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[center [#9251c1 [b Disclaimer: This idea is loosely based off of KathyCross's, so credit goes to her.]]]

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[center He always came off as harsh and bitter. As the kind who wanted and needed no one, and yet deep down it wasn't true. The man merely put up his walls to push others away so that he wouldn't have his heart 'stolen' and 'broken' by another. It had happened once and he was afraid to have it happen again.

It has been seven years since the death of the woman he loved, and since he has put up walls. But during the start of a new school year, a young woman joins the staff of teachers at Hogwarts and he finds himself kind of drawn to her. She's funny, sassy, and doesn't take crap. Instead of letting him be bitter and cold and push her away [b Your Character] pushes buttons and tries to make Snape let her in.

The more she pushes, the more little by little he lets her in. But is he willing to try and love again? Or will his past haunt him and have him continuously fighting what he feels? And what happens when it turns out [b Your Character] isn't fully honest herself. Can these two find love, or will all go to hell?]

[center *Note: Her secret is up to you. So have fun with it ;)]

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In her mind she hoped they would embrace her immediately and admire her desire to help understand the other world. Of course, this was reality, where most was looking for an easy class or wanted a certain field. The boy, Elijah, remained sullen through the entire class. She knew that he would be trouble for some time until she beat some sense in the boy.

The rest of the class would come around. There would not be an inch for the students to take a yard, she wasn't to be screwed with. Juliet had a hard head, and didn't let people take advantage of her.

Having preparing some of the books and paperwork, the copy of Muggle Studies still there. Though hers was going to be far more indepth than what was suggested. Hearing the sudden voice, she jumped an inch before seeing Severus. "Jesus, you scared me. You were there the whole time? Wow, I hope I didn't look too bad up there," Juliet laughed the nervousness off before tugging at the collar of the robe. It was getting itchy...

She paused, her hazel eyes grew weary for a moment before she forced that away. "Mom and grandma didn't think magic should be used for everything. Thought there was something to doing things by hands, and my brother is not magical," she started before thinking of her niece for a moment. "So, I had to scrub pots, work at my grandma's restaurant in the summers. Lived both worlds, freak in both, with an exaggerated, I really don't give a damn. It's a good life."

Her only life.
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Snarky and well played. The woman had spunk and he had to give her that. Any other, or rather those he knew would have snapped off. He would have. Any other would have goven detention there and then. But she seemed to think it fair to be cheeky with the boy and to give a hint of a life lesson as she was.

Severus could admit that he appreciated the way she had handled it. And so the man continued to lean in the doorway and watch. Glares and muttered words were shot back and forth as the students were clearly not pleased. All of them seemed to be grumbling. But it had been warrented because one of them had to be a cheeky little bit.

When the bell rang, the man did slip into the room. Though he was silent as he made his way to the desk and picked up a book that Juliet had left upon the desk. [#81e66b "It seems that you have lived a very interesting life, Miss Hawes. And much different than those of us here. Would you care to tell me more?"] The man asked. A bit bold, but truly he was curious.
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An involuntary smile came to her lips for a few seconds, somewhere between a deeper meaning and amusement. It was a strange confusion which she was finding her life in this moment. Oddball, it was something that Heath would call her whenever she came up some strange, random idea.

The memory of Heath still stung to a point. The sound of his laugh, making love and odd conversations. Pushing those thoughts down, she composed herself.

"It must be so nice knowing everything again, young man. I would love to have that uncanny ability that I had when I was 16," Juliet gave a smirk, the snark mostly hidden behind amusement. "Haven't any of you known that if you do one action, you'll get hurt, but you still do it because it's habit? Knowing and doing are two different things."

Clearing her throat, she pulled out the painfully small book, but she had fillers.

"Now, let's begin with an assignment. It was going to be two pages, but thanks to our cheeky friend, it will be three. Open your books," she turned away to go to the chalk board.
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[#81e66b [i 'From what I have heard here she is truly different. And she seems to have a love of life and a belief that you always have a choice. I would love to explain to her that is just an ideal. Because there are times that you fall pray to your past and become victim to it. You try and make ammends and try to better the future. Hearing this only makes me more curious about her myself, though I will simply listen and see what more I can learn.']] Severus thought as he kept his spot in the doorway and observed the young woman and the class. It seemed that the students curious as hand after hand went up to ask questions.

