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"Hngh!" Night groaned again as the contractions quickly continued. "D-Darkness is r-right...ahh!" She said quickly, half-out of breath.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 78d 2h 28m 5s
Azante grinned grimly. "That baby's gonna be here any second!!! Darkness, get in here and bring me a sedative to help with your mate's pain."
Darkness ran in. "No!!! She's a warrior; she doesn't need a sedative."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 78d 2h 30m 1s
Night groaned again and let out another breath. "I d-don't know...every f-few seconds? Hgnh!" She groaned again.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 78d 2h 33m 51s
He pulled out a Keesewing towel. "This'll staunch the often are the contractions?"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 78d 2h 35m 44s
Night looked as Azante had soon come into the room. "O-okay...ha...ha..." She let out stifled breaths when she could as she clutched her hands on the side of the bed.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 78d 2h 35m 54s
He jumped out of bed, running through the castle to awaken the others. "The baby's coming!!! Someone get me Azante!!!"
Azante ran in. "Breathe, Milady...just breathe."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 78d 2h 43m 12s
"Y-yeah!" Night said loudly as she groaned slightly, the pain getting worse by the second.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 78d 2h 44m 41s
Darkness woke with a start. "Huhn? Babe, what's wrong? Is it the baby???"
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 78d 2h 45m 40s
---A few months later---

Night yawned and woke up slowly rubbing her eyes. She had been pregnant for a long time now, and the baby would finally be coming along soon. Her stomach was noticeably larger due to the baby in her, which was normal of course. She looked over to Darkness for a few seconds and sighed pleasantly. He was still asleep. The Zora girl felt pretty good, for the most part. She sat there for around half an hour, waiting for Darkness to wake up. Suddenly...she could feel a kicking feeling inside of her. This wasn't like the normal kicking feeling she would get from the baby. This one was different...more forceful, and it started to hurt. Soon, realization set in her eyes as her breathing became faster. "D-Darkness!"
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 78d 2h 48m 52s
Darkness smiled. "And I will join you! Can't let anything happen while you're pregnant, of course."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 78d 3h 17s
Night quickly nodded. "Of course, Venom! I will go get her right away." She said with a smile.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 78d 3h 6m 40s
Ninani sighed. "Fine. She is in flight class, teaching ze young dragonriders flight terminology."
Venom sighed exhaustively."Night,can you get her for me? I can't leave my eggs..."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 80d 3h 14m 40s
"Now, Ninani...if you do know where Venom's sister is, I'd like you to tell her please." Night said politely before coughing lightly for a second or two.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 80d 3h 16m 52s
Venom sighed angrily. "Morning. Now, whether or not it's a good one has yet to be seem. Ninani, WHERE IS MY SISTER?!?"
Ninani smiled evilly. "Find her yourself."
  venalex the dragon / eeveelover / 80d 3h 19m 19s
Night looked over to Venom as she had awoken. "Oh, good morning Venom!" She said in delight.
  Night Lume / AskTheStaff / 80d 3h 21m 16s

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