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So you have the good girl, who's only ever had like, one or two non-serious boyfriends, she has practically no life outside of school/work, and she comes from a very conservative type home. Well she finally decides to let her best friend hook her up with this guy the friends has been saying for months would be perfect for the good girl. Naturally, the good girl doesn't expect anything to come out of it and makes her friend promise to stick around the first time she's introduced to this guy. So one night her friend picks her up takes her to her house and tells her to dress nice, then they go out to where they're going to meet the guy. The good girl is shocked when they pull up to a massive group of people in the road; its the street racing scene. CUE BAD BOY. We can have them hit it off from the start or clash, its up to you. Either way, the good girl starts running around with the bad boy behind her parents backs and maybe her grades start to slip or something, or she misses her period , or she gets caught with him doing something illegal and her parents find out... Its very flexible. Drama packed. Quite fun.

I was thinking to add a little more drama maybe the bad boy could be older, like early 20s and the girl is still in high school. Its entirely up to you. Also for this role play I prefer to be the good girl. Just thought you ought to know
Name: Amy Rose Valaskin
Height: 5'3
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Hazel

Status: Single

Bio: TBD


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Marie took out her phone. "Micheal, hun, get us out of this situation with the police. Yup, same spot." She hung up, smirking. "I've been in this situation before, love, I can get us out. Michael's someone you can trust your life to." She smoked calmly, as if none of this was happening. Honestly, she actually looked [i bored].
  Marie / RamaAmor / 37d 7h 52m 25s
[+purple Well from the sounds of it the cops are no longer searching but they will be searching for your fancy Race car here Marie] Amy says softly before looking at the ground. [+purple please for the love of all that is unholy tell me you have another noconspicuos vehicle hat we can use to get out of this sticky situation you got us into Marie].
Marie was shocked, the lit cigarette falling onto the road as she turned bright red. "Th-that was...interesting..." She stomped on the fallen cigarette, taking out a new one and lighting it as the blush went away. She let out a large cloud of smoke. "So, do you know what to do next, or should we just talk for a while?"
  Marie / RamaAmor / 38d 9h 36m 39s
Shaking her head Amy walks over to Marie and kisses her fully in the lips and steps back before walking over to her best friends and points a finger at Aubrey. [+purple If any word if what’s happened here today gets out I will never forgive you and we will no longer be friends do you understand me?] Amy says before turning around looking at Marie.
Marie sighed. "Y'know, I didn't really have a choice. If they caught me, I would have never been able to see you again! Besides, your friends enjoyed it." She sighed, and lit a cigarette. She let out a small puff of smoke, and left the car, keeping her distance from Amy, watching her pace back and forth.
  Marie / RamaAmor / 73d 18h 4m 36s
Amy looks at Marie like she is crazy and then squirms her way out of her arms getting out and slamming the door before looking around releasing the breath she had held...[+purple “she’s effing crazy.. she almost got us killed and she just ran from the cops if my parents are to find out they would kill me.] she mumbles to herself pacing back and forth trying to figure out what she is going to do.
  Amy Rose Valaskin / RenegadeAngelJuniper / 73d 23h 20m 17s
Marie simply kept going, pulling sharp turns as she started driving with only one hand, wrapping the other around Amy. "I've gotten away before, I can again!" After almost an hour, the sirens faded to a stop as Marie parked in what seemed to be the middle of nowhere, sighing as she held Amy close. "Is everyone okay?"
  Marie / RamaAmor / 77d 17h 38m 55s
Looking around in shock as they hear the sirens Amy gasps and holds on for dear life.. [+purple Marie just pull over him running from the cops isn’t gonna help you out at all] Amy says tapping her shoulder and looking into the back seat where here other two friends were. She expected to see them scared but they were. They were actually enjoying themselves.
Marie hugged her back. "No prob!" She swiftly picked them up in a bridal style and headed to her car. She set Amy down and got in the car. Once everyone was seated, she started to drive. It was at speed limit, but she became faster as police sirens sounded. "Hang on!" She yelled, as she went as fast as possible, flooring the gas pedal.
  Marie / RamaAmor / 78d 18h 7m 54s
Blushing Amy and her friends stop the car and get out .. Aubrey smiles at Marie and they all start walking towards her. Amy decided to go with her typical Skinny jeans MCR band tee and her mint green Beanie her grandmother had made her before she passed away. “[+purple Hey Marie thank you so much for inviting us for a ride out on the town in your car I myself am super super excited]” Amy says walking up to Marie and giving her a hug..
  Amy Rose Valaskin / MidnightJuniper / 90d 9h 8m 35s
Marie waited where the race had happened, ignoring her friends worries of getting stood up. She wore much nicer clothes, though she kept the colors as pink and black, and waited by her car. She say a car nearby, and noticed Amy. She waved to her, flashing the lewd sign so that only Amy could see it.
  Marie / RamaAmor / 97d 9h 49m 54s
[+purple Hey mom hey dad... Look im sorry i snuck out but i really wanted to go to this race...] Amy says to her parents when she enters the room.. looking down at her feet she frowns and waits for her parents to yell at her.. but they dont they just shake their heads and go back to their room... Amy heads upstairs and changes out of her clothes and lays in bed thinking about marie and her car.. she was excited to say the least and couldnt wait to see her tomorrow. The next morning Amy gets up and gets dressed as shes hears a car honk outside. She goes to her window and see Aubrey and Thackeray outside waiting on her. she rushes down her stairs past her parents and out the door to where her friends wait.
  Amy Rose Valaskin / MidnightJuniper / 97d 9h 56m 14s
Marie sighed. "I hope she makes it." She headed over to her car, filled it up on fuel, and drove to her small apartment. "Don't waste money you don't need to waste, don't get more space then you need." She opened the fridge grabbed a yogurt, and passed out on the couch. The yogurt was left half-eaten on the table.
  Marie / RamaAmor / 97d 21h 9m 44s
Amy blushes a little and turns towards her friends. [+purple lets come back here tomorrow okay? i wanna go for a ride with her.. Guys i dont know what it is about her but i think im starting to fall for her.] Amy says softly as they turn to walk back to their car. Amy gets home her parents are in the living room waiting for her..
  Amy Rose Valaskin / MidnightJuniper / 98d 8h 1m 38s
Marie went off in a flash, keeping ahead the whole time. She threw a burning cigarette at the person behind them, and laughed. She was full of adrenaline as she screeched to a halt. She had won. She claimed her money prize, and walked over to Amy. "How about a second prize~" She said in a rather flirtatious way. "Meet me here tomorrow for a ride around town, my treat. Your friends can come too~" She walked away, swinging her hips in an exaggerated way. "Ta ta~"
  Marie / RamaAmor / 98d 9h 10m 7s

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