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One outside, one inside. Kenna felt her stomach churn having a terrible feeling at this point. Looking to him she rose a brow. "Quick to that, aren't you? They're jumpy so that'd probably set them off,"Kenna took a moment to get another feel again. "I don't know, this is a first, which is weird to say. Normally its bartending and hustling at pool."

Then there was the gun shot, and Sam's colors were fading. "Fuck..." She muttered. "He's dying now...doesn't matter what happens now."
  X / Faust / 54d 23h 19m 51s
The general vicinity was not one they'd barged through yet. It was no surprise that they still had guards keeping watch over whoever this person was. He wasn't quite concerned, seeing as their guns were useless against him. Kenna appeared confident as well.

[b "I assume we want some sort of stealth here,"] he followed her casually.

Normally, he'd start tearing pipes and nails from the walls to make it easier for him to knock through them. This time, however, he was following her lead. Her mission was her own; he was merely there for backup.

[b "This would be over much sooner if I could just kill them with their own guns,"] he muttered. [b "Is that still off the table as an option?"]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 54d 23h 52m 3s
Some part was relieved the other knew better, it was better to hold her breath. She gave a brief nod to him, her face fixed with composure but weariness. Walking away back to a fairly normal life was ideal, leaving the use of her powers alone. Listening to him talk, she crossed her legs briefly.

"Oh," Kenna said, eyes furrowing at the concentration camp but didn't say much more. "That is a bad ass resume but not needed. I'm a firm believed on keeping to yourself."

Kenna shook his hand, attempting to create that barrier. "Great, we have a deal then," she smiled before taking her hand back. Closing her eyes she focused on what she could sense. She found Sam not too far away, the presence weak. There was two with him.

"He's over there in general...two with him, probably with Mario's thugs. Sleeping with a mobsters wife...of all the bright ideas..." Shaking her head she looked to Erik before starting to the door. Now of never, while she had the strength.
  X / Faust / 56d 18h 58m 27s
[b "I wasn't requesting a partnership. We both have something we want to achieve, and sometimes I just need a little help getting what I want. If I need to employ a few people along the way, then so be it. I get the help I need, and you get to walk free afterwards. I'm not proposing we become friends,"] he drawled with snark.

He doesn't allow the smirk to appear on his face when she seemed to start weighing her options. [b "My name is Erik Lehnsherr. I am a former teammate of Charles Xavier, and before that, I was locked in a camp in Nazi Germany. Shall I list my references as well?"]

Her stipulation wasn't exactly a deal breaker. Though he much preferred leaving no witnesses, he supposed he could play fair. [b "You have yourself a deal. No killing, in exchange for your help,"] he extended his hand to shake hers.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 58d 19h 16m 41s
Kenna took more shaky breaths, watching the scene play out in shock. Feeling the body drop away she moved away quickly, glancing only once to the lifeless body of the agent. Giving a shaky breath she looked to Magneto. To do that without thought was close to what Tristan said.

"There wasn't much more to say," Kenna answered slowly, attempting to gather her wits but it was proving more difficult than expected. "I don't want to join either side. I don't want to play heroes or dominate the world."

The newly dead person in the room would have hunted her down. They were probably now. Shivering she looked back to him. "Can I at least get your name? And...if you can help me get this asshole preferably alive and without torture then I can help you with something."

A trade. She looked to the body again before back to him. "Without killing. It's not a strong suit."
  X / Faust / 59d 17h 31m 24s
It took approximately fifteen seconds of being on his own before the panic set in. [b "Stay calm. You can do this. Storm is counting on you. Just stay out of sight,"] he gave himself a pep talk as he crept through the narrow corridors.

It was almost disorienting how the brick walls seemed to expand just to narrow again. Claustrophobia would not be ideal. The only good thing was that the spaces provided enough shadows for him to duck into whenever he heard a voice just a little too close for comfort.

[b "Thank god,"] he uttered, upon finding the garage.

