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Kenna should have spoken more but she couldn't, mixed somewhere in her own anger towards herself getting caught up with Erik. Sex was something else with him, yet on a dangerous mission it was a dangerous cocktail.

[b "He was plastered and probably passed out, it'd be easy to just come in and grab him,"] Kenna commented before looking to him. [b "They have that?"]

There was that woman, she was insistent, and maybe it wasn't for a good time. [b "We need to find her...who she is...that woman he danced with."]
  X / Faust / 94d 12h 6m 1s
[b "I didn't hear a damn thing,"] he growled, examining the room for signs of struggle.

The needle was the only evidence that something suspicious had happened. A half-full glass of water sat on the bedside table and the lamp was still on. The blankets were ruffled like he'd been in bed at some point, and there was a damp towel hanging on the rack in the bathroom. He'd gotten comfortable for at least a portion of the night. When he went missing, however, was harder to pinpoint.

[b "We don't even have a lab where we can see what they used on him. It's definitely a sedative since he didn't put up a fight, but we can't see what kind of effects it'll have aside from that. Could be a poison or a serum that blocks his powers. I've seen something like that used before,"] he held the needle up as if he could see the chemical mixture residue and figure out the mystery.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 95d 16h 57m 51s
It was always a good idea at the time, but when she woke up she felt tired and mentally worn yet free. All that was in her head seemed to clear for a bit at least.

Groaning she sat up pulling the blanket around her barely focusing on the words. Then the idea and energy crashed upon her.

[b "Jamie's gone?"] Kenna repeated before it sunk in more completely. God! That wasn't good at all.

Jumping to her feet she pulled on some clothes to go check the other room. This could only be those people and they weren't there when he was at his drunk time.
  X / Faust / 96d 12h 19m 39s
Erik rose before her the next morning, earlier than the sun. He felt more relaxed after getting the pent up frustrations out last night. For a while, he sat at the large window and stared out over the sleeping city below them. Still, he couldn't enjoy the peace and quiet with the sound of Tristan's television still playing through the thin walls.

[b "Idiot probably fell asleep,"] he grumbled, moving quietly the door separating the adjoining rooms.

The bed was empty, so Erik walked to the small cube tv and pressed the power button. [b "Not a polite neighbour, you know that?"] he called out to silence. [b "Kid?"]

The bathroom was empty as well. Erik heard a faint buzzing in his ears, signalling just how alone he was in the hotel room. Quickly, he searched the tables and desk for any note of where he'd gone. He only caught sight of the needle poking from behind the garbage bin. [b "Fuck,"] he snapped.

Kenna was still curled in bed. [b "Hey,"] he placed a hand on her shoulder and gave her a shake. [b "Wake up. Quake boy is missing,"] he held up the syringe in his other hand.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 96d 16h 28m 12s
[b "And here I thought it would be more awkward,"] Kenna chuckled. There wasn't a reason she thought, and it seemed to be working. At first she wanted anything to end that.

Despite their interest in just physical, she cuddled into him resting her head on his shoulder. Her eyes went to his arm for a brief second before looking to him.

[b "I don't know, we'll just need to hope for the best,"] she said closing her eyes feeling the drink and her relaxed nerves starting to take over.
  X / Faust / 98d 13h 44m 25s
Erik's eyes were closed but he smirked at her comment. [b "I'd say it's most likely because we're both incredibly fucked up. Maybe it's the attraction."]

It was definitely weird, whatever it was. He'd had acquaintances in his life, and followers, but never someone he would consider an equal. Even Charles was someone Erik could barely tolerate these days, but that was mostly due to their conflicting beliefs and Charles' never ending need to be loved by everyone. Kenna didn't care either way how people felt, and that was something he respected.

The only sound breaking the silence between talking was the dull roar of the air conditioning unit. It was a welcomed relief from the heat they'd built up in the room. [b "Besides,"] he spoke again. [b "I can think of worse people to be bonded to. Namely the toothpick of a partner we're stuck with. How the hell he's going to make it through the rest of this without having a mental breakdown, I don't know."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 100d 12h 59m 5s
[b "Yes...anything to get them out of my head,"] Kenna nodded. The residue was annoying, she wanted to be free of the people she read but that would take time.

It never took that much time with them to have another round despite the television being loud, it was better for Jamie anyway if that was loud.

