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Tristan's head shook back and forth, and he had to force his eyes to meet hers. [b "They'll take us. All of us. They do horrible things to people like us."]

A glass beside him shattered and he pulled his hands from hers, pressing one to his chest as his breaths got more frantic. [b "I can't be here. I'll die before I go back there."]

His foot caught on the leg of a table and he was sent sprawling on his ass, scuttling back to try and stay hidden in the dark corner. Erik caught Kenna's arm and was more than happy to offer a smirk. [i "Let's say that I'm aware of your current situation. And who you're after. I'm offering my services to help you find him, and get safely out. A distraction, if you will. In return, you'll help me against Charles and his crew of followers."] He spared a glance at the frightened young man cowering like a child. [i "I think it's safe to say I'm a better ally than the sort that comes out of that foolhardy school of Xavier's."]

Tristan wasn't even bothered by the fact that he was essentially bailing on his assignment. Instead, his eyes flickered to the exit to gauge if he could get out fast enough. Unfortunately, the men in suits were pouring in one after another, muttering to each other and gesturing around the club.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 70d 23h 26m 13s
How much sleep had she gotten in the last few days? Kenna couldn't count only felt her head pounding and feeling worn out. Magneto surprised her, she had an entirely different image in her head. He was a few years older but handsome.

"Huh, I really was expecting dark hair and a curling mustache... A top hat would have been acceptable, too. Is there an evil laugh?" Kenna mused before placing a neutral expression on her face. "That depends on what you want in return... Magneto."

Yes, a nice guy, though it annoying how she said no and they were still there. "Well, thanks, I guess." Seeing his sudden change she followed his gaze to the out of place pair. God, he was going to destroy another building. Taking his hands she took a deep breath.

"The only way assholes win is by you letting them.I can feel you're strong and a good person," Kenna said in a calmer tone, purposely manipulating the wound. In a split second she could feel the presence in more distress. "Someone needs your help more than I do. Ive been taking care of myself for years and can now."
  X / Faust / 71d 19h 43m 28s
Tristan coughed against the smell of cigar smoke the flooded his senses once inside the club. The music was loud, the people looked miserable, and he lost sight of Kenna. Awesome. He kept close to the wall as he maneuvered around the club, eyes flicking to Magneto once he caught sight of the villain.

The man in question had already found the target.

[b "Shit,"] Tristan bumped into another patron as he hurried across the club without seeming too suspicious.

Erik was as stoic as always, standing next to her with confidence and a glass of scotch. [i "You took off much too soon. We didn't really have the chance to speak,"] he took a sip from his glass. [i "I know who you're looking for. And, I may be wiling to offer my services to help you with your little mission to move things along faster. But, I'll need something in return."]

Tristan finally managed to get between the two. [b "Stop,"] his voice shook. [b "I can't let you do this. She's made it clear she doesn't want us bothering her,"] he tried to sound authoritative, but it was hard to seem noble when he'd ignored her request as well and followed her on a bus.

Erik wasn't phased in the slightest. [i "I'm not a recruiting party. I'm offering a trade of services. I suggest you run back to Charles and remind him what I'm capable of if he continues to get in my way."]

Tristan was about to retort when he caught sight of a familiar face over Erik's shoulder. His face paled and his heart rate spiked. [i No no no], the voice in his head rang out. [b "I won't go back,"] he began mumbling under his breath, backing away and bringing his trembling hands to his chest. [b "They can't make me go back."]

Flashes of his previous exposure to the mutant experiments began playing before his eyes. Hooked up to electrodes powerful enough to make him pass out from the pain. Water tanks. Buried alive. Tristan started hyperventilating, and the floor shook in time with his hands.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 71d 22h 10m 0s
It was both good and bad when the presences was dulled by more people coming in. Screw them and their good and evil side. This was for her life and the only living person who gave a damn about her. There was so much cracks and fissures to her being, but she was so good at a cool exterior.

Steadying her breath, she approached the bouncer, being let in with a glance over. She gave a flirty smile though she really wanted to punch him in the nose. Inside she the strong female voice singing "These Boots Were Made for Walking", the cliche mob center had rich red walls with circular plastic booths. There was an open dancing area. Smoke from both cigarettes and Mary Jane lingering in the air thickly.