The cars were jet black and lined up in a crisp row, all shiny chrome and tinted windows. They were already running and the gang was filing into them with their guns tucked into their waistbands. Tristan waited just long enough for their to be a slight gap for him to tuck and roll behind one of the last cars. He ripped the rubber backing from the underside of the tracker and stuck it under the rear bumper of the sedan.

The sound of more footsteps made him drop to his stomach and pull himself out of view underneath the car. He took slow breaths as quietly as he could, keeping his eyes on the moving feet to the side. The second the cars pulled out of the garage, he'd be free to get back to Storm.


Erik hadn't exactly been thrilled at the prospect of leaving empty-handed. He'd taken the distraction from the X-Men to duck out of the room. He was there to arrange an alliance; not help Charles' dogs be heroes. Unfortunately, in the scuffle he'd managed to lose track of Kenna.

The club was littered with magazine casings, and a few bodies that he was forced to step around in his search. He didn't think she would have managed to slip out completely. There were too many feds outside for her to have made a clean escape.

It was just his luck that he found her at the barrel of a gun. [i "Now now, that's not how you treat a lady,"] he drawled from behind the fed.

The gun was aimed at him now, but Erik had it out of the man's hand and floating in the air before he could pull the trigger. [i "Excuse us, we have business to discuss,"] is all Magneto said to him before pulling the trigger and dropping the man to the floor.

[i "I don't think our conversation was finished."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 60d 22h 18m 29s
Why weren't they opening open like rain on them? Ororo didn't like this. Looking to Tristan when he produced the tracking device she gave a smile. "Then you should do so, I'll provide a distraction. We will meet again soon," Ororo nodded. "Many are counting on us to stop them."

Finally, having an idea in mind, feeling the powers building up. She prepared to make a big move giving Tristan enough time to leave. It was a strange situation, but she had a charge and giving a distraction.

Of course, the next part should have been expected.


It was a damn maze here. Kenna found several offices, locked rooms, and other rooms she was sure was just for sex. Shaking her head, she tried to focus on the aura that was Sam's. The mobsters was running around, so it was actually quite easy.

At least until she was getting close.

They saw her before she saw them. Instinctively she ducked to the closest door way hearing the gun shots that would have come close to hit her. Panic hit her like a wall, before she remembered to breath, lifting her hand.

As one was preparing to shoot again with a clear view, she watched as he shot the other in the foot. The cursing, and gun shots following after, then thuds. She poked her head around seeing that they had shot each other.

Kenna was many things, she liked sex, drinking, and hustling idiots out of money. Killing was not one of those things, it made her stomach churn.

"So, another mutant comes here...a pretty one...they'd like one like you..." A voice purred behind her, the cold barrel to a gun to the back of her head.

She let out a shaky breath. God, she was going to die for Sam, wasn't she? She'd accept any help at this point. Dying for that asshole was not on her list.
  X / Faust / 61d 18h 13m 6s
Sweat trickled down Tristan's forehead, and his heart hammered in his chest. He knew the voice. Of course he knew the voice. He'd heard it almost every day for years. The smug tone of superiority as Jones discussed updates on the experiments with the scientists. The laugh whenever Tristan panicked and caused injuries to himself. Still, hearing it now was enough to distract him.

[b "You stay away from me,"] he stammered out as Ororo got in front of him to protect him.

He felt adrenaline race through his system. Five minutes ago he'd been nauseous at the thought of harming the guard. Now, he wanted nothing more than to make Jones' head explode under pressure. He took a step forward but Storm ushered him behind the wall and refocused his energy. [b "They'd have to have underground parking for quick escapes. A garage has to be down here somewhere. If we can cut off the cars, we'll buy ourselves an advantage."]

