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[h3 [center To Save a Kingdom]]
Dragons and man had lived in peace long ago. The dragons had been created by the gods and goddesses in hopes of keeping the humans on the right path.
The dragons even aided the humans in construction of buildings, and offered their magic/powers to certain individuals.

However, like all worlds, the peace was not to last.
Man has his own ways, and dragons were soon seen as a threat to the superiority of man. So, the humans used the trust they gained with the betray the very beasts that had helped them from the beginning.
The humans had entered Mount Draconis itself, the home of the Dragons. They infiltrated the caves, killing every dragon in sight; be it an elder, to even a helpless chick, they left none alive.
During this, the Dragon King had left for a border patrol. He and his group had heard the uproar in the mountains, instantly heading back. When the King and the followers with him returned, they were met with a gruesome sight.
Blood splattered the walls, bodies of dragons and humans were sprawled across the cave floors. Out of all the caves, the Brood caves were the worst...Defenseless chicks, smashed eggs, and dragonelles had been murdered in cold-blood.
The Dragon King hurried to his cave where his mate waited...but he was too late...
In the nest, laid the golden form of his mate, the Dragon Queen...she was dead, having been killed protecting his only 2 heirs; the Dragon Prince and Dragon Princess...
From that day to now, the Dragon King vowed vengeance upon all of mankind.

Even now, years since that incident, war is still going on between dragon and man. The dragons' hatred for man continued to grow as more of their kin were killed, as the same could be said for the humans...

Yet, hope remained. There was a certain dragonelle who wished for peace...the Dragon Princess herself. Though, she probably would've felt the same like many of the other dragons...however, her mother's dying wish she kept close to her heart: [i "P-p-please...don't blame...the is only...only t-their f-f-fear us...don't let in v-v-vain...j-just promise me...p-p-promise me make peace...p-peace with the...humans...']
[hr ]

The Dragon Princess had left the mountains, heading to the usual small lake in the middle of the forest. It was near human territory, but still on the dragon's side. The golden dragonelle remembered coming here often with her mother when she was but a chick.
She always came here to think, remember happier times. However, today was different. The young dragonelle wasn't expecting a visitor...

The Human Prince had been sent to scout out this area. He had no idea he'd run into a dragon, and the Dragon Princess at that.

What happens when the 2 confront one another? Will peace ever come between the dragons and humans, or will the war continue?


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[h3 [center Princess Farah Dahaka]]
Farah's tail slowly flicked one way, then the other. Her green eyes shifted towards the knight that approached the prince, she growing silent just as he had done for her. The golden beast's gaze watched intently.
As Damon turned, taking his leave, the dragonelle simply gave a rumble in response, bowing her head in return. She turned, heading in the opposite direction, towards Mount Draconis. Out of the corner of her eyes, she watched as most dragons who were able, take flight, heading home. The few who were unable to move, were left with several healers who volunteered to stay with them. The Dragon Princess was slightly worried, seeing the few dragons who were being left, but she knew as long as the human prince was present, her kin should be left alone to at least recover more before they'd be fully ready to return to Mount Draconis.
She remained for a bit, until she too finally opened her wings. Farah leapt upwards, golden wings unfurling, lifting her upwards. The Princess circled once, then took off in the direction of the massive mountains.
The Prince listened quietly refusing to speak but not out of fear but instead out of understanding, yes today they had stopped the battle for now but neither King was set to forgive the past. Both had suffered to greatly at the cost of the other's race. Once he thought she finished he opened his mouth to speak but quickly closed it as Rosaria appeared, talking to the Princess about something before taking off.

Once again he prepared to speak but this time was cut off by a knight which approached, "Prince Damon, the king has summoned you & also all wounded have been cleared. The Dragon's are now free to depart should they wish." Looking back at the Knight, Damon nodded than returned his gaze to the Dragon Princess giving her a soft bow in apology before he turned to follow the knight. [+purple "The lake at Nightfall, ill be waiting there." ] the Prince made no attempt to hide his words as he moved away.

