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Kaneki was....not a simple boy, he was told he had a disorder called congenital analgesia, which meant 'immune' to pain. Which he knew would be bad since he had no idea what it felt like.

Using nothing but his friends for help to know if he was hurt. But what he didn't know, was that he was having to move. Which would make him go to the new school, and get collided by questions if anything that was expose to be pain, not hurt him.

That when until he meets [name here] and everything seems to.......change. He started growing feelings for [name here], but [name here] didn't know about Kaneki's disorder. A lot of people never met someone with this disorder, which made the people think Kaneki was a monster.

Now, [name here] didn't know this. How would he react if [name here] fell in love with Kaneki? What if they got far enough to where pain might be involved?


Right then! Now that that's done! I'm sure you can obviously tell! There is going to be some stuff where we will have to skip or just take it to another site but whatever!

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I also would like someone who could reply under a day or so. If ya'll got somethin up, I understand ^^

PM me if ya'll are wantin to join!!!!

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[i Kaneki was confused when the male got off, he blushed and sat up, sitting on his knee's and looking at him, then watched him leave.]

[i 'I.I actually want that though.why!?' Kaneki thought as he grabbed his coat from on the chair he had taken off when he came into the room in the first place. He looked at the T.V, not interested in it]

[i He slightly flinched when he saw the door open and looked back at Darian, who was now on the bed. Kaneki was still intoxicated and he bit his lip, gulping slightly and crawling over to Darian from behind]

[i 'What am I doing?' Kaneki thought and then he wrapped his arms around the males waist] [b "I f-forgive you ...b-but.....d-do you think.....w-we can probably.c-continue?"] [i he asked. Blushing insanely while putting his face into the males back]

[b "I-It might be from the intoxication ....b-but ...I....d-don't know how to explain"] [i he mumbles into the males back. Enjoying the males heat]

[b "A-and I h-have a problem a-at the moment ...d-do you think y-you can help?"] [i he says in a desperate voice, he never felt like this before. But it seemed to happen right now, all the alcohol going into his lower half. And his cheeks, making a blush appear.]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 19d 3h 17m 36s
[font “letter” [center Darian sighed and got off Kaneki. [b “I shouldn’t force you to do something, we are both intoxicated. Im not going to do anything to you I wont do to you what happened to me.”] He stood up turning on his TV. [b “Lets just watch tv and you sober up no more alcohol for you tonight.”] he spoke grabbing his last bottle sitting on the floor.

[b “Once your sober I think it would be best if you just go home but only once your sober. Still follow what I told you when we were sober. Just so your not bullied by assholes.”] he spoke before taking a swig of his bottle. [b “Ill go start the laundry while moms gone.”]

The pink haired male growled picking up the laundry bringing it downstairs putting it in the wash. The Russians heart began to race again, not only did Kaneki know he was gay but he now knows his real name the one thing he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone. Not only that but he got the kid drunk in his room.

Darian began to wlk up the stairs when his mother walked in. [b “Oh Darian sweetheart heres the cold medicine the cake will be done here in just a few minutes and ill bring it up. How about bringing your friends to you room?”] Tatiana smiled waving at darian while the two others stood behind her one of the males was 6’2 shoulder length red hair the other male was about 5’2 his head shaved on both sides while the middle formed a mohawk.

[b “No, they need to go home. Im going to my room bring the cake up here when your done mom. Also please put my clothes in the dryer once they are finished. Sorry guys but ill text you.”] he spoke before heading upstairs sitting at the edge of the bed looking at Kaneki. [b “Sorry, I didn’t mean to lash out I just remembered some things. Hope you can forgive me for coming onto you.”]]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 25d 13h 30m 32s
[i Kaneki looked at him, then at the phone. Did he just tell them to leave? What? Kaneki was confused, but.....some part of him didn't want it to stop]

[b "W-what if they come back?"] [i he mumbled softly into his ear. He looked terrifide. He slightly clenched his jaw when the male continued kissing his neck. He twitched slightly at the pleasure, but was there expose to be pain? That part confused him, he, never doing this before.]

