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Chase looked up at her before laying down. He liked the feeling of being petting for the first time.
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 211d 12h 30m 2s
She smiled and watched him. "Your fur is a beautiful color... " She mused and kept petting him.
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 216d 24m 52s
Chase nodded and licked her. He shook his fur again when the cool air blow.
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 216d 31m 36s
She smiled at him and pet his head gently. "Will I be able to do this soon?"
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 216d 58m 39s
Chase flinched a bit never feeling a human touch before. He took a deep breath and taking in her scent and relaxing a bit.
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 216d 1h 2m 45s
She blinked and watched him curiously. She reached out to him slowly and knelt down feeling his fur against her palm.
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 216d 1h 8m 21s
Chase looked down then slowly raised his head. His eyes were an amber color and then closed his eyes. Before Mardi's eye Chase phased and shook his fur coat. His head slowly left and starred into her eyes with his.
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 216d 1h 10m 14s
She nodded and said. "I won't, I promise...." Mardi watched him and bit her lip.
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 216d 1h 14m 30s
After hiking for a awhile he paused when they came to a small pool of water with a 15 foot water fall. Chase looked at Mardi. " Promise you wont freak out when i phase." He said taking off his shirt.
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 216d 1h 17m 14s
She nodded and smiled up at him. "okay, thank you, Chase."
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 260d 23h 1m 9s
chase finished up and yawned a bit as he walked out. " Hey sorry if i took to long... the bathroom is all yours." He said smiling as he went to his closet.
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 261d 2h 35m 36s
she yawned and sat up rubbing her face slightly. she put her glasses back on and looked around. she noticed the bathroom door was open a little bit and smelled shaving cream and a specific type of cologne. she swallowed slightly and blinked. she stood and shyly went over to peek inside.
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 264d 10h 5m 41s
" Good morning." Chase said as he got out of bed and went to the bathroom to get ready for the day. He accidentally left the door ajar.
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 264d 10h 47m 25s
mardi squeaked and growled slightly blinking sleepily at him. "what?" she mumbled and watched him.
  Mardi Daniels / wingedwolfy120 / 264d 13h 5s
chase woke up the next morning and looked at Mardi and smiled. He knew she was the one for him. " Hey time to get up Mardi." He said as he shook her a bit.
  Chase<real> / Angel_love94 / 264d 14h 48m 16s

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