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Kaneki was....not a simple boy, he was told he had a disorder called congenital analgesia, which meant 'immune' to pain. Which he knew would be bad since he had no idea what it felt like.

Using nothing but his friends for help to know if he was hurt. But what he didn't know, was that he was having to move. Which would make him go to the new school, and get collided by questions if anything that was expose to be pain, not hurt him.

That when until he meets [name here] and everything seems to.......change. He started growing feelings for [name here], but [name here] didn't know about Kaneki's disorder. A lot of people never met someone with this disorder, which made the people think Kaneki was a monster.

Now, [name here] didn't know this. How would he react if [name here] fell in love with Kaneki? What if they got far enough to where pain might be involved?


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Brooklynn blinked confusingly and tilted her head [+maroon "Oh my, o-of course! I guess we will speak another time, Anya?"] she smiled. There family weren't the type to hate people. But she definitely was confused. Ren listened to Darian and spoke [+red "Well, there's n-"] he stopped as Tasya jumped on his back. Brooklynn scared out of her mind if Ren gave off the secret they weren't to tell anybody.

[+maroon "Any who, thank you Darian. I'm sure Tasya will enjoy the sweets"] she chuckled and Tasya jumped up and down on Ren's lap, pointing to the sweets in one of the tupperware. Of course, Ren stood up and opened one of them and took one out, eating it himself and giving one to Tasya who squealed and ran off. Leaving Brooklynn alone to continue cooking.

Kaneki's P.O.V

He looked over at Anya and did a small wave. Confused of what he did. Of course, he didn't want to ask questions so he watched them leave and glanced out the window. She seemed really mad at Darian. He then sighed and scratched the back of his neck and took his shirt off. Scratching at one of the bruises on his back he got the day he moved here from falling down the stairs. Sitting on the edge of his bed. He jumped and fell off of his bed from the sudden 'ding' of his phone. Gulping and taking it, he panted and looked at the text. Reading it then replying [i Just come to my house, i'm sure it'll be easier since my parents are heavy sleepers'] and sent it. Then sitting back on the bed and wiping his knees. He started drawing.
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Anya grabbed Darian’s arm as they walked down stairs cursing at him in Russian before smiling at Brooklyn and her husband. [#00FFFF “Yes im sorry my son was falling asleep because Kaneki was asleep so I am going to take him back home he needs his rest. Also I will bring over some stuff to get the blood out of Kanekis Carpet because of Darian’s hand. If you will please Excuse us.”] She spoke with a thick Russian accent.

Darian bowed as well. [b “Yeah forgive me. Kaneki is asleep right now he needs to see a doctor his arm is pretty swollen. Have him Text me when he wakes up please. Sorry for the intrusion I hope you like the food mother brought to you.”] he spoke as the two of them left back home once there she cussed at him and sent him upstairs. She already knew that he didn’t find any women attractive but to fall asleep in his bed at his home. He was allowed to do what ever at home but she didn’t want the family to hate them.

Darian sat on his bed wrapping up his hand before texting Kaneki. [b Come over or ill sneak in your balcony once the sun goes down.] he wrote before pressing the send button laying down taking a swig of a opened bottle of vodka.
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Brooklynn tilted her head and watched her walk up [+maroon "Of course! No problem"] she says happily and Ren sits back down. Tasya playing with her cat stuffed animals and other things. Though, she stopped an dheard strange words upstairs but didn't care at the moment.

Kaneki's P.O.V

Kaneki blinked tiredly and watched his mother come in suddenly. Of course, he was confused by the language. But it must be Russian. He rubbed his eyes and felt Darian's hand lightly caress his cheek and he watched him leave.

Others P.O.V

Brooklynn suddenly heard the language and it sounded like Anya, seeming angry. But she was confused on why she was mad, did he embarrass her? She didn't really think anything rude of Anya, she didn't mind if he came in or not. Tasya's old little friend used to come in at 12 at night she didn't care. Ren looked up and then heard walking down the stairs. He didn't care at the moment and tilted his head [+red "Oh, ya'll are leaving so soon?"] he says and keeps his head tilted.
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[b Anya’s POV.]
Im glad he hasn’t done anything to harm your son, he is a very rough boy. Yeah about that just ignore it he gets into little fights with his friends some times. He lets them win as you can see because he doesn’t want to be like his Father. I love my son very much but for your sons safety as I heard from your little one earlier I think its best we separate the two I don’t want your son to get hurt because Darian is the way he is.” She spoke standing up. [#00FFFF “I will just go get him im so sorry you have been here less than a day and Darian is sturing up trouble forgive us.”] She wondered upstairs going to the only door that was shut knocking before entering and hissing.

