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Darkness nodded and smiled. "I was wondering when you'd remember me!!! What is it, my heart? Is something the matter?"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 294d 1h 29m 42s
Night sighed and continued to look at Luke, his family right next to him. Taking another glance towards the pups, she realized that she needed to tell Darkness something. "Hey, Darkness." She started, wanting to get his attention.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 294d 1h 33m 58s
The middle pup sighed. "I know, Mama. But he was a still-pup, wasn't he? He was still when he was born."
Jupiter smiled. "Aye. But he's with us now, and we love him."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 294d 1h 35m 31s
Night looked at the middle pup, slightly irritated. She hated it when family insulted each other. "Jupiter is right...don't be mean to your brother. You're all of the same family and you should act like it." She said as calmly as possible.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 294d 1h 37m 5s
The middle pup snarled. "Except for the bloody runt. He's the misfit and the bad blood of the family."
Jupiter smiled wanly. "Darkshade, be nice to your brother. It's not his fault."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 294d 1h 39m 45s
Night continued to smile as she looked at Luke, Jupiter, Night, and the other pups. "I'd say that you've started a really happy family!" She exclaimed.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 294d 1h 41m 32s
Luke smirked. " was their mother's idea. I was going to name her Felicity, but her fur is so dark that it reminds me of the night without a moon...where Jupiter and I first met. So Jupiter named her Night. Her middle name is Rose."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 294d 1h 42m 29s
Night chuckled at hearing that the pup's name was the same as her own. "Well, that's wonderful! Was it Luke's idea?" She inquired happily.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 294d 1h 44m 57s
The cub grinned. "MY name...? Why, you only have to examine your own name to figure it out!!!"
The runt of the litter giggled. "She's named Night!!! Just like you!!!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 294d 1h 45m 48s
"Hello there, young one! May I ask of your name?" Night asked calmly, with a smile spread across her face.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 294d 1h 46m 35s
The biggest pup, the only female, looked at Night with dark yet intelligent eyes. "Hello, Milady,"she said, puffing out her narrow chest.
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 294d 1h 49m 57s
Night looked up towards the other wolf and the pups, smiling. It was obvious of who they were. "Oh, my! How adorable!" She looked at the pups in delight.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 294d 1h 51m 57s
He basked in her touch. Suddenly, a golden she-wolf padded in, followed by three black pups.
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 295d 54m 58s
"Why...that's great, Luke!" Night's smiled beamed towards him and she pet him more.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 295d 1h 45m 1s
Luke grinned ecstatically. "Her name is Jupiter. She's a golden timberwolf. And don't worry; she's in alliance with the calamity. She was born into our society."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 295d 1h 46m 15s

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