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Stop it..... Why? I just had them groomed! ....why
  Clucker / MordorTenebris / 127d 6h 43m 24s
*three mini mythics start playing with your feathers*

very pretty
  -LostBoy- / 127d 6h 46m 27s
I... I don't wanna try you... I'm a fudging chicken! literally...
  Clucker / MordorTenebris / 127d 6h 48m 42s
*the mini mythic smiles and points to loads of mini mythics running around the room*

try me.
  -LostBoy- / 127d 6h 49m 44s
My DUDE I was the original sleeper in Amy's hair... Guy... Get outta my territry!

  Clucker / MordorTenebris / 127d 6h 53m 43s
*a mini mythic pokes out from its hiding place in amy's hair* hiwwo
  -LostBoy- / 127d 6h 55m 25s
Why are all chat gone? Dem's little heart would be destroyed...
  Clucker / MordorTenebris / 127d 6h 56m 47s
I'ma sleep in Amy's hair now, Mate. Yeah, dats dat I guess. Hoi
  Clucker / MordorTenebris / 127d 7h 1m 11s
Thanks Zak

And I'm back with an egg with salt and salt and Valentina hot sauce
  amyumino / 129d 20h 41m 2s
*casually floats in my black void of despair*

  HermitsKitty / 130d 17h 0s
Happy birthday
  Zak / Askredsamurai / 130d 17h 16m 59s
Hey hey

How it do?

It's my birthday today whoop whooooop
  amyumino / 131d 20h 47m 45s
Sup fammm
Hsjcuns ajcndnaidbsbucndbxfjsnusnwbsudbtndjn djoooooijbbchhb
  Zak / Askredsamurai / 132d 8h 7m 12s
I did

I'm watching Imjaystation on YouTube cause.. idk
  amyumino / 147d 14h 50m 55s
Wait if you pm me i can explain why. Jnjmknkmjmjmjmjnjmjmjmjmjmkmjmjmjmkm
  NekoMyth / 147d 14h 55m 5s

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