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Florence stifled another yawn as Mr. Hashworth continued to read from the book that all new students were getting with their "starter kit". Typically, during orientations, the school administration would talk about rules and other things that might not be very clear or explained in any other format such as text. However, he seemed very content with reading everything, word for word, with minimalistic elaboration or explanation of any kind. What was the point of being here again...?

Students nearly rejoiced as soon as it was finally over. They probably would have been more ecstatic if they hadn't been put to sleep . Regardless, she was glad for the opportunity to stand and stretch out her tense limbs. Her next step would be the main office. Most students had gone there first so they would have everything before this big orientation, which was why she opted to wait: less waiting in line and getting drowned in a large crowd of people.

Fortunately for her, the main office was one of the easiest places to locate on the expansive school grounds. One the way over, however, she couldn't help but start glancing up towards the rooftops of the buildings around her. Probably because of what Hawk had told her before the two had parted, but she was now trying to see if she could spot anyone up there. At one point she thought she did see one, possibly two people, on the roof of a building which she did not know the name of. Regardless if it was who she thought it was or not, she unintentionally smiled a little as if she had somehow been let in on a little secret. The thoughts quickly went away, however, and she focused again on the task at hand.

[center [b ***]]
"Wow, the food looks good!"

"Guess the staff actually put in effort for once."

"Is it normally not good?"

"It's a hit or miss. They only seem to care on special days, like when new students are visiting or a school event is taking place."


Florence took a deep breath as she finally filled her tray with some food and carried it to the main sitting area. Glancing around, however, there didn't appear to be an empty seat at any of the tables. A couple people grazed past her or outright bumped into her, mumbling out apologies or saying nothing at all as they rushed off with their friends.

She took a slow, deep breath before walking outside the dining hall. It looked as if the clouds were starting to get darker than they had been earlier and the thunder was gradually getting louder. This did not seem to phase her, however, as she took a seat on one of the steps that lead up to the building.

Checking her phone, it seemed that time was crawling onward. It was only half-past six, still a good few hours away from the supposed meeting that Sebastian had talked about before. Was it a good idea to go? How much of a choice did she really have? She sighed as she took the first bite of her meal. It tasted pretty good as far as she could tell. But that meeting... What would it be like and who would be there? She knew for sure that the guys she talked to would be there, but how many others would be attending? She was concerned, especially since it would be starting at midnight and there was a strict curfew for students that lived in dormitories.

"What have I gotten myself into?" Florence mused out loud as her gaze rose to the sky. "Oh, a flash of lightning." That was her cue to return to the girls' dormitory. Before she left, however, she dug a quarter out of her jacket pocket. "Heads, I go to the meeting. Tails, I stay in my dorm."

Then she flipped the coin into the air. Her father always said, when your brain is way too muddled with thoughts and fears to make a concrete decision, that you should leave it up to fate. She didn't know if she believed in such a thing or not, but this method has helped her on more than one occasion in her life. She was nervous as she caught the coin and slapped it against the back of her other hand, but she did not hesitate to look at the results.


Well, that settled that.
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Hawk beamed when he managed to make her chuckle, releasing the tension caused by the presence of Sebastian. He eagerly listened to her explanation of her missing schedule and her name.

"Oh right! Florence, huh." He echoed her name as a little memory trick before waving her off into the auditorium. He certainly didn't want her to be late for the orientation, especially since the main principal- Mr. Hashworth - will be talking about how to get around and the millions of policies from the book. However, Hawk lounged by the entrance to listen to one thing only - was last night's plan a charm?

"... And that is the policy for consistently late students." Mr. Hashworth grunted monotonously into the microphone, flipping the pages of the book after thirty minutes of constant reading on the podium. The students and teachers in the crowd were no doubt yawning and passing it around the contagious plague known as boredom.

This scouting business sure is a test of patience and the durabilities of the knees. Hawk eased down and pulled out his phone from the pockets of his jacket, submitting to distraction until something peaks his interests. In the meantime, most of his attention is skewed to the numerous amount of message notifications in a private group chat.

[center ---]

Kat: So... did we get any mutantz yet? I hope it's a girl!

Angel: Idk Idc

Kat: Wasn't talking to you...

Angel: I'm the only one here?

BCL: Nope.

Kat: Seb, why don't you ever answer me!

Hawk: Yeah, found one. Barely.

