have waken up and dealt with everything else on his own. He then suddenly gasped as he saw the nurse. Saying his parents were on their way.

He sat there, confused to hell. He then felt a slight emotion take over him 'Is Darian okay? Why were the guys here?' questions filled his head and he then glanced over when he saw his mother. She gave him a worried smile.

[+maroon "Kaneki, I knew you forgot 'em. Oh, who are you're....well can;t say little. Who are your friends?"] she said and Tasya came running in. [+pink "Kanekiiii!"] she said in a worried state and jumped onto him.

[+blue "Ah! Tasya!"] he says and Tasya looks at the guys. [+pink "Oh! It's new best friends!"] she says and gets off the bed. Doing a speed walk over to Ray and doing grabby hands up to him. Meaning she wanted to be picked up.

Kaneki laughed and looked at his sister, then looked at his dad. Who was covered in scars since the wars. [+red "Ah, I knew it. Passed out again?"] he said and Kaneki nodded [+blue "'s my fault forgetting the pills....And mum, this is Red, Evan and Ray"] he says. Pointing to each of them while saying their names.

[+maroon "Well, it's nice meeting ya'll.....hmm....I swear I remembered another one....Darian, I believe the name was"] she says and thinks for a moment [+maroon "Well, he must be in class..."] she says and laughs. [+maroon "Well at least my boy here has friends."] she says and then gives Kaneki a sign, saying 'Have they figured out?' and Kaneki shook his head.

Ren looked at them, he being taller than all of them and being a smacking 6'5. He looked at the three [+red "Strong looking least they don't look like wimps..."] he says and thinks. Hating people that usually say they are the best of the best, when really they can be beaten the shit out of and then still say they are.

Of course, this only made Brooklynn glance at Ren and lightly punch his side [+maroon "Please excuse my husband. My name is Brooklynn, but ya'll can call me Brook. His name is Ren, and you already know Tasya and Kaneki"] she says. She then sighed [+maroon "Well, I gave them your pills, do you want to come home or stay?"] Brook says and looks at Kaneki.

This made Kaneki confused, did he want to go home.....or stay?
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Darian blinked and chuckled as Kaneki wiped his face from the blood and noticed him getting tired. [b “I would have kicked their ass but they were going to put me and mom on blast and that cant get out of they will come for us.”] he spoke standing up catching Kaneki before he fell to the floor.

The male had picked him up bridal style and limped to the nurses office setting him on the bed looking at the nurse telling him that kaneki has Narcolepsy and his parents needed to be called. Meanwhile he sat on the chair besides the bed group messaging Red and the others that he wouldn’t be coming back to class.

Red and the guys rushed to the nurses office going to check on Kaneki not even paying any attention to Darian. Evan even ushered Darian out of his seat so he could sit there. Just like that Darian was replaced by Kaneki but he really didn’t care he didn’t like being the center with the guys.

Evan looked at darian and sighed. [#008888 “You should go over there, you need to be checked out since you can not protected yourself let alone kaneki. He wasn’t feeling well we saw that but you acted like you were big bad and tough yet you got your ass kicked why don’t you just go back home.”] he spoke his eyes filled with anger.

Darian didn’t even say anything he just left the office and campus all together limping his way back home his clothes thrashed. When he entered his home he walked passed his mother ignoring her when she asked what happened shutting his door in her face turning off his phone he passed out on his bed.
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Kaneki was taken away as he was about to just pass out. When he got to the bathroom, he pressed his cheek into Darian's hand and looked up at him with a slightly drowsy look [+blue "I forgot my narcolepsy is going cra-"] he stopped when he saw Gabriel. He widened his eyes slightly and growled 'Shit, I can't do anything'

'Wait, there not going to?' Kaneki watched and he suddenly felt his heart drop as he saw Darian get the shit kicked out of him. He stood up, but was to weak to do anything as he fell backward against the window seal. He needed to do something, but was held back and he shook his head 'No no no!'

Once they were done, Kaneki was let go and he quickly helped Darian up [+blue "S-shit, a-are you okay!? I wish I could have done something, but that purple bitch kept me down"] he says as he looks at Darian and wipes away the blood with his sleeve.

He still felt extremely tired, but he couldn't pass out now. He flicked his eye lashes a few times and he mumbled [+blue "Shit.....w-we need to go to the....nurses office"] he says and looks at Darien with sad but hopeful eyes. This might be a chance to get the group out...but why haven't they been expelled? This only made everything worse.