[i He let out a small whimper when the male bit at his neck, then stopped as he was suddenly kissed. He twitched again and closed his eyes, the kiss felt like forever to him, but it soon became Darian wanted to hear more of his voice.]

[i The male kept his legs closed, hoping nothing there was touched, he let out small sounds, they soon going to a minimum level when Darian's kisses continued]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 19d 3h 18m 30s
[font “Letter” [center Darian chuckled as he spoke. [b “There is only one woman down there besides mom the others are guys.”] he chuckled and his heart skipped when he was told that Kaneki didn’t like girls in general. [b “Neither do I, I despise them all besides my mum.”] he spoke before biting him again before kissing down his neck.

[b “Doesn’t look like your body wants me to stop looks like you want me to keep going. Its okay if you do want to continue you know.”] he stopped for a second looking into his eyes his heart still racing. He touched his face. [b “Don’t worry about downstairs, watch this.”] Darian grabbed his phone dialing a number. [b “Hey Tatiana. Tell my mom that I need some cold medicine. And you guys go with her to the store keep her safe okay.”] The girl growled and huffed.

[b “Okay then you owe me…”] she growled and hung up she told his mother and her and the guys left leaving them in the home all alone. Darian threw his phone on the ground and looked back at Kaneki. [b “Now look at that…Kaneki….We are all alone.”] he said softly before grabbing his chin softly pressing his lips against his. Kaneki let out a cute noise and Darian almost lost it. [b “Do that again for me now.”]]]
  KasaiShadowFox / 25d 15h 15m 48s
[b "Mm, when I drink. can hold the alcohol for a long time, but when it comes to more than two glasses, it just makes me crazy"] [i he laughed and looked at Darian, then answered the first question]

[b "Hmm, the females down there. I don't like girls like that who only wants boys and want to fuck and then leave for no reason. I don't like girls in general"] [i he says and stretches]

[i Freezing slightly as he asked him a question he was intending and hoped Darian didn't ask] [b "M-mm, so what if I am?"] [i he says and looks away, slightly gasping when he was pushed down. His eyes widening as he quickly closed his legs]

[b "D-d-Da- Wai!-"] [i he couldn't spit out the words when his neck was being bitten, he could feel it, but not the pain, of course. He could feel the pleasure and he clenched his jaw, clenching his legs together]

[b "W-we can't d-do this! W-what about d-downstairs?!"] [i he said in a panicked voice, of course. Darian's mother knew Kaneki was a male, and he was here. But has Darian ever did this to another male? Am I his first? What would the others think downstairs?]

[i He let out a soft hum as he kept his leg's close, questions running through his head like a tornado] [b "D-downstairs....c-can't hear us"] [i he whispered into Darian's ear, his stomach clenching from the inside as he felt the pleasure run down his spine and through out his body, making a small noise]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 26d 6h 54m 33s
[font “Letter” [center The male panted putting his sweats on because it wasn’t as tight as his pants were against his manhood. [b “I can tell your drunk your so carefree and spread out right now. They think you’re a woman because I let you into my room plus I didn’t let them know whether you were a woman or a male. They also believe that I like women, I don’t think they have got the hint yet. Even though every time we go out and there are girls I never end up banging one. They haven’t caught up yet.”] he chuckled giving away his secret due to the influence.

Darian walked over to the bed he sat next to Kaneki. [b “I haven’t been this hammered like this in a long while because I haven’t had a person who could drink like you.”] he spoke his head spinning. [b “But I am glad your enjoying it.]

Darian laid down. [b “Whos a goody two shoes?”] he asked as Kaneki as he got closer he noticed that Kaneki was excited and his heart raced. [b “Kaneki…. Are you excited?”] he asked becoming excited himself and he began to pant. He couldn’t believe that the male before him was just as ex
cited as him.

It was to late he couldn’t hold it in any longer, Darian pinned Kaneki to the bed hovering over him. [b “im going to tell you something that only you will know and one thing that only you and my mother will know. One Im gay… and two My real name is Ivan. “ he spoke biting his neck gently.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 26d 7h 29m 42s
[i Kaneki slowly couldn't hold his alcohol, he then jolted when he saw Darian's fingers slowly go up to the hem of his pants and he bit his lip, glancing upwards at Darian.]

