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Kenna both admired at how cute Jamie was and disbelief. Women still didn't have many careers.

"Most of then will be men away from their families. I can find the weak ones and we use them," Kenna suggested. There was little way a middle aged agent would have any resistance to her.

Crossing her legs with the a small shot of pain she leaned her head back.
  X / Faust / 85d 18h 12m 4s
[i "A basic backstory is fine. Nothing overly complicated, or we'll just get our histories mixed up. This is your first mission, both of you. The less complex, the better. Detailed backstories is stuff you can worry about later on,"] Erik answered.

Tristan nodded. [b "Got it. Simple. I can do simple. Maybe we're just science interns researching mutant DNA. We're familiar enough with that. And, I'll be able to carry on a conversation with someone without it being suspicious."]

He looked to the others. [b "How are we going to get one of them alone to take with us?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 85d 21h 45m 22s
[b "I think you might be, uh, overstretching a bit,"] Kenna relaxed into the seat, it was easy in the jet though it was still weird considering she hadn't been in an airplane before. [b "Uh, say we're cousins, find the right people, and then that's the key. The best hustle least I think."]

Kenna wasn't ashamed of the hustle she did. She lived for it. Find the weak agent, get the right information and they could go on their way. [b "Is that right, Erik? I know my part and how to. What's the rest?"] She asked puzzled.
  X / Faust / 87d 17h 37m 5s
Storm was seated in the pilot's seat, rolling her eyes. [i "Next time I'll leave you boys behind while the women take care of everything."]

It drew a laugh from Tristan, harnessing himself in a seat along the wall. [b "I'll keep that in mind. Wouldn't want to face your wrath, Ororo. You've kicked my ass before."]

The woman smirked back at them and eased the jet into a takeoff. Erik had taken the seat across from Tristan, mostly so he could keep an eye on any conversations with Kenna. [i "First official mission,"] Erik addressed him. [i "Any last questions before we get there? I promised Charles I'd do my best to return you in one piece, so I'd rather clear up any reservations right now."]

Tristan's foot bounced on the floor. More out of his inability to sit still than anything. [b "Are we going to have secret identities? Like undercover stuff? If that's the plan, we need some kind of solid story. What do you think?"] he looked to Kenna.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 88d 21h 35m 49s
This was really it.

Kenna looked to the jet feeling her stomach drop as the many questions began to flood through her mind. Charles and Erik had taught her quite a bit, and yet she was still wondering if they could do it.

Finally seeing the men, she couldn't help but notice Jamie's aura. Christ, what had Erik done.

"Here I thought it was just taking longer in the ladies room, let's get going," Kenna said with a smirk. Inwardly she was nervous as hell.
  X / Faust / 89d 17h 16m 3s
[b "You seem like a smart kid, so I'll take Kenna's word that you won't screw this up. I trust her. Not you. So, I'm just going to leave you with a word of warning,"] Erik stepped closer.

Tristan wanted to back up, but he was stuck against the dressed. [i "Like, pre-mission advice?"]

For a moment, Erik appeared to be in physical pain at the innocence of the question. [b "No, not advice. I just said it's a warning. A warning for you to treat us as you have been. Nothing that happened last night changes anything. Kenna hasn't joined either side, and I'm barely tolerating any of you. Last night has no effect on this mission, and you are not to allow it to change how you do your job, or how we do ours. No favouritism. No holding back because you think she and I are going to come to each other's rescues. This is a team mission, and it's going to be done as such. Am I clear?"]

Unsure that saying another word would help his cause, Tristan just nodded. [b "Good. Get your things, and meet us at the jet."]

Ten minutes later, he was walking towards Kenna with a bag over his shoulder. Erik trailed not too far behind, looking every bit as cold and proper as always. [i "This should be fun,"] Tristan muttered to her, walking past to tuck his things away.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 89d 23h 39m 17s
What did one take on a mission? Obviously they would have the suits. It was a pain to get on and off but really was flattering on the body. Taking a moment to think over a general plan. Placing some clothes in accordingly to the needs before finding another that dressed more professional.

Packed and ready, Kenna went to where they were told to wait, trying not to be nervous. There was even a feeling as being scared as hell. There was so many ways that could go bad.
  X / Faust / 91d 16h 44m 9s
Erik grit his teeth and nodded. [b "I'll meet you there."]

He at least had the decency to wait for her to disappear into the mansion before hunting down their new companion. Tristan's room was easy enough to find. The younger man had his back to the door, carefully folding a shirt into a suitcase.

