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[h3 [center To Save a Kingdom]]
Dragons and man had lived in peace long ago. The dragons had been created by the gods and goddesses in hopes of keeping the humans on the right path.
The dragons even aided the humans in construction of buildings, and offered their magic/powers to certain individuals.

However, like all worlds, the peace was not to last.
Man has his own ways, and dragons were soon seen as a threat to the superiority of man. So, the humans used the trust they gained with the betray the very beasts that had helped them from the beginning.
The humans had entered Mount Draconis itself, the home of the Dragons. They infiltrated the caves, killing every dragon in sight; be it an elder, to even a helpless chick, they left none alive.
During this, the Dragon King had left for a border patrol. He and his group had heard the uproar in the mountains, instantly heading back. When the King and the followers with him returned, they were met with a gruesome sight.
Blood splattered the walls, bodies of dragons and humans were sprawled across the cave floors. Out of all the caves, the Brood caves were the worst...Defenseless chicks, smashed eggs, and dragonelles had been murdered in cold-blood.
The Dragon King hurried to his cave where his mate waited...but he was too late...
In the nest, laid the golden form of his mate, the Dragon Queen...she was dead, having been killed protecting his only 2 heirs; the Dragon Prince and Dragon Princess...
From that day to now, the Dragon King vowed vengeance upon all of mankind.

Even now, years since that incident, war is still going on between dragon and man. The dragons' hatred for man continued to grow as more of their kin were killed, as the same could be said for the humans...

Yet, hope remained. There was a certain dragonelle who wished for peace...the Dragon Princess herself. Though, she probably would've felt the same like many of the other dragons...however, her mother's dying wish she kept close to her heart: [i "P-p-please...don't blame...the is only...only t-their f-f-fear us...don't let in v-v-vain...j-just promise me...p-p-promise me make peace...p-peace with the...humans...']
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The Dragon Princess had left the mountains, heading to the usual small lake in the middle of the forest. It was near human territory, but still on the dragon's side. The golden dragonelle remembered coming here often with her mother when she was but a chick.
She always came here to think, remember happier times. However, today was different. The young dragonelle wasn't expecting a visitor...

The Human Prince had been sent to scout out this area. He had no idea he'd run into a dragon, and the Dragon Princess at that.

What happens when the 2 confront one another? Will peace ever come between the dragons and humans, or will the war continue?


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[h3 [center the battle ]]

Both males rushed throughout the battlefield, eruptions of sand flowing up with each collision which seemed to last only a moment before both faded from sight again. Both moving at speeds usually only achieved by much older Dragon's like the Elders which used magic expertly.

Seemingly out of nowhere a blast flew forth from a random direction threatening to blow both Fuego & Farah from existence. Blood! The burning sensation never struck by the feeling of blood was clear on their scales, standing before them was the case of the blood. A tattered black wing, in pieces around them as Zaric stood before them one wing gone replaced with a gaping hole which bleed like a falls. Zaric had came to their protection but why? or was it that he himself didn't even know.

[b [+green "She's a distraction...remove her from this battlefield at once. She has no place on this battlefield." ]] With that said Zaric began to move his black Fur & scales seeming to glow before turning a vibrant gold, the gold mania pooling around the gaping hole that was once where his wing connected to his back. The mania than bursting forth becoming a new wing as the old black wing turning a brilliant gold. His divine power showing completely now likely even calling out to Fuego himself now.

Meanwhile a Chaotic Damon began to move forward from the distance, his own body beginning to radiate with Dark energy seeming to react to the divine energy of Zaric. Males of the opposite type calling out instinctively to the other, a duel to the death. The final act! the next battle would be the last.

[h3 [center Wild & Co ]]

