The Rogue and The Chairman 1×1 *Mature rp*

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[center ----------, the Chairman of The Underworld has been feeling odd for a few centuries... Yes, he has minions, reapers, and his fair share of souls and agony to feed from... But, something was missing. One day, after observing the life above on Earth, he made a surprising decision. He would explore the Earth above him... As a human]

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[center She's a fallen woman... Humans refuse her... Vampire hunt her... Demons fear her...]

[center Lenali had been a fallen angel turned Vampiress since she came of age. She turned away from Heaven to seek revenge for the demon that took her soul from her. In a twist of fate, she runs into ----------, and he was captivated by her... Since then, Lenali and ------- have been inseparable, to the point of becoming lovers, leaving The Underworld Throne unattended for years]

[center ---------- finds out that she is what Hell call a Ëyâphym, an eternal forced on Earth, wronged by hell and watched by heaven to defend it from The Dark Realms. Within her holds the power to make or break the deal. She is what holds the balance between all hell breaking loose and Heaven preserving God's creation. And if they find out who or what she is... It would mean something worse than even death...]

[center The Chairman must decide between his status in the Underworld and protecting who he loves... He doesn't know Heaven has a plan for the Eternal Grim reaper and our Ëyâphym, and the Vampires are fighting to find her, for someone is in need of her... Will she become prisoner? Or will ------- go to hell and back for her?]


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