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[size10 A home for all my non-canon posts.
Should you see your character mentioned in one
and you are not credited and linked,
let me know so I can fix it.
[u All] posts here are non-canon.
They most likely will not be used.
Feel free to read them.
Anything that has a spoiler in it for the actual story will have
a [+red SPOILER] above the post. The spoiler
itself will also be marked in red in the post.

Realtime chat will be used for
plotting, jotting down ideas, and whatever else
pops into this head of mind.

[u Routes explained::]
Generally how I feel about the character and how they are going within their stories. *Subject to change
[b [route a]]
Generally a good ending, okay character growth.
[b [route b]]
So-so ending for the character, good character growth.
[b [route c]]
Terrible ending for the character (death), excellent character growth.
[b A]
[ [size10 Akihiko Shinsuke]] [route a]
[ [size10 Auden Grey]] [route c]
[ [size10 Ayame Minamoto]] [route c]
[b B
[ [size10 Elias Lovelace]] [route b]
[ [size10 Evelyn Monroe]] [route c]
[b F]
[ [size10 Fae Morgan]] [route a]
[ [size10 Fenian Basselt]] [route a]
[ [size10 Friday]] [route b]
[b G
[ [size10 Himeko Uzuki]] [route c]
[b I
[ [size10 Kailu Nova]] [route a]
[ [size10 Kimi Nozomi]] [route c]
[ [size10 Kiriko]] [route a]
[b L]
[ [size10 Lorelei Rathmoore]] [route c]
[ [size10 Lottie Tremaine]] [route b]
[ [size10 Luxe]] [route a]
[b M
[ [size10 Saveria Oriani]] [route a]
[ [size10 Sawachika Kenji]] [route b]
[ [size10 Sparkz]] [route c]
[b T]
[ [size10 Tadashi Nakagawa]] [route a]
[b U
[ [size10 Vaughn Glass]] [route a]
[ [size10 Viviana Glass]] [route a]
[b W
[ [size10 Yashiro Nobumochi]] [route a]
[b Z]


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Roleplay Responses

[center Kailu Nova | Female | 23 | sexuality | Fire]

COMPATIBLE: Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces
INCOMPATIBLE: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

[center [Kurale [size42 [u Constellations ]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [ [size18 Scorpio]] [tab] [ [size18 Sagittarius] ]]]
[center [Kurale [size42 [u Open Roles]]]
[font "Times New Roman" [size18 Aquarius [tab] Aries [tab] Cancer [tab] Capricorn
Gemini [tab] Leo [tab] Libra [tab] Taurus [tab] Virgo]]]
  ◖✎◗ / Darcy / 2y 20d 7h 59m 21s
[pic][center Male | 25 | Homosexual | Earth | Sagittarius]
[size11 Positive]
[size9 He is very optimistic and always looks at the brighter side of things. This has helped him to give his best even in extremely difficult situations.]

[size11 Straight Forward]
[size9 He speaks the brutal truth, and always means what he says. His comments can, however, sometimes be too harsh and may do more harm than good.]

[size11 Intellectual]
[size9 He is intelligent and enthusiastic, almost always interested in different kinds of subjects and can easily impress others with his conversation.]

Over Confident

COMPATIBLE: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Aquarius
INCOMPATIBLE: Tarus, Virgo, Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio, Pisces
for as long as they've been aware, humans have obsessed over the world around them. the seas teaming with life, the forests bursting with sustenance, the deserts that only the toughest could survive… however despite all the wonders within arms reach, the one thing they dreamed about the most was the SKY ABOVE. the stars at night, the galaxies faintly flowing in the infinite distance, the occasional flying meteor sparking passed: since the beginning, humans have tried to come up with some explanation to what's happening up there. from ALL AROUND THE WORLD, from ALL THROUGHOUT HISTORY, there have been stories ─ myths and legends ─ about what's shining bright in the night. within every story, myth or legend, there's always a SLIVER OF TRUTH. most of the truth, however, has been chalked down to the story, myth or legend. so unbeknownst to the humans, there are CELESTIAL BEINGS that have ensconced into the heavens. all the constellations and cosmic beings that they have hailed from fables? those beings are unfeigned living organisms. the tales they emerged from? their biographies, to some extent.

[size9 Every celestial being and constellation persona need LIFE FORCE to be sustained. Some of them being gods or goddesses in their prime, it's a lot like being worshipped and receiving HUMAN SACRIFICES. Except for the rules with the CONSTELLATIONS are different. Constellations need to gather new life force every 104 YEARS. This ensures that they can stay amongst the stars and other divine entities, as well as maintain their powers. So every 54 years, a constellation is sent down to earth and needs to acquire life force from a MORTAL being.]
  ◖✎◗ / Darcy / 2y 20d 8h 53s
[right [pic]][left [pic]]
[size10 [size14 ⌜[u [b Mayhem and Wanderlust ]] ⌟]]
[size8 [b [u THE SETTING] ﹚ ]] Fantasy medieval world.
[size8 [b [u PAIRING] ﹚ ]] prince x princess
[size8 [b [u BASIC PLOT ] ﹚ ]]
[size9 ▼ ⋮ ] Once the tiny kingdom of A gained a sudden power, taking down a neighboring kingdom almost overnight. Fearing the same thing happening to them, a smaller kingdom panics, calls for a peace meeting. Within the meeting, the two kingdoms agreed to be a peace only if their two eldest children marry. The (prince|princess) of the newly powerful kingdom is wary of their father, they think that something is sinister is going on as they were not such a strong kingdom mere months ago. While sneaking around to get information, they run into , after a little bit of banter, the Royal of Kingdom A asks for their help in the matter.

