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So you have the good girl, who's only ever had like, one or two non-serious boyfriends, she has practically no life outside of school/work, and she comes from a very conservative type home. Well she finally decides to let her best friend hook her up with this guy the friends has been saying for months would be perfect for the good girl. Naturally, the good girl doesn't expect anything to come out of it and makes her friend promise to stick around the first time she's introduced to this guy. So one night her friend picks her up takes her to her house and tells her to dress nice, then they go out to where they're going to meet the guy. The good girl is shocked when they pull up to a massive group of people in the road; its the street racing scene. CUE BAD BOY. We can have them hit it off from the start or clash, its up to you. Either way, the good girl starts running around with the bad boy behind her parents backs and maybe her grades start to slip or something, or she misses her period , or she gets caught with him doing something illegal and her parents find out... Its very flexible. Drama packed. Quite fun.

I was thinking to add a little more drama maybe the bad boy could be older, like early 20s and the girl is still in high school. Its entirely up to you. Also for this role play I prefer to be the good girl. Just thought you ought to know
Name: Amy Rose Valaskin
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel

Status: Single

Bio: TBD


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Marie waited where the race had happened, ignoring her friends worries of getting stood up. She wore much nicer clothes, though she kept the colors as pink and black, and waited by her car. She say a car nearby, and noticed Amy. She waved to her, flashing the lewd sign so that only Amy could see it.
  Marie / RamaAmor / 5d 19h 1m 44s
[+purple Hey mom hey dad... Look im sorry i snuck out but i really wanted to go to this race...] Amy says to her parents when she enters the room.. looking down at her feet she frowns and waits for her parents to yell at her.. but they dont they just shake their heads and go back to their room... Amy heads upstairs and changes out of her clothes and lays in bed thinking about marie and her car.. she was excited to say the least and couldnt wait to see her tomorrow. The next morning Amy gets up and gets dressed as shes hears a car honk outside. She goes to her window and see Aubrey and Thackeray outside waiting on her. she rushes down her stairs past her parents and out the door to where her friends wait.
  Amy Rose Valaskin / MidnightJuniper / 5d 19h 8m 4s
Marie sighed. "I hope she makes it." She headed over to her car, filled it up on fuel, and drove to her small apartment. "Don't waste money you don't need to waste, don't get more space then you need." She opened the fridge grabbed a yogurt, and passed out on the couch. The yogurt was left half-eaten on the table.
  Marie / RamaAmor / 6d 6h 21m 34s
Amy blushes a little and turns towards her friends. [+purple lets come back here tomorrow okay? i wanna go for a ride with her.. Guys i dont know what it is about her but i think im starting to fall for her.] Amy says softly as they turn to walk back to their car. Amy gets home her parents are in the living room waiting for her..
  Amy Rose Valaskin / MidnightJuniper / 6d 17h 13m 28s
Marie went off in a flash, keeping ahead the whole time. She threw a burning cigarette at the person behind them, and laughed. She was full of adrenaline as she screeched to a halt. She had won. She claimed her money prize, and walked over to Amy. "How about a second prize~" She said in a rather flirtatious way. "Meet me here tomorrow for a ride around town, my treat. Your friends can come too~" She walked away, swinging her hips in an exaggerated way. "Ta ta~"
  Marie / RamaAmor / 6d 18h 21m 57s
Flabbergasted Amy looks at Aubrey and Thackeray and blushes bright pink smiling she looks down at the number in her hand. "[+red Amy who was that? and why did she come over her and just pretty much gave you her number and then kissed your nose?!]" Thackeray asked Amy nudging her.. Aubrey was to shocked to say anything and just looked between Amy and the girl who was walking away.. "[+purple Her name is Marie and she just called me cute guys.]" Amy says blushing even more. The horn sounds off and you can here someone tell the racers to please bring their cars to the starting line and to get into places... Aubrey Squeals and pulls Amy towards the starting line so they can watch the racers. the guy over the speaker speaks [+green this race is one lap.. Racers will go down this road here and go around that barrel up ahead and race back here and cross the finish line. The prize? you all may be wondering? 800,000$. So Racers are you ready?!!!] Amy and Aubrey and standing there watching as the racers rev their engines.. [+green On your marks Get Set Go!!] the announcer said and they were off the racers were racing and who was in the lead none other than Miss Marie.
  Amy Rose Valaskin / MidnightJuniper / 6d 18h 28m 23s