Coughing, she gave a small scan around looking for any signs of any unwelcomed guests or signs of how to get to the business part of the club. So far she found two large grunts standing by a door, on extra alert.

Taking a drink and a seat Kenna watched carefully as a pair dressed in black uniforms, with a blank face. It was almost impossible to read them with the haze and people but they looked as if they meant business. The grunts let them in straightening even more. Something was wrong, she felt that feeling of fear again from somewhere in the building.

"What is going on?" Kenna asked herself before glancing around. Finally seeing Nice Kidnapper though she was certain Caped man was around here. Approaching from where he was watching. "Why are you watching me? What's going on? There's someone here terrified, and two people who looks like feds just went to the business area. Which is where I need to go."


Jones just did his job, collect the menace off the streets, and send them to the people that took care of them. He didn't know what happened to them after the drop off location nor did he care. It was better than the former system where the government just kept them to see what was wrong with them.

Jones nodded to the thug, the thug would know what to do. The mob boss, Mario knew the deal, find some mutants and the government would look away to it's affairs.
  X / Faust / 73d 18h 14m 42s
He knew he looked like a creep. There was no way around it. Tristan kept her in his peripherals at all times, only shifting when his ass was starting to get numb. He made sure to turn away and pull the hood of his sweatshirt up so his face was hidden by the time she exited the diner.

It's a bit more challenging to remain hidden as she entered the line up for the club. [b "Shit,"] he muttered to himself, letting a few people line up in front of him so he can partially obscure his presence.

When he heard her voice, he almost anticipated that he'd blown his cover. Wincing, he leaned slightly to the side and opened his mouth to apologize but then he realized she wasn't addressing him at all. How in the fresh hell had he found her so quickly? Tristan shuffled back into his place and kept his eyes on the pair, taking deep breaths to keep himself in check.

[i Storm is going to kill me. Then the professor is going to kill me. Magneto is definitely going to kill me,] he ranted to himself in his head, bouncing slightly on the balls of his feet in preparation to jump into action.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 75d 10m 39s
In the middle of her coffee she felt a tingle. It almost felt as if someone was there in her head for a moment. There was a familiar feel to it like she knew the person. It wasn't Magneto's presence, at least. Though she was curious about his stand point despite the repeated warnings of how dangerous he was.

Taking out a paper, she scanned through it, stopping at an anniversary announcement of someone that matched the woman she was looking for. When she asked the waitress about the couple, she didn't like the way she froze up. Upon some investigation there was rumors that she was a mob daughter who married a mob person. Oh Jesus.

While she may not be able to get him, she could investigate of Sam was in there. Even with this line of thought, she was admittedly scared of the situation.

She didn't even didn't notice when there was signs of the black SUVs.

While others would have worn a dress, and she did like them, she went with skinny jeans and green halter top. Wearing her favorite pair of boots . She felt good in this clothing.

Waiting in the line of the club, she suddenly felt two difference presences. The first was a strong feeling of hopelessness from somewhere in the old factory turned club.

The second was painfully obvious, Magneto, she let out a sigh, looking around for anyone close to what she seen. Though it had been a guy in a cape and strange helmet. "I can feel you, you an elephant in a room..."
  X / Faust / 76d 19h 16m 51s
Almost two days? Shit, she was more on top of this than they were. Tristan was about to ask her more about the threat Magneto is aware of, but she was already walking away. [i And quickly], he noted, feeling slightly offended that she wanted away from his company that much.

As he turned to return to Storm, he almost smacked right into her as she caught up to them. [b "Everything okay?"] he asked his mentor, looking over her for any injuries.

[i "Magneto took off. We're not who he's after, so he didn't feel like sticking around. I'm going back to the hotel. Do not, under any circumstances, lose sight of her, alright?"] she ordered.

Ororo picked up on his hesitant silence, and the fact that Tristan was standing there alone. [i "You already lost her, didn't you?"]

[b "I didn't lose her, so much as she abandoned me!"] he defended himself, taking off in the direction Kenna had gone. [b "I'll follow her, just go contact the Professor!"]

