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I like the original the best but the flowers were such dixk holes
  amyumino / 147d 20h 55m 23s
The New ones aren't really that good. Honestly, I don't remember anything from the 2nd one
  Demonic / 147d 20h 56m 21s
What's wrong with Alice in wonderland? I have a full sleeve of Alice in Wonderland
  amyumino / 148d 14h 43m 0s
Anyways in this kingdom there's magic, familiars and weapons. There are two guilds goldenfall and hydrafang
  FallingApart / 148d 14h 44m 48s
So Alice in wonderland minus Alice, and I'm guessing the other copyrighted characters
  Demonic / 148d 14h 51m 49s
Ewwwww nu! Its different cuz there's no alice storyline
  FallingApart / 148d 14h 53m 2s
So It's Alice in Wonderland? Between the Red queen and Anne Hathaway?
  Demonic / 148d 14h 56m 57s
So theres going to be a kingdom called the starlight kingdom. And the ruler is princess mythic who's real name is cordelia and her non identical twin who used to rule with her princess mystic who are at war
  FallingApart / 148d 14h 58m 10s
Tell us the story dammit!

also this
  Demonic / 148d 15h 33s
I'm watching random Corey Scherer videos

  amyumino / 148d 15h 8m 41s
Its like super complicated and will have different threads for different sections!
  FallingApart / 148d 15h 40m 42s
Umm sure

I'm eating a lemonhead candy cane and watching spoopy videos
  amyumino / 148d 17h 3m 7s
I had this roleplay idea that i wont be able to pull off until i get a new phone, wanna hear it?
  FallingApart / 148d 17h 6m 32s
Are you fucking kidding me? The whole thing was a prank?

Hey ken
  amyumino / 148d 17h 37m 42s
Yep. This tends to happen a lot. You get used to it after a while
  Demonic / 148d 17h 39m 51s

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