[right [pic]][left [pic]]
[size10 [size14 ⌜[u [b Black Frost ]] ⌟] ]
[size8 [b [u THE SETTING] ﹚ ]] London
[size8 [b [u PAIRING] ﹚ ]] resistance group leader x secret spy
[size8 [b [u BASIC PLOT ] ﹚ ]]
[size9 ▼ ⋮ ] In a world where everyone is given a special power at birth, there is someone that is given the opposite of your power. Powers can be simple, locking whatever doors at your touch, to advance powers such as controlling and summoning fire. The person with the opposite power is what they call a ‘soulmate’. Some people never find them. However, when one does, both of your hearts glow, syncing in beat. You have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting your other half - the terrible part is that they are in a group called 'black frost', a notorious group bent on overthrowing the government. Now it is up to you to infiltrate the group and rip it apart at the seams, all the while trying to convince your other half to join you. Because a side effect of having your hearts sync..once one stops beating, so does the other. Having seen your interaction with the group, your younger sibling is taken by the government and will be returned to your family after you get information on the group.

[right [pic]][left [pic]]
[size10 [size14 ⌜[u [b ACCESSING THE WORLD ]] ⌟] ]
[size8 [b [u THE SETTING] ﹚ ]] Japan
[size8 [b [u PAIRING] ﹚ ]] online persona x online persona
[size8 [b [u BASIC PLOT ] ﹚ ]]
[size9 ▼ ⋮ ] The setting is pretty much, two friends that have never met in real life but spend hours together every day. They play a game called (something) together. It is an MMO game, with a fairly small user base. They normally play in server A. However, one day when they both get on, they see that server X1 is now available to play in, which it has never been before. Excited they both log into it. However, once they log in, both of them black out and wake up later in the game, their levels reset to level 1 and they are unable to log out. After a brief moment of panic, a system message pops up telling them that they are 'beta testers' on the new game mode. The only way they can get out is to beat the final dungeon level. However, they will be able to get out for x amount of time by completing quests.

[right [pic]][left [pic]]
[size10 [size14 ⌜[u [b Torn Petals ]] ⌟] ]
[size8 [b [u THE SETTING] ﹚ ]] Japan
[size8 [b [u PAIRING] ﹚ ]] transfer student x -tv trope- student
[size8 [b [u BASIC PLOT ] ﹚ ]]
[size9 ▼ ⋮ ] TS transfers into a new school after their father makes CEO, prompting their parents into pushing X1 into a more prestigious school in hopes of rubbing elbows to some elite and making new connections. TV's older sister committed suicide a year prior to this, but the reasons behind it are pretty vague and TV doesn't think that she actually did it and thinks that she was murdered and the suicide was just a cover-up. Because the week leading up to it, TV's sister continued to visit one person every day at the same time, same place. Later we would find out, it was actually every day for several months at the same time.

[right [pic]][left [pic]]
[size10 [size14 ⌜[u [b Kismet ]] ⌟] ]
[size8 [b [u THE SETTING] ﹚ ]] Fantasy medieval world
[size8 [b [u PAIRING] ﹚ ]] witch/warlock x apprentice
[size8 [b [u BASIC PLOT ] ﹚ ]]
[size9 ▼ ⋮ ] words will go here
  Tadashi Nakagawa / Darcy / 2y 24d 14h 15m 23s
[center [pic]
[size8 [i Some people, seem mean and nasty]]
[size8 But I think they're just unhappy
The body needs a good shakin'
To let the brain fill up with the good vibrations]]
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 NICKNAMES]]] ━━ Carrot, Kya.
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 GENDER]]] ━━ Female
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 D.O.B.]]] ━━ June seventh
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 AGE]]] ━━ 17
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 YEAR]]] ━━ Third
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 SEXUALITY]]] ━━ Bisexual
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 STATUS]]] ━━ Single
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 OCCUPATION]]] ━━ Highschooler/Superhero(?)
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 HEIGHT]]] ━━ 5'4
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 HAIR COLOR]]] ━━ Orange
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 EYE COLOR]]] ━━ Amber
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 BODY TYPE]]] ━━ Lean, borderline scrawny
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 THEME]]] ━━ link to song [#fd5e5b [u [#1c1c1c name of song / artist]]]
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 COLOR]]] ━━ [#2FB28E ▅ ▅▅▅▅] #2FB28E
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 SECRET]]] ━━ [size11 Lowkey is a boss at otome games, will vehemently deny to having husbandos.]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 QUIRKS]]]
[tab][tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 1]]] ━━ [size11 Adores the old fashioned karate and kung-fu movies and stars like Bruce Lee.]
[tab][tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 2]]] ━━ [size11 Loves cherry tomatoes but hates regular sized tomatoes just by virtue of size.]
[tab][tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 3]]] ━━ [size11 Thinks abandoned baby kittens, puppies, and just all pets are morally upsetting.]
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#2FB28E [size7 BACKGROUND]]] ━━ [size9 Born into a loveless marriage, Kimi was raised primarely by her father. Her mother having split around the time that she was three, the orange haired girl does not remember much about her other than her smell. For countless years, Kimi questioned where her mother was and what happened to her. Not having the heart to tell the truth, her father fabricated a lie. 'You're mother is off defending the weak and helping those in need.'
'How can we help her?' Kimi questioned.
'By always helping those that need it. Being the best person you can and being a good friend to those going through tough times.' For then, Kimi devoted herself into being the best person that she could be so that her mother didn't have to do so much and would be able to come home.
[tab] Years passed and the truth slowly began to chip away at the image that Kimi held of her mother. However, that did not stop the young girl from her quest to help those in need and to be the best 'Kimi' she could be. Not for her mother, but for her father and herself.]
[size7 [+white _]]
  ◖✎◗ / Darcy / 2y 107d 13m 4s
Saveria Oriani