Slowly Wild crossed his arms letting a smile grace his lips, [+blue "Chaos vs Divine, A battle as old as time yet neither will stop..." ] Feeling the other's eyes on him the chaos dragon decided to continue. [+blue "Chaos & divine Dragons are constantly seeking each either kill or mate...sometimes both. Chaos dragons always want to taint those that are pure while those that are pure want to break through the dark." ] With this said he went silent to continue to watch.
  Wildheart / 3d 5h 49m 19s
[h3 [center Fuego & Farah]]
The red and gold Dragon Prince remained in his place over Farah. His lips twitched, fangs showing. His tail lashed back and forth, the spine along his back fully erect. He continued to growl, observing the fight happening awfully close.
Though he seemingly paused. Fuego's eyes glowed, swirling from green to yellow. His pupils were thin slits, nearly lost in the changing colors. His eyes shifted towards Zaric, seemingly noticing the shimmer, a golden shimmer quite similar to his own and his sister's.
[#FF0000 " one else possesses that ability, myself and Farah being the only ones...Farah..."]
The Dragon Prince had barely noticed as his sister had crawled out from under him, taking a few steps closer to where Damon and Zaric continued to battle. The red dragon was swift, taking a place in front of the golden dragonelle, though being quite gentle as he proceeded to push her back and away.
[#FF0000 "F-Farah! Don't even think about getting in there!"]
Even Farah couldn't quite understand why she started to move. Once again pure instincts made her move. Something wasn't right, she still feared Zaric, what he had done, but something told her there was indeed more.
Her green eyes widened as she saw the hint of gold showing along Zaric's horns. A familiar glow, too familiar, as if they were her own flames. Even if it seemed insane, she knew the truth.
[#daa520 "They're confused! Fuego! Please! I can help them both! No more blood needs to be shed!"]
The Dragon Prince seemingly paused, looking at his sister's face. Her eyes were once again shining. There was desperation in her voice, a plea to let her go. Fuego's eyes rounded, if only for a brief moment. He shook his head, snarling under his breath.
[#FF0000 [b "Enough Farah! Even you can clearly see words will not work on that pair! You will be wasting your breath trying! And I'll be damned if I'm going to sit back and let you run into the middle and get hit by a stray attack!"]]
[h3 [center Mutaro]]
Mutaro's eyes once again opened. Even if they were further away, he could hear the Princess' tone. He knew that tone, he knew it all too well.
The voice of a dragonelle desperately trying to reach her chicks. A mother who only wanted the best for her little ones, a promising future. The dragonelle wanted to save her chick, even if she also seemed confused. Perhaps she didn't quite understand, but then who could blame her? Maternal instinct had to be confusing, even to veteran mothers, but all came down to one thing; to protect her chicks, no matter the cost. A dragonelle would go so far as to sacrifice her own life to ensure the survival of her little ones, Farah and Fuego's own mother a prime example.

Mutaro's jaws opened slightly, exhaling a cloud of smoke. His body felt heavier than usual. He couldn't quite explain it, he had never been able to. A situation like this was never easy to deal with...
  Prince Fuego Dahaka / Dragoncita / 17d 17h 52m 4s
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[h3 [center It continues... ]]

Smoke escaped Damon's mouth as his red eyes gleamed never leaving the mound of sand. The sand shifted before burst open like massive volcano, Zaric taking to the sky with two javelins in his claws. Wasting no time both weapons flew with a skilled throw, Both slamming into the ground just in front of Damon. A miss? No that wasn't a miss...Zaric wasn't aiming for Damon. both weapons burst in a massive explosion, engulfing Damon & the area immediately around him.
Green glowing eyes stared into the smoke from the skies above, blood running down from the corner of the Cold male's lips.

The regeneration slowing from over use but that just went to show the power that Damon possessed be it uncontrolled. Eye's narrowed slightly as the smoke cleared revealing Damon standing in the center of the pit, smoke flowing from his body as his burns healed on their own The regeneration as fast as Zaric's had been before when the fight had first began. Holding out a claw, Damon's blade flew from where it rested in the sands before slamming into his claw. Slashing back after taking hold of the hilt, the sands flew back leaving a sizable divot in the sands from where the blade had been swing. The Air around the slash acting as a extension of the blade it self.

Landing back upon the sand's Zaric stared at Damon, both being amazingly silent. Gloating, lessons, & thoughts of just escaping now completely gone. To Damon instinct told him to kill this man while Zaric felt the Primal energy surrounding his enemy, no words would reach a ' [i beast ] ' like him.
Gold mixed with black & green, a light gold energy flickering at the end of Zaric's horn as the tips of his claws glowed platinum before transitioning down to gold than fading into black. Farah's blood beginning to show in Zaric's blood calling out the bit of divine in his blood. [b [+green "People like you...your people made her cry...SHE DIED CAUSE OF BEASTS LIKE YOU!!!!" ]] Raw emotion radiated in his voice like never before, His eyes lite up with rage. The world in his eyes altering as he came in & out of this reality plus his previous one. The Girl he saw in his mind he didn't know, couldn't remember yet the sight of her crying filled him with such Rage.

