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she poked his arm and said. "i just watched my former best friend go from wolf to human... i'm smarter and more rational than most people, you should know that, chase... so are you going to tell me or not?"
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 21d 4h 20m 56s
"Your worried about why I ignored you for the past few year and not the fact that I'm a supernatural being and your gonna turn into one too.." Chase said
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 21d 4h 31m 55s
she stared at him and sighed. "that wasn't so hard to be honest, now was it?" she asked and sighed. she was being bitchy but after seven years of him ignoring her and pretending she didn't exist was kind of flooding back to her. "all i wanted was for you to be honest with me in the first place... so is this why i wasn't the right kind of friend for you? because i was normal?"
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 21d 4h 36m 10s
"I'm a werewolf and you will be one next full moon." Chase said
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 21d 4h 40m 28s
"i know you won't, you never have...." she said and sighed. "just tell me the truth..."
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 21d 4h 42m 30s
"im not aloud to tell you but you saw me and your bitten so I guess I can tell you.. but please trust me that I won't hurt you.."
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 21d 4h 45m 9s
"then stop acting like i'm an idiot." she demanded and stared at him. "just tell me the truth...."
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 21d 4h 54m 24s
"I'm just trying help out.. you were attacked by a wolf.. and the bite needs to be taken care of.... " chase said.
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 21d 5h 24m 37s
she stopped and turned to face him. "since when did you suddenly start caring about me again? i thought i wasn't the right type of friend for you." she said and glared up at him. "that is what you said, isn't it?"
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 21d 5h 30m 17s
Chase sighed.."can I at least walk you home.." he asked afraid anoutanother wolf attack
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 21d 5h 35m 55s
"just go away, Chase... Please...." She said and kept walking. "I'm fine, I just need to get home."
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 21d 5h 39m 43s
"It's been awhile.. please let me take you to the hospital.." chase said watch her blood make a path on the ground
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 21d 5h 48m 19s
"now you remember?" She asked sarcastically and kept walking away from him.
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 21d 5h 51m 53s
Chase felt the wind blow again and he caught her scent once more trying his hardest to remember. He followed her but paused. "Mardi??" He asked
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 21d 6h 5m 7s
She stayed silent and started to walk home holding her arm close to her chest.
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 21d 6h 7m 53s

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