And for a while they seemed to be genuinely curious and innocent. But then the hand of a boy from his own house, Elijah raised his hand. Now Severus stiffened as the boy raised his hand. He was known to be a snarky boy. And something told the man all in black that this would be the same as what he has done to him back in the first year he had come to the school. Now the man had two choices. He could stop the boy before he got started or he could let things play out. He chose to let things play out.

[i "What would have brought you here? Didn't like your job back home or did they not want an oddball like you anymore. And why didn't you think to learn our terms before your move?"] The words rolled off the boy's tongue with no remorse. And as they did, even Snape found it uncalled for. Though that was probably due to his past and what he had endured.

The man remained ever silent and watched and listened. He was curious how the sitiuation and the boy would be handled. Elijah may have been of his house and his responsibility but the other professors were at liberty to punish all students as they saw fit.
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The woman did not lack confidence, if anything she lacked common sense. This endeavor was a means of excitement and getting to know where to look for her certain issue. At night she could feel the fear and anxiety gnawing at her soul but in the morning she placed on a bright smile and went forth without intrepidition.

This was a new adventure, thus, she was excited. Arranging her office once again, she waited for the students to arrive. They looked as excited as she did, though some didn't look so thrilled.

"Good morning, I'm Professor Hawes, and clearly this is Muggle Studies. If you hear me say No-Mag, that's the American term for muggle. I'm still in transition from words like apartment to flat and so on. I am from Colorado which is pretty much close to the center of the United States and graduated from Ilvermoney almost ten years ago."

Seeing a students hand rise she pointed to the curious looking girl. "Where is Ilvermoney?"

"I'm sorry, I can't say exactly where it is. Now anyone curious about the houses?" She asked with a welcoming look. Seeing the hands raise she smiled. "My house is the Thunderbird, named after the house founders favorite animal. We are the adventurers, likely to do something stupid in the name of fun. We have the house of healers, warriors and scholars."

After answering a few more questions on that she knew it was time to press on.

"My upbringing was a little different than most, I did magic at school, and some at home otherwise everything was done the no-maj, muggle, way. After graduating I worked for the Magical Congress of the USA, same as your Ministiry, with a much longer name. I worked in Muggle Relations just until this Spring. So, once I sat in a classroom like you did, learned this. And found an enjoyable job in it. The one thing I did find even in that department was that...there wasn't an understanding between people.

"It's not my place to tell you what to believe in and do. You're nearly adults, soon, your decisions and believes will be all yours and no one elses, for better or for worse. I'm here to help you understand outside of these walls. Though I will not tolerate any derogatory remarks of any form, those will get punished. Before I begin is there any questions on anything?"

That had really been the most she had talked since she had the talk with her mom five years ago. Some was fascinated others, was lost. She began answering questions as they came readily.
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The night as usual was long for the man. Between old memories and bitter regrets, the Potion's Master found sleep a thing worth wanting. But it was a thing he had become accustomed to little of. It was a part of his curse, or rather what he considered his curse. And it was aomething he much preferred left untouched. Only the headmaster knew the full extent and if he could help it, Severus even tried to hide from him. Of course that was to no avail but try did he anyway.

By the time morning came, the man dressed into his normal all black and the long billowing robes that had students convinced he was a vampyre when matched with his pale complexion. The man had opted for a quick breakfast of porriage and since he had a free period decided he might roam. He was not sure where he would end up but the roaming for some unknow reason had seemed more intriguing than another day back in the dungeon. Since he had no destination in mind, the man draped all in black allowed his feet to take them where they would.

It was not long before he found his way up a staircase he hardly visited and to a classroom he hardly did. The door was opened and he could see the students at their desks and Juliet at the front. His feet had apparently brought him to Muggle Studies. His first thought was to retreat, but it seemed his curiosity and his feet would not allow him. And so the man stood lurking in the doorway, listening and watching the new addition to the staff.
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Others could go without a gentle teasing or proding, especial when he was being exceptionally cordial. Minevera had given her a warning, or so she thought, but she hadn't paid attention. Giving the man a small smile, a chuckle of amusement escaped her mouth.

