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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Quicksand]

[Center [quicksand [i I remember when it all began many years ago. The waters started to rise and they didn't stop, the earth was beginning to flood. Nothing could save us as the ice caps melted and the sea levels rose, nothing could stop the deadly waters.]]]

[Center [quicksand [i I was only a little boy when that happened and I watched as we sailed away from everything we knew. We packed into a space ship so tight that you could barely move and took off for the safe haven in space. As we exited the atmosphere the flooding finally won and covered all dry land until there was none left. The earth became a sea.]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/JytbANN.gif]]
[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/3wFmiDk.jpg]]

[center [quicksand Two thousand years has passed since the earth flooded and humanity had to flee it. Since leaving earth, humanity has gathered in a space station called "The Safe Haven". It is here they started over to build new lives. Green houses where built in space-station like buildings to create food for the humans, and technologies began to advance with the help of the few supernatural creatures saved. Humanity seemed to be evolving at high rates until it hit a plateau and a problem. Humanity was running out of space on their space station, and plants that once grew in numbers began to die off becoming rare or extinct.]]

[center [quicksand So an idea was born in the depths of Safe Haven's main counsel. A eight man team would be put together to return to earth and see if it was habitable once more. If that failed at least try to salvage what they could find of plants and perhaps bring back some to revive their dying population. The dangers they will face on earth is unknown, for the planet has been abandoned for so long. What will they find upon their arrival? Only time will tell. Embark on this journey with me by joining [u Saving Earth.]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/3wFmiDk.jpg]]
[center [quicksand [size20 Character Sheet]]]

[center [quicksand Image Link:]]
[center [quicksand Username:]]
[center [quicksand Full Name:]]
[center [quicksand Age: 18+]]
[center [quicksand Gender & Sex:]]
[center [quicksand Species: {Human, Elf, Ect.}]]
[center [quicksand Pronouns:]]
[center [quicksand Duty: {Cook, Navigator, Mechanic, Warrior, Ect.}]]
[center [quicksand Height:]]
[center [quicksand Weight:]]
[center [quicksand Background:]]
[center [quicksand Sexuality:]]
[center [quicksand Likes: {Three or more}]]
[center [quicksand Dislikes: {Three or more}]]
[center [quicksand Personality: {Three or more}]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/3wFmiDk.jpg]]
[center [quicksand [size20 Job Descriptions]]]

[center [quicksand The Chef; Is in charge of cooking every meal for the team. They must keep track of food, how much, and what is distributed. They are also in charge of minding the diets of each passenger.]]

[center [quicksand Navigator: Is in charge of navigating. They will guide the pilot and the co-pilot to earth and around earth once they arrive there.]]

[center [quicksand Mechanic: Is in charge of all ship maintenance. They are the ones to fix the ship if something goes wrong.]]

[center [quicksand Pilot: Is in charge of driving the plane. They are to make sure everyone arrives to earth safely and returns safely. They do not do any mechanical work as that is the point of a mechanic.]]

[center [quicksand Co-Pilot: Is in charge of assisting the pilot in getting to earth. They are in charge of the safety of all crew members. Like the pilot they do not do any mechanical work on the plane.]]

[center [quicksand Earth Expert: Is in charge of providing knowledge in traveling around earth. They are studied up on the species that reside on earth and more.]]

[center [quicksand Medical Personal: Is in charge of taking care of those injured or sick on the plane. They are meant to stay with the ship or the crew and never wander to far in case of an emergency.]]