'Shit, it's my fault....I shouldn't have been a burden' he thought and felt terrible. He furrowed his eye brows and kept next to Darien until he felt his legs give out because they became numb. He suddenly fell sideways and passed out, his narcolepsy getting the best of him.
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[center [font "Letter" Darian chuckled and moved close to Kaneki’s ear after he said that they are the most hardcore. [b “Kaneki, Im pretty sure if you visited where I was from, then you could change your mind about who is the most hardcore.”] The male grinned then turned into an immediate frown once Evan opened his mouth.

[#00FFFF "You really think that you, a boy from Nevada is more hardcore than this hick boy. I doubt it sweetheart. Maybe your mouth is but nothing like this boy right here.”] Evan grinned flicking Darian’s nose. Darian Huffed watching Kaneki go up and introduce himself to the class.

Darian was not the only one who noticed that Kaneki was starting to act weird. Naomi had her eyes on him which started to Make Darian nervous. The moment that Kaneki came back to his seat Darian put his arm around him standing up. [b “Im going to show Kaneki where the bathroom is I didn’t get to show him earlier and he really really needs to go.”] he looked at the guys before walking out. [b “You guys stay herewewont be long, if anything ill text you guys if something bad happened.”]

Darian took Kaneki to the bathroom setting him on the low window seal leaning him up against the window. [b “Are you okay Kanenki?”] he asked touching his cheek softly.

Gabriel sat in his class clicking his tongue. [#008888 “Lets go, I need to take a leak, then we will take care of that bastard Darian to teach that Kaneki a lesson.”] he grinned and they left their class heading to the same bathroom that Kaneki and Darian were.

[#008888 Oh boys we got our wish look who we have here.”] Gabriel spoke standing in front of the door so no one can get in or out.

The twins walked towards Kaneki and Darian and Darian hissed balling his fists. [#008888 “Hey Darian, If you don’t let us beat the shit out of you ill let this file about who you really are, Ivan Moroschok. How about your mother.. Im sure you don’t want her identitiy to get out do you. So put your Fists down and Let us have some fun.”] Gabriel grinned and Darian Sighed.

[b “Fine, Just leave kaneki and My mother out of it.”] He grinned knowing that after this his boys would take care of the group. The twins took their turns beating the crap out of Darian. Once the 6 finished beating him Gabril came in with the final kick to the face deleting his file. [#008888 “Good boy, nice doing business with you.”] He spoke and then they left.

Darian crawled to the window ceil Laughing and choking his face black and blue his mouth bleeding. [b “Fuck that shit hurt. Glad your good though Kaneki.”]]]
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He looked around the class as they started laughing their asses off at the cowering group. This only made Kaneki feel stronger. Then Darien started speaking and Kaneki took a step back, putting his hands into his hoodie pockets. Watching them leave.

He glared at them and then slightly twitched when he was grabbed by the shoulder. Of course, he calmed down after he noticed it was Darian, wanting to grab his hand, he quickly pushed his hand into his pockets [+blue "I was born country, were the most hardcore mother fuckers in the world"] he says and chuckles softly.

He took Darien's advice and sat down next to him as the other guys sat behind and Red in front. At least he was covered in case something happens. He then felt a hard cold stare being placed at him and he glanced over at Naomi, who looked like she just wanted to pounce on the smaller male and have her way.

Kaneki gave her a cold stare and flipped her off, she looked away, having a feeling she was going to cry. He looked at the teacher and her polite words. Kaneki was a little happy about having a good teacher, letting out a soft sigh. He was really shy, but after talking off the best group 'apparently' in the school. Everyone must expect he wasn't a shy boy.

So, Kaneki stood up and walked over to the teacher. He looked down at her and he thought for a moment 'At least i'm taller than someone' and he looked around the class. Damn, he was gonna need to mesmerize a lot of students. He started feeling a little sleepy 'shit, don't fall asleep now! Damn narcolepsy' and he started speaking.