Neither side was prepared for another fight so soon, so both Kings would have no choice but to hold their tongues even if they knew. The Prince right than & there had just told both King's where he stood.
  Prince Damon / Wildheart / 11h 13m 0s
[h3 [center Princess Farah Dahaka]]
The golden dragonelle seemingly broke her gaze from where she had been staring, turning her green eyes downwards. Slowly she stood up, claws digging into the stone. With a hop, the dragonelle was soon on the ground, landing gracefully before the Damon.
Once again, she lowered his head to his level. Farah's eyes slowly blinked, the pupils round. The spine along her back lowered, relaxed.
[#daa520 "I know it was for the best...but I still feel some regret for going against my father...even now I feel he is disappointed...but even he heard mother's final wish; To keep a peaceful coexistence with man."]
The golden creature paused for a moment, [#daa520 "That was all she wanted, to continue helping man...but father didn't see it that way. He fell hard, the hope, his dreams, they all shattered that day...he'll never forgive mankind, I know this..."]
Farah turned her head, hearing wings. Rosaria suddenly landing nearby. The crystal dragonelle bowed her head slightly, glancing towards the Princess again. The pair spoke in hushed tones.
The Dragon Princess sighed, but nodded her head. Rosaria opened her crystal wings, quickly taking flight. Soon she disappeared in the distance.
  Princess Farah Dahaka / Dragoncita / 12h 17m 39s
The Prince slowly walked forward stopping beside the boulder, his hands nestled into his pants pockets having switched from a royal to a more casual form of clothing likely cause of his training with Yasha. [+purple "You seem strangingly quiet Princess, is something bothering you that I am unaware of?" ] his tone was still soft in spite his new confidant undertone which seemed to radiate with his new found strength.
  Prince Damon / Wildheart / 15h 57m 58s
[h3 [center Nightfang]]
His soft hum continued until Gale's own heart finally ceased to beat. The black dragon's eyes slowly opened again. He could hear the gentle wind, his song still carrying across the land. The dragon's eyes suddenly turned, hearing a sudden caw.
Nightfang's eyes soon settled upon a black raven settled on a rock nearby. However, it was clear the bird wasn't your average raven. The creature having bright blue eyes, blue energy highlighting its feathers. The black dragon stared for several moments, then finally spoke.
[#000080 "I figured you would come...old one. You always do when our time sure their souls find their way, would you?"]
The dragon and raven stared at each other for several moments. Then the bird finally gave another caw, flapping its wings a bit. As for Nightfang, he seemed satisfied.
He turned, opening his own wings. The black dragon lowered his body to the ground, then leapt upwards. He rose into the sky, taking his leave, returning to Mount Draconis, to deliver the news...
[h3 [center Princess Farah Dahaka]]
The Dragon Princess had remained perched on the boulder. Her head lifted, hearing a sudden sound. It took a little bit, before she realized the familiar tune.
The golden dragonelle's eyes glowed slightly, forked tongue flicking from her muzzle. Once again the beast showed no expression whatsoever. The only thing she showed was a slight alertness, the spine along her back raised slightly.
  Nightfang / Dragoncita / 1d 3h 26m 34s
[+blue "" ] with that said Gale finally let his eyes close slowly listening to the Dragon's hum softly as he let his will to fight start to fade away as the hum began to match with the old song of his father so many years ago.

[Center [b [i far over the misty mountain's cold ] ] ]
[Center [b [i to dungeon's deep and Caven's old ] ] ]
[Center [b [we must await, the break of day ] ] ]
[Center [b [to claim our long forgotten gold ] ] ]

A small smile rested on his face at the warm memory as his stomach rose with his final breath than ceased. The wind blowing now with a pleasant breeze seeming to carry the dragon's hum through the air as if to spread the word of the general's passing. The mind's own tribute to the man & legend, the dragon's tune stretching to all of the area.

Slowly the Prince closed his eyes as he heard the melody upon the wind, [+purple "Rest in piece Uncle Gale & I hope you are finally at peace with yourself...leave the rest to me...ill see to it this war ends...for good." ]
  General Gale / Wildheart / 1d 7h 59m 35s
[h3 [center Nightfang & Angelus]]
The dragon's gaze wandered to the human nearby. Nightfang could hear the spastic beating of the man's heart. It being completely different than the very slow beat of Angelus' own. The black dragon grew silent, listening quietly.
Angelus' jaws twitched again. She seemed to have heard Gale's words. The ancient wyvern's sides rose slowly for a final time. She released a loud, shaky sigh. The flames in her black sockets finally went out. Angelus no longer moved, completely still.
Nightfang slowly closed his eyes, the wyvern gone. The black dragon opened his gaze again, once again looking down upon the man. The dragon seemingly tilted his head to the side.
A strange request at first, but he seemingly understood. Nightfang slowly nodded his head. His voice was still calm, and almost soothing.
[#000080 "I shall pass your words to her human."]
The black dragon closed his eyes, starting a soft hum. It was gentle, a lullaby to ease the fallen. Nightfang knew it by heart, having hummed the same little song before plenty of times.
  Nightfang / Dragoncita / 1d 9h 25m 12s
[+blue "....I...w-wouldn't worry...seems d-d-decaying of the seals has halted...or at least slowed..." ] the weak voice carried slightly from the downed wind general, as he laid outstretched on the ground. His blood pooling around him as more rolled down from the corners of his mouth, his heart already starting to beat irregularly. Its rhythm much more wild than Falsha's had been & was likely a great deal more painful but he didn't seem to mind in fact a strangely triumphant look was braced on his face with a small smile.

