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Luke smiled. "First we eat. I haven't hunted in a full moon cycle." He snapped at the others, but Kobin pinned hom down.
"Remember your place, OMEGA," he snapped.
  nakabi / eeveelover / 15d 7h 27m 47s
"I trust you, Luke." Night replied with a light smile as she pat him on the head in a friendly manner. "If Darkness has ordered you to accompany me...did he tell you where I would need to go next? Should I report back to him?" She tilted her head.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 15d 7h 29m 18s
The wolf smiled. "My name is Lucian. Lucian Von Vuulf. But you may call my Luke." He had brilliant bright white fur, marking him as half wolf demon. "You trust me?"
  nakabi / eeveelover / 15d 7h 43m 11s
Night knelt down in front of the wolf who had bowed. "What might your name be?" She inquired, looking into the wolf's eyes. When her eyes locked with the wolf's, she could instantly feel some kind of connection. Yes, this wolf was definitely her companion. She could feel it.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 16d 3h 9m 47s
Kobin smiled evilly. "Good. Oh, and Link can turn into a wolf who looks like me. DO NOT get us confused. Lord Darkness would have a royal FIT."
One of the wolves bowed before Night. "Milady...Lord Darkness sent me to be your companion..."
  nakabi / eeveelover / 16d 5h 1m 5s
"He wants me to kill Link?" Night's eyes went wide once again as she noticed the wolves and thought about what Kobin said. "Well..." She closed her eyes as the calamity's influenced seems to flow through her mind once again, influencing her actions. "I consent." Her eyes had an awkward tint to them now...probably due to the calamity in her soul.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 16d 5h 3m 57s
Kobin nodded and smirked. "Yes. But first: Will you consent to killing the Hero? Darkness wants to know by the end of the week."
Suddenly, three she-wolves ran up.
  nakabi / eeveelover / 16d 5h 7m 16s
Night thought about things for a few seconds, closing her eyes. "I guess I can give him a chance. I mean, I've only known the guy for a day or two. Can't judge a book by its cover..." She admitted. "We should go and check in with him now, right?"
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 16d 5h 9m 28s
Kobin nodded. "Yes. He has loved only one other as much as he loves you. Her name was Larena. She was a Zora that the calamity saw fit to he wants to know if you'd ever come to like him...but you have time to make up your mind."
  nakabi / eeveelover / 16d 5h 12m 37s
"Wait...what?" Night's eyes opened a little more, as she hadn't expected anything like this. "Do you really think so?" She continued to walk along the path with Kobin as they spoke about this.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 16d 5h 15m 34s
Kobin smiled. "I see that. But there's something you need to know...something that Lord Darkness is too ashamed to admit. He's in love with you. I know that it's too early, but he feels like he knows you."
  nakabi / eeveelover / 16d 5h 17m 31s
Night stepped back, surprised. "Darkness sent you? I didn't know that..." She admitted, chuckling to herself. "Well, you can see that I followed his orders."
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 16d 5h 19m 9s
Kobin followed Night out. "Ya coulda invited me, ya overgrown fish!!! Darkness sent me to make sure you followed his orders."
His grey fur shimmered in the light like a star.
  nakabi / eeveelover / 16d 5h 21m 54s
"Well...I believe that it is time for me to get going, princess." Night said to Zelda. She bowed in from of Zelda once again, as a form of goodbye. "Sorry to have to be leaving so suddenly..."
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 16d 5h 24m 7s
Zelda smiled. "Kobin knows Link. He was saved by him, actually!!"
Lilanna howled and stalked away, moody.
Kobin yawned and curled up by Night's feet.
  nakabi / eeveelover / 16d 5h 26m 20s

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