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Tristan snorted a laugh at the reference to Erik's temper. [b "It's true. I've been working really hard with Storm, and I've been practicing in my spare time. I think I'm starting to really get a handle on things. And Kenna's right; I'll recognize any familiar faces at the conference. Point out the ones that need interrogating."]

Charles looked between them, considering his options. [i "If I grant you permission, I want you to understand that this doesn't promote you to a full team member just yet. Consider this a test run, and we can discuss your improvement when you return."]

Tristan raised an eyebrow. [b "So I can go?"]

The Professor looked at Kenna. [i "Best of luck with the two of them."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 97d 20h 32m 4s
[b "I think we aren't X-Men...we are Renegades...Maybe even Erik but just borderline,"] Kenna chuckled. Last night was rearing it's ugly head as she felt her back starting to hurt. Charles seemed okay considering he probably knew what happened last night.

Kenna gave a nod towards the professor in his office. [b "It'd be a good idea to have Jamie come alongside. He's got most of the tremors under control, knows the people, and frankly...he's not likely to murder anyone for sneezing."]

Honestly, she liked Erik, and last night had been amazing. On this was something else.
  X / Faust / 98d 18h 12m 23s
His smile got kind of soft. Very few people actually wanted him along on missions, given his occasional lack of control. It made him feel like a part of the team, for once. [b "That actually means a lot, so thank you. I've yet to get the actual title of X-Men member, so I'm used to being last resort back up."]

It was nice to have a friend who was encouraging, rather than passive aggressively turning him down all the time. Rising to his feet, he held a hand out to hoist her up. [b "Let's go, then. We're off to see the Wizard!"] he poorly attempted to imitate the Scarecrow from the old film.

Charles didn't look entirely surprised to see them. [i "I'm assuming this has to do with the upcoming mission,"] he spoke confidently, rather than posing a question.

[b "We just had a few ideas, Professor,"] Tristan answered, stepping forward. [b "Namely, adding to the selected mission group."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 103d 1h 24m 42s
[b "You weren't a backup, Jamie, you're the rock to all of this. From a terrible experience you know more than we do, and still willing to go to hell and back. I want you there because...I don't know why...just do,"] Kenna said softer. [b "I like you and consider you a friend, and I generally dislike everyone, Tremors."]

Seeing Erik so calm, only left her more puzzled before she shook her head. [b "Let's go talk to the professor,"] she suggested. She had a plan but wanted to see if it was actually a good one.
  X / Faust / 103d 16h 57m 57s
He couldn't help but grin at her. [b "We all make questionable choices every now and then. Some of them probably not as fun as your night. Get dressed, I'll meet you downstairs."]

Tristan was successful in wading off a search party for her. He quickly informed everyone that he'd found her asleep in the library, and thankfully no one cared to question him. Most of them were just hurried to get to class.

When Kenna rejoined him, he was in front of the television with a baseball game on. He was only slightly surprised that she jumped straight into business. [b "I'm sure I can arrange with Charles to let me go. I think I was only a backup choice, but he'll take your opinion under consideration. Especially given his knowledge of Erik's temper. We don't need any more casualties than necessary."]

The man in question had woke not long after Kenna, and had already passed Tristan to go outside to swim laps in the Olympic-sized pool. [b "He seemed a bit less miserable this morning. Good job,"] Tristan joked, nudging her leg with his.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 103d 22h 23m 6s
[b "Good morning,"] Kenna mumbled feeling something akin to a hangover. It wasn't exactly a hangover but it was similar. She felt sore and tired and they were out in hours. [b "Thanks...This wasn't my finest ideas...God..."]

After a hot shower, and change of clothes, she left her room joining Jamie again. [b "So, I was hoping you'd join me when investing in Seattle. Erik just might kill them all without the right person who actually knows."]
  X / Faust / 105d 22h 39m 35s
Tristan avoided eye contact with everyone at breakfast. The conversation had been surrounding Kenna's whereabouts, as well as Erik. As far as he could tell, no one was any wiser about how close the two had gotten. So, while they were busy piling food on their plates, he excused himself from the table to go looking for the newcomers.

He was less than surprised when he nearly bumped into Kenna coming out of Erik's room. [b "Firstly, good morning. Secondly, I was coming to warn you that the others are going to come looking for you soon, so I'd high-tail it to your room before they see the aftermath of last night."]

He handed her a cup of coffee that he'd snagged, and a bagel. [b "As far as I know, they aren't suspicious yet. But, word travels fast around here. If you wanna keep this between the two of you, stealth is key."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 105d 22h 58m 34s
Kenna didn't voice her relief at not needing to move. There could be thoughts of how much was influenced, and the other part of what this meant afterwards. Instead she drew the blanket over her already feeling her hip hurting slightly.