His sneakers slapped the ground in a rush to try and turn the corner fast enough to spot her. He barely saw her blonde hair and back retreating among the rest of the people, but he shouldered through the crowd to get a better look.

When he had begun following her, he hadn't exactly been anticipating the long-ass time it was going to take. He'd snatched someone's hat to pull over his face for the duration of the unexpected bus ride, sending frantic texts to Storm to update her on the stalking mission. By the time he watched her enter the diner to eat, he slumped onto a bench across the street in exhaustion. [b "They need to pay me,"] he grumbled to himself with his arms crossed over his chest.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 76d 21h 52m 23s
Again, there was the broken record, but it was coming from a good place. Kenna gave an annoyed look, crossing her arms across her chest, before attempting to visibly relax. Her head was killing her, and she had only two hours before the bus left.

"I've been sensing him for two partial days, and knew he was there before you, I know. There's more urgency like he knows something you don' best ask your Charles Xavier about that," Kenna said before taking the card. The number would be saved but not intentionally called. "Thanks, good luck..."

Turning around she started back, keeping her walk proud, though right now she felt the need to collapse. Once in the crappy room, she popped some Tylenol and made sure she still had the money and tickets in the bag. Things were out of place, frowning, she forced her mind to let it go. Letting her balance come back, it was the 60's after all, and it was all chi and whatnot.

After an uncomfortable bus ride, with interrupted sleep, she arrived at the New York town known for it's gentlemen's clubs owned by less than stellar people. Finding a hotel room, she showered, finding the only clean clothes of jeans and a tank top placing the leather jacket over her frame.

Coffee. She needed some booze. Making her way to the diner she let out a breath her head finally clearing a little, at least until there was pressure again.

"Please make this stop..." Kenna muttered before taking a good long drink of the black coffee.
  X / faust / 77d 18h 11m 45s
Great. They had given her every bit of proof they had, including meeting Magneto himself, and she still didn't want to come with them. Tristan was sure he was staring with the most unimpressed expression on his face. [b "I'm not trying to sound like a broken record, but you're making a huge mistake."]

Looking around to make sure they weren't going to be overheard, he stepped a bit closer to speak more quietly. [b "I don't entirely know what your powers are, but I promise you that you won't stand a chance if Magneto decides you're more trouble than you're worth. He has no qualms about killing someone who says 'no' to him."]

He took out his wallet and handed her his Institute ID card. [b "I'm not some kind of recruiter for Team Good. I'm a student at this school. Charles Xavier helps people like us. He wouldn't demand you fight for him, or whatever you think we do. He provides a safe haven from mutants like Magneto, who want us to die for the mutant cause."]

Tristan glanced away and spotted a pen discarded on the ground. [b "If you don't want to decide now, that's fine,"] he stammered, tugging her hand to him and scrawling his number on her wrist. [b "This is my cell phone number. You won't have to speak to another X-Men. Just me, if you decide you have questions."]

It was a last ditch effort, but he knew he had to go back to Storm and help her.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 79d 2h 20m 53s
Two months ago Kenna had been working in a bar and grill in a decent sized town. There hadn't been thoughts of keeping her hands to herself, those fights amongst mutants, especially people like herself being taken by the government. It took only one heated argument to take any sense of stability out of her world.

It wouldn't be possible to do what was needed with these people on her tail. Feeling her head spin, she moved through the old buildings. "What, they don't do treadmills in your hero place?" Kenna glanced back. Slowing down she waited till the center of the complex before taking a breath.

She was so close, this was just a hiccup, this just meant one more thing. Looking to Tristan she gave a small grimace. Glancing to the watch on her wrist she felt a sigh escape her mouth. "I need to go now. Sorry about all this. Still not joining either of you, and I have something to get to. Just let me go willingly...I don't like to use my powers."

There [i could] be a chance and he'd go along with it.
  X / Faust / 80d 19h 50m 30s
Tristan was just aware of her enough to catch what she was saying as he stood up with a woozy head. [b "Right. Safe. That makes sense,"] he stammered, trying to keep up with the situation.

