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In a magical land full of humans and creatures of all kinds, an ancient evil is brewing. It has been waiting for many eras to strike, knowing that the perfect moment would finally come. Unfortunately, that moment is approaching fast. All across the land, strange beasts have been spotted roaming. These monsters have slowly become more and more hostile, killing hundreds of innocents. Getting sick of the world's plummet into savagery and chaos, a small group has joined together to find the source of this evil and exterminate it for the rest of time.


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[i Virus watched the two females closely, he lost interest and gave Ame a quick glance, telling him to leave and the two wolves walk off back to where they were]

[i Back on the road they were once on. Virus changed back to normal and let out a large sigh] [b "I guess we should get home, huh bud?"] [i Virus says and looks down at the companion. Who looked tired]

[i Virus let out a small laugh and they turned around, walking down the gravel road, suddenly being stopped by two guys] [b "Virus! Hey buddy! You think you could come with us to the bar and we could talk?"] [i they said.]

[i Virus had no sign of going with them and he shook his head] [b "Ren, Dominic. I can already tell under those words you need money"] [i Virus let out an unimpressed sigh and threw them a bag of coins. They caught it and looked at him]

[b "So you can tell that well, huh?"] [i they said. Virus nodded, he also could smell the strong case of fireball whiskey] [b "Fireball? Hmm...."] [i Virus scrunched his nose up and shook his head] [b "You can smell that?"]

[i Virus looked at them with a 'are you kidding me' face] [b "Nothing can get passed this nose, which sucks"] [i he says and uses his pointer finger and thumb and rubs his nose twice and looks at them. The males laughed and the trio walked down the road]

[b "So! Where you 'goin, Virus?"] [i Ren asked and looked at him. Virus yawned slightly, his fangs showing] [b "I was going home, but that seems like a no go"] [i he says and the two laughed] [b "Well you bumped into us. Seem's like were 'gettin drunk and causing mischief!"] [i Dominic says and laughs.]

[i Now, this made Virus groan as he wanted to get some sleep. Have been working all day, killing things that were threats. He just wanted sleep] [b "Actually, i'll go home. I'm not in the mood for taking down anymore guards like last time"] [i Virus says[

[i Ren and Dominic whined] [b "But Viruuuuus!"] [i Ren said in a little kid tone] [b "Both of you are kids, now get lost boys. I gave you the money"] [i he says and the two nod, running off into the shadows. 'Those damn boys']

[i Virus was a block away from his house. He walked into the house and Ame ran into his bed and laid down tiredly] [b "Hmm? Not hungry? that you think of it, I ain't either"] [i Virus says and walks over to the couch, slumping into it]

[i Virus slowly drifted off into sleep and he knew it was probably going to be the same thine tomorrow. Letting out a large sigh, he finally fell asleep]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 156d 8h 59m 27s
'Clever wordplay and voice tone...I must admit...' Kynthia thought to herself as she heard the woman's respone. 'This woman [b must] be a noble if she uses such diction in such an intelligent fashion.' From her face, it was obvious that she had caught the smart part of what the woman had said. "Oh, I'm just your typical traveling mage." Kynthia said with a chuckle, lighting up her staff with a dark purple flame for a few seconds. "Although...I use a scarce form of magic compared to other mages." The fire on her staff went out. "Anyways...I was just passing through this town for a while before heading off onto another journey." Kynthia said with a little bow of respect.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 156d 20h 7m 47s
Lyanna glanced back at the woman who asked her something. What was she doing here? Was she not allowed to be here with the common folk? She had been asked something like that before and it rather annoyed her. Just because she had a noble name didn't mean she was all about the noble life. Sure the riches and such were nice, but she didn't need everything done for her.

[#6B0648 "Simply enjoying the marketplace."] She smiled in response. [#6B0648 "I thought I heard something down here so I figured why not check it out. Is there any reason you are here?"]

If it came off as a little smart, then they would be right. While most would think it just a simple answer and question, it was more Lyanna talking back without actually talking back in a rude sort of way. She was good at that, practically a master. And even if they did catch the smart response there wasn't much they could do about it.
  Lyanna Nightmour / Kikido / 1y 156d 20h 19m 15s
[i Virus looked down and sniffed. Smelling two females, both of them of different magic and such]

[b "Come on, Ame. Let's go see who these two are"] [i he says and turns into a wolf. Ame barked happily and they walked towards the smell. His muzzle sniffing around and he hid in bushes with Ame.]

[i He saw the two females. Blinking every once awhile, forgetting about the glow in his eyes]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 157d 3h 45m 30s
Kynthia continued to stroll down the streets, glancing around at the townspeople and what they were selling. She didn't see anything interesting...mostly simple foods or services. The mage girl continued on, taking a couple more turns here and there. Soon, she noticed a strange woman near an alleyway. 'Hmm...must be one of the nobles or something...' She thought to herself, noticing the woman's [i questionable] attire. "Excuse me, madam...but what are you doing?" Kynthia walked closer to the woman and saw her turn around.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 157d 3h 59m 2s
Of the Nightmour family, Lyanna was the youngest child of two, and only daughter. One of the highest families in the land, touching shoulders with the king himself, it was nearly impossible to find someone that didn't know of the family. From an early age, Lyanna knew of her family's duty and took that to heart. She trained long and hard to become a master at the crystals, a rare type of magic. Now, she traveled the land when the king needed her to, taking care of enemies and beasts that targeted innocent people.

The click of her heels on the stone sounded down the road of the marketplace, people being heard all around her. This town was like any other from a quick glance. Farmers, merchants, craftsmen, all kinds of people living side by side of each other. Lyanna liked that. The busy towns she went to always reminded her of home, the capitol of the country. While she lived in the noble quarters, she would travel into the main part of town almost everyday.

[#6B0648 "Let's see, there were reports of something here..."] She muttered to herself as she stopped by an alleyway. [#6B0648 "Though I don't see anything attacking out in the open like this...Too many hazards and chances of failing."]

Lyanna analyzed the surroundings, looking for something that seemed out of place. So far, she saw nothing. But that was just out in the open. The alleyways were a different story. Lyanna glanced back to the alleyway she stood in front of, wondering if perhaps something was there. There was only one way to find out.
  Lyanna Nightmour / Kikido / 1y 157d 4h 7m 14s
[i Virus let out a stressed sigh, another day of killing and finding out there were more monsters on the way from different towns. Luckily, the male had time to rest up]

[i Taking his leave from the bar and paying the bartender. He drank up the last of the drink he ordered and walked out of the bar with a soft smile on his face]

[i Instead of resting, he decided to take a stroll, his companion next to him. Who's name was Ame, followed closely next to him. The wolf's eyes shining a bright yellow in the light]

[i Virus continued walking down the graveled road. The only thing illuminating the road was a lantern Virus was holding. He took in a large sigh and let out a huff]

[i He stopped suddenly when Ame alerted something]
  Virus / NightSkyFox / 1y 157d 4h 30m 32s
Kynthia walked through the streets nonchalantly, twirling her staff around every once in a while. 'Just another boring town...I don't see anything special here.' She thought to herself as she took a right turn and walked down a different road. 'At least this place doesn't seem to be very affected by the recent appearances of the beasts, though.' The mage girl looked around at how cheerful everyone looked, despite the dire times they were in.
  Kynthia Sapphire / AskTheStaff / 1y 157d 4h 40m 56s

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