She wanted to do this again.

Chuckling softly she wasn't even aware that she fell asleep. That was until she began hearing sounds what felt like only a short time later and there was the beginning of sunlight.

Groaning she slowly sat up, blinking tiredly, she looked for her clothes to slip off before there was too many people were awake.
  X / Faust / 106d 16h 57m 0s
He'd been lying beside her with his eyes closed, trying to catch his breath. [b "By all means,"] he answered. [b "I'm not that cold-hearted to shoo you out."]

Erik's thoughts were racing. There was a highly probably chance that this was going to blow up in their faces; particularly if they were overheard. He should probably care. He should make sure it never happened again. Most importantly, he should not feel as careless as he was in that moment.

[b "Sleep here, for all I care,"] he rolled on to his stomach to bury his face in the pillow, unable to get his body to do much else.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 106d 23h 22m 17s
It was surprising, honestly, that they could meet sexually. It was difficult to tell what was ability and there but neither seemed to be complaining. It was actually the first time that her ability was good for sex as they had played off of each other so well.

Rolling over to her side she gave a soft sound mixed between soreness and satisfaction. "That" She said softly. "I don't mean to stay and cuddle. I just don't think I can get up right now."
  X / Faust / 107d 17h 8m 57s
He smirked against her lips. [b "Wouldn't want to disappoint, would I?"]

Despite his confidence with her, it was incredibly difficult to keep his head clear. He couldn't be sure what was her influence, and what was just his desire. It was like battling for some form of control that neither were willing to relinquish.

The tension in their sparring matches was just as present. In fact, bruises would probably appear on both of them by the morning. If their volume didn't alert everyone to their actions, the marks they left on each other surely would.

Erik would dare them to say a word about it.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 111d 25m 32s
[b "Oh? So you're a three course meal then?"] Kenna rose her eyebrow. Everything about him seemed to edge on the unusual but also expected. Watching him with avid curiosity, all the while almost enjoying the change of energy.

[b "I haven't yet..."] That was the frank way they talked. It was interesting, kept her on her toes. Normally she'd be upset that he was telling her how to do this. The truth was he kept a portion of herself out of the act, not wanting to fully share herself.

Without a seconds thought she kissed him back moving her hand to his cheek to his hair. Whose desire this was, she didn't know, or cared.
  X / Faust / 112d 16h 37m 5s
[b "I'm a full experience,"] he taunted back, feeling rather smug.

His fingers twitched as she answered him with her permission. The words were barely out of her mouth before his hands went to her waist to pick her up and drop her on the mattress. He was nothing, if not a man of action. [b "I won't hold back if you won't,"] he inched his way along her body.

When he was eye to eye with her, he lowered his face closer until his lips hovered above hers. [b "Don't think. Don't get in your head. Just shut up and act,"] he muttered before crashing his lips to hers.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 112d 22h 10m 38s
"A drink and a show...very interesting..." Kenna couldn't help but give an amused laugh watching him. The shirt off was certainly inspiration to go through with his act. By experience she knew that he was strong. There wasn't a voice to tell her it was not a good idea, there was never that voice when it came to these acts.

Taking the drink, appreciating the burn she looked back towards him. "You have my permission, Erik," she nodded. It was more fun just watching him right now, wanting to see how much of an influence there was.
  X / Faust / 113d 16h 39m 28s
He raised an eyebrow. [b "Siren?"]

His question went unanswered as she gave a snide remark of her own. He backed up slightly until his hand found the doorknob and shut it behind him. The lock twisted shut. [b "I think you'll find that I'm up for the challenge."]

Erik turned to the large mahogany wardrobe and pulled open a drawer. He produced a bottle of scotch, holding it out between them. [b "Let's say I was prepared for if you showed up, and if you didn't."]

He cracked the top and took a pull from it, enjoying the burn. Handing it off to her, he moved towards the bed and drew the covers back. Erik made a dramatic show of removing his shoes and shirt before crossing the room to her. [b "I'm still waiting on permission to put my hands on you,"] his arms hung loosely at his sides until she gave the go-ahead.

He couldn't have cared less if they woke anyone. He became almost animalistic, given how she'd essentially invaded his thoughts for the past few days. By morning, he wanted a clear head. Until then, he would relish in the first contact he'd had in a long while. No strings attached was the deal. He would abide by that agreement.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 113d 19h 47m 2s

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