[i "I said get out of here, dumbass! Go with her!"] Storm snapped at him.

He focused on moving his feet, one in front of another. The sirens grew louder with their approach as Storm engaged Magneto in hand to hand combat with the lightning bolts keeping his squad at bay. How she managed to control her power while simultaneously fighting a separate target was beyond him.

He didn't quite catch up with Kenna, but he managed to stay close enough to not lose her. [b "Please tell me we're going to stop running soon! Cardio is not my strong suit,"] he panted as a stitch pinched at his side.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 81d 23h 20m 22s
"'My dear'? That just adds to the list of reasons," Kenna gave a laugh. It seemed basic from her stand point, help or destroy non mutants. Be saint like and save people or make them pay. Why couldn't they just let her walk away and go on with her little mission? It was stupid.

Still there was amazement growing inside of her, creating that sink hole, storm and stopping the car. When so little of her was not in control in many destructive ways, the powers was kept in strong check.

Straightening, she looked to Kind Kidnapper, before nodding. "There's some buildings and...a place that has rooms not too far from here. Sure those cops will be here soon. God, I can't believe this is happening, how stupid..."

Giving a groan she began to run even if she didn't fully trust her head. She at least had some control here.
  X / Faust / 82d 19h 34m 54s
Tristan glanced at Magneto and saw the flicker of surprise flash across his face. He was definitely not a man used to hearing the word 'no' from anyone. [i "My dear, you have no idea what you could be dealing with. I'm sure Charles' pets here have given you quite the speech, but what do you say you give me a chance to speak for myself?"] Erik took a few steps forward.

Storm put herself between them. [i "I'm pretty sure the girl said 'no', so why don't you take your band of misfit toys somewhere else?"]

Tristan was still kneeling as he placed his hand on the pavement. Taking a deep breath, he focused on the spot below the Brotherhood's feet. A steady shake began building before the cement began to crack and give way.

The sinkhole bought them a few moments to spare. [i "Get out of here,"] Storm ordered the two younger mutants behind her, taking advantage of Erik's distracted gaze to start building up a charge of lightning above them.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 82d 23h 31m 29s
[i Move...Run...This isn't the plan, or your place...] A little voice managed to speak over the chaos. While it wasn't words like telepathy, it was feelings, stinging like a swarm of bees. Bam, incredibly angry from nice kidnapper, annoyance from bad ass woman, that hot mess from new person. The others were minor, only she couldn't really push it aside.

Running, yes, that would work incredibly well. And the plan...she'd just need to be careful and not impulsive. That was laughable. It was difficult to sort her thoughts, the inexperienced woman wasn't sure what to do. She was only sure that there was panic and fear rising, which was making that hot feeling rise to her hands.


That came out of her mouth, and also her powers, sort of like a broadcast to attempt to null all heated feelings. Shit, she hadn't wanted to do that especially with what she was feeling.

"Listen, sorry you got hurt Nice Kidnapper, I still say no even after all this," she panted feeling spent. Looking to this Magneto guy she gave an annoyed look. "No, as well. I got the story, I still don't care."

This might warrant her death, but she would rather die with her opinion than living what she didn't believe. "I want to go back to my crappy room, and sleep this off and go on with my life. Thanks for all the interest though, it's flattering."

What was the chances they would listen? None.
  X / Faust / 83d 19h 48m 45s
[i "You wanna meet your other option?"] Storm hissed at their unwilling guest.

Tristan coughed a bit of blood and hoped to god that he wasn't missing a tooth. Internal bleeding was fine, just let him keep his teeth. He pushed himself to a kneeling position. [b "That was not fun,"] he groaned.

[i "Tristan, stay down and take a breath or you'll put us right in a sinkhole,"] Ororo rested her hand on her shoulder.

[i "You should listen to her, kid. Stay down,"] Erik Lehnsherr graced them with his presence.

Over his shoulder Tristan can make out a few of his lackies. [b "Was all of that really necessary?"] the younger male grimaced in pain.

Magneto shrugged but his smirk never faded. It was nauseatingly nonchalant. [i "I could have hunted you the old fashioned way, but I'm an impatient man."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 83d 23h 58m 51s

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