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Kai Lakota was the loner in high school not to mention the new kid. He may have been on the football team but he kept to himself. Read books all the time instead of going out or drinking beer but not for himself... for his daughter/son. Kai was a Senior but he had a 2 year old daughter/son. No one knew or understood..... what happens when he gets a girlfriend at his new school? Will she unlock his secrets?

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Circe smiled and checked on Ruby giggling slightly. "Megan's sleeping on Ruby." She said and kept driving carefully.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 316d 19h 2m 20s
Kai chuckled and said, "I'm better at fixing things and I was going to try and open my own mechanic shop.... but if the cruisers ever need know who to call... thank you though.... I'll think about it." Kai turned to get in the car and they headed to pet smart to buy things for the dogs. Ruby was asleep in her car seat.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 316d 19h 9m 37s
She looked up at him and smiled. "Kai wouldn't make a bad cop." She mused and then kissed him. "I guess we need to go shopping then." She snickered when mouse barked and tried to wiggle out of the window to see Jonny. "I guess he's always gonna be attached to you, Jonny."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 316d 19h 14m 45s
Jonny shook his head, "No need, Mike paid off your adoption fee, said it was an early Christmas present, I'll come over with the paper work about the house sometime next week, you kids enjoy your day and Kai, either go to school or get your GED, Mike said you were thinking about it... if you get your GED, theres always room at the academy."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 316d 19h 18m 48s
"deal." She said and kissed him. "Grab Ruby and let's go inside."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 316d 19h 21m 54s
"I don't want the memories of that house, my mom died in that house and my dad tortured me my entire life in that house. I don't want Ruby to grow up there." He said sighing. "We should sell it and after graduation maybe find our own happy place."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 316d 19h 38m 5s
she nodded and said. "we can do that or we can tear it down and build a new one. but it's your choice ultimately."
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 316d 21h 43m 36s
"not if you don't want to.... I mean theres alot of bad memories there.... I think we should sell it and find our own place." Kai said sounding like an adult. For a moment, he wasn't 18 years old anymore.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 316d 21h 45m 15s
"do you want to keep it?" she asked and touched his cheek gently.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 316d 21h 54m 40s
Kai sighed, "Dads house will be mine.. ours if we want it." Kai said looking to her. Ruby was still in the car with the dogs.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 316d 21h 55m 57s
circe got out as well and looked at kai curiously.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 316d 22h 20m 41s
Ruby was giggling at the dog as they drove. As they pulled into the station and officer was waiting on them... it was Mike. Kai looked at him curiously as he got out of the SUV. Mike sighed, "I'm sorry Kai... but in light of recent events... your the only living realitive... that house will be yours when the case closes next week."
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 316d 22h 22m 28s
she smiled and drove carefully laughing as the dogs had almost polar opposite reactions to the moving vehicle they were in. megan laid down and fell asleep while mouse was sticking his head out the window.
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 316d 22h 24m 50s
Kai nodded, "Yep, Ruby too." He said smiling and getting into the passenger's seat so she could drive to the station.
  Kai Lakota / polkadotrocker / 316d 22h 27m 2s
she nodded and smiled. "mmkay, you still coming to my play tonight?"
  circe / wingedwolfy120 / 316d 22h 40m 19s

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