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Tristan shook his head. [b "No cure as of yet. Just this serum."]

The two of them were lost in the shuffle of good and bad. And as much as Charles liked to preach that their mutations were a gift, Tristan longed to not be a safety hazard to the general public. There wasn't much good in a power that caused destruction. He was the last resort on the team, sent in to demolish what the others couldn't resolve. Not so great for the self-esteem.

[b "Renegades, huh?"] he grinned a bit. [b "I like the sound of that. Kind of nice to have someone to rely on in this mess, without picking sides."]

The mission had muzzled his belief in Charles' system. Not everything could be handled diplomatically. Still, Erik's mentality of kill first wasn't a favourite of his either. Things weren't so black and white, as Charles liked to teach them.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 152d 18h 49m 56s
"There isn't a cure, is there?" Kenna whispered disappointed. If it worked, than she could be free to not feel anymore. Resting her head against his arm she sighed.

While she had taken lovers many times, this was actually the most meaningful touch and moment than any of those. She gave a small chuckle. "It was...but that show that you were blaring sounded more interesting."

They both didn't fit between the X-Men and the Brotherhood.

"We're Renegades, you know, no defining place but have the best fun with that."
  X / Faust / 153d 9h 41m 15s
His eyes glazed over as he remembered one of the unfortunate victims during the sedative trial. [b "Repeated doses, of increased portions, are fatal,"] he answered quietly. [b "The mutated cells in your body begin to die off, and your system slowly shuts down until it can't function any more."]

Tristan leaned sideways into her hug, letting his eyes close in the moment of safety. [b "Don't blame yourself. I'm the idiot who didn't recognize her. You shouldn't have to babysit me."]

It felt nice having someone worry about him. He knew that the X-Men operated as a team and they all looked out for one another, but he was still too new to it all that he didn't feel quite as welcomed among the more senior members. [b "As long as it was worth it,"] he added jokingly, wiggling his eyebrows as he looked up at her.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 153d 18h 17m 3s
"That's what happens to the other two, isn't it? They've been experimenting what makes us normal or euthanized..." Kenna responded dully and wrapped an arm around his shoulders rubbing his arm. "We've been looking in the wrong places. Just what happens with repeated doses?"

It was a terrible strain, the desperate need to feel normal again, and stop what was happening.

"I'm not going to leave your side again. You're my best friend and partner. I'm sorry for not entering the room with you."
  X / Faust / 154d 10h 12m 54s
Tristan wrapped a wool blanket tighter around himself on the jet. He couldn't seem to get the permanent chill out of his bones from being basically tortured underground. He stared at the vial in his hand, remnants of his kidnapping.

[b "It's acts as a tranquilizer on mutations. It paralyzes the gene so you're rendered effectively useless until it wears off. They used to test it on us at the lab. Depending on how potent the batch is, it can make someone vulnerable anywhere from ten minutes to two hours,"] he explained.

He held the vial in one hand and aimed a finger halfway up the tube. [b "It only takes about this much to work. Anything more than that, and they're aiming to neutralize their target indefinitely."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 154d 16h 31m 25s
"One problem down and an unknown number of these locations unknown," Kenna agreed with a sigh. It was tiring on all of them but at least she couldn't feel a thing. It was nice. In fact she wrapped a hand around his arm. "Glad you're okay."

With the woman prisoner, and them back on the plane she remained by Tristan.

"Did she say anything about how they take the powers away or consequences?" She asked quietly while Storm and Erik were debating up front.
  X / Faust / 155d 10h 47m 41s
Erik let the kid go with a clap on the shoulder. [i "Don't keep yourself inside too long, if you don't think you can make it out in time,"] he advised.

Tristan nodded, taking slow steady breaths. Alone in the room, he closed his eyes and focused on the energy inside of himself. His fingertips blanched out. At first, only a few chips of drywall cracked under the shift in pressure. Then, the shaking became more noticeable.

His legs trembled under the force of his power but he forced himself to stay standing. The ceiling began to cave in with large chunks falling around him. Pipes burst as the floor buckled upwards.

Tristan backed towards the door to make the exit before everything caved in. Dust and debris followed him out, choking him and anyone in the surrounding area. At a safe enough distance, he dropped to his knees and spat out old blood and new dust. [b "One problem down,"] he heaved, looking up at them.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 155d 15h 29m 20s
Kenna looked around at the frame and office. Grabbing some other paperwork and what might be good.