[+blue "Wow, I haven't done this for awhile. So, first things first. My name is Kaneki Iruka, as you can tell from my voice. I'm full on country, born in Mississippi. Me and my family just got here yesterday. My dad Ren, my mother Brooklynn, and my little sister Tasya. Who everyone would gladly take away because of how cute she is"] he chuckled softly and heard a few 'aww's from the girls. He started speaking again

[+blue "I also have a little brother on the way, his name is going to be Felix. He won't be here for awhile though, so I still have time to get ready for that. My father, Ren, he is a marine corps, veteran, and army soldier. Yes, he was gone for the first 12 years of my life, but he's back now and retired from him branches. And, as most of you saw with the group, i'm a pretty good fighter by only my voice, wait ti'll you see me in a real fight....which I hope won't happen of course"] he says as he looked at the teacher, who seemed utterly interested.

He started slightly swaying as he felt his narcolepsy kick in and he shook his head. [+blue "U-umm.....and I think that is all...thank ya'll for listening"] he says and everyone clapped and he quickly went back to his seat, nearly falling into his chair. 'Shit, I forgot my pills' he thought and looked forward at the teacher.

[b Naomi's P.O.V]

[font "letter" 'Is he about to fall asleep? He looks so defenseless' she thought and laughed to herself. 'Wait...maybe this is a chance for me to get him' she thought in her head and she grinned mischievously, making her glance back at the male who had almost fallen. 'I wonder what he has' she blinked and then went back to making an idea.]

[i Back to Kaneki]

He sat in his desk correctly and then closed his eyes slightly, feeling a little scared. Last time he fell asleep, he was woken up and was paralyzed. But no one else knew. He should tell the teacher after class, remembering he needed to tell his mother to send in the paper work so the school could copy it and send the health room nurse...ah, nurses. That made Kaneki shiver down the spine. He hated nurses. The health room, the teachers, the principle. After that, his narcolepsy would never be a secret. But about his C.I.P.A....that was a different story. Luckily, there is no paper work for it, so if he got hurt. He would simply continue was he was doing or fake the pain.... Like he usually did.

But at the moment, all he knew was that he needed to warn someone before he falls asleep for hours like the male sleeping beauty practically.
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[center Darian Watched in surprise as Kaneki stood in front of him and talked to the group in front of them. Not only did he talk but he insulted him in his own Country way which had the class hollering in laughter. He sat on the desk as the others stood next to Kaneki staying in a fighting stance.

[b “As you can see Kaneki stays with us, look at all of you cowering in fear.. You midgit.”] He laughed but then yawned. [b “Kaneki, Guys time to sit down our teacher is on their way. those bunch wont do anything so come. She will be in here in a minute.”]

Darian grabbed Kaneki by the shoulder. [b “You should come sit down and relax. You did good.”] He spoke as he sat in a seat red sat in the front of them and both ray and Evan sat in the back of them.

The group left going to their own class and Naomi sat in her seat glaring back at Kaneki. [b “You have a Enemy in school already, but don’t worry she wont stop until she has tried to sleep with you at least five more times. None of us in this group fell for her. Just be careful now here at school. If you have to go anywhere make sure one of us are with you, I mean I can tell that you can take care of yourself I mean you scared the rich bastard just by speaking but still.I don’t want you alone.”] darian spoke as the teacher came in looking at everyone.

[#008888 “Hello class, today we have a new student and he is.”] the woman paused looking at the group in the back sighing. They were the most academically best students but she still thought of them as trouble makers since they were always in the middle of someones problems.

[#008888 “Dear would you please come up here and introduce yourself to the others.”] she asked politely and softly looking at him]
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He laughed softly as he was complimented on his southern way of telling her off. That's when he was suddenly stood in front of and 7 people came up. They all being huge. This made Kaneki's heart drop, but then he growled and took a step out in front of Darien.

[+blue "Short midget boss, who taught ya'll your words? Your momma?"] he hissed and he glared at them. He wasn't scared, he knew he was stronger than all of them combined. His dad originally a marine corps and veteran soldier.

[+blue "A hand? On her? I'm sure other people do, but with that filthy body, my hands are clean"] he said and laughed. Looking at Naomi and then at the males. [+blue "She's just a slutty princess to ya'll. And acting like a tough team won't do you shit"] he grinned. Looking at Gabriel with powering eyes.

[+blue "Ya'll should just shut your mouse traps and move along to you momma's, who would gladly give you a kiss and spit it out. Your not strong at all, you just do that for fun and women. If you take me on, you'll be in the hospital for weeks. I should know"] he hissed at them.

Gabriel and the others didn't seem to take on the message and got angrier. Kaneki clenched his fist, cracking them without using them together. He watched the men again with powering eyes as he wanted to just take them down and use what his papa taught him. Smashing their heads into the desk would be a perfect way.

