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[center He always came off as harsh and bitter. As the kind who wanted and needed no one, and yet deep down it wasn't true. The man merely put up his walls to push others away so that he wouldn't have his heart 'stolen' and 'broken' by another. It had happened once and he was afraid to have it happen again.

It has been seven years since the death of the woman he loved, and since he has put up walls. But during the start of a new school year, a young woman joins the staff of teachers at Hogwarts and he finds himself kind of drawn to her. She's funny, sassy, and doesn't take crap. Instead of letting him be bitter and cold and push her away [b Your Character] pushes buttons and tries to make Snape let her in.

The more she pushes, the more little by little he lets her in. But is he willing to try and love again? Or will his past haunt him and have him continuously fighting what he feels? And what happens when it turns out [b Your Character] isn't fully honest herself. Can these two find love, or will all go to hell?]

[center *Note: Her secret is up to you. So have fun with it ;)]

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The form of affection that the woman now showed was new to him. It was only something he would have dreamed of and not even that. The man before all of this had come to the conclusion that he would never find another to love. That he would never let another into his heart in the same way that he had Lily. Amazing how in one school year how very much that had changed. How old walls seemed to come crashing down.

He only thought on that a moment before he felt her hand upon his cheek and kept that same gentle, yet sweet kiss. Since it was in the moment and a new world so to speak, the man was going to latch to it. At least for a little while. And an arm had very slowly, almost shy had moved around the woman to pull her closer.

She was so very different. So very kind and had cared to get to know him in a time others couldn't or wouldn't. And she was also very beautiful.
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 102d 6h 23m 23s
There was a time when such actions was freely given, Sunday days spent naked in bed, as they talked and laughed. That was then now. The kiss was simple and sweet belonging to a different world. While there was a moment she was going to grab on.

Stepping forward, she rested her hand on his cheek, keeping the kiss the same. This would be new for him, and for her, this was reaching into an old need that was buried. The woman had tried to find short term means, that never felt the same.

He was such a good, handsome man.
  World / Faust / 102d 7h 22m 39s
Severus was still not entirely used to the teasing and so with it, his cheeks without his want showed the hint of embarrassment that he felt. But it wasn't nearly as guarded as his usual and because it was her he couldn't bring himself to mind. [b "Perhaps I'll still wear it for you when we get back."] The man said and gave her small smile. [b "I should thank you. It has been a long time since doing anything fun."]

And it was after that had been said did Severus go to the bed and set the "hat" on it. He was quick to change into a simple shirt with sweats. Something normal for a lack of better words. He would miss the freedom in dress but at the same time he almost did miss the robes. His dark eyes were immediately on the door and Juliet as she emerged in her pijamas. And even he could admit they suited her rather nicely.

It wasn't long before the pair were in the lobby and food was done in the wizarding style. She seemed in high spirits and even his own weren't as "gloomy" as usual. Before he could ask what she had in mind, her lips were upon his in a kiss. Slightly taken aback, but they were soft and much like he had thought. Allowing his body rather than mind to react, the man returned her kiss.
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 102d 8h 50m 3s
[b "It looks so sexy on you,"] Juliet teased him about the hat. It was fun like this, without that outer shell he seemed like a different person, all with the same properness. Taking the key chain she gave a smile. [b "Thank you. This was fun today."] Stepping out of the bathroom a moment later in regular pajama bottoms and a short sleeved tee shirt.

There was some food in the lobby, done wizard style, and she wanted to relax in normal clothes before going back to the robes. For a moment she felt a need to do more, and since she was in a good mood, she didn't question it twice.

Approaching him again, she leaned up and kissed him softly.
  World / Faust / 103d 5h 52m 5s
The day wasn't one like he would spend back home. And even he had been willing ro shed is "first layer" to being a lighter and shorter sleeved black shirt. The sun was bright and the weather much warmer than what he was used to. They had not spent the day by the beach, but it had been a nice one all the same. There had been so many shops and just so many places to explore. Almost did it seem an overload of sensory, but it did have the man wish they had more time to spend. More time to get to know the other.

It was when coming back to the hotel did he set a single bag upon the desk, turning to Juliet who had many for her family. His head had tilted at the hat and before he knew it it has found its way to his head. [#81e66b "Thanks I think. But perhaps not my essential style?"] He asked, trying to tease her a little before he moved to the bag he had had and took out a small key chain and handed it to her. [#81e66b "And this is for you."]

They were friends and they were close. For now it had to be enough. And he had to admit he had liked the day taken to just be them and have peace. The next day, the hunt would begin.
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 122d 4h 55m 26s
The rest of the day was actually quite fun. It wasn't the ocean side but it was beautiful though and the weather was remarkable. Shedding the first layer she had been wearing, which was a knitted top, she went for just a tank top considering it was much warmer than she was used to.

Coming back to the hotel she placed down the bag, most of it just souvenirs for her family and some candy for Dumbledore. "I got you a hat, Sev," Juliet said placing on the mariachi hat on him. "So very handsome," she laughed before kissing his cheek.

It was all a joke but they could be close like that and wanted to be.
  World / Faust / 123d 7h 13m 54s
He hadn't been fond on the fact that he had yet agsin laid himself bare before the woman. But it had been the truth to what she had asked. But after he spoke, Severus watched her eyes and could see that she had put it all together. That she had learned why he had been the person he had. And he almost felt as if she pitied him for him. [#81e66b "You learn to accept the hand that you are given. In a sense, you already know this..but I have given up on the idea of getting a break and of truly finding happiness. Though I truly wish the best for you and that you may find your break."] Perhaps those words should not have been spoken, but they somehow needed to be as well.