[center [quicksand Oceanographer: Is in charge of knowing about the ocean and ocean life on earth. Like the earth expert they have done research on earth before hand. They are also in charge of knowing the plants that reside under water. They work side by side with the earth expert.]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/3wFmiDk.jpg]]
[center [quicksand [size20 Cast]]]
|| Chef || Navigator || Mechanic || Pilot || Earth Expert || Medical Personnel || Oceanographer || Co-Pilot
| [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397267 [quicksand Mila]] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397297 [quicksand Clayton]] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=372208 [quicksand Nim]] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397442 [quicksand Ron]] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397204 [quicksand Franklin]] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397161 [quicksand Aithlin]] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397216 [quicksand Dolton]] | [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=397408 [quicksand Syviis]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/3wFmiDk.jpg]]
[center [quicksand [size20 Rules]]]
Literacy: I am asking for at least 1200+ Characters.
Posting: This will be a slower moving role-play. As many of us have real lives outside of es, work, or are in school. Patients will be necessary in this role-play.
Grammar: I ask for proper grammar please.
Cybering: It's against the rules guys, if you want to do so please take it off site. I'd hate for anyone to get banned.
Romance: It can happen but it will be in the background and not the main focus of the story. The main focus is adventure, mystery and survival. However if you want some romance go ahead it's just not necessary.
Pictures: I'm asking for animated/illustrated photos.
Homosexuality: It may be present in the role-play. So may transgender, generfluid and other peoples.
Violence: There may be violence in this however that does not mean GOD MODING. God moding, or the control of someone else's character without their permission, is not allowed.
Story: If your confused on anything let me know. We all can work more on what we want to happen after everyone has joined.
Joining: Pm me with your skeleton and title it with your favorite mystery series. This is NOT first come first serve. So you may not get accepted right away. Even if I have written with you before.


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[#9251c1 "Frankieeee you've been looking that letter over all morning. And you promised that you would be coming with me to dance practice!"] Franklin's younger sister Sharla whined as her hands were on her hips.

A slight smirk came to the man's lips and he shrugged. [b "You could always have mother or father go with you Shar. I've actually decided to take up this offer and so need to get a move on if I intend to be on time at all."] Though as he spoke, the smirk was gone and he actually gave a softer more gentle smile, one that happened to be reserved for people that he actually cared about.

A bottom lip puckered out and tears stung bright blue eyes as they locked with the man's dark brown. [#9251c1 "So...so you are actually going then? This..this means I won't get to see you or spend time with my favourite brother anymore!"] The girl whimpered out, trying her hardest to not let her tears fall down her cheeks.

The truth was he had made the choice about a week earlier but had not wanted to tell his sister because he knew that she would throw a fit and that she would try and get him not to do it. He loved her to bits, he really did but this was a chance he had been waiting for. It was a new adventure and something new to do since he was about three hundred. It was also something none had tried before given the history that they all knew so well of how humans and some supernaturals had escaped. This was the chance of a lifetime and to see for himself just what had happened.

[b "Come on Shar...it's not going to be forever. I promise when I get back you and me can do anything you want. I'll even wear one of those stupid pink tutus of yours and help you practice ballet."] He said and gave his little a sister a wink to which she smiled and laughed.

[#9251c1 "You better keep to it! I'm going to miss you!"] His sister whined as she hugged him.

It took him about an hour longer to get his little sister to fully be okay with the idea of him leaving. Okay so she wasn't okay with it, but at least he had her reassured that he would be back and he would spend as much time as he could with her when he did return. Frankie wasn't usually a softy, but for those who actually meant something to him, the man for lack of better wording was a softy and ALMOST a teddy bear, but that was ONLY if he found himself caring for someone or someones.


When he had gotten home from his parents' home, the man had scrambled around the appartment that he shared with his bestfriend Alex. Alex of course was nowhere to be found as the other man would be out of the "house" for days on end with random women he met at work or even at bars. It always amazed Frankie when his best friend did happen to grace him with his presence for more than a few hours at a time. But he couldn't focus on those facts and quickly began to pack all his clothing, books and anything else he deemed necessary to take with him since he was already running late in being down at the dock.

Once he had checked and rechecked the appartment, the fallen angel wrote a note for his roommate. It was simple telling the other that he would be gone and had decided to take up the offer of being the Earth crew's Earth Expert. He also told the other man he did not know when he would be back but asked that he did keep Shar company as he knew his little sister was quite fond of him. And when he had done with his slight note, Frankie put it on the kitchen counter and grabbed his cases to go and left.

