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Oh its an annoying dude? Please annoy me to death. *i sigh and eat more icecream*
  FallingApart / 148d 17h 2m 31s
*Flys in and drops cake on dem* the asshole is back
  Arya (demon) / Kenbloodmoon / 148d 17h 6m 6s
Good, watching TFOL's new video and holy fuck bruh, this shit is INTENSE
  amyumino / 148d 17h 8m 52s
I'm fine. You? *i summon a tub of icecream and eat
  FallingApart / 148d 17h 9m 2s
Afternoon/Evening. How's everything going on your side of the world?
  Demonic / 148d 17h 11m 34s
I have thick hair *walks in and sits in the dark corner*
  FallingApart / 148d 17h 13m 53s
Mine is too

I think I use more conditioner than I do Shampoo
  amyumino / 148d 17h 50m 7s
good thing I love the Scream Queen :P
and yeah my hair is thick
  Demonic / 148d 17h 52m 56s
Thick hair problems I guess

Even though I have a samurai bun, it still gets knotted
  amyumino / 148d 18h 4m 29s
Wonderful I did that yesterday.
I usually have my hair up because It's warm in here, and when I pull it down, my hair looks like Sindel from MK
  Demonic / 148d 18h 6m 49s

I had a shower and got the knots from my mop I call hair
  amyumino / 148d 18h 16m 59s
That was extremely random. Good morning btw
I actually had Breakfast :P
  Demonic / 148d 18h 23m 39s
My dog once gave birth under our porch at the old house
  amyumino / 148d 19h 27m 2s
[i Terrible British accent] Oh you're from the Brits! jk

So one of the dogs I've been watching has been making weird noises, so I'm like "Oh okay, He probably didn't get his bathroom needs out" So I let them out. Only to find out that he wasn't coming back in! *lil Asshole*
So I have to go outside in the Rain, It's winter, at 12:30 at night [s [+blue in my fuckin boxers!] Hopefully if the neighbors were up, they at least enjoyed the show cuz I've been told I have great legs
  Demonic / 149d 5h 10m 4s
England its dec 29 sunday. My boyfriend is 11hours ahead of me
  TheFallenSurvivor / 149d 5h 25m 47s

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