[ [center [pic]]][center [#1e1e1e ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬[center [#847A5F ████████████████████████████████████████████████████]]]]

[font "Times New Roman" [b [Number ]]]【6】
[font "Times New Roman" [b [name ]]][font "Times New Roman" Saveria Oriani aka Veri]
[font "Times New Roman" [b [age ]]][font "Times New Roman" 22]
[font "Times New Roman" [b[gender ]]][font "Times New Roman" Hetero Female]
[font "Times New Roman" [b [ability ]]][font "Times New Roman" Precognition, however she does not get visions or dreams of future events. Saveria can channel her powers into any technological device that has a screen and projects the visions as if she were making a movie with the touch of her fingertips. Shorts bursts, five to fifteen seconds long do not seem to affect her much. However, anything longer and she is out for several days with a migraine so strong that the tiniest light hitting her eyes causes unimaginable pain.]

[font "Times New Roman" Saveria may not have inherited her father's natural charisma, but she was trained well. She is an excellent conversational companion and can make people feel comfortable and appreciated. She is extremely well mannered and comes off as considerate and helpful when she wants to, but done to get into people's good graces instead of good will. Intelligence is her number one weapon. She uses her cunning and knowledge to get ahead in the world. What kind of gang member would she be if she wasn't critical? Saveria is extremely observant and loves to deconstruct everything from people to art. After all, the only way we get better is to confront our flaws and fix them. If there was one word to describe Saveria, it would be [u ambitious]. She wants to show her family, no, the world, that she is more than a girl stepping into her father's shoes. She almost seems obsessed by it. It is simultaneously one of her best and worst qualities. Saverin doesn't like to talk about herself at all. She has mastered the art of steering conversations away from herself and instead will have her company talk about themselves instead. Her company always leave satisfied, not knowing that she has managed to disclose the bare minimum about herself.]

[font "Times New Roman" There is no real reason why Saveria doesn't share her past or personal affairs with anyone. She simply does not want to. Her life has actually been pretty good. The only person in her blood family is her father as her mother dipped out around the time Saveria was four. It wasn't so much that she was introduced to the gang, she was raised in it. Her father played a very heavy role within the gang until he was thrown in prison for embezzlement, a cheap sentence for a not so cheap man. Before her father's shoes were even cold, she stepped into them and into the gang slowly earning a name for herself over the years. She writes to her father almost religiously every week.]
[font "Times New Roman" As far as hobbies go, once or twice a week Saveria will head to either an ice rink or a rollerskating rink. One wouldn't necessarily call it a hobby, but rather 'me party', she would put it. Once in a while, she will extend an invitation out to a few members of the gang to come and join her.]

[font "Times New Roman" Saveria stands tall(5'10), with an athletic build and graceful movement. Her dark chestnut hair cascades down just past her breasts, permanently straight. "A token from your mother," her father always used to say whenever she complained about not being able to style it. Saveria has lively, bright blue eyes, and was blessed with long eyelashes. Whenever she is out, her outfit is a short-sleeve cotton button up blouse, a brown jacket with black inner lining, a crimson red tie, a cream coloured belt and black shorts. Her shoes at the only thing that changes day to day, one day they could be combat boots and the next some old sneakers. The only thing she has never actually been seen in are heels. ]

[font "Times New Roman" Saveria is an extremely bad poet and she knows it. There are notebooks upon notebooks filled with horrible poems hidden deep within her closet. She has an unnatural love for carbonated sodas and sweets. There is never a time when she doesn't have one on hand. There are one or two people that she has a mild crush on at the moment. Give it a month or so and she will have a different set of crushes.]