The docking port wasn't too terribly far from he lived, but given the many cases the man had his arms hurt like hell when he did finally arrive. And when he did, the man noted five others waiting outside the ship. He was curious if they were all the best in their positions and how all of them would get on. The man himself knew he wasn't the easiest person in the world and so could only imagine the "fun" it would be.

[b "Hey...sorry for being late..but see I'm not the only one.. There are still a few others? Or am I the last to arrive?"] Franklin asked. Not his best introduction of himself, but the man though good at his job was a little withdrawn and more introverted. It was how he was until he opened up. And as he waited for either an answer or to see if others arrived, the fallen angel male leaned on the side of the ship and brushed his long dark locks back from his face with his fingers, eyes wandering from those he had just come upon. [b "By the way, the name's Franklin, but Frankie unless in trouble. Nice to meet ya."]
  Vandabolt / SheDevil / 1y 9d 3h 14m 41s
[center [size14 [font "Georgia"
Dodging through a busy kitchen full of waiters and cooks, a young tiny woman could be seen popping her head up through the chaos on her tippy-toes, looking around for something. Her eyebrows rising above her glasses when she spotted the older woman she was looking for she pushed through gently underneath arms of waiters carrying out food.
[b[#7d2b4f "Mum! You said to come say goodbye to you before I left~"]] Mila spoke up over the general controlled chaos as a woman who looked very much like an older version of her daughter loudly shouted out orders to each part of the kitchen and making sure that dishes were going smoothly as they prepared for the lunch rush at the restaurant as her eyes settled on her eldest daughter. Motioning for one of the other chefs to take over momentarily she went to give the young woman a near bone-crushing hug.
[b "You have everything you need?"] She asked holding her daughter at arms length and looking her over, tucking back a strand of Mila's hair behind her ear and straightening the collar of her shirt. Ever since the word had gone round that a special mission headed to earth was in need of a chef, both the restaurant and June family had been abuzz with gossip, and when her mother and her partner at the restaurant had recommended her for the job the June matriarch had been particularly fussy over making sure that she would do well and be safe.
Since agreeing to join the mission she had been off and on the ship itself, discussing the best way to lay out the kitchen to comfortably accommodate one main cook and the occasional help, making lists of ingredients and getting very vague descriptions of the nutritional needs of each member of the crew, giving her next to no idea how to plan their first meal and desperately hoping that they would enjoy what she would prepare for them. With the help of most of her family she had compiled a rather expansive variety of recipes into a cookbook of sorts in case she needed any inspiration or a reminder of her friends and family if she grew homesick. She knew quite well that she would eventually learn the likes and dislikes of each person- hopefully through conversation rather than awkward trial and error- but she couldn't help but be a bit nervous about actually leaving and getting down to cooking for a group of eight diverse crew members.
[b[#7d2b4f "[i Yes] mum, you know that I've been double and triple checking everything I need."]] Mila replied, batting away her mothers hand as she was about to take a thumb to wipe some invisible spec of dirt from her face. Taking a step back she gestured vaguely to the clothing she had chosen for her first impression, consisting of a pair of dark jeans, a black chef's double breasted jacket, a pair of recently cleaned black tennis shoes reminiscent of old Converse that had the laces and insoles replaced to be pristine. Her plain black-rimmed glasses were clean for once and her long burgundy-dyed hair had been slicked back into a simple ponytail. [b[#7d2b4f "Am I approved?"]]
Her mother nodded in approval and after a few moments of additional fussing and reassurances, she was permitted to leave after another bone-crushing hug and had promised to come back in one piece.
Stepping out of the busy kitchen and taking in a deep breath, Mila took a moment to settle herself before walking in the direction of the ship, carrying her two bags with her.
[pic http://i.imgur.com/YrngCY5.png]
Stepping onto the docking platforms for the ships Mila spotted four of the other crew members that had already arrived. Two rather tall crew members seemed to be elves, as well as a slightly shorter young blond man and young woman with fiery red hair. She immediately realized upon coming closer to conversational range that she was the shortest by far, the closest to her height being just tall enough to be noticeably taller then herself, sparking her insecurities but not letting herself become bothered by them. After all, she had gotten used to being the smallest for quite a while now, especially since her twelve year old sister had recently grown taller than her as well. She straightened her shoulders and flashed a broad smile to the other crew members.
[b[#7d2b4f "Hello! My name's Mila, and I'll be the resident chef for this mission."]] She spoke cheerfully, bouncing on her heels slightly as she was prone to do when she was nervous.
  |Mila June| / DanceMyDear / 1y 9d 3h 35m 44s
So many things were going through her mind. She was leaving her one and only home and knew naught when she'd return to it, she was heading to the planet Earth for the first time in her life, and that she was in charge of fixing the ship if anything broke down.