The energy calling out to Farah's base instinct, fear of Zaric would remain but so would a Mother's instincts. Even if she didn't understand how...she would know in her heart exactly who Zaric was now.

[h3 [center Wild & co ]]

The Dark male was silent at Mutaro's comment but that didn't mean he was wrong, the Dragon was right but he seemed to forget exactly how this would effect the Princess & Damon once rational thought returned.
Slowly a smirk graced Wild's lips as he saw the gold, [+blue "There he is...Prince Zairian Dahaka. The fight is slowly bringing back his true self but would he return before his Father's instincts end him?" ]
  Wildheart / 18d 10h 56m 2s
[h3 [center Fuego & Farah]]
The red dragon's eyes slowly opened. His head turned slightly, taking note as Zaric had suddenly paused. Fuego's gaze narrowed, a forked tongue flicking out of his muzzle, testing the air.
What was this? Was that cold male actually showing some kind of emotion? Impossible...
Farah had remained in place. Her head resting next to Damon as her sobs quieted down if only slightly. She had barely taken notice of Zaric's sudden strange behavior.

Though something must've happened which neither Fuego or Farah had been aware of or understood.
The golden dragonelle's head lifted, having thought she heard Damon's voice, feeling that familiar energy. As if to answer, a sudden burst pushed her and Fuego backwards, revealing none other than the Human Prince, at least the figure had the appearance and a very faint aura of the old energy.
Farah remained in place, eyes widening. Instinctively, Fuego had changed to his full form, hovering over his sister. His lips curled back showing fangs. This sudden appearance left the red dragon wary, which was to be understandable given the current situation.
For the dead to suddenly rise again was not natural, it was against nature. Though that was how most dragons would see such a thing.
[h3 [center Mutaro]]
The draconic male hadn't even struggled when Yasha had stepped in to help him along the way. Though still, it had been a long damn walk, pain racking his side and wing with each step. Mutaro was rather relieved when they finally came to stop.
Granted the scene playing out before them was a sight to behold. Something even Mutaro had never seen. His gaze shifted towards the darker male who started to answer Yasha's question. The purple dragon was completely silent as the situation was explained.
[#8b008b "Hm, seems us dragons and humans aren't the only ones with grudges...damn't..."]
He slowly closed his eyes. Leave it to old feuds from the past to lead to one large fucked up mess. Mutaro knew the dark male was right. Either Zaric or Damon was going to meet Death.
[#8b008b "So in the skies father and son do battle. Intent on destroying the other...heh, who could've thought..."]
  Dragoncita / 19d 17h 53m 1s
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[h3 [center the battle ]]

Zaric slowly broke from his Fractured reality, Green eyes landing on the scene before him but he couldn't move something in his mind telling him that he had done wrong that this wasn't how this was suppose to be. His right eye sting, a burning sensation seeming to erupt from his eye followed by a strange cooling sensation as a strange wetness rolled down his cheek, Slowly a single claw raised to his cheek wiping away the strange wetness that rolled from his eyes but what was this? Zaric couldn't understand... What was this strange pain. He didn't receive any wounds but yet he hurt in his chest like he had just been impaled.

How strange it must be for Farah & Fuego to see, The cold male before them that had taken so much, hurt them so badly yet now he was crying for a reason even Zaric himself didn't know. Slowly the green eyed Zaric's eyes widened, A familiar energy seeming to wash over the battlefield.

Damon lay limp, Farah's tears falling down upon his corpse. The wetness falling into the wound of his chest. [i tears...why was she crying...why am i so cold...why can't i move...Farah!...I must...I got to move! I don't want her to cry...don't...don't.... ] [b [+purple "Don't cry...any...more...I help....I HELP!" ]] Suddenly a powerful burst of mania shot up around Damon's corpse the shockwave pushing both Farah & Fuego back a few feet as sand blocked the area from view. The sand cloud was thick before it burst revealing Damon, his hair grown out considerably longer than before. His red eyes glowing as a white bone like mask formed over his face, his long horns returning once more only this set solid; Real Horns! Damon had real horns! but something was off...he felt like a real Dragon, his aura felt darker than usual as well but a faint bit of Damon's energy seemed to show through the overpowering Dark.