"Go for it. Keep it to this room if you's reinforced so nothing will happen. Our there..." Kenna nodded. Walking over to him she wrapped him in a hug and kissed his cheek. "I'm glad youre okay, Jamie. I'm sorry I didn't go in with you.*

She let go after a minute and stepped out of the room.
  X / Faust / 155d 15h 54m 41s
Had it been any other day, Tristan would have disagreed with her. However, knowing these people and what they were capable of, he was in full support of destroying everything.

[i "You can't be serious,"] Storm frowned at him when he voiced his opinion.

[b "They have killed people like us for their own profit. They would have killed me too, if you hadn't shown up. Why let them get away with it?"] he argued.

[i"Because then you're thinking like him,"] she aimed a finger at Erik, who merely raised an eyebrow.

[b "And what's so bad about that?"] Tristan snapped. [b "His family suffered, and he got even with those who did it. He was tortured just like I was. You have no idea what it's like to be locked in a cage with a shock collar, like some animal, while people prod you with needles and do everything in their power to wear you down."]

Storm grew quiet. A tense moment flickered, and then she walked away. [b "I'm going to tear this place to the ground,"] Tristan looked to Kenna.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 155d 16h 7m 35s
"We'll take these to Hank, he can know what is in it," Ororo said before looking to the woman. It was cruel work and even she seemed tempted to do something major at this point.

"We should destroy this place," Kenna said quietly wondering what caused those men to be in that state. "If Charles wouldn't be upset...leave her in there while it's destroyed."

Moral gray ground, that was her forever limbo.
  X / Faust / 156d 10h 48m 35s
Tristan huffed a laugh. [b "I'm not gonna lie, it doesn't feel great."]

His head was throbbing under the concussion he no doubt had, after hours of taking punches to the face and temples. His torso hurt more than anything. The telltale ache of broken ribs flashed through him with every breath. [b "There were two other guys here. She took them away this morning. They were in worse shape. I don't know how long she'd been keeping them here."]

He didn't want to admit that both had looked quite lifeless as they were dragged out. The grey pallor of the older man was most definitely a sign that he'd been dead for some time.

Tristan sighed in relief as Storm undid the restraints holding him in place. Erik even came forward to hoist him up as his legs would most likely give out if he tried to carry his own weight. He spied the vial Kenna was holding, a frown etched on his features. [b "That's what they used on me, before they cloriformed me,"] he said. [b "That way I wouldn't cause a quake that took down the building."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 156d 14h 29m 36s
"That must be one hell of a hangover," Kenna said, but smiled glad he was okay. She moved to him stroking his face before glancing around. "It looks looks like you're the only one here."

She glanced around to take stock. It was just a temporary place to transport them. Safe walls in the old buildings. Starting to go through the drawers she found the vials.

"This is what they use to take powers," she said holding up some of them. "And for the drugging. She should have drugged me first but didn't want me touching her...didn't think I had a strong teacher."
  X / Faust / 158d 10h 34m 46s
Erik moved to the door. [b "Best not keep him waiting any longer than, shall we?"]

With a wave of his hand, the metal door was thrown open. Two guards rose from the corner of the room where they had been killing time playing chess. Before they could reach for their weapons, Storm sent a gust of wind at them, knocking them back into the stone wall.

Tristan looked rather pathetic from where he'd been tied down to a chair in the middle of the room. His eyes were blackened and his nose was definitely broken, given how crooked to the side it was. He was still in his pajamas, though they were now grimy with blood and dirt. [i "Took you long enough,"] he grinned at them, thankfully still sporting a full set of teeth.

[b "Pipe down, or I'll leave you here,"] Erik replied.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 159d 17h 38m 36s
Kenna couldn't help but give a laugh at that. It was amusing and she didn't feel it. More than anything she wanted to know how to keep this state. IT was her head and her thoughts, no other noises, of course she'd only have physical strength to free Jamie.

"The structures are amazing. Just...that's impressive iron work there....and even the windows were done with care," Kenna said passing the ghost of a building. True to her word, she didn't care for people, but loved buildings.

Storm have her an odd look before they arrived at what looked new attempting to look old. "This is it. Do you sense anything?"

"No, I don't," Kenna shook her head. "There doesn't seem to be a lot of security either."
  X / faust / 160d 9h 48m 47s
Erik shook his head. [b "Not at all. I just didn't realize we were openly doing that now."]

[i "Trust me, it was disgusting to watch,"] Storm threw over her shoulder.

[b "Sexually frustrated, are you?"] he remarked tauntingly.

Kenna interjected that growing argument, pointing out the historic tunnels. [b "They'd be stupid not to take advantage of using them. The rum runners would have used these to access the whole city. They can get anywhere they need to without drawing suspicion."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 160d 17h 27m 21s

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