Nim was standing against the metal door, which separated the station from the shop inside. She stood right up against it, her right hand touching the cold metal with the palm while the left hand held black straps to her duffel bag lying on the floor. The right side of her face was pressed to the metal, as well as the rest of her body. In a very quiet voice, NIm reassured her shop that she would come back in one piece. Many creatures passing by looked at her in an odd manner, but to her it was not odd; she did this to almost everything she owned.

What was odd for her was taking a long shower. Usually she took showers, the minimum to get out the machine oil and other greases and oils that made their way onto her skin and into her hair. She did not mind the smell as she was not bothered by the smell of a shop. But today she had taken a long shower, making sure that the smell of her shop was not lingering; first impressions were something, especially with a group of people who you'd be living with in a ship for who knew how long.

Nim's bright red hair was currently an extremely dull, boring shade of red from the shower. The smell of various greases and oils had been replaced by that of pleasant lavender. Her skin, usually smudged in those same greases and oils shone slightly. Nim felt extremely fresh, and felt that she could take on any mechanical breakdown, no matter how severe, that came her way.

Giving a last goodbye to her shop, Nim unpeeled herself from the metal door, hoisted her duffel bag on her left shoulder, and walked away.

It had been about a week and a half ago that she had been summoned to the council. She had been working on a project in her shop when the official came in with the written summons. Reading over the note, a certain nervousness overcame Nim as she wondered what she had done.

Getting to the council chambers, her nervousness about doing something were washed away; she instead became worried about leaving the space station and going down to earth as the ship's mechanic. Nim asked for some time to consider. Her request was granted, but they would only give her three days.

The next two days, Nim was a complete nervous wreck. She knocked things off the wall on accident, stressed about various inconsequential things, and occasionally lay in bed to relieve her headache from the unnecessary stress.

But in the end, she came to a conclusion. She had been stuck on this station her entire life, and she had always wanted to go someplace else just for fun. Besides, if the council was planning on sending a ship to Earth, the crew would need the best mechanic to get there and back again.

On the third day, she walked back to the council. Strolling in calmly, she agreed to their proposal.

And then a whole other hell began. Going over various blueprints and diagrams of the ship that would be used to convey them to Earth. Intensive practices of repairing every ship part that could break down. Going through an inventory of parts and tools that she'd need to take along with her and which would last long enough; this last part was the hardest, as she had to balance so the ship could still fly normally once it entered the Earth's atmosphere.

But here she finally was, strolling up to the loading dock where the ship would be. Nim was wearing tough and durable boots, grey hiking pants, a black t-shirt with a multi-color wolf design on it, and a black zip up hoodie which was opened. Around her neck was a silver chain, which went down under her t-shirt, it contained a black onyx stone, and a small copper clasp which contained a photo of her with her dad. The black and white duffel bag contained her work clothes, change of clothes, and various other personal items.

Walking closer to the dock, some of the crew had already arrived. Two elves, both the same skin tone but of different sex. There also what appeared as a human, but some creatures looked human but were definitely not human; until she talked to him, she'd not know.