Zaric's eyes slowly returned to their normal size as he stared at the newly reformed Damon, [b [+Green "What is that form..." ]] Receiving no answer Zaric merely decided to shrug it off before he held up a single index finger charging a familiar beam this one clearly twice the strength of any he had showed as of yet, [b [+green "Be silent as you wish...But it is time i end this." ]] With that said Zaric prepared to fire but as his said this shock took hold. Across from him The monstrous Damon had opened his mouth a powerful red orb of energy forming within his mouth like Dragon would, the feel of the attacks energy similar to that of Zaric's.

Both shot burst forth colliding in a massive explosion filling the air with smoke, Zaric's eyes remained cold as he clapped his hands together about to form a energy javelin like he had against Fuego but was unable to completely the Creation as Damon burst from the smoke slamming a power claw into Zaric's face sending him flying. Spreading his wing's wide Zaric stopped his knockback, hovering over the ground as blood rolled down his face in the first ever injury he had received. Slowly he landed upon the ground as green flames burst from his wounds than slowly began to fade as the wounds did as well leaving his skin as flawless as it had been before. Total Regeneration; A ability only legendary creatures possessed such as Divine Dragons, Chaos Dragons, & the Gods themselves but Zaric wasn't the only one that showed this power. The gaping hole that had been in Damon's chest was no where to be seen.

Both male's stared the other down for a few moments before Zaric took off toward Damon's wings flapping hard to gain his speed as Damon charged, sand kicking up under his claw like feet. Both met in the in a fury of blows. Zaric's claw slamming into Damon sending him spinning to the side but Damon used this attack as a powerful counter as well spinning with the blow to counter with his own back hand attack causing Zaric to twist in mid air. Zaric's long black tail flew toward Damon which caught it with ease before he twisted tossing the Cold man flying into the sands a giant dune of sand jutting up as Zaric was buried below.

[h3 [center Wild & Co. ]]

Wild smirked as he watched from the remains of the castle with Yasha staring wide eyed with Mutaro's arm resting over his shoulder to help the Dragon stand, [b "What the hell is going on..." ] [+blue "Isn't it oblivious...Farah's tears had awakened Damon's chaotic blood. Right now Damon's chaotic blood is boiling but he isn't able to control it yet...he's fighting on pure instinct like a beast. It's amazing...his dark energy is exactly like that of his Grandpa." ] [b "You mean?!" ] [+blue "Yes...Damon is not just part Dragon...he is the grandson of Titus himself. The only offspring of Titus's only daughter." ] Yasha was speechless at this new information that he had just leaned but still he felt Wild knew something more. [+blue "Before you ask...yes I know a few things matter who kills the other...No one wins...If Zaric wins he loses his father yet again...if Damon wins...He will have killed his own son." ]

Feeling both Mutaro's eyes & Yasha's eyes on him, The Chaos dragon decided to continue. [+blue "Alaris is quite smart, time travel is simple task for him especially since this isn't even his own dimension. You see this realm exists outside the flow of time...all that are banished regardless of dimension end up here. To escape to a time further in the future wouldn't be a hard feat...this is exactly what Alaris did. He traveled ahead in time...killed Farah, Killed Damon, & even their daughter before defeated their son but instead of the release of death. The son was brainwashed, his memories erased...than he was brought back to this realm...sent to capture Farah...all for Alaris to achieve his revenge on both the king's which banished him in their dimension." ] with said the Chaos Dragon closed his eyes, knowing no matter what this information wouldn't change anything.