[#00FFFF *“Ivanovich moroschok Kak vy smeyete smushchat' sebya i menya v svoikh sosedyakh domoy, snachala vy prikhodite domoy izbili, a teper' vasha ukladka s synom sosedey. Zaberi svoyu zadnitsu domoy, poka ya ne izbil tebya!”] She shouted Darian sat up his eyes wide as he looked at Kaneki defeated.

[b Darian POV]

[b “Im sorry Kaneki I need to go home it seems I have caused problems for you and your parents. Ill be back later ill meet you on your balcony”] he whispered brushing his hand on the side of his cheek before looking at his mother. [b “Prekrasno, ya ponimayu, chto ya sobirayus', idem domoy, izvinyayus', chto vy smushchayetes'. Vy dolzhny nayti gde-to yeshche, chtoby zhit' mater'yu, zaplachennoy za dom, kotoryy zaboleyet i rabotayet, no Otets naydet vas zdes', i ya NE OSTAVLYAYU Kaneki.”] he spoke getting up off the bed.

*Ivanovich moroschok How dare you embarrass yourself and me in your neighbors home first you come home beat and now your laying with the neighbors son. Get your ass home Now before i beat you.

*Fine i get it i am going lets go home im sorry to Embarrass you. You should find somewhere else to live mother ill pay for the house ill drop out and work but Father will find you here and i WILL NOT leave Kaneki
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Brooklynn listened and shook his head [+maroon "No worries! He hasn't done anything wrong, Kaneki simply had a narcolepsy attack at school and fell asleep....though when he came over the first time before he left to go to his house, he was beaten up to hell. Scared the crap out of me"] she says and takes a small breath.

Tasya nodded and Ren shook his head [+red "I didn't see it, but the smell of blood hit me...."] he says and scratches the back of his neck and Tasya jumped up and down [+pink "Big brother told me! Gabwiel!"] she says and Ren tilted his head. Confused, of course. Brooklynn was confused as well. But she didn't take it as seriously.

Of course, Tasya sighed and went back to playing with her kitty, but it was gone. She slightly panicked and ran upstairs and looked in her room, then shook her head as it wasn't there then into her mom's room. Not there, she went to her brothers room, but stopped before opening the door, remembering where it was and ran downstairs and grabbed it from the kitchen table.

Kaneki's P.O.V

Kaneki softly sighed in his sleep and opened his eyes, finally waking up again and he felt Darian's arms around him and he cuddled closer into him. Smiling at the affection he was getting, but still not having the warmth.
  Kaneki / X-2S9 / 1y 10d 7h 43m 6s
[b Mrs. Mortem POV]

[#00FFFF Well hello there miss Tasya.”] she spoke softly as she patted the young girls hair. [#00FFFF “I brought over some food as a welcome to the neighborhood gift.”] she smiled and then noticed a man walking over to her she bowed her head keeping it low until he had invited her in.

The woman stepped inside holding the tupperwear with food. [#00FFFF “Ah, Yes Sir I am Darians mother Anya.”] she bowed her head as she put out her arms. [#00FFFF “I brought over some Russian food and sweets I made, not only because you are new to the neighborhood but im sure my son has caused some problems around your son. Please forgive him. He means well but because of how he was brought up well he has been kind of rebellious.”] she spoke as she was offered a seat.

The womans hair was pitch black till about half way were it was a faded while and bright white at the tips. She sat down looking around.

[b Darian POV]

Darian woke up from his short nap hearing his mothers voice. [b “What is she doing here?”] he said to himself before snuggling close with Kaneki hoping no one would come up if they did he would take the blame and say he snuck into the bed with Kaneki so no one would get mad at him.

[center [pic]]
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Kaneki softly hummed as he wrapped his arms around the bigger male. Sadly, not feeling his lovers warmth. He wished he could and wondered what it would feel like. He couldn't feel many things. Pain, heat, cold.....some emotions. It hurt him to know that, but at least he had someone to give those things to him. He snuggled against him and threw the blanket over themselves and he closed his cyan eyes until he fell asleep.