It felt like a while before they finished and the exhaustion finally won over. [b "It's kind of's been suggested that we have a bond...other than what we just did. That's why I feel you sometimes even if you're a distance away."]
  X / Faust / 100d 13h 44m 1s
Erik raised an eyebrow. [b "This would fall under the category of 'irresponsible', would it not?"] he challenged, crossing his rams over his chest in a show of defiance.

The volume on the tv in Tristan's room went up until they could hear it through the walls. The boy was far from subtle. [b "I think he might be on to us,"] he spared a glance at the pale yellow wall as though he could see Tristan plugging his ears to drown out any...noises.

Erik drew the covers on the bed back. The part of his brain craving for sleep couldn't help but note how soft and inviting the mattress looked. The other half, however, was overpowering the logic. After all, he always did sleep better after physical exertion in any form.

Reaching for another mini bottle of whisky, he cracked the tin lid and downed the burning liquid. [b "Another night cap?"] he offered the last bottle to her.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 101d 22h 14m 30s
This would be the death of her, it really would. There was always a shadow but there was a great release in many ways, it was the most normal she had felt for years. Wrapping herself in a towel she finished her hair mostly aiming to get the rest of the hairspray out.

"That won't be necessary, I'm sure we can come up with some arrangement tonight," Kenna smirked. Two nights of this irresponsible fun for tomorrow was going to be bleaker, that was the thought at least.

Somewhere the thought emerged that she should at least check on Jamie but was dismissed.
  X / Faust / 102d 14h 5m 33s
The woman would be the death of him, he could already tell. Moving back so they were both getting hit by the water, he let his hands rest on her waist. [b "If you wouldn't mind, I'd rather not think of your target at this moment."]

This was going to do absolutely nothing to help his focus. However, distractions in the form of her being naked with him in a shower were hard to turn down. He couldn't even blame it on her empath influence.

Even when all was said and done and he was wrapping himself in a thick hotel robe, he wasn't bothered to feel the least bit regretful. [b "Should I clear off the spare bed?"] he threw the question casually over his shoulder.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 105d 18h 49m 2s
Kenna easily stripped out of the reminder of her clothes. Mixing business with pleasure was something he wouldn't do. Yet she knew it was still in his head and she still wanted more.

[b "That'd be very nice,"] Kenna said stepping towards him and placed her hands on his chest. [b "This mission has been a lot of fun, though...It should be fun to see what happens to my target."]

It was usually a gamble but she was sure tonight would have been enough to get what they wanted.
  X / Faust / 106d 12h 27m 32s
Erik turned to her, mildly surprised. As far as he knew, she hadn't planned on anything further happening with them after the previous night. That being said, he was not going to say no to a woman willing to step into a shower with him. [b "By all means,"] he spoke, calm, cool, and collected.

He shed his own clothing as steam built up, fogging the mirror. Shame was out the window. They'd already seen each other naked once before. Little late for shyness.

Erik drew back the curtain and stepped inside under the hot stream of water, feeling his muscles relaxing under the heat. [b "I might even be nice and let you get some of the hot water,"] he taunted.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 107d 22h 3m 56s
Kenna looked between the clothes that would easily swallow her and the sweats was another story. Finally she looked towards the door finally freeing her hair the dress half off.

"Actually, I think that I'd rather join you. After that dancing and how you've nearly been hovering all while I'm working," Kenna smirked, slipping out of the dress completely and thankfullly.

For once it was nice not to pretend.
  X / Faust / 108d 11h 41m 57s
He looked to the door separating his room from theirs. They'd been booked in attached rooms, probably to avoid drawing suspicion of going into each others rooms to share information. [b "Be my guest. Though, you may find your friend in a compromising position, like curled into the fetal position while crying in his pillow."]

Erik gestured to the bag. [b "There's sweatpants and t-shirts in there if you want to just borrow them. I have to shower, so you'll be left to change in peace. I'm a gentleman, if nothing else."]

Downing his scotch, he rose from the chair to collect one of the pairs of sweatpants. [b "Choice is yours. The door is unlocked,"] he glances once more at the entrance to her own room before ducking into the bathroom and starting the shower.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 108d 15h 59m 13s
[b "Painful,"] Kenna answered simply and truthfully. Watching him with her own drink. Placing the drink down she slipped off the heels and started on the zipper before remembering she didn't have any clothes in here. [b "I'm going to need to go back in there and get some clothes."]

She said outloud before attempting to zip it back off, already she worked on the bobby pins from her hair. He looked so at ease here and doing this, she wondered if that was apart of his life.
  X / Faust / 109d 13h 53m 17s

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