[+blue "Zaric or Damon will die...a Royal Prince will die today..." ] [b "...That's...not fair...what did Damon & Farah do to deserve such a thing?!" ] [+blue "Nothing...absolutely nothing just were born under the wrong parents." ] Hearing this Yasha opened his mouth as if to ask if the man could stop this fate but the look on Wild's face gave it away, the man seemed to enjoy the fight but deep in his yellow eyes was a slight sadness. The chaos Dragon couldn't save Zaric...The brainwashing was far to deep & the dial of life was already set, Zaric would find freedom only in death.
  Wildheart / 20d 4h 31m 49s
[h3 [center Fuego & Farah]]
The red Prince's eyes slowly closed. Fuego's legs finally buckled, a combination of pain and the calm aura washing over him. He leaned backwards, resting against his sister's paw. His tail curled around his side, claw still clutching his wound.
[#FF0000 [b "...meaningless words from a husk..."]]
The red dragon grew silent. He said not a word as he felt Farah tremble slightly, hearing her barely audible voice as she seemed to speak to herself.
[hr ]
The golden dragonelle shifted. Her head lifted, green eyes looking downwards at the body between her paws. The creature leaned downward, nuzzling Damon, body cold to the touch.
Her eyes held little to no light. The spine along her back was flat, wings limp on either side of her.
It wasn't right...this isn't right...
[#daa520 [i "I...I-I...why...j-just why..."]]
Once again Farah leaned her head down, nudging at Damon's limp form. She seemingly paused for a moment. Her jaws twitched, the scales shimmering from the wetness of falling tears. The dragonelle thought she heard the sound of a beating heart...but it was impossible...there was no heart there to beat anymore...
It was pointless to keep keep praying. Her head finally settled back down, eyes closing. The tears continued to steadily stream down the sides of her muzzle. Farah's horns seemed to emit a soft glow.
[#daa520 [i "Why did he have to be taken...he died for me...yet I did nothing to help him...I truly am weak...a pitiful coward...I didn't even let him know how I felt...t-that..."]]
The dragonelle released a rattling sigh, struggling as she choked, [#daa520 [i "I am wasting my breath...but I-I-I...I love you...I should've let you known before...b-but I was afraid...afraid of how you would respond...and even more so afraid of my father...I-I should have told you...but now it's too late..."]]
  Prince Fuego Dahaka / Dragoncita / 21d 1h 8m 41s
[h3 [center Zaric ]]

Zaric watched as the Prince moved toward his sister, body shaking & quivering as he went along. How strange it see The Prince struggling to fight much like Damon had done not long before. Slowly Zaric descended back to the ground, his green eyes locked on the Prince as he listened to the Red dragon's question. [+green [b "Why? That is simple...since her arrival your sister had a strange strength which soon disappeared now when she learns that Damon & her brother had came to save her...she suddenly has that strange strength again only slightly stronger than before." ]] Slowly he began to approach the crew being slow as to take his time, why rush he had won. [+green [b "I wish to see who's logic is wrong mine or hers...since I appear to be standing, I suppose our answer has been given now I simply am educating you all on your faults that lead to this def-" ]]

Zaric's words caught deep in his throat silenced by a whimper from the golden Dragonele, why? Why was she crying? It was only a that isn't Farah but than who? A single claw like head gripped Zaric's head as his mind raced distorting this current world with that of a past he couldn't remember.

[h3 [center Unknown power ]]

A faint beating sounded from the empty hole where Damon's heart had once been, the tears of Farah falling upon his form. The beating steadily increasing in volume as if he was searching for a way back to the land of the living. Could Farah's words reach the Man she loves through the realm of the dead or is this the end of our heroes as we know it?
  Zaric / Wildheart / 21d 17h 10m 33s
[h3 [center Prince Fuego]]
Fuego twisted his head, trying to keep Zaric in view and keeps his flames between him and the other. Though to keep the column of fire going left the red dragon pretty much immobile. The flames were abruptly cut short as a fist met the underside of his jaw.
He felt something curl around him, jerking him forward. Claws punctured red and gold scales, a spray of burning red blood falling. Even in his pain, the dragon's eyes glowed furiously. Then once again he was sent back downwards to the sands.
Fuego slammed down hard, causing the sands to ripple. He laid in place, unmoving. What seemed like a long pause in time, broke as the Dragon Prince's claws twitched. His arms and legs moved under his body, pushing himself back to his feet. As he stood, his legs seemed to start shaking, threatening to collapse under him. Fuego stood hunched, a clawed hand clutching his side where the other's claws had punctured, blood seeping past.
He finally lifted his head, green and yellow eyes staring upwards, [#FF0000 [b "Why speak 'lessons', when your words will be wasted?"]]
Fuego staggered a few steps forward. He soon stood beside a golden dragonelle, Farah. With his free hand, he settled it on his sister's head, using her as a brace. Though at his touch, the female was unmoving. The Dragon Prince glanced to his sister. He felt an almost calming sensation wash over him. Fuego's eyes seemed to dim to a soft, calm glow.
[#FF0000 [b "What use are they to the dead?"]]
  Prince Fuego Dahaka / Dragoncita / 22d 7h 59m 29s
[h3 [center Zaric ]]