Marie chuckled as the girl played with her hair, how cute. " Name's Marie, and y'know..." She grabbed the girl's chin, making their faces dangerously close. "You're kinda cute~" She used her other hand to take out her cigarette, throwing it onto the floor and smothering it with her foot. She gave the girl a quick kiss on the nose, and stopped. She went back to full height, handing them her phone number, and leaving.
  Marie / RamaAmor / 6d 18h 47m 1s
Amy was shocked when one of the racers approached her and started talking to her. Amy was so mesmerized by the girl's looks that she wasn't really paying until the girl asked her what her name was "[+purple Amy... Amy Rose Valaskin... And you are?]" Amy asks shyly and timidly playing with her hair and watching the girl smoke her cigarette.
  Amy Rose Valaskin / MidnightJuniper / 6d 20h 49m 22s
Halfway through her fifth cigarette, Marie noticed a rather good-looking girl in the crowd. She locked eyes with them for second. She just had to meet them, no matter what. She instinctively did the rather lewd sign of two fingers and your tongue out, and began to make her way through the crowd. She eventually got to Amy, letting out a puff of smoke in the opposite direction. She looked Amy up and down. Definitely sexier up close. She got rather close to Amy, almost uncomfortably so. "I'm Marie, one of the racers," She said, "Who might you be~"
  Marie / RamaAmor / 7d 17h 9m 55s
Amy, Aubrey, and Thackeray All arrived 30 mins before the race startedand were working their way through the crowd towards where all the racers were. Amy was getting whistled at the whole time and it was making her blush. Aubrey noticed and gave her best friend a squeeze and smiled before leaning in close to whisper into Amy's ear [+blue Loosen up Am you are fine and doing great relax!] Aubrey said enthusiastically. Amy rolls her eyes and looks around abosrbing her surrondings. Thackeray tugged on her arm to get her attention. [+red Amy you going to be okay? you look pale and like you are gonna barf please dont barf i wouldnt be able to stand it and would end up puking with you.] Thackeray said before giving her a hug. Amy smiles and scans the crowd again when her eyes stop on one of the female racers who was shining her Pink and black car.
  Amy Rose Valaskin / MidnightJuniper / 7d 20h 21m 34s
Marie was on her fourth cigarette, and got off the hood. The race would start in thirty minutes, and she decided to make sure that she was ready. She checked everything on her car, and gave it a quick shine. The crowd had grown quite a bit, but she didn't see anyone she was interested in. She sighed, letting out a puff of smoke as she finished her fourth cigarette and started her fifth.
  Marie / RamaAmor / 7d 20h 36m 35s
As Amy is getting dressed Aubrey is texting on her phone with a couple of the guys and girls they are meeting up with her fingers flying across her screen.. When Amy steps out of her bathroom in a short black pleated mini skirt a chest hugging red blouse and some wedges Aubrey dropped her phone and gasped she had never seen her best friend look so hot before. [+blue Jesus Amy i didn't know you could look so hot! why dont you dress up more? it suits you better then you baggie shirts and your skinny jeans and a beanie.] Aubrey smiles and walks over to Amy Already dressed in an outfit that semi matches Amy's and gives her a hug.. [+purple I dont know Aubrey i feel kinda Slutty and not me you promise we dont have to stay at this race thing long right? I don't wanna get caught by my parents and end up grounded.] Amy says hugging Aubrey back. Just then they here a quiet carhorn and they look out the window.. Down in her neighbors driveway sits Aubrey's boyfriend who is standing outside his car waving up at them.. [+blue Okay Amy its time to go and yes i promise we wont be long now lets get out there and shine!]
  Amy Rose Valaskin / MidnightJuniper / 7d 20h 40m 49s
Marie laughed with her friends as she headed to the streetrace. She had been challenged by one of the fastest racers in the city, and couldn't help the opportunity of going up a rank. Her car, SheDragon, was one of the fastest cars. It was decorated with pink and black, and Marie told everyone that it could win any race if she's at the wheel. She arrived, taking out a small box of cigarettes. She sat on the hood of her car, took one out, and lit it on fire. She puffed out a cloud of smoke as she waited for the crowd to get larger.
  Marie / RamaAmor / 8d 3h 2m 49s
Amy was upstairs in her room with her best friend Aubrey who had some how miraculously gotten her to go out tonight against her parents wishes. Aubrey was bouncing around helping Amy get dressed and ready for their night out in the town. “[+blue Amy will you sit still and quit fighting we gotta stay quiet you know this, or else your parents are gonna come up here and catch us.]” Aburey said as she was teasing Amy’s hair.. “[+purple I would sit still if you were yanking my hair out of my scalp Aubrey.]” Amy replied quickly and quietly so she didn’t wake her parents up down the hall.
  Amy Rose Valaskin / MidnightJuniper / 8d 6h 44m 33s

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