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I've hit over 200 pops! I have one in the mail! I'll get it by February
  Demonic / 149d 12h 29m 12s
Hans is fucking douche nozzle that needs to get punched in the throat
  amyumino / 149d 12h 40m 1s
I was kidding dammit!

also are you saying that Hans did something wrong? jk
  Demonic / 149d 12h 42m 36s
Bish, Anna and Elsa are sisters

At least when COPPa takes effect, Rackaracka wont be all
  amyumino / 149d 12h 55m 23s
Yes elsa was queen and ana was the princess. And hans was an evil pig who deserved to die
  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 12h 56m 17s
I'm making jokes, but Anna was a princess why Elsa was the queen, right?

Also no, I haven't seen F2
  Demonic / 149d 12h 59m 5s
Omg! You thought anna and elsa were married!? Have you not seen frozen 2!?
  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 13h 20s
Are you trying to tell me that Elsa and Anna aren't married and Anna over there hitting on Kristoff?
  Demonic / 149d 13h 2m 8s
Ahem! I was thinking more along the lines of two sisters ruleing a kingdom together.
  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 13h 4m 36s
How would your boyfriend feel about his girlfriend having a wife? XD
  Demonic / 149d 13h 6m 21s
Oh cool! So i guess we could have two queens? *sits on floor?
  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 13h 7m 6s
I'm bi and genderfluid cause I'm a gay baby xD
  amyumino / 149d 13h 9m 28s
And i'm pretty sure amy is straight? Sorry if i'm wrong
  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 13h 10m 58s
Everyoe to the discord! There's a lot more in there XD
  Demonic / 149d 13h 13m 2s
Hmmm but theres no one else.

  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 13h 14m 35s

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