[i He didn't care when his pants were pulled of and he sat on the bed on his knees, looking at him. He then looked at the options and then glanced back at Darian]

[b "Hmm? What if I wanted to spill it on myself again"] [i he joked and chuckled. Grabbing the shorts and, being the lazy male he was, laid back and slipped the shorts on. Just laying there and let the alcohol take over, he chuckled softly]

[b "Welp, i'm drunk now"] [i he mumbles and opens his eyes, everything swaying and he sat up, looking at Darian] [b "Your friends are here? Hmm, why do they all think i'm a female?"] [i he said to Darian, he absolutely hated 'preppy' girls. He hated teenage girls all together]

[i Taking in a breath, he stretched, letting his chest heave out and then in. He stood up, swaying slightly. Man, if he did go home, he would be in some deep shit. But he didn't want to tell his mom he was, because if he tried typing it would end up being some weird shit, due to the intoxication]

[b "Damn, I haven't been this hammered before"] [i he says, his deep southern voice taking over. Not able to control it. He looked at Darian] [b "Hmm, this is what you get for showing me alcohol, but it's my fault for drinking it] [i he grinned, the alcohol hitting him hard]

[b "But, I thank you for it"] [i he says and licks his lips, stretching from sitting on his knees too long, he listened as he heard Darian's friends and [b females] [i he did an 'ugh' sound and scratched the back of his head]

[b "Must be goody-two shoe girls"] [i he grumbles under his breath, he wondered if Darian had a head ache. Because most people who had too much to drink would have some pain, or is that the hang over? He didn't know, he was still standing and walked over to the bed]

[i Crawling onto the bed, he sat down next to Darian, now noticing something awake on Kaneki, due to the alcohol. Of course, Kaneki didn't understand how, or....if it hurt. Was it expose to hurt? Did it hurt now? Was he expose to complain? He didn't know, except, try his best to hide it]
  NightSkyFox / 26d 8h 20m 54s
[font “Letter” [center [b “Yes your special, nah ma has never been in my room. I keep it clean so she never has to come on in here.”] he spoke watching him and looking down at his vodka soaked pants purring getting down on his knees.

[b “Look at all this wasted vodka.”] he purred even more tracing his fingers up to his pants button. [b “Now we need to take these off of you, I have some sweat pants you can wear. Ill let you take your underwear off though and ill have these washed for you tonight.”] he licked his lips unbuttoning his pants pulling them off of Kaneki. Putting them on top of Kanekis shirt.

He went to his drawer pulling out a pair of shorts and sweats turning to Kaneki. [b “Shorts or sweats you choose what ever you don’t wear im wearing.” His face flushed from the alcohol and seeing Kaneki in just his underwear. Darian wanted to pin him down there and have his way with him but even if Kaneki wanted to both his mother and his friends where downstairs.

The pink haired male put his clothes on the bed grabbing the bottle pouring the last of that bottle in two glasses handing one to Kaneki. [b “Don’t spill this one on yourself because I wont be able to contain myself I will have to lick up all the alcohol o matter where it falls.”] he winked grabbing Kanekis clothes putting them by the door so when his mother came around she could have her put them in the was with some of his clothing.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 26d 10h 5m 29s
[i Kaneki chuckled, thinking about who he would bite, enemies? friends? Who know's, he didn't ramble on about it. Wondering why Darian looked away after sitting back down on the bed, he took another chip and finished the bag off.]

[b "Special, hmm? I like that"] [i he hummed to Darian] [b "So I am the first in your room? Other than your mother I suppose?"] [i he says and looks at him, he felt the alcohol hit him hard, but since this wasn't a strong liquor to Kaneki, only one more glass would make him do what normal drunks would do]

[i He then reached over and grabbed his glass, and took another drink from it then jumped slightly at the sudden bang on the door, dropping the glass on himself, he looked down at his pants now, slightly frowning. He then stopped and froze, blushing.]