[b Luciana Rossi 【2】]
  ◖✎◗ / Darcy / 2y 156d 6h 13m 33s
Redo *Luxe, Kenji, Lottie, Evelyn, Auden's profile with this
[center [pic]]

[center [+Grey [u [+Silver ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀]]]]
[center [size18 [b [+Grey FIRST NAME]]] [+silver [size11 LASTNAME]]
[ [+white [u [+grey [size24 Text symbol here]]]]]]
[tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][left [pic]][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][right [pic]][size12 [+white [*]][size10 [+grey [tab][tab][tab][tab][tab][+grey ┌][+Silver █][tab][tab][tab][+grey │ [tab] [b NICKNAME]] [tab][size7 HERE]]
[+grey ┌][+Silver █][tab][tab][tab][+grey │ [tab] [b AGE]] [tab] [size7 HERE]
[+grey ┌][+Silver █][tab][tab][tab][+grey │ [tab] [b GENDER]] [tab] [size7 HERE]
[+grey ┌][+Silver █][tab][tab][tab][+grey │ [tab] [b RACE]] [tab] [size7 HERE]
[+grey ┌][+Silver █][tab][tab][tab][+grey │ [tab] [b ETHNICITY]] [tab] [size7 HERE]
[+grey ┌][+silver █][tab][tab][tab][+grey │ [tab] [b ROLE]] [tab] [size7 OCCUPATION OR ALIGNMENT HERE]
[+grey ┌][+silver █][tab][tab][tab][+grey │ [tab] [b SEXUALITY]] [tab][size7 HERE]
[+grey ┌][+Silver █][tab][tab][tab][+grey │ [tab] [b SPEECH COLOR]] [tab] [size7 HERE]

[center [+Grey [b [size12 [size10 █] PERSONALITY]]][tab][+silver ▀▀▀[u ▀▀]][u [+white ▀▀▀]]

[+Silver ▀▀][u [+Silver ▀▀▀]][b [+white O][+grey ABILITIES]][+white xxx]]

[+Silver ▀▀][u [+Silver ▀▀▀][b [+white O][+grey APPEARANCE]][+white xxx]]

[tab][tab][tab]HEIGHT │ [size9 HERE] │ [tab][tab] HAIR COLOR │ [size9 HERE] │
[tab][tab][tab]WEIGHT │ [size9 HERE] │ [tab][tab] EYE COLOR │ [size9 HERE] │
[center [ [+grey ▇]][tab][ [+grey ▇]][tab][ [+grey ▇]][tab][ [+grey ▇]][tab][ [+grey ▇]]]

[tab][tab][+silver ▀▀][u [+silver ▀▀▀][b [+white O][+grey PREFERENCE]][+white xxx]]
[size9 LIKES]
.[tab][tab][tab] PLEASE
.[tab][tab][tab] LIST
.[tab][tab][tab] YOUR
.[tab][tab][tab] PREFRENCES
.[tab][tab][tab] HERE

[size9 DISLIKES]
.[tab][tab][tab] PLEASE
.[tab][tab][tab] LIST
.[tab][tab][tab] THEIR
.[tab][tab][tab] PREFERENCES
.[tab][tab][tab] HERE

[u [b [+grey BIOGRAPHY]][+white xxx]][u [+white xxcccccx] [+silver ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀]][+silver ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀]

[center [u [b [+grey FAMILY RELATIONS]]]
[+silver ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀]
  Darcy / 2y 130d 5h 59m 44s
[center [pic]]
[center [#abcfff [size10 kami - yōkai- fantasy - Japan - group(?) - drama - betrayal - fluff - angst - fantasy]]][center [size10 [#810038 [b Inspired by:] Kamisama Hajimemashita - ]]]
[size11 [center 'A god once lived here.']]
-Kami gods being reborn into the bodies of humans.
-Have x amount of days? years? to stop Izanami from ascending.
-Yōkai gods missing? trapped? Have to save/enlist their help to stop the end of the world.
-Land god and familiar get pulled into the mix to help save the world.
-Have to face the older yōkai gods.
[tab]-Gotta watch out for the ones that want to eat them.

-Maybe just a 2x2.
-Go into the details of the Kami that are ascending into their bodies.
[tab] -If a Kami fully ascends into a host body, that soul of the human disappears.
  Viviana Glass / Darcy / 2y 211d 8h 16m 15s
Vaughn Plot Points:
---Being picked as leader of group 3
---Roses belong in the garden (lisa?)
---Bell of the ball [size8 "IM THE PRETTIEST PRINCE HERE DAMMIT"]
---First challenge (x,x)
---Flower festival
---Vivanna don't put that in your mouth
---Full Moon event | rip whoever is unlucky enough to deal with this
---Cooking festival
---Getting old
---Second challenge (x,x)
---Summer festival
---Black and White ball / Full Moon event
---Like father like son (vi)

