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[center [#9251c1 [b Disclaimer: This idea is loosely based off of KathyCross's, so credit goes to her.]]]

[center [pic http://i.pinimg.com/564x/7b/75/99/7b75992412c4e1d11ea11214c0ac8fab.jpg]]

[center He always came off as harsh and bitter. As the kind who wanted and needed no one, and yet deep down it wasn't true. The man merely put up his walls to push others away so that he wouldn't have his heart 'stolen' and 'broken' by another. It had happened once and he was afraid to have it happen again.

It has been seven years since the death of the woman he loved, and since he has put up walls. But during the start of a new school year, a young woman joins the staff of teachers at Hogwarts and he finds himself kind of drawn to her. She's funny, sassy, and doesn't take crap. Instead of letting him be bitter and cold and push her away [b Your Character] pushes buttons and tries to make Snape let her in.

The more she pushes, the more little by little he lets her in. But is he willing to try and love again? Or will his past haunt him and have him continuously fighting what he feels? And what happens when it turns out [b Your Character] isn't fully honest herself. Can these two find love, or will all go to hell?]

[center *Note: Her secret is up to you. So have fun with it ;)]

[center [size20 [#f90120 RULES]]]

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[b 2. Post at LEAST ONCE a month, talk to me if you can't and I'll understand]
[b 3. Be Semi-Lit 800 character minimum, but more is totally encouraged]
[b 4. Posts should be done in the third person]
[b 5. Drama, Romance, Swearing, and Plot Twists are more than welcome]
[b 6. Please do your best with grammar and spelling, we all make mistakes but I would like to at least be able to understand my partner's posts]
[b 7. Communication is a big thing with me and I love to talk with partners and hopefully plot things out and make friends with them as well]
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[b 11. Just have fun]]


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He tried his best to ignore the young woman with whom he walked to the Great Hall with. She was just another person and one he did not wish to let in. But still that vibrant personality that seemed to radiate off of her was a curious thing to the man. He had not met many, no he had not chosen to be around many that were like her. He hardly liked people as it was and her personality from just a small bit he had gotten was an annoaynce? Perhaps not the right word but it was definitelt not what he was used to.

The long tables were nearly filled with the older students who had returned to continue their education and he knew more were on the way. The faces he knew in a sense were boring to the man. It was the first years that kept his interest as they were knew. And he did find observation interesting. It helped him to learn who they were and what way that he could best get them to learn. How cruel and dark he would have to be or if he could go slightly easier. All of that was up to them and what they showed to him in the first night and their first days.

At the teacher's table, Severus took his seat between McGonagall and Flitwick. Silent and as observant as ever. But every now and again he caught his attention drawn to the woman whom he had met in the hall. His focus was somehow devided between students and her.
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 67d 17h 43m 18s
It was silent, a dead and ghostly silence. Their were festive sounds floating through from the Great Hall, but they seemed to sound faint as they hit the atmosphere of silence that was enveloping the two of them.

Ilvana was wondering whether she had done something wrong, or did it have to do with the fact that perhaps the person in front of her tried to stay away from other people? She was just about to inquiry about her possible wrongdoing, when he answered. The man did not have an accent, but he did speak in a slow drawl; his tone also seemed low, and this combination made it seem as if he was displeased with something. Even the handshake that he, Severus Snape, gave her felt as if he found the idea of sharing human contact something of a sin.

Normally, people with such an attitude turned her away. But Ilvana was curious as to why Snape was like this. Had there been an event in his past which had caused him to seek solitude, or had he always been like that? She wanted to know the answers to these questions, as well as some others, but now was definitely not the time to ask them.

As to the painting, another interesting fact about Snape and his artistic tastes. Ilvana knew that one of her favorite paintings definitely not that one, but each painting had its own beauty.

Ilvana walked with him to the Great Hall, there wasn't anything else to do. This should be interested, watching the first years being sorted into houses. Even though she had participated one year and looked on for six years, she had always been a student observing from the long tables. Now, now she'd be observing as a teacher from the teacher's table.