It also looked like there was an introduction going along, so why not join it? Nim walked up to the group, [+purple "Hello.... Me name's Nim. I'll be the mechanic for this journey.."] Her voice was quiet, and came out somewhat nervous.
  Nim / NorthernWolves / 1y 13d 4h 43m 44s
[left [pic http://i68.tinypic.com/k50vns.jpg]][center [font "Tahoma" "[+goldenrod Alright, just one more set and then we can quit. I have to go pack for this trip, anyways.]" Syviis motioned to the bench where weights were waiting for them. Their partner for today was a gnome baker named Fabni who had, up until then, led a fairly sedentary life. Fabni let out a loud groan of despair when she saw the 50 pound weights on each side of the bar she was expected to lift. With an encouraging grin, Syviis helped spot her.

After another 20 minutes of lifting split between the two of them, Fabni and Syv parted ways; Fabni going back to therapy bake cookies, and Syv to hurriedly finish packing.

"[+goldenrod Don't forget to work out while I'm gone, Fabni!]" Syviis yelled after the gnome, but Fabni was long gone by that time. Syv sighed and thought about how they had gotten to this point in their life.

Three days former, Syviis had been called to the council chambers. When they had arrived, the Council had offered them a position as pilot on a mission to Earth. Eagerly, they had accepted, excited to prove their proficiency with flying. And so, here they were, with only 3 hours left before they were expected to board the ship, packing furiously to be ready in time.


Relief flowed through Syviis like a mountain river after the spring thaw when they realized they weren't the last one there, in fact, they were one of the first. There were only 2 other people on the docks, a scruffy, tired looking blond and a rather regal looking elf with his hair in a long braid. Judging by the deep flush spread across the blond's cheeks, they had just bumped into each other by accident. With a grin, Syv approached the two, hands already outstretched for shaking.

"[+goldenrod Hey there, you two! The name's Syviis, I'll be your pilot for this little excursion.]" Syv said boisterously, a warm smile cracking her face.
  c o p i l o t / monday- / 335d 8h 29m 0s
[font gentium [center It had been three days since Clayton Faughn, esteemed navigator prodigy, had been offered a new position as head navigator aboard an experimental flight back to Earth. At first, he had been somewhat reluctant to accept the offer made by the counsel--he was a quiet boy that preferred the solitude of working by himself rather than in a team, and having to work alongside seven other strangers didn't sit comfortably with him.

It wasn't until he found out that the head navigator of the Safe Haven, an old friend of his father and his "boss" of sorts, had recommended him for the position did he reconsider. In that case, it had felt like somewhat of a privilege rather than a burden--he had been the head navigator's first choice for an important mission, and he didn't want to let the man down.

Still, though, he was somewhat reluctant and fearful of the possibility of becoming trapped on Earth, unable to return to the Safe Haven.

Clayton was alone in the navigation room now, going over some of the older maps and star charts that had been drawn up long ago. All night, he had been awake going over everything he could find in the archives about Earth, its geography, and how to navigate it. Alas, many things had been lost over the years and what remained were somewhat irrelevant now that the Earth was entirely different, but he hoped they could come in some use.
He gathered up some of them, as well as his general navigation tools, and placed them neatly in his shoulder-bag. All of his other belongings were already on the ship, but he had wanted to take these items personally on with him. Looking up from his now clean desk, he gazed briefly at the clock on the wall and lifted his belongings; he was going to be late to board if he took much longer.

[pic https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/8b/Compass_rose_pale-50x50.png]

The station appeared empty at first, the occasional engineer scurrying past to double check the ship.
[i The ship]. It hit Clayton suddenly, that this contraption resting in the loading bay of the Safe Haven was going to transport him to Earth. It seemed fantastical, unreal. He felt a new wave of anxiety boiling in his veins as he stared profusely at the ship; it wasn't that he didn't trust its design and efficiency, but rather that he didn't trust the strangers in his so-called "crew". He hadn't even met them yet; had yet to judge their worth.