[font "letter" Brooklynn, Tasya's and Ren's P.O.V]

Brooklynn continued making dinner, cutting her finger on a knife when cutting up potatoes and he slightly jumped back [+maroon "Damnit!"] she says in a slightly angered tone and Ren looked up from the chair he was in and spoke up [+red "You okay honey?"] and Brooklynn laughed softly [+maroon "Just a cut, nothing bad"] she says and continues cutting the food. Ren looked over to the door and Tasya looked over. Putting her favorite stuffed cat down and walking over [+pink "Hew- MS.MORTEMMM!"] she squealed and jumped up and down, hugging her legs and grinning insanely. Ren looked over and stood up, stretching slightly and walking over. [+red "Ah! Welcome miss, come in please. You must be Darian's mother I assume?"] he says. Tasya walked back over to her stuffed cat and picked it up. Holding it close. She loved the thing so much. Brooklynn looked over and spoke out quickly [+maroon "Oh hello miss! Yes, come in, have a seat"] she says and puts the food in the oven and puts the timer on walking over and smiling.
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Darian smiled as his arm was held. [b “You can go back to sleep my love I will be here all night. Your need some rest your arm is bad and my body is beat.”] he spoke happily wrapping his arms around him his hand began to throb.

[b “Im going to have to be at Gabriels side when we are at school but know that he knows I belong to you, he wont let anyone use me and no one will touch you.Well besides me. I want to right now I want to kiss you all night long and make love to you, but im in to much pain and im super tired.”] he spoke wrapping his arms around Kaneki slowly falling asleep.

[center [b Darians mother]]

She smiled making some good Russian food she put some in containers bringing them next door she knocked trying to call Darians cell phone but it went straight to voice mail because he had left his phone at home. So she waited till someone answered the door.
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Kaneki continued sleeping, hoping Darian would be alright. But he knew he hurt at the moment and he was scared slightly. His bandaged wound was by his side, so that nothing bad happens to it while sleeping or.....taking a nap that is.

Brooklynn P.O.V

[font "letter" 'Maybe I should take him to the hospital.....yeah, maybe later aft-' he jumped when the house door was suddenly opened and she was making dinner. He heard him yell out [b “I'm back i'm going up to check on Kaneki sorry I let myself in.”] and she let out a breath [+maroon "Of course honey! Come anytime"] she says, though, was scared as fuck when he suddenly came in. She sighed and continued making dinner.]]

Kaneki's P.O.V

Still sleeping, all he heard was the door, his mother and....Darian. Of course, he didn't want to get up, so he closed his eyes and snuggled further into the blanket's until he was suddenly greeted with larger arms around him and kisses on the back of his neck. Slightly stirring he let out a soft groan and held onto one of the arms [+blue "Mmm....Dariann, I was sleeping"] he mumbled in a sadden tone. Then turned around and smiled to him.
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Darian flinched as the smaller male startled his lap his face still focus on Kaneki’s room. [b “Gabriel, My body belongs to that beautiful man over there so trying to do anything with me wont work I wont do it.”] he spoke softly and Gabriel got off laughing.

[#008888 Okay okay I see, I wont do anything like that to you but at school you will be my dog and do as I say. I control you.”] he spoke getting off of him. [b “Your mother is a nice and caring woman, So don’t worry I wont give your information. I guess when we first met we got off on the wrong side. Ill get my revenge and embarrass you but your mother nothing bad will ever happen to her, While you were next door me and the wonderful woman downstairs talked about a lot of things treat her well Ivan.”] He waved leaving.

Darian got up showing Gabriel the door kissing his mothers head before leaving to Kanekis home, He let him self in. [b “Im back im going up to check on Kaneki sorry I let myself in.”] he shouted running up to Kaneki blushing as he walked in on him sleeping. The pink haired male crawled in bed behind him wrapping his arms around him kissing the back of his neck.
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He rested his head on Darian's chest and then stopped and listened to him. A splint? Cast? What are those? Of course, Kaneki never really knew what they were called except for when he had them on. His mother never told him what they were and just say they will take away the pain when he was young. That's when his mother figured out he had CIPA and didn't feel pain.

He then softly purred to the kiss and kissed back, only to linger for more as he told him he punched a mirror and then said it would heal, he knew that Darian could feel pain and he should go to the doctors instead of him. He sighed as he watched Darian walk off, Kaneki touching his own lips, still lingering for more.

Brooklynn was downstairs preparing supper and lightly jumped when she heard Darian's voice [+maroon "Oh! Of course honey! Come anytime"] she says and continues cooking, a little worried. Then tilted her head. The doctors? She sighed and looked at what she was preparing an continued to cook.

Kaneki looked around and sighed, feeling a little light headed. He laid down on his bed, threw a small blanket over him, wanting to take a small nap before Darian came back over, closing his cyan eyes slowly
  Kaneki / X-2S9 / 1y 18d 21h 11m 30s
Darian continued to hold him close as he leaned back. b [Are you sure it doesn’t hurt we should still go to the hospital to put it in a splint or cast what ever the doctor says you need.”] he spoke softly petting his head with his uninjured hand.