Kat: Hawkey! What do you mean by barely? Girl or boy.

Hawk: Don't call me that. Her name is Florence.

Kat: Oh thank god, it was becoming a sausage fest in here. What is she like?

Hawk: I don't know, shy and nice. She implied that she could see the future, like visions. But they pop up randomly.

BCL: Is she coming tonight?

Hawk: I don't know.

BCL: Start knowing then.

Hawk: [b sigh]

Kat: Y'know, i'm actually really excited! She might be my best friend! I've already set up the room for the meeting!

BCL: Good.

Hawk: I don't think we should get her involved on the first day of... this.

BCL: Just let her watch then.

Hawk: But, I don't want to make it seem like I am- just nvm.

Kat: Like what? Trying to impress her already, huh? lol

Angel: Yeah, like what Hawk?

[center ---]

Hawk clenched his phone tightly above his ear as he restrained himself from smashing it onto the ground. His knuckles turned red, then white. A longing hopeless breath escaped past his lips, realizing it was a hopeless gesture in explaining himself on something that should be completely obvious.

No one should be forced into doing anything, especially if that something involved with the military. If Florence is happy, they should just leave her be. But, the rebellion to make everything right for the defected ones requires those who are one.

And they are rare enough already.

A shadow loomed over Hawk. He turned and glanced up at Angel, whose wings are stuffed in a brown dusky trench coat. "What are you doing here?" He said in a rather suspicious and annoyed tone.

"Just checking up on a friend, is all." He replied and tilted his head. "Sounds like the principal isn't saying much. But, that isn't what I am here for. What's wrong?"

"It's... nothing." He eased up and stuffed his phone into his pocket.

"Tell me."

"I'm just... really annoyed and [i absolutely] livid that we always have to push people instead of getting along!" He sighed heavily, pacing his way where Sebastian had went. Though, he figured he'd perch upon the chemistry building to watch the auditorium from afar. Having fresh wind brush on his cheek calmed him down just a bit.

Of course, Angel followed him like any good friend and stood upon the ledge fearlessly.

"Yeah... I do wonder what my life would have been without my defect. I would go unnoticed if I could." Angel admitted.

"I know. No one should have gone through what you did just to survive. I'm just afraid it will happen to her just by being associated with us."

"It won't happen..."

"And why not?"

"Sebastian won't allow it and neither would we." Angel reassured and settled his hand on his shoulder. "Remember what he did two years ago?"

Hawk couldn't help himself but grin, "Yeah... He got himself into a lot of shit because of us, huh."

"Yeah, exactly. Just imagine that she is who we are trying to protect. New people with defects wanting to become doctors, artists, lawyers, and such without being a weapon/meatshield in the military front lines. Crude way to put it, but it is the truth."

"I just wish there was another way..." Comfortable and thoughtful silence ruled between the two seniors looking down at the community of students' and staff. The sun hid behind the gray clouds with small gaps of bright light shining privately in the skies while it refused to shine onto ground. The sky threatened to cry after a soft thunder, but no tears fell.

Angel flicked his wrist, "It's already 5 p.m. You gonna do anything?"

"No, i'll just sit here for awhile until I calm down."

"Alright." Angel confirmed, staying for another five minutes before the student's poured out of the boring orientation and headed down the staircase. "See you at the meeting then. Take care."

"See you later and take care."



"I'm serious, take care."

Hawk smiled and waved him off silently.
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Florence let out a breath when Sebastian said they were done. Just before he left, however, he told her about some kind of meeting with mutants that would be happening at midnight. She looked at him in confusion. What kind of meeting would it be? She had no idea of anything, but the fact that it wouldn't start until the middle of the night did not bode well. Her mother always said how nothing good happened past midnight, but has never witnessed anything herself. Regardless, he made it seem as if she had little to no choice in the matter.

The friend confirmed that he was going and Sebastian seemed to approve before finally leaving. The other one hanged back, however, forcing her attention to shift to him. As he apologized, she only had the energy to vaguely nod. She didn't particularly blame him or feel anything negative about him. Being friends with that stubborn of a guy must not be easy. She managed to catch his name, Hawk, despite the mumbling.

Florence was a little surprised when the announcement of orientation was made. She had checked her phone not that long ago but it seemed time was passing quicker than she had realized. She was about ready to give Hawk her name when he apologized yet again, this time with a lot more conviction. He was staring at her hands. Looking down at them, it was the first time she truly noticed that they were shaking so much.