Caught up in his thoughts, he didn't notice the medic elf that had also arrived on the scene. At least, until he walked in to the man.
His shoulder bag slipped and he scrambled to place the strap back upon his shoulder before the fragile maps and books within fell out and got crumpled. After checking them for damage, he snapped in to realization at what he had done and jumped back somewhat, an embarrassed red crossing his cheeks. Making a once-over of the elf that he had clumsily collided with, Clayton noted the air of elegance that surrounded him. He was unfamiliar, but Clayton assumed he was one of his new crew members.
'[#e7c581 [b S-sorry. I didn't mean to--]]' He coughed nervously and looked away, feeling really rather rude. He took a deep breath and regained his composure, stopping himself from stuttering out a pathetic apology and further humiliating himself; instead, he intended to restart the encounter for a better first impression, despite his awkwardness. '[#e7c581 [b I'm Clayton Faughn, the Navigator that is to attend the mission to Earth. I hope you can forgive my clumsiness.]]'
  Cʟᴀʏᴛᴏɴ Fᴀᴜɢʜɴ / TheCrow / 1y 18d 7h 30m 25s
[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Cherry+Swash][center [Cherry+Swash Soft blonde hair gleams as the artificial lights hit it just right. Waves of gold whip back and forth as the young male hurries down the corridor towards the meeting room. It had only been moments ago when the young elf had received a call to come to the counsel room immediately. Aithlin thanked the gods he had not been in the middle of treating a patient when the call came, for the counsel was not patient.]]

[center [cherry+swash The silence as he walked down the halls had Aithlin's heart pounding in his chest. What could they possibly want? What could he have possibly done wrong? Was he being called before them for some sort of mal-practice? He had been careful not to violate any codes when doing his work. The anxiety that was hitting the elf was almost over whelming as he came to a stop before large wooden door with lion knockers on the front of it.]]

[center [cherry+swash Aithlin took a moment to look those knockers over. Rumor had it that it was a door saved from Earth many years ago, before all the flooding came down upon them. One of the last relics of a time long forgotten by the people of The Safe Haven. Reaching one hand out, Aithlin could feel the anxiety wash over him in a heavy wave. His throat going dry as a desert and all color draining out of his face as the doors swung wide open to let him in.]]

[center [cherry+swash As Aithlin glanced around he could see that the room was large and circular with lights that attempted to mimic the sunlight of earth. Around it sat large men in metal chairs all dressed in the same blue and grey uniform. It was almost as if someone had taken a copier and pasted these men along the chairs. All had the same grey hair, same dull eyes, same pale skin, and same wrinkles that covered their faces.]]

[center [cherry+swash [b "Aithlin Umelen"] A deep monotone voice came booming out so loud it bounced off the walls sending shivers down his spine. [+forestgreen "Yes sirs I am present."] Aithlin licked his lips nervously as he glanced from person to person. What on earth could they want? [b "We've called you here to bequest your answer to our question we asked of you a few days ago."] All breath rushed out of Aithlin's lungs as he felt a wave of relief rush over him. That's why they called him here? It was much better than what he had feared.]]

[center [cherry+swash Aithlin could remember them asking him like it was yesterday. His parents had not been thrilled when they received the word that their only son had been selected to go to Earth. [b "We request your answer. Will you, or will you not be joining the earth mission?"] Heart pounding and throat going even drier, if possible, Aithlin nodded and swallowed roughly. [+forestgreen"Yes sirs. I will be joining this mission." A rush of excitement hit Aithlin as he realized what he had just committed to.]]

[center [cherry+swash [b "Go then and gather your things. You will be meeting the crew in four hours in the loading station."]]]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/gCPKhGn.jpg]]

[center [cherry+swash Aithlin's heart was racing like a train as he walked towards the loading dock. The ever familiar friend known as anxiety starting to peak it's ugly head. What if he was the first one there? What was going to happen on this mission? It was dangerous, Aithlin knew that, and he also knew it may result in him never coming home. His parents had made sure to remind him relentlessly to be careful in case something where to go wrong.]]

[center [cherry+swash Everything had happened in such a whirlwind Aithlin hadn't really stopped to think about everything that was happening. Now as he walked down the metal ramp to the loading doc he could feel it sinking in. This was real, it was happening. As the ship came into view Aithlin could feel his heart practically jumping into his throat. Everything was taken care of, his equipment already on board the large ship. Now all that was left was to wait for the rest of the crew.]]
  єlf / -YouAreLoved / 1y 30d 18h 29m 6s

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