"You aren't so bad for trying to get rid of me earlier," Juliet gave a small teasing smile. This wouldn't be so bad. Of course, she figured that she would make the most out of every second. Right now she would be okay, tomorrow she might not be. "Good night, Severus."

Those thoughts always bothered her, she hated feeling like there was a shadow behind her wherever she stepped. Somehow he looked like a man filled with regret as well.

Turning to her room, she was able to find that at least, it was cozy and she didn't need to share. There was piles of books she hadn't sorted yet and many notes on the situation at hand. That was going to be guarded secret unless it proved to be too much.
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Severus had to admit that the young woman did pique his curiosity. Was it her seemingly carefree nature? Or was it the way she didn't want to run and hide from him? Honestly the man guessed it was a bit of both and that she was like a breah of fresh air in the life he had become so accustomed to. And it was with those thoughts did he have to stop himself. There was no way that he could let her or anyone else in. Not after what had been.

So mostly through the feast he shared light conversation with some of his fellow professors or he kept his silence. The silence was more him studying the students who had been sorted and what they would be like. A favourite pass time of his waa watching and observing students to get an idea of what they were like. To get an idea how best to get them to learn. But more it was a distraction from the dark depths of memorylane his mind tended to dwell upon or wander often.

[#81e66b "I know the pain of getting lost in this castle and I thought it would not be very nice of me to let another. After all we'll be working together and we were bound to cross paths. A pleasure to be meeting you Miss Hawes. Have a pleasant evening."] The man said.

He was awakward but it was his way. One Severus Snape was used to his solitude and liked to keep it that way. He did not want to give the young woman any ideas that he was interested in friendship or getting to know her or anyone else. The man had learned that being a lone was better. At least in that sense one did not need to worry about getting hurt by those they had let in.

And it was after he had bade Juliet and his collegues a good night did the man all in black take his leave and made his way back to the dungeons.
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There was a strange attractiveness to the man. It wasn't instantly grabbing, instead it was subtle. Tall, strong frame, with the darkest of hair and eyes. The drawl was one of the more interesting accents that she had heard, it seemed to be another layer designed to throw people off. He was fascinating and attractive, she'd keep on him.

"It is different, reckon that's the design of it all," Juliet gave a bright smile. She gave Minerva a smile, she was another slow one, but she would get the woman to warm up to her. "That is a good idea. I've only meet Minerva and Flitwick. And now you, what luck."

Finding the right spot, she found herself in a light conversation with another professor. Soon the children did arrive, and their sorting began though a dingy hat. She watched fascinated before Dumbledore began the announcements.

"We have a new teacher, Professor Hawes will be now teaching Muggle studies," Dumbledore gestured to her in a sweeping motion. Giving a smile, she rose before sitting down again.

When the feast began, she was mostly glad to start this new chapter, and a new place to begin her search for a solution. It was for Abby, all of it. It was hard to talk to Severus during the feast, either he clammed up or there was another conversation.

At the end of the night, she hung after for a moment giving him a smile. "Well, thank you for helping me not get lost again. I look forward to talking to you. Good night, Severus."
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[#81e66b "That does sound quite different. Perhaps enchanting in its own way. But from what I have heard all schools have they draws."] The man said, being thoughtful of her words. In truth, Severus was trying to picture her school the way that she had described it. And in that sense ot almost made him wish he could see it for himself. God knew he was a bit tired of Hogwarts and the reminders it left him with. The echos of what had been in his past.

But he had to quickly push those thoughts aside. If he wanted he would be able to dwell and lose himself to his thoughts late. Or he could choose to find the distraction in his work as he so often had many nights or days.

[#81e66b "It would perhaps be fore the best. You do have yet to meet some of the others. And as the headmaster said, the students are due to arrive soon."] Snape said as he gave a faint nod and motioned that she lead the way.
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For a moment Juliet paused thinking about Ilvermorny. It was quite different but placing it in words was another thing. Quite possibly this was the first time she paused since meeting them, eyes full of thought. "Yes and's not as large...also more stationary. If the stair cases moved then there would have been broken bones," she gave a small chuckle. She was reckless, though she was doing everything she could to curb that.

