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So did I

I need to get up and get my coffee and take my dog out to pee
  amyumino / 4d 16h 9m 15s
I'm so tired, just woke up.

[b lays in a mountain of blankets]
  Ceva / 5d 3h 30m 45s
It's a good song

We have the theaters going, so it's all good
  amyumino / 21d 5h 48m 59s
Alrighty then. Cover up with lots and lots of blankets

I have not heard it. Why
  Kitty Boy / ferretbait / 21d 5h 49m 40s
Yes, very cold

Have you heard Five Finger Death Punch's song Sham Pain??
  amyumino / 21d 5h 50m 19s
I’m… not familiar with the expression of temperature. I’m just gonna assume that means very cold
  Kitty Boy / ferretbait / 21d 5h 52m 17s
Hey hey

It's cold as a witch's tit here, holy shit
  amyumino / 21d 5h 53m 15s
Hello you absolutely dead room. Honestly I’m surprised ES still exists to be honest
  Kitty Boy / ferretbait / 21d 5h 57m 34s
Holy fucking shit, it's been awhile since you've been on
  amyumino / 62d 6h 5m 56s
Been a long as hell time, hope yall are doing well.
  Alex / DemonBlooded / 62d 6h 23m 18s
I dont know but she had the nerve to tell my mom how I should and shouldn't be eating, like bitch I am 27 years old not 6
  amyumino / 69d 11h 9m 49s

  -LostBoy- / 69d 11h 14m 4s
Yea, I know

She treat her son like a slave but spoils tf outta him st the same time
  amyumino / 69d 13h 13m 55s
Thing is, you actually need your fridge. You keep all your meds and such in there.
  -LostBoy- / 69d 13h 24m 27s
Yea, that most of the snacks and stuff i bought myself

Not my fault she treats her kid like a fucking slave
  amyumino / 69d 14h 11m 22s

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