He let out a small sigh and went back to talking [+blue "In Mississippi, we have a thing we call you. 'Bullshit with their cows'"] he chuckled softly as he remembered the saying his dad had used on a slutty female with her bitchy husband. It matched the group. The male with purple hair seemed to be getting a bit worried and took a step back, making Kaneki glance at him and then back at Gabriel.

[+blue "So take me on, and you and your little filthy animals will be dead under seconds. Trust. Me"] he said and twitched up a smile as he got into a slightly ready stance. Knowing he can take these 7 on by himself. But would gladly like the help. His eyes watched them all scarcely.

To be honest, Kaneki was scared, but he didn't show it. He knew he could take them down, but the females would be pussies and probably run, which would make the job much easier.
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[center [font "Letter" Red blinked and looked back as Kaneki bumped into him only to hit his head when he jumped back. Red chuckled a bit as he walked to the principal’s office and his eyes went down to his phone listening to their conversation. He grinned some more as she spoke about [I Their Group.] [#B22222 There is nothing wrong with our group miss, if I stand correct you like us. Im sure Father and mother are a very good patron for this school.”] he said in monotone.

Red then nodded to the woman sticking his hands in his pockets letting her finish talking to Kaneki before the two males walked to their classroom Red stood behind Kaneki entering the class when Naomi came over with her normal slutty flirtatious smile and spoke. Reds eyes immediately looked over at Darian and ray who said that they were going to deal with her but she decided to ignore them.

Red was about to speak but Kaneki told her off in his own way which sent Red into a fit of laughter Naomi sat there defeated and embarrassed. Darian grinned looking down at Kaneki. [b “ That was amazing, I thought maybe you would fall into her web but then you told her off in your own southern way. Your perfect in our group. Thanks Red, im sure everything went well in her office?”] Red nodded and smiled.

Darian pulled out the chair of the middle Desk. [b “Here sit.”] he spoke watching Naomi leave the room and sighed. [b “Red, Ray, Evan… Get ready. Our little witch went to go tattle on Kaneki, we are going to have to deal with them. Sorry your day is going so well Kaneki, Ill make it up to you at Karaoke.”] he grinned

As he spoke two men followed Naomi in their hair hazelnut brown their arms crossed with a scowl on their face. [b “Hey, where’s your short midget boss? What is his name again?”] darian spoke and the two 6’2 twins hissed the shorter dark violet haired male walked in.

[#8A2BE2 “Now now Darian, you may have the new kid but we have recruited 3 more guys, you still think you can take us?”] Gabriel spoke snapping his fingers and three guys walked in the tallest was 6’5 his face had band aids and a cigarette between his lips. He looked as if he just got finished figting someone. Another one that stood beside him seemed to have a permanent scowl on his face his eyes yellow and cat like finally another male standing only at 6’0 he pushed his glasses up on his back in a case was a wooden bat.

[#8A2BE2 “Now you have seen my men, why don’t you give us the new kid. He deserves a beating for what he did to the twins sister? She told us that he laid hands on her.”] Gabriel stood looking at Kaneki the boys cracking their Knuckles.

Darian hissed standing In front of Kaneki him and his boys cracking their knuckles. [b “You believe anything that the school slut says. I am surprised I thought we taught you better last time but come we can take on you and your giants. Didn’t I tell you Kaneki. They are a lot taller than us.”] He laughed.]]

[center [pic]]
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Kaneki glared at Evan as he almost said something Taysa would be thinking about for years. Which made Kaneki also walk over to him and smack the back of his head after Ray had. Then walked back over to Darian.

He listened closely and then laughed [+blue "I'm fine with Tasya thank you"] he laughed softly and put hi hands back in his pockets. He was then left with the tallest one, making Kaneki seem like an ant basically.

Kaneki follow Red and listened as he heard Darian wanting to see his art. Well, he'll have to be in art class obviously...but he also plays violin. So who knew which elective is this year. He thought for a moment, bringing a hand up to his mouth.

He then froze slightly as Red had said he never had seen Darian take a liking to guys. He started thinking, did Darian like his friends that way? No, probably not. He didn't like girls either, so it should be fine.