Zaric's green eyes stared into the dark abyss of the crater tell he heard the rumble followed by the light of golden flames. it was so interesting to see that mixed divine blood within the noble children coming into play but that same strength was a weakness. Like all thing blending different races can lead to great problems, A pure divine dragon would find this whole display laughable & if it had been a pure chaos Dragon. They would all already be dead, These children even the Princess...none of them including himself was a pure blood of their race.

Green eyes watched as Fuego emerged from the flames than took to the skies with Zaric following soon behind, seeing the Prince turn prepping a blast made Zaric pick up speed as he seemed to vanish again appearing just below The Prince as he literally slammed to palm of his law into Fuego's jaw forcing his mouth closed on his own blast with great force. Green eyes stared coldly into the Prince's own before a tail curling around the Prince jerking him forward into a large claw like jab, long black claws puncturing through scales with ease. Zaric didn't bat a eye as he felt the blood rolling down his arm, Releasing Fuego's jaw he finished his attack with a powerful back hand sending the Prince flying back to the ground off the impaled Claw he had been on.

[+green [b "A Prince unable to think logically is of no use to a kingdom, learn this lesson well. Your little more than a legacy to your King & you will never rise to make him proud if all you do is lash out." ] ] It was so strange as he fought, Zaric had a habit of speaking out their faults as if he was literally teaching them or was it that he was teaching them while fighting? but why? Did Zaric even know why himself?
  Zaric / Wildheart / 22d 17h 38m 6s
[h3 [center Prince Fuego]]
The red dragon released a snarl as he was caught. Next thing Fuego found was him being swung around several times, having what he had planned for Zaric happen to him instead. The Dragon Prince tried to twist his body to lash out but was met with a clawed foot to his chest.
He was sent crashing into the ground, dust and smoke rising. It seemed silent, until there was a growl followed by the crater lighting up with flames of red and gold. A glitter of scales was seen amongst the pillar of flames, Fuego appearing. One of his horns had finally given way, leaving a bloody stump. Once again his eyes were each a different color, green and yellow.
The Dragon Prince swerved upwards, quickly rising above Zaric. Lips curled back, showing fangs. The red dragon tilted his head back, flames licking the sides of his muzzle. Fuego then swung forward, jaws opening wide. A spiraling column of flames erupted from his maw, aiming to engulf anything unlucky to be in its path.
  Prince Fuego Dahaka / Dragoncita / 22d 17h 56m 5s
[h3 [center To fight a unwinnable fight ]]

Zaric's distraction completely vanished once he felt his tail being knocked away before a kick followed just to be caught in the cold male's grasp. Using Fuego's own momentum, Zaric began to spin in mid air building up speed before he literally flung the Dragon Prince toward the ground but his attack didn't end here.
Within the blink of an eye, Zaric claw like foot slammed into the Prince's chest forcing the Dragon's impact into the ground to be far more aggressive than it would have been before.

Flying back from the crater, Zaric waited in the sky. Eyes focused on the smoking hole the Prince had made & vanished into from the attack he just received. Tactics, strength, speed, & Skill...Zaric clearly held all the cards in this fight but still Fuego would have to fight to save his sister or could help arise in a unseen location.
  Zaric / Wildheart / 22d 18h 2m 42s
[h3 [center Prince Fuego]]
The Dragon Prince only responded with a snort, smoke rising from his nostrils. Red wings flapped, keeping him in the air, despite the tears in the membranes. His head lifted, taking note as Zaric created a spear before him, then tossing it.
Yellow eyes swirled to a mixture of green. As the weapon soared towards him, Zaric had disappeared from sight. A forked tongue flicked from Fuego's muzzle, testing the air. Just as he picked up the scent, he felt the colder male's presence behind him. The red dragon could feel the air crackle as energy formed behind. An attack from the front and behind, yet the sides were options...but there was that tail, waiting to snag Fuego should he try to move.
Though something must've caught the other off guard. Zaric had paused, as if distracted by something.
The Dragon Prince was not about to waste an opportunity. With a swift flap, the red dragon was out of the way, leaving only an after-image behind. His body whipped around in a smooth motion.
Fuego's tail lashed outwards, slapping aside Zaric's own. Quickly following the red dragon spun, lashing out with a swift kick towards the cold male's ribs to send him back down to the ground.
  Prince Fuego Dahaka / Dragoncita / 22d 19h 49m 2s
[h3 [center No matter the cost ]]

