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Venom snorted, and a drop of acid leaked from her nose. Vanir suddenly ran in, roaring.
"VENOM!!!" He growled. "What's wrong with my baby girl?!?"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 220d 12h 39m 19s
"You have to teach hatchlings as they grow..." Night sighed, remembering the promise she made to Vanir. "Looks like this will take quite a lot of teaching on my part..."
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 220d 12h 40m 47s
Venom quieted, but her tail twitched uncertainly. Darkness sighed.
"Looks like Miss Venom needs to get to know the calamity," he snarled softly. "Her loyalty is wavering..."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 220d 12h 41m 51s
"Calm down, Venom. I'm sure Darkness is telling the truth." Night pet Venom a bit before looking back at Darkness. "Anyways, I would love to try the dish when you cook it." She smiled.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 220d 12h 44m 8s
Darkness grinned wickedly. "It tastes superb when I cook it! Wanna taste it later on? I have to tend to for now..."
Venom growled and flared her vibrant violet wings, hissing. "LIAR!!!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 220d 12h 51m 10s
"I've never seen anyone be able to cook that without creating dubious food by accident..." Night admitted, closing her eyes for a second. "I've ever tried any, either. What's it taste like?"
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 220d 13h 45m 41s
Darkness smiled coyly. "Fried octorock with keese wing garnish."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 220d 14h 44m 16s
Night chuckled softly. "Thank you, sir." She let off a little smile and looked at Venom before returning her attention to Darkness. "So...what's for dinner, actually?"
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 220d 14h 47m 23s
Darkness smiled fondly. "Well, you named her appropriately. And you can take her out after dinner."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 220d 15h 22m 25s
"Thank you, sir. I named her Venom...and she already seems to want to be going on an adventure." Night laughed a bit. "Venom, we'll go on an adventure soon...don't worry."
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 221d 11h 20m 54s
She chirred again. "VE...NOM...I VENOM!!! RAWR!!!"
Darkness walked up. "Ah!!! A Poison Dragoness!!! Nice choice!!!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 221d 11h 22m 25s
Night laughed and said goodbye to Vanir before leaving the rookery with Venom in her arms. "If Darkness says it's alright...maybe you'll get your wish, Venom." She chuckled.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 221d 11h 27m 9s
Venom squeaked loudly as she was picked up. "ADVENTURE!!!! TO ADVENTUUUUUREEEEE!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 221d 11h 28m 39s
"I promise this to you, Vanir. I will treat Venom with the best respect I can. I will not let her be murdered in cold blood, I promise." Night pat him on the back again and walked back over to Venom, picking her up.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 221d 11h 32m 24s
Vanir shook his head sadly. "BE SURE THAT YOU DO!!! OR I WILL RIP YOU ASUNDER!!!"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 221d 11h 33m 35s

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