Vivianna plot points:
---Being picked for the spymaster of group___
---Allie's birthday! I think!
---Romantic gestures~
---Fastest tail in the west
---First challenge (x,x)
---Flower festival
---Full moon event | rip whoever has to deal with those hormones
---'Did you hear about Alissa and Vivianna being indecent together?' (Lisa)
---Second challenge (x,x)
---Summer festival
---I'm gonna touch that butt
---Start acting like a queen, you foolish girl (vaan)
---What's wrong with me? (Liese)
  Vaughn Glass / Darcy / 2y 223d 22h 7m 26s
everlaѕтιng [group/open]
Putting this on the back burner for now.
Prolly open it up in late December/Jan.
[center [pic]][center [size9 [#005B7A High Fantasy - Magic - Romance - Drama - Dragons - Small group - Lazy Lit.]]][center [size17 [La+Belle+Aurore
Congratulations Magi,
If you are receiving this letter, you have been accepted into the halls of Saereth.
Needless to say, we're very proud and very excited to welcome you to this prestigious academy. You can take pride in this accomplishment, for you have been selected from a very talented and competitive group. You and your classmates are truly outstanding in your achievements, the breadth of your talents, interests, and potential.

With this letter, you will find a brooch of the school's emblem. Once you have found your partner, the brooch will light up. (Later)

[size11 It is a letter that changed your life. Whether you have had it for years, or it just recently began to gather dust in your dorm room, it holds a special place in your heart.]

[center [pic]]
[size25 [La+Belle+Aurore Places]]
[size13 [#005B7A Saereth]] -[size11 An elite magic academy. Only the best of the best may walk its halls and study in the largest magical library in the world. It is built around the shrine that entombs the dragon of time. Only the most skilled are allowed for if someone or something ever lifted the seal on the dragons tomb, the world will begin to crumble.]

[size13 [#005B7A Xegharron Shrine]] - [size11 The dragon of time's tomb. Long ago, Xegharron was sealed away by four Magi using the Everlasting scroll. Once Xegharron was sealed, the four tore the scroll into pieces and scrattered them across the land as a precaution to stop it from falling into the wrong hands.]

[size13 [#005B7A Gorgons and Gremlins]] -[size11 A magic shop in the town just outside of the school. Holds a large variety of magical items, ingredients, and runes. The owner generally and randomly gives quests that count towards the ]

[size13 [#005B7A Idle Hour]]-[size11 The schools library. ]

[size25 [La+Belle+Aurore Species]]
[Size11 A large portion of the students at Saereth are human. However, I will be accepting humans that have been cursed/blessed by a fairy, demon, angel, etc. I will also accept hybrid humans, but I will be [i extremely] picky on these. Fair warning.]

[size25 [La+Belle+Aurore Magic]]
[size11 Generally, magical spells are cast by channeling one's magical power and their partners while reciting an incantation. Each spell requires different amounts of energy, magical power, skill, and soul. The words are loosely based off of Latin. The wizard must maintain focus through the spell to channel the magic correctly; otherwise, the spell may fail, either not triggering at all or potentially turning into a different spell altogether. Too much magical power will result in a spell that is too powerful and out of control.]

[size25 [La+Belle+Aurore Partner System]]
[size11 Magic takes large amounts of energy and magical power from its caster. When paired with a partner, a caster can reroute their magical powers towards their partner taking some of their partner's energy and power instead of draining their own completely. It drains both users less when taking from two. If one does not have an emotional bond with their partner, then they must be touching skin for the rerouting to work. Once an emotional bond has been established their partners can sperate and cast, still rerouting towards one another. ]