[i 'Wait, his friend fucking the new 'girl'? Why did Darian say yes to that....' Kaneki thought, he wasn't a girl. Did he mean to say that? He then listened to him and the reason he said the words. Unfreezing and letting out a soft smile, his attention then going down to the spilled liquor on his pants, he frowned]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 26d 10h 39m 4s
[font “Letter” [center [b “Mmm, I do bite. I bite anyone I feel like.”] he purred sitting up as Kaneki sat down on the bed and grabbed the bottle after Kaneki poured himself a glass and began to drink out of the bottle.

Darian was a little surprised that Kaneki could hold his liquor this long without being wasted and he liked that. all the others would be wasted off a glass of pure Russian vodka Darian bit his lip as Kaneki mentioned he was warm so he stood up taking off his shirt.

He quickly turned his head away when the male headed back to the bed grabbing chips. The Russian male began to laugh as he spoke about being drunk his first day here and Darian nodded. [b “Your lucky you’re the first person I let drink in my home, let alone stay the night in my room. None of the guys have been in here I would never let that happen.”]

He laid back down looking at the ceiling. [b “I feel like your special. Your different from the guys.”] he sat back up hearing his mother open the door downstairs with a few extra footsteps that did not belong to her. [b “That idiot let someone else in.”] he said before a pound at his door happened.

[b “Hey dick head why the fuck did you turn your phone off? You Fucking the new girl in your room arnt you!”] Adian said pounding on Darian’s door. The Russian male hissed throwing a shoe from under his bed at the door. [b “Yes you fucking idiot I am so leave us the fuck alone and go home. We are a little wasted we don’t want to get up and open the door till mom’s cake is done okay so either wait down stairs like a good little dog or go home.”]

He rose from his bed turning to look at Kaneki and he was clearly drunk due to his wobbliness. [b “Are you good or do you want some more? Also, don’t mind me and him talking like that. I wouldn’t touch you if you didn’t want it. I would never force you to do anything. Fuck I’m rambling again. Sorry ima lay down now.”] he laughed to himself crawling back in to his bed.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 26d 12h 3m 57s
[i He let out a smile at the thought of cake and took out his phone, texting his mother that he was staying the night. She texted back, wondering why and he told her to get to know each other. Accepting it, he put his phone away and looked up at Darian]

[i Man, were they drunk. He looked at the spot Darian patted on the bed next to him] [b "I'm sure you bite, just not new people"] [i he teases and slowly walked over to the bed, then sat down, crossing his legs. The taste of alcohol rose in his throat as he craved more, looking around he found the bottle and grabbed it, pouring himself a small glass.]

[i 'Mmm, I need more of this' he thought to himself as he finished off the glass and looked around. His vision trippy and blurred. He started feeling warm as he tugged at his shirt slightly] [b "It's warm in here."] [i he mumbles. Darian, probably not caring, Kaneki unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off, folding it and setting it down on a chair nearby and he let out a few breaths]

[b "Much better"] [i and he rubbed his hands together, crawling over to the foot of the bed and grabbing a snack, opening the bag and taking a chip, eating it and looked around, rather bored.....and drunk obviously, he glanced over at Darian] [b "First day here and I already got drunk....welp, this sounds like a celebration to me"] [i he says and smiles]

[i 'What am I doing.' Kanakei thought to himself, he just met Darian and was already sleeping over, on the first day. Kaneki thought for a moment, did Darian do this to all the new people around? Or....was it just him? Kaneki didn't mind, but he felt a little embarrassed about it]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 27d 5h 48m 26s
[font “Letter” [center Darian blushed as he noticed Kanekis cheeks flush red as his eyes looked at him. [b “ Mississippi huh? Im from Russia… But that is a secret so you may not tell anyone. I also have another na…”] he turned his head growling at himself almost letting out a secret that he was not allowed to tell anyone.

He could tell that Kaneki was hiding something to but he wasn’t going to pry since he himself had a deep secret that no one was supposed to know about. He was interrupted in thought when Kaneki spoke again.

[b “Lets just stay here, ill put a movie on. Call your parents and tell them your going to stay the night over here doubt youll want to go home drunk. Besides.. I have alcohol and mom will be coming every once in a while to give us some food to chow down on. Maybe I should have her make a cake from my homeland.”] he then thought to himself.