[+green [b "I get no such enjoyment from causing Pain...I merely teach painful lessons. If the lesson breaks them it just shows that I was right they can't handle the facts of life." ]] with this said Zaric clapped his claws together before pulling them back apart a spear of energy forming between his claws which he soon took hold off before rearing back tossing the attack.

The green weapon soared toward the Prince, the wind whistling around it as it pierced through the sky with Zaric rapidly vanishing from before it before he appeared a few yard behind the Prince with a claw beam already charged. Releasing the attack, both attacks threatened to smash Fuego in the middle as Zaric's tail stood at the ready to catch the Prince should he dodge.
Zaric's green eyes shifted for a moment toward the gold Dragonele & the dead human Prince giving him halt as the image before his distorted revealing a young man crying on his knees a tiny mangled corpse before him but to the outside world it would appear like Zaric just stopped or froze, now was Fuego's chance. Would he take Farah & run or would he attack?
  Zaric / Wildheart / 22d 21h 13m 4s
[h3 [center Prince Fuego]]
As expected, her lack of 'fighting experience' left Farah open and vulnerable. Then add the sudden surge of confusion, sadness, and anger, the scene of Damon's lifeless body falling to the ground unmoving did not help her current thought process. Even if she had tried to dodge, Farah still would've received the kick to the top of her head, but perhaps with not as much force.
Either way, the golden beast was slammed right back down to the ground. She released a cry as she was struck downwards. Farah struggled to open her eyes, vision swimming. Voices, but they were muffled around her. The dragonelle saw a form laying in front of her. Farah seemingly whimpered, moving one paw in front of her, then the next, crawling on her belly.
Even if her vision was blurry, she seemed to know where she was going. Soon, both paws were on either side of the human Prince's corpse. Nearby, Farah settled her head, green eyes closing.
[hr ]
A pained cry awoke him with a start. Just the voice had him up and moving, not so much as even taking time to investigate his surroundings. The only thing in his mind was the voice.
Farah was hurt, in pain. He could sense it, heard it. The Prince covered ground swiftly, red wings flaring outwards. His body still hurt, but his pain didn't matter, only hers. Fuego slammed through a door, claws clicking on hard stone.
It wasn't long before he soon stopped dead in his tracks. Yellow eyes glowed brightly as they landed on the scene before him. His sister laid on the ground, a broken, bloody body resting next to her head. The Dragon Prince released an enraged snarl, a ball of flames forming in a clawed fist.
The red dragon was still in his humanoid form, the cracks still in his horns from earlier. His tail lashed back and forth, the scales along his belly seemingly having a gold shimmer.
[#FF0000 [b "For a creature that insists he has no 'feelings', you seem to enjoy bringing pain to others."]]
Fuego gazed directly into those cold green eyes of Zaric, [#FF0000 [b "I said I would get Farah back, no matter what, and no matter the cost."]]
  Prince Fuego Dahaka / Dragoncita / 23d 39m 3s
[h3 [center A new challenger Arrives: Enter Prince Fuego! ]]

Zaric was caught off guard by the Princess's sudden charge but this shock was quickly pushed aside as his wings took him to the air dodging her attack just at the right time to slam a foot down on the Dragonele's skull to send her crashing into the sand, [+green [b "Your a confusing one, You spend time you could have helped him cowering...yet now that he is dead you finally act. What purpose does this attack serve? Beating me would not bring him back to you." ]] With that said Zaric raised a index claw as he prepared another beam to take out the Princess & end her suffering.

Just as he prepared to release his blast he felt a attack approaching, Bring up a single wing he deflected a blast of flames aimed straight toward him. Glowing green eyes shifted toward the Red Dragon Prince that had awoken at some point it seems. [+green [b "Another awakens to try his claws at winning?...when do insects learn not to challenge creatures bigger that them." ]] With that said Zaric turned completely facing the Prince.
  Zaric / Wildheart / 23d 4h 12m 16s

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