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Leon left for a few seconds and came back with a drink that was a mix of water and some herbs. It was made by Lucas, of course...but they always kept it in a certain place. Leon laid it on the table next to the bed for Rama to drink when she woke up.

  Leon Mui / AskTheStaff / 270d 1h 16m 25s
Rama smiled as she heard Leon's voice, as her tail started wagging back and forth. Her face was extremely pale.
  Rama Amor / RamaAmor / 270d 1h 19m 32s
Lucas opened the door and smiled solemnly. "Good morning, Leon. Rama is...sick today..."

Leon sighed and walked up towards his sleeping mother. "Sorry to hear you aren't doing so well, Mom..." He admitted to her as she slept.
  Leon Mui / AskTheStaff / 270d 1h 30m 15s
Rama was half asleep when Leon knocked on the door. "I think he's awake..." She quickly fell asleep once again.
  Rama Amor / RamaAmor / 270d 1h 41m 2s
Lucas laid the blanket over her and kissed her on the forehead. "You'll get better, hun." He whispered to her while she was asleep.
  Leon Mui / AskTheStaff / 270d 2h 36m 10s
Rama nodded, finishing the herb. She yawned, coughed, and passed out on the bed.
  Rama Amor / RamaAmor / 270d 3h 35m 23s
"I understand, hun. You need rest..." Lucas said, remembering the times Rama had been sick before.
  Leon Mui / AskTheStaff / 271d 2h 57m 36s
Rama sat up, nibbling the herb. She coughed again, wanting to go back to sleep. Everything felt fuzzy and just, ugh. "I think I'll stay in bed today..."
  Rama Amor / RamaAmor / 271d 3h 16s
"R-Rama, you'll be alright!" Lucas said, grabbing a medicinal herb and handing it to her to eat. The herb works like a cough drop, soothing the throat and lungs.
  Leon Mui / AskTheStaff / 271d 3h 25m 17s
Rama kept coughing, tears welling up in her eyes. She was obviously sick.
  Rama Amor / RamaAmor / 271d 10h 19m 23s
Lucas' ear twitched, hearing strange noises. Instinctively, he ran back to the bedroom and ran to Rama, worry appearing on his face. "R-Rama!"
  Leon Mui / AskTheStaff / 271d 16h 52m 22s
Rama simply started moving on the bed. Rather weirdly, too... Rama erupted into a coughing fit.
  Rama Amor / RamaAmor / 272d 9h 10m 20s
Lucas lightly kissed Rama on the cheek before finally going out of the room and walking to Leon's room. He knocked on the door, getting no response. "Sleepy-scales." He chuckled to himself.
  Leon Mui / AskTheStaff / 272d 15h 26m 34s
Rama stayed in bed, quickly falling back asleep. She looked incredibly peaceful.
  Rama Amor / RamaAmor / 272d 21h 46m 2s
Lucas yawned and stretched, looking over to Rama. "Heh...I guess it is." He said tiredly. " would be a smart idea for me to put some clothes on first." He chuckled and started to put on his garments.
  Leon Mui / AskTheStaff / 273d 12h 12m 23s

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