[+blue "...He's right...Angelus...our parts in this is over...its time for us to sleep & return to our brothers & sisters in the sky....Black Dragon...can you do me a favor...tell Sheliak the Dragonele that I'm sorry...I-I...I won'" ] finally the man's heart began to slow clearly losing blood flow from his body but through force of will alone Gale kept his heart going just waiting for the dragon's answer.
  General Gale / Wildheart / 1d 13h 3m 52s
[h3 [center Nightfang & Angelus]]
His great black wings carried him swiftly. The black dragon was a blur, picking up speed. It hadn't been his turn to check on the Elder Wyvern, but his mate insisted he go a soon as possible. The beast, Nightfang, mate to one of the last Dragon Prophetesses; Darkmoon.
It was she who sent him. The vision she recently had was just about to be proven true...

Sure enough, the black dragon soon saw a scene that sent an uneasy chill down his spine. Nightfang slowly started to circle downwards. His claws soon met the broken earth. The large beast surveyed the area, forked tongue flicking out of his muzzle.
Nightfang paused, turning his head, eyes settling in the distance. There was nothing there, but for just a second, he felt as if there was someone there, lurking in the darkness. The dragon rumbled low, staring for several more moments, then looked back to the scene before him.
He seemingly sighed softly under his breath, [#000080 "As expected...I am too late..."]
The black dragon walked towards the fallen elder. He lowered his head, taking notice of the lance plunged into her chest. The scent lingering on the weapon caused the black dragon's eyes to flash, a hint of disgust. Nightfang shook his head, erasing those thoughts.
Nearby, was another human. The black dragon raised an eyeridge. This one appeared just as far off as the elder. A sudden movement and a shaky sigh caught his attention. Nightfang returned his gaze to Angelus.
The black sockets sparked, tiny wisps of red flames appearing.
[#800000 [i ~My v-vision darkens...t-tell me...are...are you f-f-friend...or foe...~]]
Her voice was barely audible in his mind. Nightfang moved closer, soon sitting down in front of Angelus. The black dragon continued to rumble softly, speaking in a hushed, yet calming voice, [#000080 "Be at ease Angelus. I am no threat."]
Even as she laid dying, the other's voice was...reassuring. It was familiar, she knew it, but the name evaded her. The sparks in her black sockets sparked, struggling to stay lit.
[#800000 [i ~A-and what...of...of t-the seal...w-with will d-d-decay...~]]
Nightfang turned his gaze towards the cave. The dragon's eyes narrowed, pupils thin slits. What should've been shattered rocks and the symbols gone, was not at all. The seal around the entrance was still in place, but how? Nightfang was confused, but he wouldn't let it bother him too much.
He looked back to the elder, [#000080 "Please Angelus, hush. Do not worry about that. Rest, and sleep."]
  Nightfang / Dragoncita / 1d 14h 39m 25s
A strange shadow figure watched the end of the fight unfold, it was interesting to see how the natives of this world reacted but he wasn't here to partake in its history but instead chose to merely observe but seeing the seals start to weaken a strong gold glow formed from the shadows left eye before it finally stopped along with the glow of the seals. [+yellow [b "Oh not quite yet, it's not time for you to awaken just yet...the age of love must blossom first." ] ] with that said the man vanished just as a Dragonele or dragon appeared off in the distance likely have felt the mania from the earlier fight suddenly drop.

It was strange as suddenly as the man had appeared, he had vanished without leaving so much as a trace that he had even been there. Not a mania trail...ot a scent...both but the eerie feeling of being watched for a second but even that two fadded.
  Wildheart / 1d 18h 17m 10s
[h3 [center Angelus & Eliam]]
The wraith had barely noticed, keeping her hold on Angelus. It was only at the last moment did she seemingly realize what was happening. She released her fangs to move to attack Gale, before the sudden burning sensation once again ran across her shadowy form. Zezixoa writhed and screeched bloody murder the entire while. Yet, despite as much as she struggled, there was nothing she could do. The creature released a final ear-piercing shriek, before disappearing completely. Zezixoa was no more.
[hr ]
Eliam had appeared, shadowy blade raised to deal the final blow when his attack was interrupted. The male was blown backwards, landing on the ground several feet away. Just as Zezixoa disappeared, the creature that as once Eliam, was no more.
Now, only a human was in his place, and this time he was completely mortal with no armor to protect his body, and only a lance nearby, a reminder of who and what he once was. The man was on his hands and knees, the massive wyvern towering over him.

