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What time zone are you in? Where do you live? that's like 6 hours ahead
  Demonic / 149d 7h 8m 20s
I have my morning shift. Gotta get up at 8:30am so in 2hour
  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 7h 9m 32s
Why don't you just go to sleep? It's past midnight here
  Demonic / 149d 7h 11m 58s
I'm so tired *gives dem a sleepy hug*
  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 7h 13m 15s
Yo That's awesome! I love Ururaka
If you wanna see my pop collection, you can find it [ Here.]
  Demonic / 149d 7h 19m 16s
I do have another figurine but its not a pop one. Its an age of heroes uravity figurine
  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 7h 21m 54s
See I have Rukia, the box for the Ichigo there was too damaged or I would've gotten him too
  Demonic / 149d 7h 24m 33s
I rarely have enough money so i only have one which is ichigo kurosaki from bleach
  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 7h 33m 49s
I see

[b Dances while eating a chocolate bar, wearing a black and purple crown.]
  amyumino / 149d 10h 43m 39s
Yes. and It's currently the greatest thing in wrestling.
Like a demented Mr. Rodgers
  Demonic / 149d 10h 53m 23s
Wrestling I presume

They got Dark Crystal pops and I need all of them
  amyumino / 149d 11h 3m 20s
This is the one I'm waiting on
  Demonic / 149d 11h 58m 35s

I have all my pops in plastic bins in my closet
  amyumino / 149d 12h 1m 34s
What's the oml for? It's a late christmas present to me
  Demonic / 149d 12h 13m 9s

I'm rewatching Rackaracka's AshVlogs videos
  amyumino / 149d 12h 17m 37s

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