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I swear to all things holy, if he quits ES I will smack him
  amyumino / 147d 16h 44m 45s
Uncle dem wont be on ES for quite a long time. *sits down with book*
  NekoMyth / 147d 16h 47m 24s

I get confused alot haha

That would be funny to see though
  amyumino / 147d 18h 37m 33s
I mean that i like marvel and then i also like classic disney.
  Fallingapart / 147d 18h 38m 10s

I wanna see Deadpool just show up at Disney world xD
  amyumino / 147d 18h 50m 44s
Marvel and disney

  FallingApart / 147d 18h 52m 59s
Aint Lady Death and Deadpool like a couple or something?
  amyumino / 147d 20h 44m 28s
Yeah, Lady Death could bring back any dead character right? That's how everything comes back
  Demonic / 147d 20h 47m 27s
They're also may be making a Black Widow movie
  amyumino / 147d 20h 50m 34s
There's talk that Doctor Strange 2 will introduce Deadpool to the MCU, That could also bring in Lady Death
  Demonic / 147d 20h 51m 28s
I watched this movie called Mermaid Down and it was hella weird
  amyumino / 147d 20h 50m 56s
I like Super Hero, Kaiju, and some action. Kong vs Godzilla is the movie I'm waiting for
  Demonic / 147d 20h 54m 24s
I'll watch them but I wont enjoy it xD

I like horror and fantasy the most
  amyumino / 147d 20h 55m 47s
I don't go out of my way for rom coms, but they don't bother me
  Demonic / 147d 21h 4s
That's true

One type of movie I don't like that much is rom coms
  amyumino / 147d 21h 50s

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