Angelus felt the release. Soon, the only thing in her jaws was air and the bitter taste of the wraith's blood. The ancient beast barely paid any mind as Gale toppled off of her back, full attention on the man who had killed so many of her kind, the very one who dealt the final blow to the Golden Queen, the spark to the pointless war that has continued long enough.
The wyvern's jaws opened, her own blood mixed with her enemies', [#800000 [i "Tell who played with our lives, killed so many dragons, killed the very Queen so long ago...tell me, do you regret what you have done? The lives you have taken, the innocent who barely had a chance to defend themselves against you...and not just dragons, you preyed on the lives of humans, killing those in your way...women and children, the old and frail, their lives meant little to you...but now here you are, just like them...weak and powerless..."]]
Eliam was completely silent as the Angelus spoke. Slowly, his hand moved towards the handle of his lance, taking hold of it. The fist clenching the weapon became white. For once, in a very long time, despite a broken mind, the man felt fear. A cold wave washing over, threatening to overtake him.
Eliam swallowed hard, pushing himself to his feet. His hair fell over his eyes, expressionless. The male was silent, then he actually spoke as well, [#800080 "I feel nothing...I am regret or sorrow...just...emptiness..."]
[#800000 [i "Come forth then child, I shall put an end to your suffering."]]
The man grew quiet, but then sprinted forward, weapon in hand. He aimed to swing at the wyvern's nose, blade whistling.
Angelus was seemingly expecting the sudden response. Her head swung backwards, the weapon barely grazing her. The wyvern growled, snapping her jaws, missing Eliam by a few inches as he dodged backwards. Angelus snarled, her tail suddenly lashing outwards, slamming into Eliam, causing him to go tumbling backwards.
Eliam felt the slam, several ribs cracking as the tail collided into his side. And unfortunately this time, there was no quick way for him to heal. The man coughed, blood spattering the ground before him. He tried to get up, using the lance as a support.
As for Angelus, she simply watched, waiting. Once Eliam was standing, did the wyvern slowly move closer. Though, she made a mistake. As Angelus approached, her head was up, chest exposed. With Eliam's current condition, she honestly had not expected him to make a final attempt.
Somehow, Eliam mustered what little strength he had left, before lunging forward underneath Angelus, plunging his lance into her chest.
The great wyvern released a pained screech. Her body lifted off the ground, squirming. Angelus' flaming eyes sparked, completely alive. Great wings opened, trying to fly, but only to end up crashing back to the ground.
During her spasms, Eliam lost his grip, being tossed to the side. He was unable to move in time before the wyvern's body fell on top of him, crushing the man.
As she finally collapsed, markings appeared on her scales, glowing. Angelus eyes flickered, the flames slowly going out. The same markings could be seen around the cave entrance, now glowing brightly. As she laid dying, the seal was fraying.
The elder wyvern's twitched, as if trying to say words, but all that came was a soft gurgle as blood flowed from her jaws.
  ::Elder Dragons:: / Dragoncita / 2d 2h 53m 49s
Game's lips curved into a smirk as he vanished at the exact same time as Eliam literally appearing on top of Angelus with his palm pressed against Zezixoa's head as his other hand stuck straight out toward Eliam as he appeared just as he planned, well close enough anyway. [+blue [b "Holy wind bind!" ] ] a powerful wind slammed into the back of the wrath seeming to react further to white magic symbols from his earlier attack.

Absobing the astral creature Gale winced but than yelled out as the creature suddenly burst from his body with great force following his other hand's direction. The astral wrath literally being forcefully pushed back into the other's body as the large white symbol formed on his chest. The holy seal of the royal family, one of the exact seals placed on Titus himself by Game's father before him.