And dark eyes continued to stay upon the woman as she seemed to be taking in his question. To him, Juliet seemed to be thinking it out just as he had had to of hers. When she spoke, the man nodded and a sad smile of his own came to his lips. [#81e66b "And I hope that when this is said and done you will get that."]
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 124d 10h 59m 42s
It all sort of snapped together then, the pieces just seemed to fit perfectly, the man had always been lonely before being rejected everywhere. Juliet gave him a soft, sad smile before looking to him. [b "I'm sorry, Sev...Hopefully in the future you'll catch your break...even find some happiness,"] Juliet said before considering his question.

The easy answer was right there but she didn't want that easy answer. She wanted to do the difficult answer. The one that has always been at her fingertips but she couldn't touch. [b "First see the rest of the world and jump off of a waterfall, like a big one...Really though...I want a life partner and children. I almost had that but had to let it go. That's what I still want." ]
  World / Faust / 125d 6h 56m 43s
[#81e66b "I was an only child growing up. My mother was a witch and my father a muggle...and he was a cruel and often bitter man. Drunk most the time and violent. He and I never saw eye-to-eye and he was even worse when he found out my mother was a witch. She wasn't very loving either and so I grew up with a want for love...It was when I met Lily and befriended her did I first learn what it was to care for another...and the rest you do pretty much know about me."] The man said. There was no point to truly hide it from her. She happened to know more of him than anyone else. Had managed to break down his walls more than any. Besides he trusted her, which was still an odd thing for him to realize.

[#81e66b "What were some of your hopes and dreams for your life? Putting aside this curse and wanting to end it?"] The man asked as he slowly began to eat again. He was asking something in return for the question she had asked of him. But more than that, the man was truly curious.
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 129d 4h 4m 12s
"Don't worry, they can't understand what I say half the time, at least not clearly. We have the accent of where we were born. Yours is sophisticated and mine doesn't know how to keep vowels even or include g's. Actually, I was shocked when I went to Ilvermoney and no one spoke like I did," Juliet gave a soft laugh, rubbing the back of her neck.

"I had this before, a lot of people have here, it doesn't matter what part of America you belong to. You've had at least one other culture food. And this is a part of my heritage..." She said with a smile. "What about more of your family? You told me some but not a lot."
  World / Faust / 129d 6h 25m 1s
When the woman had let out her laugh, even he could not help laughing a bit himself. Perhaps it should not have been funny, but he also would have never thought he would be saying them. To him, the American dialect sounded rather funny and to her as he had just found out, the British one did. [#81e66b "Well you are the one who suggested it. For it to sound funny coming from me is only because you said it first. But yes, the food does sound good and lets get it. Maybe even some tequilla."] Yeah, Severus was humouring her a bit.

Being Christmas, it had not taken them long to find a small place to eat. The food smelled wonderful and the staff seemed nice enough. Also it wasn't completely filled with it being the holiday and many spendind it at home. [#81e66b "So was this what you had expected it to taste like?"] He asked as they had ordered and had their food, him taking a bite from the burrito on his plate.
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 130d 11h 32m 30s
"Good for our nerves and good for them, I just wonder what sort of person this is. I mean, the origin of the curse. Well it's actually really stupid even for males. My great great grandmother rejected that male and he cursed her. That's the story so...I wonder what the real story is..." Juliet said as they gathered everything is ready.

Hearing him say those words made her laugh, it should not have been funny, but it was absolutely great. "I'm sorry...I never thought I would hear you say those sounds so different with a British accent. Let's go get that food, maybe some tequila..."

It wasn't hard to find a place, and it smelt so good. There was little out on Christmas, so it was nice.
  World / Faust / 131d 5h 27m 18s
The man should have been thinking more logically and he knew that. A part of him was kicking himself for having even asked. Severus should have known that they did have the two options and that perhaps just enjoying Christmas would be better. But just the sharing of the room was still abit awkward.

[#81e66b "How about we try and enjoy the rest of the day? He or she will surely still be there if we start tomorrow. And this time we do have a more direct means to find them. If we are correct, the hunt should not take us more than a day...and we should have plenty of time to get back to our jobs in the next couple of days."] Logical, the man was trying to look at it as logically as he could.

When Juliet had mentioned the changing, Severus nodded. That had actually helped a bit with the nerves he had. But he did not voice it.

[#81e66b "I think we passed a place on the way here.. Did you want to go and check it out? And see if perhaps we could get some buritos and enchiladas?"] The man asked with a faint tilt of his head. The call was hers to make.
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 134d 2h 22m 9s
"Well, we could hunt her...or him...down now or we could enjoy our Christmas day and then go tomorrow. Considering we need to get back to our jobs in two days," Juliet mused before placing her bag down. Same cheap beds, some cactus bed sheets. The rest was anything that would be in a wizard room. "So, when we need to change just go to the bathroom, and anything like that. The rest should be easy."

Food, that was something she needed, feeling another tiring spell coming. She'd roll with the punches but they were getting annoying. "How about food? A burrito sounds amazing right now...or enchiladas..."
  World / Faust / 135d 6h 32m 53s
When he heard that they could not be given two rooms, dark eyes went to the woman. He was actually more awkward with the case of it being one room with two beds. Unlike her, Severus had not had relationships before. His attention, or affections had still been by the woman who had been his first real friend. The woman who he had given so much up for. It was not until recently did the "ice" around his heart seem to melt and he found MAYBE it was possible to open up again.

[#81e66b "It's fine..."] He whispered as Juliet had paid for the room. He did get the point but still it was awkward. But what could he say? [#81e66b "So what will we be doing for the rest of the day? Most will be with family and I assume other places filled with people.."] Severus said quietly as the two walked away from the counter and towards the room that they had been paid for.
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 136d 9h 6m 10s

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