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Getting out of Seheron had been the hardest part of Fenris’s escape, the closest route to freedom for the elf was through Antiva, where he knew his former master had contacts, had reach. But he didn’t have much choice, so he’d travelled through Antiva to Starkhaven to Tantervale and finally into Kirkwall. Avoiding and in many more instances killing the mercenaries and slavers Danarius sent after him.

When Fenris had snuck into Kirkwall, he had nowhere to go and he didn’t know anyone except the dwarf, Anso, that had helped him into the city-state for a pretty penny. Fenris kept to himself and slept in hidden alcoves and kept away from the alienage. A couple of weeks passed before Fenris started seeing signs of Danarius’s slavers.

As Fenris had suspected the slavers started their search for him in the alienage. But it was only a matter of time before they stumbled upon him. So Fenris decided to seek out the dwarf that had helped him the first time.

It took longer than Fenris wanted, he was getting sick of having to sneak around but eventually Anso had found some mercenaries that were willing to help disband some smugglers.
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Hawke was running late. He had went to visit Bethany in the hospital and had ended up staying longer than planned. It wasn’t like he could leave on time anyways. The doctors had interrupted their time together to discuss her treatment options. As the begrudging Alpha of the Hawke family he had to be there to “make” any and all decisions when it came to her care. The decision made had turned into a match of wills between him and the doctor. The doctor suggested that he just let Bethany go right in front of her. It had taken her holding onto Hawke to keep him from outright slaughtering the man where he stood. He knew why the doctor would say something like that but it didn’t mean he had to be happy about it. So far no one knew what was wrong with Bethany with her organs were failing at an alarming rate. It had all started when his family left Lothering for Kirkwall. At the time they didn’t have any money to their name and it was up to Hawke to find away to acquire money. He finally fell, literally, into Athenril’s way. Instead of her ending Hawke’s life for stumbling into a deal she took him under her wings. The jobs she gave him allowed him to avoid the templars and pay for his sisters care. Said job was also what he was late to.

It was a new shipment of something that Hawke knew nothing about. He never asked about what he was smuggling in and out of the city. His only rules were that he would not deal in human lives and he wouldn’t deal with heavier drugs. Lyrium he could smuggle all day every day but harder drugs he couldn’t stomach messing with. Hawke had a lot of lines he wasn’t willing to cross but it was working out for him.

Hawke glared down at his phone as he waited for his taxi. Hightown was busy at this hour and he needed to get to Lowtown and then Darktown. Normally he would pick up cargo in one of the dens in the Wounded Coast but the guards were currently patrolling the area heavily. Some blood mage group had set up shop there and Hawke didn’t want to take the risk of getting caught between a skirmish. The cargo he was moving needed to make its way up to Hightown which Hawke could do. He may not live in the rich part of Kirkwall but he was welcomed with open arms in Hightown by the guards and merchants. If they only knew that he was smuggling goods and wasn’t the saint they thought he was then they wouldn’t let him in.

Finally the taxi picked him up. “Where to?” The driver asked as Hawke slid into the car.

“The Hanged Man.”

The ride to the tavern was boring at best. Normally Hawke would have taken another route to Darktown but he needed to meet with Varric first. Since this was the first time getting ahold of this contact he was playing it cautious. From the Hanged Man they would take a hidden path to Darktown. It added a little bit of time to the journey to do this but Hawke should only be a handful of minutes late. Then again in this type of business being late at all was frowned upon. But if his contact and Athenril had a problem with it then they would have to get over it quickly. There was no way he was going to wait to make a decision on his sister’s health so he can go do a job that he started for her.

Sooner than later he arrived at the tavern and paid his bill. Right outside stood Varric with a large shit eating grin on his face. “Hawke! You are late,” he called out.

“I know Varric. The doctor stopped me right as I was going to make my escape,” Hawke replied as the Taxi left and made a beeline towards Hightown.

The grin on Varric’s face instantly fell away. “How is she doing Garrett?” He asked as he made his way over to Hawke.

Hawke knew he couldn’t avoid answering when Varric used his given name. He could try to avoid the quest but it would get him nowhere. “Not good. The doctor wanted to let her die just because she is an omega. He said it in front of her, without hesitation. I can only imagine what he would say if he knew she was a mage. He is such an asshole,” Hawke hissed as he made his way into an alleyway that wasn’t too far away. The doctor that was overseeing Bethany was disgusting. He hated Omegas and Mages, calling them plagues upon society. Hawke has a feeling that his hatred stemmed from being a bitter and scorned beta but Hawke didn’t dare call him out in it. The doctor was so far the only one to really help Bethany so Hawke had to bite his tongue and not say everything he was dying to say.

Before Hawke could slide into a small opening Varric grabbed his elbow and stopped him. “You can always have a nice long talk to him about manners.”

A short and soft laugh left Hawke’s chapped lips. “That’s not my style Varric. Now come on I don’t want to be here for much longer. There is no telling what type of nasty things are lurking in this alley,” as he said this a big nug scurried across his foot. His nose scrunched up as he stared at the creature. “I hate this entry way,” he grumbled as he pushed the rotten wood out of the way before ducking in. It was a tight fit for the broad mage but not even a struggle for the smart mouthed dwarf.

After a couple long minutes of Hawke forcing his body through the tiny alleyway they made it to a hole in another wall which just happened to be one of Athenril’s hideouts. A guard on the other end of the wall gave Hawke an unamused look as he stumbled into the barely furnished room. Debris filled Hawke’s dark hair and his once clean clothes had some dust clinging too it. While Hawke looked a little rough Varric looked as if he hadn’t just gone through a narrow alleyway. Hawke grumbled a little as he dusted himself off and the guard just opened the door without a word.

Once Hawke felt decent he exited the room and then the building to be greeted with the smell of piss. Ah, Darktown was such a lovely place. Scrunching up his nose again he made his way to an abandoned building that was near the entry way to the Amell Cellar. This is where he was to meet his contact. Without hesitation he lifted his hand and knocked on the door. “Its Hawke,” he said in a low voice, eyes on the door. Varric was watching Hawke’s back, hand on Bianca which was hidden in his coat.
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