[center [pic]][size10
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] Regular [ [size10 ES]] guidelines.
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] No God-modding, spamming, cybering, etc.
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] Cursing, violence, sexual themes, etc are fine. I prefer realistic situations.
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] Do not disrespect others. If there are any issues please message me. I will take care of it.
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] Anime/Illustration pictures only for characters.
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] I’ll respond to your application with an ‘accept’ or a ‘deny’, within four or five days.
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] If you are accepted, please create a profile and make sure to send me a link. I will be linking it to the thread for everyone to see. When you message me your application please title the message 'time stop'.
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] Literate posts, please. Quality over quantity. Basic grammar applies. 1500 character limit.
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] Post at least every nine to ten days. If something is coming up, please notify me. Communication is encouraged.
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] Please use darker formats for posting. Bright colors are difficult to read.
[#fd5e5b [u ➸]] Once your character is accepted, you can post. Five days will be given to make your opening post.
[center [font "Times New Roman" [#005B7A [b The story]] will be starting off rather simply with adventuring as we slowly get sucked into the larger plot. I'd like for character-driven plots to come up as the story progresses alongside the main plot, giving each character a chance to shine, grow and influence future events. This RP will not be solely directed by myself; I'm hoping to get other creative and like-minded individuals to create something we can enjoy; an epic fantasy full of discovery, heartbreak, a little humor, and some sentimental moments. Please, if you're not willing to bring some ideas to the table and share in the burden of keeping a story going, don't apply.]]
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 NAME]]] ━━ full name
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 NICKNAMES]]] ━━ what they go by
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 GENDER]]] ━━ gender identity
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 D.O.B.]]] ━━ season/day
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 AGE]]] ━━ age*
if character is of a species that has an elongated lifespan, write it as physical age / actual age
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 SPECIES]]] ━━ species
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 SEXUALITY]]] ━━ sexual preferences
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 STATUS]]] ━━ relationship status
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 YEARS]]] ━━ how many years have they been at the school. 10 is the most, 1 is the least.
[size7 [+white _]]
[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 MAGIC]]] ━━ what type of magic do they exell in.
[tab][tab][tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 1]]] ━━ [size11 detail]
[tab][tab][tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 2]]] ━━ [size11 detail]
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 SKILLS]]] ━━ special skills, none magical skills
[tab][tab][tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 1]]] ━━ [size11 detail]
[tab][tab][tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 2]]] ━━ [size11 detail]
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 WEAKNESS]]] ━━ what are they weak against magic wise/skill wise/anything.
[tab][tab][tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 1]]] ━━ [size11 detail]
[tab][tab][tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 2]]] ━━ [size11 detail]
[tab][tab][tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 3]]] ━━ [size11 detail]
[tab][tab][tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 4]]] ━━ [size11 detail]
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 HEIGHT]]] ━━ in feet/ inches
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 HAIR COLOR]]] ━━ hair color
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 EYE COLOR]]] ━━ eye color
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 BODY TYPE]]] ━━ body type
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 MODIFICATIONS]]] ━━ body modifications, scars, etc
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 HANDEDNESS]]] ━━ ambidextrous
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 LINKED WITH]]] ━━
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 PLOT POINT]]] ━━ a side plot for [u your] character. Others can be included.
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 PERSONALITY]]] ━━ a little bit about your characters personality
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 BACKGROUND]]] ━━ a little bit about your characters life here. just a few sentences. Feel free to make up town names, ect.
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[tab][tab][b [#005B7A [size7 EXTRA BITS]]] ━━ anything else you want to put down. can be unlimited.

To be posted;;;

I intend to keep this roleplay small, so I will only be taking three more characters. However, if I end up getting more interesting character applications, I may end up taking on a few more. So [i please] read over everything carefully before sending in your applications. There won't be an instant reply, since I have to look over your application and look through posting history. .

The deadline for the application will be [b some date in the future]. This gives everyone enough time to get everything in order and write out their characters.
  Tadashi Nakagawa / Darcy / 2y 236d 5h 36m 27s
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CURRENTLY WRITING:: А ƒickle ρromise

●●I have terrible, terrible text tone. It is the resting bitch face of text tones. Sorry.
►►If you see me connected to one of your threads it was an accident. /didn't mean to creep on you


CURRENTLY WRITING:: А ƒickle ρromise

●●I have terrible, terrible text tone. It is the resting bitch face of text tones. Sorry.
►►If you see me connected to one of your threads it was an accident. /didn't mean to creep on you

"You and me, let's marry in the space station"

  Tadashi Nakagawa / Darcy / 2y 212d 9h 16m 49s
[+red Extreme Spoilers]
[center [size14 Himeko the Nothing]]
*need to make a speech chart for her challenge.
*Qin; *Get the quote from the story
*Himeko; [b Bold.]

*Shadowed selves, not the real thing.

-Doesn't understand emotions. Mimics what her brother taught her because that is all she really knows. As her brother only gave her kindness and love, that is all she knows how to mimic correctly.

Her challenge is loosely based on Orpheus when he tied to get his wife's soul.
Rules of her challenge;
Must reach the large tiger statue on the other side.
*3 football fields away - look up distance later-
Has to continue to move forward - if she stops she will be pulled down into hell. .
Can't look back at the group, if she does, she dies.
Can choose one person in the group to tie her destiny to/help her in her challenge.
[tab] Says 'Tadashi' after he pushes her over the line into the challenge.
[tab] *Did not want Tashi as her life line.

[center [pic]
"Those that shine the brightest, cast the largest shadow."]

Everything in her challenge is an illusion. However, the memories playing before everyone are real.
-No longer in the cave, but surrounded by her village.
Memories in order of how they will appear;
-Hair gets hacked off by Ai. Brother starts to train her properly. Age 6.
-Go into the story about the village gathering with the little boy. Age 7
[tab]-Is stripped by her father later that night and beaten.
-Age 12 begs her brother to take her with him for the rebellion.
[tab]-"There is no place for you in this world, Himeko." Departing words from Ming.
-Age 14 Ming is captured and killed/beheaded in a nearby farming village.
[tab]-Sneaks out and travels there.
[tab]-Digs through bodies to find Ming.
Stops walking, surrounding dead bodies crawl over and start to drag her down.
Tadashi uses his curse on her.
25 years taken from her.
[tab]-Digs a shallow grave off under peach tree, takes his sword.
[tab]-Travels back, hides sword in the shrine before going home.
[tab]-Stripped and beaten, shins and the soles of her feet beaten with sticks.
[tab]-Can't walk from the cuts covering the bottom of her feet.
[tab]-Molested by Ai until her feet heal.
-Age 15 Has lot the ability to form emotions, avoids people only trains.
-Age 16 Begins training the forest with her brother's sword. Runs into Sun for the first time.
-Age 17 Cursed. Haven't decided if I should go into that.
-Age 17 Day of their wedding, raped by Sun, takes his eye.
-Age 17 Runs away, tries to take her own life
[tab] Doesn't die. Leaves her with a nasty scar across her stomach.
-You’re much prettier than me. Outward beauty is only superficial.
[tab] This backhanded comment. Go into more depth with this.
[tab] Go into more depth with this.
[tab] Begins to feel anger for the first time in [i years].
-Tadashi and En
[tab] Not your little sister, stop fucking thinking that.
[tab] Maybe end. Still have a few posts to go.

