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The year 20XX, technology has managed to colonize Mars and make life easier. The economy seems balanced, and the government...could always be worse. It seemed like a normal world, if you didn't count the snake tails and dragon wings. The town of Faunora, known for being full of different races, not of skin color, but of creatures. Dragons, demons, angels, and many others live here, making a living and caring for their families. Sadly, racism and religion can't seem to die, and these "supernaturals" as they are called are treated as a minority. What will happen? Only tomorrow can tell.

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User: RamaAmor
Name: Glory Sinamor
Nicknames: Sin
Race/creature: Succubus
Appearance: Short and curvy, hot pink claw-like nails, hot pink boots going up to mid
thigh, tank dress just covering her undergarments, straps visible on the outside of her legs. Long pink tail with a heart shaped stinger at the end, a large horn on the left side of her head, a small one on the right. Dark latina skin, short, dark brown hair with pink highlights, dark red eyes. Large, dark pink bat-like wings with translucent black skin connecting it and allowing flight. A pentagram mark is visible on her shoulder.


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