He was then taken somewhere else away from Darian and the other two and was stuck with Red. Still looking back he ran into Red from behind and then jumped backwards, only to hit his head against the wall. He blinked and didn't do anything and walked forward next to Red

[+blue "Heh heh, sorry about that"] he chuckled nervously and started talking to the principal. [+orange "You must be Kaneki Benjiman Iruka?"] the principal said and Kaneki nodded. [+orange "Okay, here's your schedule. Do you have any friends you tend to be with?"]

Kaneki nodded and then spoke [+blue "Do you think I could be with Darian Mortem?"] he mumbled to her and she nodded [+orange "Of course, your with him and his little group of friends it seems"] she says and Kaneki let out a relieved sigh [+blue "Okay thank you, goodbye"] [+orange "Goodbye kiddo"] she says and Kaneki walked out of the room.

Of course, Kaneki followed the map, letting Red behind and he ended up in a classroom and was then introduced to a female in an extremely short skirt. 'Who is she?' Kaneki thought and she grinned.

[+cyan "Hi there! You must be the new kid, first thing, welcome to the high school. I'm Naomi, what's your name cutie?"] she say to him with a flirtatious tone. Kaneki thought and tried remembering the name. But it didn't sound familiar. [+blue "U-umm.i'm Kaneki....nice to meet you?"] he says and tilts his head.

[+cyan "Hmm, your shorter than I expected....but your hot as hell"] this made Kaneki look at her in disgust. He glared at her and then snapped [+blue "Ahh, now I know you. Your the one who opens her legs to anyone. You must have good grades. How many teachers have you done?"] he growled and she looked at him in shock.

[+cyan "Oh, none of that is true! I wouldn't do that"] she let out a fake laugh. This made Kaneki let out a 'ugh' sound and go off again [+blue "As if! If any of the ladies from Mississippi saw you, you would immediately be an outcast! I can also tell because of your skirt. You just want everyone to chase after your tail. Keep your nasty hands and body away from me"] he growled and walked off grumbling under his breath.

He walked over to Darian and looked up at him, flustered and pissed about Naomi. But this only made Kaneki feel bad, he doesnt like going off on people. But that's just sick.
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[center [font "Letter" Red shook his hand grinning shook his hand firmly. [r “I would like to see some of your Art…Guys looks like we are making him a little nervous. We should maybe back off a little.” He spoke and patted Kanekis shoulders he stood back up looking down at his phone as it began to go off. [#B22222 “The girls are asking were we are they want to meet Kaneki.”] his voice monotone as he spoke.

Darian shrugged. [b “They are not going to touch him; the girls can have Evan.”] he laughed and then heard the familiar voice of a certain little girl who said giants while in Kanekis arms. Darian laughed even harder Red had a slight blush rubbing the back of his head while the others chuckled at the little girl.

Red watched as she hugged his legs and patted her head. [I “New best friends I like that, don’t let anyone ever bully you, Brother Red will come and deal with them.”] he spoke as the younger girl ran to Evan hugging his waist red walked to Darian’s side who couldn’t help but laugh again getting a hoot out of all of this.

Evan looked down putting on his best charming look and knelt down. [I “Now, now. Once you turn 18 come back to me. I’m sure that I will have a space for you in my…”] he spoke before being hit over the head with Darian’s book bag who balled his fist. [b “She’s a little Fucking kid you fucking Pe…Idiot! She doesn’t need to know all of that.”] Darian spoke as Evan rubbed his head.

Ray chuckled as she clung to his knees hugging them. [I “She’s to Cute Kaneki, we are going to steal her away she’s going to be mine and Red’s little sister. You can have our annoying sisters.”] he joked as Tasya went back to Kaneki telling him to have a good day.

Darian watched as she ran off. [b “I have been replaced by you three, I was her best friend yesterday now you guys come here and take her from me. That’s fine I have Kaneki.”] he grinned and began to walk. Red and the others followed behind ray and Evan arguing because of what he had said to tasya well was about to say.

Darian grinned looking at Kaneki. [b “Hope you don’t mind the guys.”] he chuckled and as he spoke the school came into vision. [b “You should be in our class but Red will show you to the office. I will go on ahead with Ray and Evan to settle down a little floozie that may be waiting.”]

Red stayed back with Kaneki while Ray and Evan followed Darian into the school people immediately moving out of their path. Red had looked down at Kaneki smiling. [#B22222 “Hard to believe that Darian is interested in the same sex, have never seen him take interest in some one ever. Don’t worry its safe with me. Now this way to the office.”] Red had said softly before walking ahead.

