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Night looked at him with a worried expression. "Dear...we could be killed for such an offense." She said as calm as possible.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 320d 3h 16m 19s
Darkness cackled evilly. "Loyal? It's weakening! Now's my chance to take over and claim my rightful position!!!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 320d 3h 17m 13s
Night's eyes widened just slightly, but not much. "You're probably right, but it's our job to be loyal to it." She said, talking about the Calamity.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 320d 3h 20m 21s
Darkness suddenly grew serious. "But it was his time to die. And ya know what? I almost envy his choice...don't tell anyone, but I think I can lead better than the calamity,"he whispered.
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 321d 1h 24m 28s
Night didn't really find it enjoyable to kill family...but she just nodded in understanding again. After all, Darkness has lead a very different life than her...and his morals are very different.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 321d 2h 4m 52s
"Yeah...but I killed him with my bare hands, and it was fun!!! Hearing him squeal and beg for his life..."he laughed.
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 321d 2h 6m 46s
Night nodded in understanding. "Sorry to hear that, Darkness. If only your father had chosen the right path..." She sighed.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 321d 2h 10m 34s
Darkness grinned. "A better father than mine was for me. My father...was a Knight in service to Hyrule."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 321d 2h 11m 56s
Night tilted her head. "What was it that you truly wanted to be, Darkness?" She asked happily.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 321d 2h 12m 58s
Darkness smiled warmly. "Yeah...I'm so happy! A child will fix everything for me...I can finally be what I was meant to be..."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 321d 2h 13m 52s
Night laughed a bit. "Well, I'm glad to see that we'll soon be starting our [b own] happy little family!" She said with a wide smile spread across her face.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 321d 2h 17m 54s
Darkness grinned. "And ya wanna know the funny thing? They told me I'd never be able to get a girl pregnant! HAH!!!Shows them!!!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 321d 2h 19m 3s
Night smiled as she was swung around, glad to see that he was happy. After she was set down again, she chuckled as a tear of joy went down her face. "I'm going to be a mother...a mother!" She proclaimed with happiness.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 321d 2h 21m 8s
Darkness gasped. "What? You''re pregnant? That's...that's GREAT!!!" He stood up and picked her up. Swinging her around, he yelled at the top of his lungs. "I'M GONNA BE A FATHER!!!!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 321d 2h 24m 36s
Night nervously put her arm behind her back, scratching a small itch. "Well..." A large silence followed before she could speak again. "I'm...I'm pregnant, Darkness." She said gently.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 321d 2h 27m 10s

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