He weighed the pros and cons of ruining their escape. They were vastly outnumbered in there, as well as the addition of the mobsters having guns with them. [b "Or, we can stick a tracker on one of them and they'll lead us to where the others are."] Tristan dug in the inside pocket of his jacket and produced a small black box. [b "Your call, boss."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 61d 22h 56m 47s
The riot had taken two of the agents, that had been five minutes ago, Jones hadn't heard from them since. Like rats pouring out of a hole there was more mobsters in bright colored suits with terrible clothing coming out with their illegal guns to face the mutants.

"Mr. Giovanni, I'd move elsewhere. Let's get the prisoners now," he snapped. His partner, a younger young man, by the name of Henry nodded, pulling out the special guns. They hadn't known who made the guns or how, just that it was the most effective thing against mutants.

Taking out his gun, he gave a thin smile. "Mr. Oehler it has been some time...about time to take you back, don't you think?"

"Do not [i dare] go after him," Ororo hissed to Tristan, moving back behind a wall. Preparing her next attack. "We are to save those mutants from the agents and if possible find out where they are being taken."

She had been in Africa, used for her abilities by a warlord. Now with Charles she was doing the right thing and helping Tristan was one of them, despite them being not that far apart in age.

"We must stop them from leaving, we must find where they have the carports..."
  X / Faust / 62d 18h 53m 28s
Truth be told, Tristan wanted to just vomit and go home. But, Storm would most definitely kick his ass if he didn't help her. Not to mention, he'd probably get kicked out of the Institute. [b "Okay. Guns blazing. Got it,"] his voice was as shaky as his hands.

He took his place beside her and readied himself for whatever shit-fest they were about to walk in to. At easiest, a few goons. At worst? Magneto minions everywhere, on top of guns shooting at them. What he wouldn't give to have hyper-healing mutations.

She blew the door off the hinge and it was just as bad as Tristan was expecting. Guns immediately began firing in their direction. He crouched, slapping his hands to the floor to split the cement flooring beneath three of the men until they fell into the cavern he'd made. [b "I don't think he's going to make it easy for us to get them out of here,"] he called to Ororo, eyes flickering to Magneto, who was barely phased by the action going on. If anything, he seemed bored. [b "Unchain a few of the hostages,"] he ordered, tackling another guard around the middle to knock him to the floor.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 62d 22h 44m 52s
Ororo could only be thankful that there was Charles telling her where they were located. It wasn't on this floor, though there were hostages here. It was below them still. Six agents in total, but they were special ones, the ones that they couldn't seem to find. Not from any branches of specific government. That had been what Ororo had been told, at least.

Even with the injury, they had to press forward. Spotting the large metal door, she didn't bother with attempting to opening it the normal way. Instead she used the large gust directly to the lock hearing it give a satisfying crack.

"Follow after me," Ororo ordered, glancing back to him before charging forward.

Magneto was here, agents, and somehow mutants. There was pieces missing. Stopping she heard three voices, and the sounds of men with guns. "Tristan, we're going in guns blazing, as they say. Tremors and all. Can you do that?"
  X / Faust / 63d 19h 19m 28s
The guards at the door to the basement stood little chance against Storm. She had them unconscious before Tristan could even raise a hand to help. The woman was terrifying sometimes. Ororo stepped aside to let him break the lock with tremors, keeping his hand against the hinge until it snapped free. [b "Piece of cake?"] his voice was still shaky.

[i "Just keep up the confidence,"] she patted his arm and moved past.

The basement was more dungeon-like than he was anticipating. Tristan was sure he spotted a pair of chains bolted to the wall, no doubt where a mutant had been held not long before.

That's when the bullets began flying.

[b "Jesus Christ,"] he hissed, feeling the sting as one skimmed his bicep, leaving a trail of blood dripping down.

[i "Push through the pain. It's just a graze,"] Storm assured him, barely sparing the wound a glance.

Tristan did as he was told and bit his lip against the pain. [b "This is far more intensive training than I was expecting,"] he laughed bitterly as he shook the ground to throw a few guards off balance so Storm could take them by surprise.

[i "Nothing trains you better than a hands-on demonstration,"] she didn't even sound out of breath as she fought hand-to-hand with the smaller of the two guards.