"Our great hall was circular and had a dome ceiling with paintings that would change. It really was pretty...nice view of the mountains, too. At least what they called mountains," Juliet said thoughtfully before nodding to the professor.

"Shall we?" She flashed a smile, smoothing back her fly away hairs.
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Severus was again shocked by how bright and the closest word he could think up was bubbly the new Muggle Studies Professor seemed. It was almost as if she were around the age of the students they taught. But even the students undersrood his dark and almost broody ways as means to leave him alone on the personal level. Those nonverbal hints seemed to be lost on Juliet, which to the man was a shame as he did not very much want to be closer to her than he had to be. Nothing personal but just how he was and he had very much learned to like his dark and solitary places.

[#81e66b "IThe school you went to before I take it was nothing like Hogwarts?"] The words were quiet but her seeming genuinely impressed with the Great Hall had made him curious. Which after he had spoken, the man instantly regretted as he broke one of his own rules.

But he was quick to recompose and regain himself when Professor Dumbledore had approached them. [#81e66b "I bumped into our Miss Hawes in the corridor and felt it was only fair, headmaster."] The man said in his slow drawl and once more looked to Juliet. Curious the woman was and even he could admit that little bit as he again fell into silence.

"The two of you might want to take your places with the others up at the staff table." Dumbledore said as he gave a smile. His twinkling eyes went between Severus and Juliet for a moment before he wandered off to speak with another professor who seemed to just be entering the hall.
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Hazel eyes lit up at the idea of new mysteries and adventures. The stairs was one thing, there must be more just in these rooms and books. Hogwarts was legendary amongst the schools, of course, she loved her school. Salem was nice all times of the years and visiting the cities on those breaks was nice for someone from a small town in Colorado.

"I look forward to those mysteries then," Juliet said brightly. The tone and non verbal hints so far was lost on her. She was the new girl here and an American as well, she needed to find her niche quickly. "Severus, I like that, a predominant Roman name..."

Entering the great hall was a treat in itself, the floating candles, four long tables and the Gothic windows. Giving a soft laugh of amazement she smiled. "Amazing..." She was told her place would be between the charms professor and someone else, she would be hinted.

Dumbledore was talking to one of the professors when they walked in. When he excused himself she gave a smile and a wave to him. "Ah, Severus, thank you for escorting Miss Hawes. You'll be sitting in between Professor Flick and Severus. The students will be arriving shortly. I do hope you will enjoy here."

"I believe I will, thank you professor," Juliet looked genuinely excited for this moment. She knew Minerva and the other one, briefly. Both was nice, it was good to know the head of the houses.
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[#81e66b "Some within the castle do. You would be surprised what you happen to find around Hogwarts."] The man said quietly. She was not like the rest who normally would give him one glance and understand he didn't wish to be interracted with. But he did have to in a sense shake off the thought as he knew everyone had their own personality. Just for his sake he hoped he would not be bumping into her often, both figuratively and literally as already the encounter was an odd one to say the least.

Slowly and deliberately did Severus pull his long black robes tighter around him as dark eyes again took in the woman before him. [#81e66b "I'm Severus Snape. A pleasure to meet you."] Was it really, no. But being polite was something that had been drilled into him since he could remember. And even now, Dumbledore happened to remind him of it when he was rude or being "bitter".

And with that, the man inclined his head towards the doors and yet again made to move towards them. [#81e66b "Trust me when I say the headmaster will come looking for us."]
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The woman was out of sorts in many ways. First, she looked different with her chocolate hair, hazel eyes and tanned skin. The black robe was far different than she would have preferred. Still, she loved teaching and lived a different muggle existence than most.

He easily was taller than her, all of him spoke the message of back off. Too bad she was stubborn, at least for him. "At least the doors won't be moving away, I can't say the same for the stairs," Juliet gave a dry laugh before nodding. "I'm Juliet Hawes, new teacher for muggle studies."

Her accent by now was universal American. It was when the a and e came out she drawled it out a bit longer. She gave a cheerful smile stepping towards the doors.

A new adventure when potentially she was coming to the end of her own.
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