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The year 20XX, technology has managed to colonize Mars and make life easier. The economy seems balanced, and the government...could always be worse. It seemed like a normal world, if you didn't count the snake tails and dragon wings. The town of Faunora, known for being full of different races, not of skin color, but of creatures. Dragons, demons, angels, and many others live here, making a living and caring for their families. Sadly, racism and religion can't seem to die, and these "supernaturals" as they are called are treated as a minority. What will happen? Only tomorrow can tell.

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User: RamaAmor
Name: Glory Sinamor
Nicknames: Sin
Race/creature: Succubus
Appearance: Short and curvy, hot pink claw-like nails, hot pink boots going up to mid
thigh, tank dress just covering her undergarments, straps visible on the outside of her legs. Long pink tail with a heart shaped stinger at the end, a large horn on the left side of her head, a small one on the right. Dark latina skin, short, dark brown hair with pink highlights, dark red eyes. Large, dark pink bat-like wings with translucent black skin connecting it and allowing flight. A pentagram mark is visible on her shoulder.

Name: Lovan Marks
Nicknames: Lov, Lovey
Race/creature: Werewolf
Appearance:A muscular man, Lovan stands at six foot two and is very muscular with broad shoulders. He has chiseled cheek bones with strong features and deep, dark
brown eyes. His hair curls at the top and is usually kept short, almost black in color. His skin is tan and Lovan is a bit of an intimidating person.

User: ThisIsFenrir
Name: Nathan
Nickname: Fen
Race/creature: Wolf Dragon
Appearance: Standing at 6ft tall and a slim build, Nathan has green eyes and black hair. He has large black and red wings and two 4 inch horns going behind his ears. He has scales going down his ribs that are only visible in the daytime.

User: AskTheStaff
Name:Vaughn Urzo
Race/creature: Bat
Appearance: Purple hoodie with large wings coming out of the back, jeans, brown leather shoes, Bluish gray and white hair, deep ruby eyes, purple goggles, headphones around neck.
Bio: Vaughn is kind and honest, always giving you respect as long as you do the same for him. He is extremely free-spirited, not letting others control what he does with his life. He is extremely caring for those he loves and would do almost anything to make them happy. He got his nickname from his right eye, which acts like a mood ring.

User: Lypophrenia
Name: Cyriopagopus Lividus
Nickname: Cobalt
Race/creature: Tarantula
Appearance:Humaniod, except for six tarantula legs growing out of her body. Blue hair matching the color of the extra legs, can't wear pants so she always wears a skirt. Has bright green eyes. Usually wears sneakers and dark knee high socks. Typically wearing a brown jacket over a white collared shirt. Often seen with a scarf wrapped around her neck.


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Glory just sat there, feeling her cheek. Did he just...She got up and saw him shoot up into the sky. "Hey! You don't just kiss a girl and run!" She watched him fly away, knowing it would be impossible to follow him. She let out an annoyed sigh, and flopped onto the couch, her screams muffled by a pillow. Millions of thoughts ran through her head. [i Did he just kiss me twice? Are we a couple now? I'm a succubus, I'm not supposed to have feelings! I don't want to turn him into a incubus! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!]. This continued until she fell asleep, luckily, they had a day off the next day.
  Glory / RamaAmor / 277d 11h 49m 13s
"Honestly, I thought you were going to as well. When I get like that I don't know what going to happen." He said as he pulled away from the hug and wiped her tears. "You make me feel calm and that's a werid feeling for me and please don't cry my dear your skin is to flawless for tear stains."
He placed the empty plate on the table next to him and grabbed her hand before laying a quick kiss on it.
"I'm sorry, my dear but I must take my leave. It has been a big day." He said as the stood up and kissed her cheek, before walking out the same way he came in and spreading his wing and shot up into the sky.
  Nathan Davis / ThisisFenrir / 277d 12h 38m 21s
Glory looked at him, he had the same eyes as that night..."I...I promise. Cross my heart and hope to die." She hugged him again, crying this time. "I was so scared...I wish you told me sooner...I thought I was going to die..." Her breathing was shaky, and her eyes were stormy and clouded.
  Glory / RamaAmor / 277d 18h 36m 48s
He wrapped her arms around her.
"Thank you." He placed his head on her shoulder and try not to try, not many people had been there for him, the only person that had been there for him was him. Even his mother wasn't there for him once he found out what he was really like.
Fen pulled back and looked at her dead in the eye, "Now I need you to promise that you won't tell anyone." He said in the most serious tone he could.
  Nathan Davis / ThisisFenrir / 277d 18h 43m 45s
Glory simply sat there for a moment, in a daze. She had been right, when she hhad hoped to be wrong. "I...don't know what to say..." She just stared down, millions of thoughts ran through her head. Despite how much her head said flight, she hugged Fen. Rather tightly, might I add. She felt ready to cry, a mix of happiness and sadness probably. Than again, it would be extremely difficult to explain her current emotions. "I...I'm here for you..."
  Glory / RamaAmor / 277d 20h 56m 40s
Fen sighed and nodded as he took the plate.
"It's about what you asked on the phone and why I ran away from you at cafe.." He said as he looked down "It was me you saw in the forrest and it's soemthing I am not proud of you seeing me like that, that's the reason I stay away from everyone and it's the reason why there are so many missing person posters around. I'm a monster." He took a bit out of his egg roll and swolled.
"That's why I am so afraid of anyone getting so close to me, I nearly killed my parents because of it, I still don't have control over it. But when you touched I felt calmer and I freaked. I'm sorry I should have told you sooner."
  Nathan Davis / ThisisFenrir / 277d 22h 51m 29s
Vaughn left the cafe soon enough, with it now being the dead of night. He spread his wings and flew into the air, turning towards the direction of home. The bat boy glided over many buildings, watching the few people who were still awake walking around. Something seemed too calm about this particular night, but Vaughn took no real notice of it. He just wanted to get home and have a nice rest. Soon enough, he landed in front of his house and was about to walk in.
  Vaughn Urzo / AskTheStaff / 278d 6h 16s
Glory finished up the egg tortilla she was cooking, setting it on a large plate. She could tell that his heart was racing, it was a demon thing. They can smell things like adrenaline and fear, it was an evolutionary instinct. She cut two pieces of the large omelette with chorizo and set one piece in front of Fen, sitting next to him. She looked at him, worry in her eyes. "Are you okay? Your heart is racing..."
  Glory / RamaAmor / 278d 10h 21m 21s
"Um Yeah, sure I'll be there in fifteen minutes." He said as he sat up and looked at the time.
"Jeez, it's 1am." He thought
"I'll explain everything when I get there." He said as he hung up the phone and stood up from the bed, streching, he yawned and looked down
"Well, I best out some clothes on." He said as he walked down stairs and changed into the clothes he wore before. Walking out of his house and locked the door behind him, before looking at his Harley and then looked at the sky. Fen Shrugged his shoulders and streched his wings before taking the sky.