She hugged her arms close to her body and quickly shook her head. "I-It's not your fault." She took a deep breath. "I'm used to sort of... um... not existing? I tend to blend into the background so to suddenly be confronted like that... I'm not used to it."

She did let out a short laugh, however, when Sebastian was eventually called an asshole. God, when was the last time Florence laughed out loud in public? Regardless, she continued to listen to Hawk, growing confused yet curious when he mentioned how he was typically on rooftops of buildings for scouting purposes. Was that how he got his nickname? Guess it was rather fitting, though now she wondered what his actual name was.

"Thank you," she said to his suggestions and offer of help, smiling a little at him. He didn't seem like a bad guy, though she was still a little wary. She was always like this around people so it wasn't anything new. "I was going to pick up my schedule after orientation." She blinked, realizing she had yet to share her name. "My name is Florence, by the way."

With that, and a slightly awkward nod, she started stepping into the building. Though, just before disappearing completely, she did glance over her shoulder and give Hawk a little wave. Then she proceeded to find as isolated of a seat as possible in the large auditorium, making herself comfortable for what would most likely be a long, drawn-out snooze fest.
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Sebastian raised his eyebrow to her words, but allowed her to speak without any interjection. Of course, he translated her hypothesis into reality as he noticed she didn't sound very confident in explaining her defect. Though, he couldn't hide the smirk of success of getting that out of her.

"Are we done?"

"Hypothetically, yes." He finally shifted his feet for departure, but stopped midway. "There is a mutant meeting in building B, room 206 at midnight. You [i should] come." He mentioned briefly before passing by her, the very opposite direction of the orientation. His tone didn't make it seem like he had given her a choice.

Hawk managed to unglue his feet from the ground and speak up, "Seb, i'll attend the orientation!" He called out, watching Sebastian hold his thumb up in approval. "Great..." He huffed, releasing his tense breath as he forked his chestnut hair back.

"I-I'm really sorry for that, I've tried and you can't really blame me for not succeeding..." He stammered onto his apology and peered down at his feet, scratching the back of his head. "I go by the name Hawk. It's obviously not my real name, but i'm already use to it so..." He mumbled on.

"Orientation will begin in five minutes." An announcement rung past the door of the main hall.

"Right." He shook his head and glanced to the door. "I should really get going. Ah, What is your name? I didn't quite catch it in the conversation-" There, he finally notices her trembling hands. "I'm so sorry! I tried to stop him before and now this..." He let off another sigh. "He didn't mean to... well, he did. He isn't the type of guy to be harsh all the time- actually, I can't even make an excuse for him. He can be an asshole sometimes." He adjusts his glasses.

"Anyways, I would try to chill if I were you. Don't let him get to you. If you need me, just look up when you go outside. I'm always hanging on the ledges of the roofs for scouting. Did you get your class schedule yet?"
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It was a shocking, verbal attack one after another. He straight up asked her if she was the mutant, the one question she never wanted to hear. Florence opened her mouth to speak, though what she was actually going to say she didn't know, but he didn't give her any room to even [i think]. So she kept her mouth shut, staring back at his eyes although her vision was turning blurry. As if not seeing him clearly would help make him any less intimidating or threatening, as if it would remove her from the situation entirely.

But nothing would help. Even the friend tried to interject at one point, but he was quickly cut off. Finally, the Sebastian guy concluded his barrage of questions with the most prominent one: "What [i exactly] is your mutation, your flaw in society, your power?" all concluded with a strong emphasis on not lying.

Her eyes dropped to the ground, both of her small hands clenching tightly onto her forearms. Was this how it was all going to end for her? Were some nosy students going to be the reason she could no longer pretend to live a normal life? For what [i purpose] where they questioning her like this? To turn her into the government? To make her life here a nightmare?

Gathering some courage, Florence looked back up at Sebastian, who never took his eyes off of her. Though she wanted to run away in fear [s and cry in a corner], she couldn't show any of this to him. She couldn't let him have the upper hand, no matter who he was or what his intentions were.

"According to the government, I'm just an average human," she stated coolly. "However, if I am somehow able to see what is going to happen in the future, should I just ignore it and pretend I saw nothing? Why not help the person that might be shoved into a fountain or a child that might get hit by a speeding car?" She sighed. Talking to people was exhausting. "If someone doesn't want to attract a lot of unwanted attention, why would they stick around for needless recognition?"