Reaches the statue and takes the piece of the medallion from its mouth.
Body is covered in bright white flames.
Is given a divine attire of the tiger.
[tab] Appears on her body only on sacred land.

No one could see her inner distress. No one could know that the sight of that crimson water made her tremble, made so many terrible memories and feelings claw their way to the surface - No. She [i had] to bury them again.
  Darcy / 2y 227d 10h 15m 8s
*[+red Maybe spoiler] | Haven't decided on that challenge yet.
[center [ [pic]]]
[size18 [#f6b54a ❖][#c44a47 ↓][b [#5c5b3d BOW Y]][#f6b54a ˟][b [#5c5b3d OUR]] [#c44a47 〉][i [#f6b54a !]][b [#5c5b3d HEADS]][#f6b54a ,] [#c44a47 ▪][#f6b54a ▪][tab][tab][tab][tab][#f6b54a ━━][#c44a47 ◢]][size25 [b [#5c5b3d THE]]][size18 [#f6b54a ◟][#c44a47 :]][size25 [b [#5c5b3d GOD]]][size18 [#f6b54a ⌞]]
[center [#c44a47 ▇][#c64f47 ▇][#c95447 ▇][#cb5a47 ▇][#ce5f48 ▇][#d06448 ▇][#d36948 ▇][#d56f48 ▇][#d87448 ▇][#da7948 ▇][#dc7e48 ▇][#df8349 ▇][#e18949 ▇][#e48e49 ▇][#e69349 ▇][#e99849 ▇][#eb9e49 ▇][#eda349 ▇][#f0a84a ▇][#f2ad4a ▇][#f5b24a ▇][#f5b24a ▇][#f2ad4a ▇][#f0a84a ▇][#eda349 ▇][#eb9e49 ▇][#e99849 ▇][#e69349 ▇][#e48e49 ▇][#e18949 ▇][#df8349 ▇][#dc7e48 ▇][#da7948 ▇][#d87448 ▇][#d56f48 ▇][#d36948 ▇][#d06448 ▇][#ce5f48 ▇][#cb5a47 ▇][#c95447 ▇][#c64f47 ▇][#c44a47 ▇]]
[font "Times New Roman" [size12
[b [#330066 “We demand blood for your entry. Pick your sacrifice well.”]]

The festival was fully alive, the music reaching him even this far from town. The actual god’s words repeatedly ringing in his ears. He had all but ran away from the dream-like town to come here. The lake was beautiful when the sun was out, the sunlight gleaming on the surface had soothed his nerves. Now there was no light in the sky nor on the lake. The darken water cause his mind to sink back into its depressed state. Sentencing one of their own to give up their lives. To give everyone else the chance to be reborn. A heavy sigh escaped the God as he kicked at a pebble near his feet. If he could have picked himself, he would have in a heartbeat but that wouldn’t have been much of a challenge, would it? Mentally, he cursed himself. It was this kind of hesitation that had caused the deaths of -

[b [#ac4970 “Tadashi?”]] A chime-like voice called out to him. Looking over his shoulder, Tadashi’s eyes focused on the youngest in their group, but one wouldn’t think that looking at her now. An awkward smile painted her lips as she crossed the small field to him. For a brief moment, she looked just like she did when they first met. With her choppy hair, painted on smile, tiny body, carelessness with her beauty, and large doe eyes that made him think of his little sisters. Then he blinked the memory was gone. Now there was a full grown woman walking towards him. The short kimono clung to her body in the right ways, her muscles making her look curvy - Chikusa mostly taught her how to dress in the years they had been all been together. Jun teaching her about proper hair care, as the chopped hair that had been in a tight ponytail the first year of their journey, now flowed gracefully, looking like silk whenever the wind moved it. Her face was very much the same, however, her lips normally had some sort of soft pink painted on. That lesson had come from Qin, he had been there for that one. The only thing that had stayed consistent was the sword stuck to her hip. Six years. No one in their group had stayed the same and vaguely he wondered how he looked to everyone now. [b [#ac4970 “-Tadashi?”]] Himeko questioned again, head tilted to the side, questions beginning to form in her eyes. [b [#ac4970 “Are you alright? I’ve been calling you...and you took off after you were done drinking with the gods.”]]

