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"Thank you, Nighthawk." Night chuckled and smiled up at him. "I hope everything turns out fine for you as well."
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 8d 7h 31m 23s
Nighthawk smiled knowingly. "I hope it turns out the way you deserve...and...I think Venom is...rather pretty!!!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 8d 7h 49m 40s
"I'm sure it will happen soon, Nighthawk." Night gave off a reassuring grin and pat her hand on Nighthawk's side. "As for me...Darkness will soon be my mate." She said slightly nervously.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 9d 5h 11m 19s
He puffed out his chest. In the bright light, he was actually rather skinny.
"Master Darkness says that the right mate will come for me,"he snorted proudly. "Maybe...?"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 9d 5h 13m 13s
"Don't worry about it, sir." Night smiled and wiped one last bit of venom from her lips. "I understand what you mean." She chuckled and looked over to Venom. "She's too young to be the leader at the moment...she hasn't even confessed her loyalty to the calamity yet. You still have a good run ahead of you, Nighthawk."
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 9d 5h 15m 3s
Nighthawk jolted awake. " saved me...Thanks!!! I'm really sorry about what I said earlier...I just miss being the Venom might take my place..."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 9d 5h 17m 3s
Night suddenly remembered something that would help. She went over to Nighthawk's tail and found the bite mark. She put her mouth over it and started sucking at it. Eventually, she started to spit out small amounts of venom that had been injected into him. The Zora girl wiped her mouth off inside and out, making sure that the venom wouldn't hurt her. "Just a little trick I know to remove venom from the body."
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 9d 5h 19m 13s
He shivered. "No...the venom...the dark clouds...make them go away!!!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 9d 5h 21m 12s
Night sighed, knowing that the venom was still taking affect on Nighthawk. "You alright?" She asked gently.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 9d 5h 22m 0s
Nighthawk whimpered and sniffled softly. "No more...make him stooop!!!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 9d 5h 23m 8s
"Oh...I see. Poor soul..." Night knelt down by Nighthawk's unconscious body and rubbed it a bit.

  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 9d 5h 34m 4s
Glennfang smiled at the young Venom dragoness. "But it's not entirely his fault...the calamity killed his entire clutch...he's not been the same since..."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 9d 5h 35m 32s
Night chuckled a bit as well. "Yeah...he really did, honestly." She smiled and picked up Venom.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 9d 5h 37m 31s
Nighthawk grinned. "No harm done...justa liddle...venom..."he then passes out from the venom.
Glennfang chuckles. "He deserved that..."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 9d 5h 39m 47s
"Venom, no!" Night got her off of Nighthawk's tail and set her down. "I'm so sorry, sir!" She apologized to him.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 9d 5h 41m 26s

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