Though Florence had managed to keep her composure during the conversation, her hands continued to very clearly shake as one of them reached for her cellphone in her jacket pocket. After checking the time, she barely managed to put it away without dropping it to the ground.

"Are we done?"
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Sebastian wasn't one to stray his eyes elsewhere other than hers. "If it's quick, eh?" His demeanor remained bold. He tilted his head and stuffed his hands into his pockets with a slight slouch. "Alright, I'll keep it short n' sweet. Are you a mutant?" His expression held neutrality for only a second until his eyebrows scorned her.

He dared her to lie in front of his face or make some odd excuse that is ill-fitting of Hawk's observation. He dared her to waste his time on meaningless details other than the ordeal that happened.

He could hardly stand here and let time flutter by, those precious seconds which could be used against the power-hungry government officials who come here too often for his taste. Then, he broke eye contact and glanced over to Hawk.

"Look, my friend over there saw you follow a guy and pull him away from the new swimming pool." He pointed behind himself and returned the hand into the safety of his pocket. "You didn't even want the other person to acknowledge who saved him, you do this often?"

He didn't allow her to ponder on her answer, purposefully shooting questions left and right as a strategy to get what he desires.

"How did you know he was going to fall? There is no way it is a coincidence if you followed him to prevent such a disaster, is there? You left as soon as you fulfilled your [i heroic] duties."


"Wait." He stopped Hawk from interrupting him. "What is it? What [i exactly] is your mutation, your flaw in society, your power?" His grey eyes stared intensely into hers, "Don't lie."
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When Florence found the physical building where the orientation would be taking place she felt a little less tense. She didn't like not knowing where anything was and was afraid of getting lost or ending up at the wrong location. She felt like she could breathe, but continued her one-track mind of needing to get there on time so she could sit down and relax.

"Whoa! Slow down!"

The girl had to physically skid to a halt as an older teen suddenly stood directly in front of her, blocking her path. Though she had the ability to see into the future , the visions did not come to her consistently or by will. They literally happened quite randomly and it was not something she could rely on if there was anything she wanted to know. This exact moment, for example, she would have welcomed a vision of. She didn't, however, and now she was forced to stop by a rather imposing guy. A senior perhaps?

"You're not missing a show."

Her blue eyes narrowed a little bit at that statement. He might not see any purpose to the orientation and it wasn't as if she was super uptight about school, but she knew that new students were required to go to this thing and she wasn't looking to get in trouble on her very first day.

He continued talking, however, and she had no choice but to listen to what he had to say. 'A specific ordeal'? Who was this friend and what did they see? Why was it important? Florence looked past the black-haired teen to see another one his age not too far behind him, looking nervous. She could only guess that this was the friend he was referencing. Now what was it that he saw?

Her eyes grew wide for the split-est of seconds, her thoughts going immediately straight to the water fountain. Did they somehow know something about her mutation? No, she had to calm down. He didn't specify exactly what they saw so they could be talking about anything. She had to remember that, if she acted as if she was guilty, that would give them more grounds to see her as suspicious. That was the very last thing that she wanted out of this interaction.

Florence looked around them at first, noticing some students were going directly inside while others grouped together outside, possibly waiting until the very last second to go in and find seats. No one looked at them or even seemed to really care about their interaction. Then she took out her cellphone from her blue jacket's pocket and checked the time; a little less than ten minutes before the orientation would begin. With a sigh, she put it away and looked back up at the self-confident student. Whether he was underhandedly threatening her or not, she knew she could not simply run away.

"I'm not sure what you are talking about so I might not have the answers you want," she replied calmly, "but if it's quick then I don't mind."
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It's been exactly five whole minutes of examining the enrollment area for any abnormalities present in the students. From where they perched at, nothing but dullness, excitement, and nervousness clouded the new herd's minds. The five minutes of observation seemed to last forever and already, the leader of The Black Cats patience grew thin.

"Alright, nothing here." Sebastian rose up from the pavement and dust his jeans. "Let's go on the roof."

"Agreed." Hawk buried his hands into the pockets of his black denim jacket and followed the leader through the staircase of the Main Hall where the orientation is held. The place wasn't particularly crowded at the moment, but it was getting there once the announcement flows into the students' ears.