Panting loudly Gale clinched his chest as blood flowed from his mouth landing on Angelus below him, to do such a seal costs the user even further life. To seal the wrath away for good Gale just sacrificed over half of what little time he had left. [+blue "Sorry...Angelus...but the" ] red eyes faded to white as the Wind general fell forward completely spent. Now it was one on one between Angelus & Eliam.
  General Gale / Wildheart / 2d 9h 27m 42s
[h3 [center Angelus & Zezixoa]]
Once again with their wings beating against the other, claws lashing at the other, the wyvern and wraith were falling. Even as their bodies slammed into the ground, neither beast was going to release their holds. Angelus simply clamped down harder, eyes glowing brightly. Zezixoa didn't make a sound, once again her form aiming to wrap around the large wyvern and keep her in place. The wraith knew once she had Angelus subdued, there'd be nothing the other could do. Zezixoa needed to wait for Eliam however, to strike the killing blow on the elder wyvern.
The chaos wyvern's form sparked, the red energy seemingly coming off of her body in waves, causing the very earth to crack, the chaotic energy that powerful. Angelus knew that on the ground there was little to nothing she could do. Unlike the wraith, Angelus was still considered a living thing, and being old, she was wearing down. Yet she still refused to release her fangs from the wraith's neck.
[h3 [center Eliam]]
He didn't give at all. Eliam's eyes remained on Gale's own. The humanoid also pressed harder, the push-and-shove match getting nowhere. Eliam opened his jaws, an inhuman snarl sounding. He was completely gone, his sanity lost, and nothing would bring it back.
The creature's gaze suddenly flitted down below, seeing his wraith had grounded the wyvern, leaving Angelus in a vulnerable position. Eliam did indeed disappear into darkness, only to reappear below. His full attention drawn to the giant fighting beasts.
Between Eliam and Zezixoa, it appeared they had already planned this to happen. It was just taking a bit longer than they had expected, since neither had been prepared for Gale to show up at the time he did. He was just a minor set back from their true goal. The general of wind was just a loose end that would need to be dealt with afterwards.
  ::Elder Dragons:: / Dragoncita / 2d 9h 57m 22s
Gale's blade raised blocking Eliam's attack, wind & shadow once more clashing as sparks lite up the area. Red eyes didn't stay from Eliam even as the other blades approached than was quickly blocked. A spiraling human form made of pure wind now standing with its back to Gale's massive wind blade within its hand. Maintaining his block, the clone took advantage of the real Gale current position as he leaped up the turned swiping over Game's head which he just moved down leaving his globe's blade headed straight toward Eliam's head.

Gale was silent as he plotted about what his next action would be, this fight was getting nowhere fast & he knew it. As it stood this battle would likely never end continuing at this rate but than a idea struck him. Letting out a smirk, Gale pressed harder against his enemies blade waiting for the other to teleport away so he could start his next move.
  General Gale / Wildheart / 2d 14h 31m 8s
[h3 [center Angelus & Zezixoa]]
Angelus was preparing for the worst when instead she was launched back upwards, the wraith's body still keeping her snared. Zezixoa opened her jaws once again, fangs showing. The shadowy creature appeared ready to snap down on the slender neck of Angelus when the sudden attack drove into her back.
The shadows instantly recoiled, seemingly writhing from the pain. Angelus quickly took advantage, turning the tables the best she could. The chaos wyvern was soon the one bearing down upon Zezixoa. Powerful claws grasped the shadowy creature's form. The wyvern's claws lashed downwards, sinking into shadows and what could only be flesh. Angelus opened her jaws, a mix of what appeared to be flames and the red, chaotic energy spewing forth.
Zezixoa was now thrashing wildly. The wraith was screeching constantly, furious and in pain. The shadowy beast whipped her head around, as the flames met her form. Zezixoa moved, swinging her own long neck to the side, then coming around. Shadowy jaws opened, clamping down on Angelus' neck.
In turn, the elder wyvern's flames were cut off, giving a roar. Angelus own head swung to the side, soon her own fangs finding the wraith's neck. Energy sparked against the dark.
Once again neither creature appeared ready to release their hold. Wings beat against the other, claws grazing sides causing a shower of crimson and black blood.
[h3 [center Eliam]]
As for the creature Eliam, he seemingly disappeared as the mountain of wind appeared in Gale's place. Shadows swarmed, instantly taking off, close on the other's heels.
Black shadowy wings now on the creature's back, eyes glowing. Eliam's jaws opened, sparks flying. The humanoid dispersed, suddenly appearing in front of Gale, just as he had done plenty of times before, only it was Eliam this time.
The shadowy blade appeared once again, swinging downwards. On either side, blades of pure shadow moved swiftly, aiming in a pincer-like attack. If not avoided, the blades would most certainly cut through flesh and bone, leaving a victim split in half. Then there was also the blade from above, aimed to split a skull.
  ::Elder Dragons:: / Dragoncita / 3d 3h 5m 5s

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