Despite every cell in his body protesting his decision, Tristan flung himself at the larger of the two men to try and wrestle him to the ground. The guard was a much better fighter, and landed a good few punches before the younger male grasps the mobsters head between his hands. Tristan focused all of his energy on forcing intense shockwaves through the man's skull. He shrieked in pain, hitting a pitch that could shatter glass. He went limp, falling to the side as Tristan let go upon seeing blood start to drip from his ears.

[b "Oh god,"] he backed up, clenching his hands in to fists.

[i "We'll worry about it later,"] Storm said, though she hesitated upon seeing the damage he'd done. [i "We have to keep moving."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 63d 21h 46m 28s
"What if it's not this Xavier guy and it's those guys? They reek of bad stuff... And you touched me letting me have full access," Kenna turned on her heels. "How about I help you find out where these people might be I get asshole out. Alive preferably but doesn't mean unharmed."

She was an idiot but she wasn't trained in combat just self defense. "Maybe your real name, too? Deal?" She asked, but didn't offer her hand. She would need her energy and strength to deal with this.

It was dangerous but there wasn't much other options, for both of them. At least from what she could tell. There was something similar between them, but it was vague.


"They are down here next to our, uh, other guests," Mario gestured to Jones. Just then an associate walked up urgently whispered something in his ear. Mario looked grave for a moment. "There's a riot upstairs. Also a tenor..."

"It must be mutants. We need to secure the parameter, be on the lookout," Jones looked to his partner. "Let's go say hi, its been along time since we've seen seen this person."

If one team took the mutants the other could stay and defend.
  X / Faust / 64d 17h 56m 41s
Erik's smirk tensed and flickered. [i "I assure you that my motivation is not out of desperation. Think of it as more,"] he paused. [i "Justified revenge."]

His speech didn't appear to be getting anywhere as Kenna remained distracted by the outbreak of a fight. In the corner, Tristan wasn't aware of anything going on until Ororo's hand came to rest on his shoulder. He listened to her for the briefest of seconds before his head shook. [b "You don't know what they did,"] he stammered.

Storm grabbed his chin in her hand and turned his face to look at her. [i "I know what they do. And I also know there are people downstairs who need our help, or they'll have it done to them too. You want to do good things, this is where you start. I need you to come with me to free them."]

His eyes closed and his breathing picked up and she gave him a tap on the head. [i "Tristan. Focus. Let's go."]

He let Ororo pull him to his feet and ushered him through the bodies of the bar patrons fighting the suits. [b "I lost Kenna,"] Tristan told her.

[i "She's still here. But right now, we're not worrying about her, alright? We need to get those people out of here."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 64d 21h 44m 26s
Somewhere between the chaos of Tristan's mind, the touch just sent her that much closer to the edge. Closing her eyes she leaned the nearest thing available or person. There was such a range of emotions between the spectrum. Picking up on the fresh emotions she opened her eyes giving a shaky breath.

"You're's not a grudge match. Something happened and now you're desperate and working alone...a hole where some people were..." Kenna breathed taking a seat. "How are you doing this to me? Since you...this isn't [i where] it's supposed to be."

Moving one hand in frustration, the next she knew the person closest to her grew visibly frustrated and went to confront one of the additional Suits that was here. In an instant there was a fight breaking out between patrons, including the thugs.

Standing up in clear frustration, she at least had found her balance, starting to step forward through the chaos this was her chance.


Ororo knew that this was in a bad spot the moment there was a few government cars out.

[i Ororo, I'm sensing mutants in the basement, it must be why the government is there. Go save them with Tristan. I believe Erik will be distracted for a while. If possible try to find out where the mutants are being taken.]

Even if Charles couldn't see, she nodded, getting out of the car entering casually and found herself going to Tristan's side. "Tristan, this is something that you can and must do. We need to save other mutants. " She said placing a hand on his shoulder.
  X / Faust / 66d 18h 17m 12s

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