They've reached to the ledge of the building and perched upon it like crows, returning to their immense focus on spotting anything out of the ordinary. The elated new students, the wandering technician, the boisterous group by the fountain garnered both the seniors attention - though Hawkeye managed to pick up a few minor details that'll come to play with something absolutely major.

He noticed a girl who stalked a boy for reasons unknown. They didn't seem related nor binded in some sort of relationship. Hell, the boy in the glasses didn't seem aware of her behind her. He didn't turn or bat an eye to chat, and chose the most difficult route to pass by even for one person - the fountain party. He pressed his thumb onto his lower lip and took off his glasses, not letting a single detail fly by his sight.

He watched their step, eyes, overall expression - until ultimately, the reason of her follow had been answered with a rough tug of the boy and an ending splash of the boisterous students. "Hmm..." He hummed in wonder.

"What is it, see anything?" Sebastian kept his eyes on the crowd, nearly oblivious to the ordeal.

"Maybe. I'm not too sure." Hawk admitted, even with his observation and enhanced vision, self-doubt usually sits in the corner of his mind. "That blonde girl with the blue eyes and dress is a little odd. First, she starts eyeing this guy and saves him from swimming in the fountain, and then she leaves without saying a word to him. Weird, right?"

"A little. But, how does that relate to mutation? Maybe she is just socially awkward." Seb questioned and searched for the subject who headed their way for the orientation.

"I don't know, I just got this gut feeling as well. Like, under normal circumstances, none of her actions would make any sense. It's like she expects it..." He rose up, still keeping her in his sight.

"Fast reflexes?"

"Nah, she wouldn't have followed him."

Silence reigned between the two as they ponder on the visual evidence.

"Well, it's best to single her out and ask questions." Sebastian broke the silence and begun to walk back to the staircase.

"You're sure about that? I mean, it is her first day after all!" Hawk tried to convince him to at least postpone the 'interview', but Sebastian is one of the most stubborn people he'd ever met. He followed him downstairs with a concerned look washed over his face. "M-maybe, we can do this later tonight, when people aren't around!"

"If being alone is necessary, i'll fulfill it." He goes through the entrance and leans against on the wall adjacent to it, expecting any girl to come through that fits the description.

"Seb, you have to be considera-"

"Her?" He pointed out within the small crowd. As soon as a Hawk gave a nod, he was in front of her with hands splayed to his sides. "Whoa! Slow down! You're not missing a show." He said, boldly standing over her. "To keep it short and sweet, a little friend of mine spied on a specific ordeal that [i I need knowledge of]. So, a few questions and I don't bite?"
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[center Slow, deep breaths.]
Breathe in...
[right Breathe out...]

Florence repeated this in her head as she took her first steps onto the school property. There was no real reason to be afraid. She had managed to act "normal" for practically all of her life. Even her parents didn't suspect her of being a mutant. She had shown some signs at an early age but, because of how scared she became about the reactions of those around her, she stopped letting people in on her secret to the point where she was now the only one that knew the truth. If she could keep it up, maybe she would have a chance, the government would never find out about her, and she could go on to live as normal of a life as possible.

She was too nice for her own good, however, and that sometimes got her into all kinds of trouble. She would have to try to remain unnoticed for as long as possible, even if that meant not making any friends at high school, either. Despite having some friends in elementary school, the more she shut down, the more people avoided her until they practically forgot her existence. It was better that way. The less people she got close to, the less risk there would be of her secret becoming exposed.

Currently, she was following the rest of the crowd of new faces on their way to orientation. It would most likely be boring as usual, talking about how "great and prestigious" the school was and all the rules that were strictly followed by the student body. There was no doubt that those who were not afraid to go against the status quo hid among these "perfect" students. There was always [i somebody] upset with the System for one reason or another.

Suddenly, Florence's pale blue eyes grew wide as a flash of imagery went across her mind. A group of teen boys moving recklessly, bouncing around and not paying attention to anyone around them. Then she saw them falling like dominoes, bumping into an un-involved boy wearing glasses and carrying a pile of books. He would subsequently fall into a fountain nearby and become absolutely soaked along with his belongings. An eruption of laughter would shortly follow.

Those same eyes blinked once more and she was back in the realm of reality. This time, instead of avoiding the people around her, she kept an eye out for anyone that matched the description she had seen in her vision. Sure enough, she spotted the glasses-wearing kid walking along, minding his own business and looking over prepared for the new year. Not too far ahead, the reckless boys.

