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[center [#9251c1 [b Disclaimer: This idea is loosely based off of KathyCross's, so credit goes to her.]]]

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[center He always came off as harsh and bitter. As the kind who wanted and needed no one, and yet deep down it wasn't true. The man merely put up his walls to push others away so that he wouldn't have his heart 'stolen' and 'broken' by another. It had happened once and he was afraid to have it happen again.

It has been seven years since the death of the woman he loved, and since he has put up walls. But during the start of a new school year, a young woman joins the staff of teachers at Hogwarts and he finds himself kind of drawn to her. She's funny, sassy, and doesn't take crap. Instead of letting him be bitter and cold and push her away [b Your Character] pushes buttons and tries to make Snape let her in.

The more she pushes, the more little by little he lets her in. But is he willing to try and love again? Or will his past haunt him and have him continuously fighting what he feels? And what happens when it turns out [b Your Character] isn't fully honest herself. Can these two find love, or will all go to hell?]

[center *Note: Her secret is up to you. So have fun with it ;)]

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Severus had been watching the woman as she pulled out the worn piece of paper. He had seen her grab it that morning before they had left but until that moment had not realized it to be more and like their map. Dark gaze fell upon it as it became more clear and everything came into focus. [#81e66b "If I heard correcrly...motels should be open on Christmas..more people travel for the holiday than they used to...So we should be fine if we go the two blocks to where we are being shown.."] The man said in his slow drawl, the words being thoughtful.

When she took out the gift she had gotten for him, the man had almost been surprised. He had not been expecting anything. But he had actually gotten her something small too. An old golden bracelett that at one time had belonged to his mother. He honestly had no need of it. And it was when he had taken the parchment wrapped item did he slip his hand into his pocket to pull out the small black box and slip it into her hand. [#81e66b "I was going to give this to you later...but fair is fair."] The man said with a faint smile. [#81e66b "Happy Christmas."]
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"Alright, I suppose we get settled into a place and then rent a car. I really need an updated ID here..." Juliet mused. The idea of going to a beach here was thrilling and it was essentially a bucket list. There was quite a bit she really had done a bit. "Let's do that then, that sounds like a lot of fun. Let's see..."

Taking out a worn piece of paper she waited for the jumble of letters to come together to give where there was a hotel and other services. "Alright, there's a motel two blocks away. It hopefully should be open for Christmas. Oh, I almost forgot...I got you something..."

Pulling out a small package out of her pocket wrapped in parchment she handed it to him with a smile. It was a rare dark arts book that he probably didn't have, something she had collected years ago.
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[#81e66b "Well there's a first time for everything. Maybe we can find the girl first and then go to as many beaches as you would like? I too want to explore since I have never been here before."] The man said as the soft breeze tussled through their hair. The weather was so different and warm compared to what they both knew. And he did want to experience it before they went back.

He was musing himself slightly before he withdrew the "tracker" they would be using. [#81e66b "Use the blood like the last time...unlike the last one this should take us where we need to go."] The man said as he was getting his head back in the game.

He had feelings for her. Wanted to explore those even. So he was hoping that they would be able to do this and save her as well.
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After the presents the next morning Juliet gave her hugs and hisses before driving at least to the next town. There was a witch there that let them use her floo network . They landed in one of the California offices and instead of it being at twenty below it was a balmy 60 degrees. She wished she had worn something different.

"I actually haven't been out here before...Hey, a visit to the beach sounds nice...sorry, getting distracted again," Juliet reeled herself in with a laugh. "So, we have a general location and the device. Where does it say to go?"

There was feelings ,yes, but it wouldn't matter if she died. Even if she did she'd make the most of her time.
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Severus felt so very odd when he had used the American venacular in saying "screwed" as he had. But he had figured that he would humour her and say it. Besides he had admittedly been curious how saying it would feel. And when it left his lips, even he could not help laughing as it had felt so foreign and he could only bet it had sounded so as well. A odd pair they were indeed. And what was even more amzing was that they had actually admitted there were some form of feelings here.

[#81e66b "Well I know you have many talents. It has been proven time and time again. So I will look forward to hearing you add some more colourful language."] The man slightly teased as the pair walked back in. Like her, Severus removed the cloak he had been wearing and set it down.

[#81e66b It was my pleasure.. Have a good night."] Severus said, quietly as she kissed his cheek. The man watched her go before he went to the room that he had been staying. The man had tried to go to bed, but instead as always his mind was too busy and he found himself lying there for hours merely staring up into the darkness.
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Juliet couldn't help but burst out laughing at hearing him say 'screwed'. It sounded so uncharacteristic of him while her saying that sounded like her. God, they were this strange pair, it was amazing to think that they were admitting to some feelings here.

"Well, thank you, it's one of my many talents. Maybe next time I can add some special words to it," she mused, she didn't have a problem with extra language here. Back inside felt good, she took off her jacket, placing it where it always bothered her mom.

"I'm going to shower and then go to bed. THanks for everything today..." she said kissing his cheek. She knew if she lingered they'd make some stupid mistake.
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Severus wasn't quite sure how he was feeling. So much was tunning through his head in those moments of silence. This could either go really well once they figured things out or it could be a disaster. Would the two of them pay? Or was there a way this would make sense?