He was there with the time said, he was standing on her balcony looking at her as she cleaned her apartment. He opened the door and walked in,
"Sin, I need to sit down." He said
He took a seat on the couch and tried to calm his racing heart, He'd never had to explain it to anyone else he'd also had casual relationships.
  ThisisFenrir / 278d 10h 28m 16s
Glory smiled, thank the stars! "Hey Fen, sorry for calling at this hour...Wanna meet up at my apartment?" She gave him her adress, and hesitantly asked him about last night. "So...about last night...was that It wasn't, was it? I bet I'm just being stupid..." She let out an extremely nervous laugh, after last night, she was extremely paranoid. "Well...see you soon?" She started cleaning up her extremely simple apartment, waiting for his reply.
  Glory / RamaAmor / 278d 13h 35m 14s
Fen rolled over and heard his phone ringing, groaning he pick it up.
"Hello?" He said a croaking voice. "Who calls at this hour." He thought to himself. Fen rolled over onto his back and looked at the ceiling as he waited for a response.
  Nathan Davis / ThisisFenrir / 278d 13h 51m 8s
Glory simply ate a yogurt, and sighed. She took out the phone number. [i Maybe I should ask him about it...] She thought to herself. She got out an iphone six, and called Fen, hoping for an answer. She paced the apartment, anxious. It couldn't have been him...right? It was confusing, and a bit scary. She waited as the rings sounded.
  Glory / RamaAmor / 278d 14h 49m 21s
He wanted to turn back, he really did but he couldn't bring hismelf to do it.There was something nagging at him, telling him not to do it.

The loungroom floor was cold, he let out a sigh as it cooled him over heating body tempeture. Before he knew it, he was laying naked on his lounge room floor.
"Well, I better a get a proper meal into me." He said as he felt his stomache rumbled. He opened his fridge and saw eggs and milk.
"Well looks like I'm having scrambled eggs."He said as he grabbed the ingredients and placed them on the bench before taking out the frying an and lit up the stove.
Within 10 minutes Fen had a whole plate of scrammbled eggs ready to be eaten.After finishing his scrammbled eggs he placed his plate in the sink and went to bed.
  Nathan Davis / ThisisFenrir / 278d 17h 41m 37s
Glory continued petting the creature Fen had become, until he had run away "Wait no, don't-" She had been once again the dark, silent and scared. "Fen...was that you...?" She sighed, knowing this would get her nowhere quick. She took her favorite form, and headed home to rest.
  Glory / RamaAmor / 278d 19h 22m 2s
Fen groaned as the stroking continued, it had been awhile since it had let someone touch him in this state. He was starting to get too comfortable with her too quickly, so he just got up and ran. The last ting he needed was a someone to getting to close too quickly, although he was only 23 it was a big day for him. Fen just pulled his head back and ran, he ran throguh the trees and and into his house.

Reaching his house, he couldn't help but feel bad that he left her there but this was all to new to him. This was something he wish he could just explain, but he knew she whould run. so he laid on his lounge room floor and hoped he would get a message tomorrow and maybe he could explain everything.
  Nathan Davis / ThisisFenrir / 278d 23h 9m 55s

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