He texted his mother to make a Russian Birds Milk Cake his mother quickly texted back saying she was going to the store to get the ingredient’s. [b “Shes going to make a Russian delight.”] he patted his bed next to him. [b “Come sit or lay down I don’t bite. Also I have some night outfits if you need one.”] he grinned the alcohol hitting him hard.]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 27d 5h 59m 25s
[i Kaneki listened to him carefully, I have to meet him? Kaneki didn't mind. His vision blurred more after drinking the rest of what was left. But he noticed that Darian was closing off anything that can be seen through]

[i He looked over at the door as Darian's mom knocked in it and asked a question. He then noticed Darian's groan as he answered the question and then walked out to get the snacks. Kaneki having the bottle of Russian Whiskey when Darian came back into the room, chugging down little bits.]

[i Kaneki gulped down a little more and put it down on the counter next to the bed. He was slightly swaying as his eyes adverted to the alcohol. His cheeks red as he actually blushed when he saw Darians chest and he bit his lip. Slightly shaking his head]

[b "Hmm? Oh, me? Mmm.I don't know what to talk about at the moment"] [i he says in his thick southern accent] [b "Hmm, for one, i'm from it's much different here then there, you obviously know about my family, as mom had told you practically everything about them. And I-"] [i he stopped himself quickly as he was about to say something that he hates talking about. He shook his head and looked at him, smiling]

[b "Again.there is nothing much"] [i he says and looks at the blinds. They looking as they have dimmed lighting] [b "It seems to be getting late, should we go meet the guys or whatever you were wanting to take me?"] [i he says and looks at him, still blushing. He slightly getting hot as the alcohol got to him]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 30d 8h 57m 53s
[font “Letter” [center Darian turned off his phone throwing it on the desk and shut his blinds he didn’t want anyone too look in to his room. [b “Nah I think we will stay here and drink. I have a few more bottles where that one came from.”] he spoke getting closer to Kaneki.

[b Lets see school…Stay away from the rough guys one has blonde hair and two tall guys follow him around. All rough necks they like to cause a lot of trouble. But if your around me im sure they will leave you alone. Also you must meet us everyday afterschool, we go to study together they have lots of girls that come which is ann… it’s a pain some times.”]

Darian laid back before thinking about more booze his mother knocking on the door. [b “Boys are you okay in there I have snacks if you want them.”] she spoke and darian groaned.

[b “Just leave them right there at the door mom we will grab them soon.”] he spoke his vision blurring slightly as he stood up grabbing a second bottle from his drawer pouring himself a full glass chugging it down before grabbing the snacks bringing them back in locking the door.

He set them on the desk then laid in his bed taking off his shirt getting to hot from the alcohol. [b “I think that’s all but I don’t want to talk about school lets talk about you Kaneki.”]]]
  Darian Mortem / KasaiShadowFox / 30d 9h 26m 7s
[i Kaneki started thinking of any questions to ask him. Honestly, he only took down two glasses. He hasn't gotten drunk for awhile, he listened to Darian as he started talking about.prono magazines? 'Ew...' Kaneki thought.]

[i Letting himself think some more, his vision slightly blurred a tiny bit. Looked like he was a little buzzed. He rubbed his eyes slightly and then let his hand rest down on his lap, his eyes slightly open]

[i He then noticed how close Darian's face was to his, he didn't move back. But once Darian's phone rang, he opened his eyes wider and then watched him get mad at whoever was calling him. Kaneki coughing slightly and clearing his throat as he watched Darian drink from the bottle]

[b "How about you get drunk when we get there, hmm?"] [i he says. The alcohol getting to his cheeks as he started blushing for no reason. He ran his hands through his blue hair and let out a soft yawn and a stretch as he looked around.]

[i Continuing thinking of a question he then thought of one] [b "So, about school.I see you told me only a little bit about it. Are there anymore things or people you want me to stay away from?"] [i he asks, putting his hands behind his head and keeping them their and looking at Darian]

[i He then looked at the bottle and did a small smirk after Darian was done taking his down. Kaneki finished the little bit off, he let out a sigh and smiled] [b "Much better"] [i he says and smiles, looking at Darian]
  Kaneki / NightSkyFox / 30d 9h 58m 46s

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