When he heard her words, a faint smile traced his lips. [#81e66b "Very eloquently put, Juliet. But yes...we very well could be screwed."] He said, humouring her as he used the American wording. But then when she said they should be getting inside, the man nodded. Even he had noticed it was getting colder.

[#81e66b "I'm sure this has been..I'm still sorry for all of this."] He whisperes. Severus could not help what would happen when they left. Would they be able to do all that they set out to do? Again his mind was racing as he followed the woman back into the house.
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Juliet wasn't sure if her heart was breaking of overjoyed, it was a confusing tossup in this moment. It was getting colder though and she was all sorts of puzzled in this moment. Instead of a content or angry reaction she gave a mirthless laugh.

"Well, then to put this in a tactless American way...we're screwed, possibly..." Juliet let go of his hand slowly rising. "Let's get in, she will wake up early, and us being here is even more exciting."

She started back into the warm house, knowing soon it would be sold to a new family. There was more they could do, but her spirits weren't high today, she felt as if she was being dragged through the mud.
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Perhaps he should not have shot the question back at her. But Juliet was aware of how he was by now. When asked something, the man would ask something in return. And besides that, Severus really had been curious and wanted her take on the kiss as well. So he was silent and patient as he waited for her to choose her words and to speak. He was more than used to her being open and as honest as she chose to be. It was an unspoken agreement or rather understanding that they only say what they felt comfortable in saying.

[#81e66b "I think we both know that there is something there.. What exactly is to be determined. But thank you for telling me this, Juliet...Because I know perhaps that given the situation and the circumstances..that I have come to care for you and to like you perhaps more than os wise."] She was being honest and so he was as well. Slowly his hand gave hers a small squeeze as she had taken his hand. This was probably one of the things he wishes could have been less complicated.
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Juliet had to say something, that stupid filter just never worked, she asked and now there was a question in return. Mentally cursing herself she knew that she needed to do more to keep her mouth from running during this whole time. This was Sev though, she could be honest and say what was there without offending him. In return she took his frank words and tone with ease.

"I...I don't think I did...I really don't know," Juliet looked to him. "It's the most torn I've ever felt in a while. It was easier before but now it's not so easy. It's something else. I'm sorry if that made us awkward."

Taking his hand she gave a small sigh. "I do know that I like you a lot though. Probably more than what's prudent right now."
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Dark eyes were still on the sky. Silence had fallen between them too. Not at all an awkward silence, but a comfortable one. And he was letting his mind review the last months. From when he had met her and not wanted to let her in all the way to where they were now. It was very clear to him that she had become possibly one of his best friends and someone he trusted completely. And that despite himself and everything she had told him, that he, Severus Snape was starting to fall for her. And that thought in itself scared him. Because he was afraid to leave himself open to that again. Afraid to be hurt.

But hee words brought him out of his thoughts and his eyes were brought from the sky and fell on her. A small smile came to his lips and he shook his head. [#81e66b "No...I really did not mind it.. Though now I am curious if you minded it yourself?"] He asked curiously as he kept his eyes upon her. The question was only fair as she had asked him.
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It was a fun conversation and seemed almost only possible with Severus. The way he looked at the world and everything was different, somewhat grim, but it was also belonged to another place. "It's interesting to see, they are going to launch this craft in the air to take pictures of space. I think it's called Hubble Space Telescope.The things that they can do..."

She liked it, it was fun, looking towards him she only thought on it for a moment. That kiss. She wasn't sure why it was still there on her mind. "You really didn't mind that kiss, did you? I know you're not impulsive like I am..."
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He was sure she would figure this out. She had come so far from all the word that she had done and showed him. And between them working together, Severus was sure she had even more of a chance. Though he was not going to day those words. The last thing the man wanted was to offend her somehow. Eapecially since she had come to mean so much to him and in so short a time.

[#81e66b "Some constellations we had been forced to learn in classes. Not that I remember them now. Astronomy was not something I was purely interested in though I did always enjoy the stars and their beauty... And it does sound like you were quite the handful. But with something as beautiful as the night sky, I can see the sneaking out.."] Severus found himself saying. Her words of being a friend were bitter sweet. But hey, he would take it.
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It wouldn't go to Hailey. She had given up too much, done so much over the years just to not get anywhere. And they were getting somewhere. Most of it due to Severus being as quick as he was her knowledge of her former position. They were a great team.

"All the time, never really learned the constellations but I'd come here. At Ilvermoney I would sneak to one of the towers and look, just made friends with the pictures on the wall so they wouldn't tell on me," Juliet gave a laugh at the memories. She was the worse student. "I'm glad you're here...a friend...its what I've been needing this whole time."
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[#81e66b "I can only imagine how hard it all must be for him. And I'll admit I admire his courage and the strength he shows. I know you'll be able to do this before it gets to that little girl."] The man said as his dark eyes were upon her. And he meant the words he said.

He was silent as he was thinking about the kiss. Thinking about how she made him feel. They had to be able to do this. Maybe there had to be more. Or he wanted to at least try. Not that he could or would be able to say that for the moment. If they could and managed this he would tell her.

[#81e66b "I can see how it is the best part. Even at Hogwarts we don't see them like this.. have you always come out like this?"] Severus asked. He wanted to learn more about what she liked. A little more about her past if she would let him.
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