Florence picked up her pace, staying close to the glasses boy without making it absolutely obvious. Only a couple of feet ahead was the very fountain she saw him falling into. That means, in just a few seconds... Yep, there it goes. They are laughing and messing with each other, bouncing with boundless energy and acting like absolute children. Glasses boy had caught up to them, most likely beside them only so he could pass them within the next moment. However, she saw one of the teens trip on his own feet. Now was the time to act.

In the next moment, before the human dominoes became a reality, Florence gripped tightly onto the back of glasses boy's shirt and yanked him back as hard as she could. Granted, she wasn't the strongest person around, but she was strong enough to force him to take a couple steps back. The group of teens fell over in front of them, but no one became their victim and took a tumble into the fountain.

She breathed out a sigh of relief and released the boy's shirt. By the time he turned around to thank whoever it was that had saved him from the collision, she was gone. She had went around the group of fallen students as if nothing happened and proceeded on her way. Ridiculing herself once more for involving herself in something that was not her business, all she could do was hope that nobody had noticed the small transaction. She had to hurry if she wasn't going to be late for the orientation.
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"Seb, what the fuck are you doing?" A harsh whisper was ignited by Sebastian subordinate, Hawkeye.

"What do you think? Use that brain of yours for once." He remarked, his finger delicately brushing over the thin wires of the microcontroller that rest below the school. In other words, the battery that runs this private facility. The technical room was small in comparison to public schools, but harder to access without a key.

"Of course, use my [i brain. Why didn't I think of that?]" Hawkeye sassed back and maneuvered his way by the door on lookout. "I just don't agree on this idea. Not for the fact that this will grab attention to the school [i sheep], but I would very much rather go about my business in class without sweating my ass off." He rolled his head and leaned against the doorframe.

"It's the only way I could buy us time. Besides..." He paused and allowed heat energy wave the air from his palm. "This is only step one."

"Of course. I love it, I love it all!" He pouts sarcastically, his eyes lost and glimmering in false hope behind those thick glasses. "I just [i wish] - from the very bottom of my heart - that I can just fall in love, fool around, get my heart broken... You know, the [i normal] high school life?" He glanced to Seb, seeking validation. But, Seb's gesture remains unchanged as if he turned the deaf ear. "Seb?"

"Just stay on lookout, it isn't that hard! Fuck." He snapped and cursed under his breath in exhaustion. "I really don't have time for sappy shit at the moment, alright?" His grey eyes only flickered to his subordinate before his attention on the wires sets in. His fingers closed in on the bundle of iron string, the plastic rubber liquefying and coloring his palm of blue, red, and green before dripping onto the ground.

The light of the room faded in and out, like a quickening heart beat. It continued even after Seb rips out the cords for only a minute until the lights officially died. Hawkeye removed his glasses, finding no hint of remaining light down the hallways.

"Let's go." Their black [ cat masks] concealed their faces and the leave commences.

Mission completed.

[center <->]

The teens reached up to their dorm room without grabbing attention from the dorm masters or waking up 'perfect' students in the middle of the night. However, all of the boys woke up in a puddle of their own sweat. The shower stalls were full in the early morning. They had to attend the orientation to introduce the new school year to new and old students.

The parking lot to the main office was full, as expected with new students officially enrolling into the school.

A smirk crawled onto Sebastian's smile, peering at the new faces that walked besides the boy's dormitory building. "They have no idea what they got themselves into."

"Unfortunately." Hawk added and stood besides him with his hands deep into his pockets. "The technicians are here." He nodded to the right where the hills were. Though, the white van was too far for any normal being to pinpoint.

"Good." Seb trusted his ability.

A hand settled on his shoulder along with a feminine familiar voice, "So, when is the next meeting Sebby?"

"Tonight, Kat. Message the whole group that Hawk and I are going to scout fresh mutant meat."

"Done. See you then. See you later Hawk!" Kat said, but only her voice was heard. Though, her invisible feet left dents in the grass patch in front of the dorm. They didn't wave back until she was assumed gone.

"She shouldn't be running around naked, even with that ability. It's just..." Hawk mentioned.

"Yeah. I was going to say." Sebastian agreed and slowly stepped towards the general direction of the office.

They sat down at the far side of the building, nonchalantly glancing at the new faces.
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