[b “Oh right I forgot about it I punched a mirror, im fine I just need to wrap it up again hopefully it will stop bleeding, im sure it will hurt tomorrow but my face and body hurts the worst.”] he spoke kissing him once again. [b “I am going to go talk to Gabriel and see what he needs then I will e back over here and spend the night with you, after we get you to the doctors.”] he spoke heading downstairs.

[b “Ill be right back Ma’am I just have to take care of the person at my home and then we need to take Kaneki to the doctors.”] he left walking backover to his home seeing the male sitting drinking tea with his mother.

[#008888 “Ahh Darian your home, come lets talk more upstairs in your room shall we?”] He spoke and darian had no choice he took Gabriel to his room locking the door behind him. [#008888 “Seems as though you have been kicked from your group but that boy still likes hanging around you. But I came here to tell you that you will no longer have any trouble from me, cant say about my boys but I will no longer bug you as long as you do everything I say so sit.”] Darian sighed and sat on his bed looking behind him out the window hoping to See Kaneki.
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Kaneki thought for a moment, ugh, Evan was basically like Kaneki's old friend all over again. He sighed and his thoughts went back to when he first went into highschool in Mississippi, so many people. He had only 3 friends. And one of them had a crush on him since they were in 6th grade. It only made Kaneki get chills down his spine when he remembered what he had done.

Shaking his head he looked up at Darian and felt his heart beat faster as he was suddenly kissed, he purred softly and leaned forward. Deepening the kiss. He leaned back a bit. [+blue[b "My hand?.....oh"]] he says and looks down at his hand. Which was covered and looked slightly disfigured. He shook his head [+blue[b "'s fine"]] he mumbles and rests his head on Darian's chest.

[+blue[b " okay? Your hand is bleeding"]] he asks concerned. Of course, he couldn't feel pain, but he knew others can. Making Kaneki go into deep thought again. He remembered when it was 4th grade and his friends were playing. Then, one of them were suddenly hit with a rock. He wondered why he was crying. What was he feeling? That's when Kaneki, it is a rare condition to have CIPA. But it didn't worry him from the past. He bit his lip softly and mumbled [+blue[b " hurt?"]
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Darian didn’t mean to Ignore Kaneki’s mother but he was more worried about his lover than anyone else. Lover he thought to himself before shaking his head as he felt arms wrap around him o darian wrapped his arms around Kaneki pulling him as close as he could.

Darian rubbed the back of his head. [b “Yeah Evan has always been like that, if he likes something he keeps it close no matter what the cost and the cost was cutting all ties with me. But don’t worry Red and Ren are nothing like him so you will be fine with those two and at night you can be here with me either ill stay nights over here or you come to my house and we can do things right without alcohol.”] he winked holding his own bandaged bloody hand as he asked why Gabriel was there at his home.

Darian quickly closed the door looking back at Kaneki. [b “I don’t know why exactly he is there right now but the reason he had threatened me is because my mother and I are being hunted down. We had both changed our names to keep each other safe from my father. And Gabriel somehow found out so now I am pretty much a slave to him. I will not have a guy like him harm my mother I could careless about me but if my father finds out about her than he will kill her no questions asked and then take me home to take over the family business.”] he rubbed the back of his head before walking close to to kaneki pulling him to his chest kissing him passionately. [b “Is your hand okay Dear?”]
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Tasya's P.O.V

She nodded and held onto his neck so she didn't fall. She happily gave Darian's mother a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek to say thank you and they got to her house. Brooklynn looked over and smiled, then her smiled faded [+maroon "Oh my, honey your face! What happened?"] she spoke but then realized how fast he went up to Kaneki's room. He must be worrying. Tasya was taken upstairs and then placed down, and she quickly ran downstairs.

Kaneki's P.O.V

He growled and looked behind himself and felt his heart drop. His sister? She went over there? He felt heart broken his sister did that for him, but he looked at Darian and walked over to him and hugged him tightly, his bandaged hand staying at his side [+blue "Fucking Evan....."] he says and takes a step back. [+blue "Him? Me? A liking? As if, I don't like him, after all the shit he said. I'm lucky my mother knows you more than him, she doesn't believe him one bit..."] he says and he looks up at him.

Honestly, most people should be saying 'Ow my hand' or some shit, but he really doesn't feel anything. His mother had bandaged it when Tasya ran off. The little trouble maker. The one thing i'm worried about is her going near Evan, but she seemed to have taken a liking to Ray since he's the nicest. [+blue "Also....that guy with the purple....and Gabriel, there at your house with your mother? Why let them in?"] he says and looks at him with a worried expression.
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