Erik closed the door behind him, getting Tristan's attention. [i "Hey,"] the boy began, brows furrowing. [i "Something wrong?"]

He let the fear build slightly before easing out of the tension. [b "I'm not going to attack, you can drop the fists,"] he gestured to where Tristan had balled his hands defensively. [b "I'm told you're aware of something that happened with Kenna and I."]

Tristan's eyes flicked to the door, trying to gauge if he would be fast enough to make a run for it. [i "I won't tell, I promise. It's not my business."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 91d 22h 15m 15s
Kenna looked to him as if she hadn't seen him before in her entire life. Trust. He actually trusted her. This felt like a really big test on his end. Kenna still nodded though she wasn't exactly sure what to think of this.

[b "I'll make sure he's house trained first,"] Kenna replied before giving a thoughtful look. [b "Yeah, I think so, even warned that other's would be waking up soon."]

Once again there was that desire that she was sure was on both ends. [b "See you at the jet, yeah?"] She questioned making sure not to do too much contact.
  X / Faust / 92d 17h 51m 7s
Erik held his hands up in faux surrender. [b "No tricks. I trust you, despite my better judgment. If you think the kid can help us, he can come. You're in charge of him, though."]

Before she could turn to prepare her things, he caught her arm. [b "He doesn't know, does he? We don't need him looking at us any differently. This is a business as usual."]

He wasn't entirely convinced that he was going to be able to ignore what had happened the night before. Still, another person having knowledge of their actions would cause potential problems during the mission. The idea that Tristan could jeopardize their safety in more ways than one was not something Erik wanted to think about.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 92d 21h 6m 48s
There was so many questions that came to mind. Why did she feel weird looking at him after last night? Why did she want to have another round when she was still sore? The last question was why he agreed so easily.

"This isn't a joke, is it?" Kenna asked Erik looking to him a little weirdly. She could not say something after this. "Glad you agree but that was a little too easy. I suppose I should be getting ready as well."

Turning around, she knew how to suppress this, even if it felt like that connection was stronger. She only wanted it to die.
  X / Faust / 93d 17h 33m 51s
Tristan made sure that he got the excitement out of his system before they approached the pool, knowing how not-fond of his enthusiasm Erik was. [b "We have the best chance of succeeding if we utilize all our skills,"] he agreed with Kenna, though he remained a step back.

Erik lifted himself out of the pool and reached for a towel. He wouldn't quite meet Kenna's eye in front of a spectator. He was still slightly reeling from the night before. [i "She has a point,"] he acknowledged. [i "As long as you don't freeze or have crippling flashbacks that'll jeopardize us, I see no reason to disagree with Kenna's decision."]

Tristan blinked, unsure of how to respond. [b "Okay then,"] he cleared his throat. [b "That's...settled? I'll get my things ready."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 93d 22h 33m 36s
Kenna gave a soft chuckle giving him a high five back. "You're adorable, let's make this mission a good one. The first real one for both of us I guess...unless you count tracking me down."

That was a weird beginning but she had a good friend now. At the pool Kenna didn't feel the intrepidation she should have felt. "There's been a change of plans we discussed. You seem to think that he knows the layouts and people from memory. Well, he should just come with. I believe in him."
  X / Faust / 94d 17h 34m 52s
[b "You won't regret this, sir. I promise. I'll stay focused and work hard, and follow directions,"] he was practically bouncing in place.

Charles fought a smile. [i "I'm sure you will. Now, Kenna is right. You'll need to inform Erik of the change in plans. I believe he's still at the pool training."]

He didn't want to come across as a total dork, so Tristan refrained from pumping a fist in victory when Charles granted him permission to go. In the hallway, he held up a hand to Kenna for a high five. [b "This is my first real mission! Not just meeting a potential student. Actual hero work!"] he rambled excitedly.

He wasn't entirely looking forward to informing Erik of his placement, but he figured that Kenna would at least protect him if the older male got angry. [b "Should we find the grumpy one?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 96d 54m 49s
Kenna wasn't sure why everyone doubted Jamie as much as they did. For the last while she had worked with him on the punching bag with what she had learned. From him she had learned to link the feelings with thoughts from listening to him. It was a mutual friendship.

[b "I'm sure he'll do just fine. Thanks,"] Kenna said with a small frown knowing her emotions was getting in the way. [b "So I guess we need to tell Erik this...and he should do some of the plans...I guess..."]

Erik would kill her for this but she liked Jamie, and knew he was a gem even if no one else could see it.
  X / Faust / 96d 16h 34m 20s

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