Painless Love -Yaoi 1x1-

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Kaneki was....not a simple boy, he was told he had a disorder called congenital analgesia, which meant 'immune' to pain. Which he knew would be bad since he had no idea what it felt like.

Using nothing but his friends for help to know if he was hurt. But what he didn't know, was that he was having to move. Which would make him go to the new school, and get collided by questions if anything that was expose to be pain, not hurt him.

That when until he meets [name here] and everything seems to.......change. He started growing feelings for [name here], but [name here] didn't know about Kaneki's disorder. A lot of people never met someone with this disorder, which made the people think Kaneki was a monster.

Now, [name here] didn't know this. How would he react if [name here] fell in love with Kaneki? What if they got far enough to where pain might be involved?


Right then! Now that that's done! I'm sure you can obviously tell! There is going to be some stuff where we will have to skip or just take it to another site but whatever!

You don't need a skelly but what the hell! Give one if ya need it!

I also would like someone who could reply under a day or so. If ya'll got somethin up, I understand ^^

PM me if ya'll are wantin to join!!!!

Oh yeah, btw I want only anime pics


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