Darian and the guys entered the class and there and behold Naomi was sitting on an empty desk her skirt short as always. [b “Hey Nao, don’t even try to flirt with the new guy. I had informed him about how loose you were. So….”] he spoke pointing to the desk. [b “Get the fuck down.”]

Evan put his hand over his face. [I “DOWN BETSY!”] he followed by mooing sounds which got her flustered her blue eyes filling with tears.

[#00FFFF “I hate all of you!”] the woman went to her seat waiting for her chance to talk to Kaneki. Ray pulled some disinfect and wipes and wiped down the desk including the four around the desk getting them read for the five of them.]]

[center [pic]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 350d 21h 46m 46s
He listened to them carefully and then was introduced to Red's hand. He blinked a few times, being hesitant. Then took it and shook his hand then quickly took his hand away, embarrassed. 'Damnit Kaneki, get yourself together' he thought for a moment and went back to them.

So Ray is the nice one? Welp, guess my idea was wrong. Looking at them again, Kaneki widened his eyes and clenched his jaw a little bit. 'Aaah, please don't come after me, I wouldn't hurt him' he thought for a moment and spoke [+blue "I won't go against him"] he said to them and laughed in his head. 'Already have'

Kaneki laughed softly at Ray saying he liked straw berry ice cream. 'Cute' normally most people like chocolate or some other shit. He thought for a moment but didn't know what to tell them [+blue "Uhmm.I like drawing?"] he says and scratches the back of his head. Only to laugh at himself.

'That was awkward' he chuckled softly and then Red started leading the way 'Aaa, first day of school. Wait, Ian said the other guys were bigger!? I'm smaller than a female!' Kaneki screamed mentally. He was going to be the bulls eye for the other people. Was he smaller than the slut of the school? He didn't know obviously, he's never been.

Kaneki felt scared, excited, sad, a mix of everything! He didn't know what to do. The only thing that ran through his head is what Ian said last night and tried remembering them. Naomi is the slut of the school, stick with the 4 guys, stay away from the other guys. Which started making Kaneki worried.

How big are they!? Are they bigger than the other 3 he had just met? Kaneki followed behind them, being a bit slower as he thought of everything. He was....starting to feel a little worried about the first day of school. He glanced over at his new house and saw Tasya.

Kaneki looked over and smiled and waves back. She then ran out of the house, only in her pajamas. She ran over and Kaneki laughed and picked her up, giving her a large hug. [+pink "Aah! Giants!"] she said and looked at Ray, Red and Evan. She then laughed and her thick country accent showed out

[+pink "Just kidding! You guys are cool looking! Ya'll are my new best friends! I'm Tasya, nice to meet ya'll!"] she said happily and Kaneki placed her down. The first thing she did was run up to Red and hug his legs, due to how tall he was. Then she ran to Evan and hugged his waist. She almost being a little up to his hips. Then she ran over to Raymond and hugged his knee's basically.

She then jumped up and down and hugged Kaneki and yelled [+pink "Have a good day at school Kaneki-Kun!"] and she ran off into the house. Kaneki chuckled and looked back at the guys [+blue "She's harder to deal with when she has sugar"] he says and lets out a large breath.
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 351d 18h 50m 7s
[center [font “Letter” Darian walked out grinning putting his arm on Kaneki’s shoulder laughing. [b “They are huge aren’t they.”] he grinned looking over to his friends in which they all chuckled themselves. [b “If you think they are huge wait till you see the guys I told you to stay clear of, am I right guys.”] Red nodded silently.

[b “We can see that, to bad you wernt a bitch. We would have been happy for this fucker for finally finding a fuck buddy.”] Evan laughed before seeing Darian become angry. [b “Damn okay, okay sorry no need to be so defensive!”] he spoke before looking at Kaneki who introduced himself and then asked about the guys.

[b “I am Evan, Sec… Was second in this group but so far looks like Darian has taken a liking to you. If he like you we all like you. Just know if you do something and fuck Darian over you have us three coming after you.”] Evan grinned before being punched in his side by Raymond.

[b “Im Raymond, just call me Ray. Im more of the nice guy out of these three… specially the dick head you just met Evan. Hmm I like strawberry ice-cream.] He spoke as red reached out his hand.

[b “I am Red, a pleasure to meet you, there isn’t much you need to know about me. But anything you want to ask ill answer truthfully. But lets start to walk to school.”] he spoke as Darian lead the way.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 351d 22h 16m 0s

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