[b [#c44a47 “Fine, fine. I was just thinking about how weird your hair was when we first met.”]] The Tiger merely snorted at his answer as a true smile began to form on his face. [b [#c44a47 “Glad it grew out, because wooo.”]] He laughed, though the Tiger was just looking at him now, not paying attention to what he was saying now, but what he wasn’t saying. Moments like this, he regretted having her as his right-hand man, err, woman. Tiredly, he rubbed the back of his neck as she stared down at his feet. He was never one for words, never one for serious matters but this...he was going to have to tell the group at some point. [b [#c44a47 “In order for the mountain to open, I have to pick one of us to be a sacrifice...they are to be left at the opening while the rest of us go on...I...they didn’t say what happens after we leave but...I have a feeling that it won’t be pretty. None of the challenges was pretty.”]] Tadashi dropped his hand to his side, staring daggers at his feet since he couldn’t bring himself to look at the little Tiger. He didn’t want to see the look on her face as he talked. A hand was then gently placed on his arm, a shiver travelled down his spine as he forced himself to stare at the ground. He didn’t want comfort - he wanted her to yell at him, to tell him off like she normally did. To tell him to go back and fight for-

[b [#ac4970 “I will do it.”]]
[b [#c44a47 “Absolutely not. You’re the youngest here, you have to live-”]] Tadashi’s head snapped up, eyes suddenly filled with fury.
[b [#ac4970 “I have two months left to live Tadashi.”]] His words were cut off and the air from his lungs escaped him. Dark eyes stared the Tigers face, trying to - no begging for those words not to be true. Those large brown eyes stared right back, not wavering. They couldn’t be true. Her hand was still laying gently on his arm, but it felt like she had punched him in the gut. [b [#ac4970 “I..I would rather go out with a fight than letting someone give up their life for someone like me.”]]
[b [#c44a47 “No.”]] Tadashi ground his teeth together, shrugging the young woman's hand off and turning his back to her. [b [#c44a47 “There isn’t one person here that will agree to that. Qin-”]]

[b [#ac4970 “-Will get over it.”]] Himeko had come to stand beside him, both out at the moon's reflection on the dark lake water. [b [#ac4970 “You are not sending me to my death.”]] She spoke his thoughts quietly, her hand had found its way back to his arm. [b [#ac4970 “I’ve...I’ve never felt right in this world...Even before the curse I felt this way and the whole journey here...I’ve just felt odd. Like I don’t belong-”]]
[b [#c44a47 “-That’s bullshit. Your friends-”]]
[b [#ac4970 “-And even friendship is hard for me!”]] Tadashi’s eyes wavered from their spot on the lake to look at the young Tigers face. Just when did she start crying? [b [#ac4970 “I always feel out of place. Everyone here is in love and I-I-I….”]] Her voice broke and Tadashi reached out to offer comfort, but she stepped away from his touch. The warmth from her hand on his arm vanishing instantly. [b [#ac4970 “You’ve seen what my life was like before the curse. I don’ to contain my feels or how to trust people or to love.”]] A sad laugh escaped her as she desperately tried to wipe away tears, only for those to be replaced by more. [b [#ac4970 “I didn’t even realize I was in love with Chikusa until En told a fucking story about it! I-I…..I-I was too late to even do anything about it!”]]

[b [#c44a47 “Himeko…”]] Tadashi took a reluctant step towards the small woman and when she didn’t step away, he wrapped his arms around her shoulders. They never had a close enough relationship that physical touches were something they did. Other than small pats on the back or an occasional hand on one's head, they never really touched at all. Himeko didn’t return his embrace but just buried her face into his chest. [b [#c44a47 “I can’t send you. That will be like sending everyone’s little sister.”]]

[b [#ac4970 “I’m not anyone's little sister anymore.”]] She sobbed out, a tiny hiccup cutting off the word sister. For a minute, there was no noise other than her crying, just the two of them standing there in the dark, in an awkward embrace until Himeko calmed down enough to step away from him. Tadashi stayed quiet until Himeko was done brushing away her tears. [b [#ac4970 “Please...please let me do this. I am in pain all the time now and I can’t see myself being much help once we get to the summit. You know this is the best way...Anyone else...they will be leaving behind a lover, I’m someone they can get over...someone they can forget. You don’t even have to tell them about the challenge...just..say I forgot something and went back to get it. You just have to get past the opening...right?”]]

Tadashi licked his bottom lip, his eyes refusing to look at her small frame and started back at the lake. [b [#c44a47 “Yeah…”]] Silence wrapped around them, blanketing them until another voice called out to the duo.

[b [#ac4970 “You should go back. I’ll join you later….Enjoy tonight Tadashi. Don’t think about it until tomorrow.”]]

En & Qin are characters of [ Solaris]
Chikusa is a character of [ Shirairu]
  Tadashi Nakagawa / Darcy / 2y 245d 2h 59m 0s

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