Ilvana sat down behind the table, sitting between two other professors who weren't Snape.
  Ilvana / NorthernWolves / 68d 12h 20m 34s
The man had been hoping that it would be a quick exchange of apologies or at least he would be able to get away with one. But to his dismay it appeared the exchange was not to be fast and painless but had become an awkward silence that fell between the unlikely pair. He was so dark and just from a glimse over she was bright and viberant. And then before he was able to make up some for of an excuse she was introducing herself and extending a hand to be shaken. What did the fates of the night have to be so cruel and mock him so?

[#81e66b "A pleasure to meet you Miss Moriarty. Welcome to being a professor."] The man said in his low and slow drawl. He then inwardly cringed as he recalled he had not extended to her the same curtesy. [#81e66b "I am Severus Snape, the Potions' Master."] Severus tried again and this time did take the out reached hand, shaking it briefly before pulling his hand back to his side once more.

For a moment he did stand silent and look above her to the moving portrait that she had been gazing at before he had bumped into her. [#81e66b "This has always been a favourite of mine as well.."] He said slowly and quietly before he shook his head the faintest bit and let dark eyes wander back to the young woman. [#81e66b "Perhaps it would be prudent for us to get to the Great Hall? The feast is about to start and we don't want to be late for that, do we?"] He asked as he slowly stepped away, turning in the direction of the Great Hall waiting to see if the woman would agree to accompany him.
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 72d 18h 57m 49s
The castle, she couldn't describe it in a single word. Well, one could describe it as magical, but she was looking for different words.. She could some this castle up in several words: looming, haunted, alive, and the list could go on and on. It was simply impossible to sum this castle up in a word, or in a sentence.

The castle she was in, there was a reason why it could be described as magical; the castle was a school, the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry to be precise. Since she was here, she was a witch. She was not here as a student, that had been some while ago, but as a teacher - she'd be teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Even though she had walked these halls already, she could still feel the feeling looming within her that had loomed when she had first come here as an 11 year old, first-year student. But this time, instead of thinking as a student about learning here, she was thinking about teaching the students who had come to learn here. This would be an interesting year for sure.

She was standing in the middle of the hallway and admiring one of the moving paintings. And suddenly, some dark shape bumped into her. Recovering from the stuttering steps, she looked at the person who had bumbled into her as they started apologizing at the same time. Male voice, with male features. Long dark hair, dark eyes, dark clothes, everything seemed dark in color and cold about this man. In contrast, she herself was bright and warm.

The silence became awkard, and she felt that she should probably say something. [+purple "Don't worry about it. And it's not your fault anyways, I shouldn't be standing in the middle of the hallway in the first place."] Taking a deep breath, [+purple "My name is Ilvana Moriarty, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher."], she extended a hand for a handshake.
  Ilvana / NorthernWolves / 73d 11h 17m 12s
[#81e66b "With all due respect, Headmaster I would rather not have you lurking in doorways. If you have something you wish to tell me, please do so so that I may get back to my work."] The man said, not even turning around to see the man in the doorway but knowing from experience and just the vibes that were given.

[#2ddef1 "Severus, it is almost time for the feast to begin and the sorting ceremony as well. And it would do you some good to come up from the dungeons and to be in the company of others. Besides, Severus you do know it is customary for all Professors to indulge and be present at the beginning of the new school year. I expect to see you shortly."] And with that, the elderly wizard walked away without leaving Severus any chance of refuting his words.

How he despised being around others and much preferred to be left to his quarters and left with his potions. The nonhuman contact and loneliness allowed him time to reflect upon his thoughts and also to create new works that could be of help to their kind or those in need. But even he could not help the thoughts in the back of his head that perhaps the headmaster was right and being among people might be a good thing for him. And it was with those thoughts did the man stop with the potion that he had been working to perfect and make his way briskly up the stairs from the dungeons and into the main part of the castle.

As he was walking and nearing the Great Hall, the man was not paying attention and was again going over the gentle lectures he had been given over the years about things happening the way they had for a reason. And before he knew it, the dark haired man dressed all in black found himself walking into someone, a young woman.

He was about to 'snarl' at her but then remembered he had been the one to walk into her. [#81e66b "My apologies, I should have been better paying attention to where I was walking."] Severus found himself saying and soon fell silent. There wasn't anything else the man could think to say or do as he seemed to create an awkward situation.
  Severus Snape / SheDevil / 77d 9h 53m 43s

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