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The meeting went about as well as they could have hoped. The minute they were dismissed, Storm and the two others left the room in a huff. Tristan was slower to leave, pushing the chairs neatly back into place around the conference table. His powers were to make a mess of things, so he'd picked up the habit of tidying up frequently as penance.

In the hallway, he wasn't expecting Kenna to fall into step beside him. Tristan's surprise was written on his face. [b "It was no problem. Those two clash so often that someone usually has to step in to get things moving forward. Otherwise, they'll bicker for hours."]

It was the first time someone had been nice about his ramblings and overall jitters. [b "It helps for me to speak whatever I'm thinking, and expend energy with pacing or fidgeting. If I keep it all in, I get anxious, and the tremors get worse. I shook the mansion a few times back when I first came here because I stayed silent and still to try and stop it. Charles taught me to be open. It annoys most people when I don't shut up or stop moving, but it's better than bringing the building down on top of us,"] he grinned.

The grin flickered when she mentioned sparring. [b "Uh...okay. Hand to hand combat isn't my specialty, but I'll give it a shot. Just don't kick my ass too badly, yeah?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 62d 5h 41m 33s
All that was needed for her was the word training. For her the training was more for shutting out the emotions, finding some quiet in her own head, but the training that would be Charles and Erik was how to hone her skills better. For survival it wouldn't be a bad thing.

When Charles asked Erik to stayed behind, she tried to ignore the feeling it was something to do with her or Tristan.

Walking beside Tristan she looked to him thoughtfully. [b "That was nice of you, thanks. Back there. And the way you talk...I don't mind, it's nice to see the thoughts instead of just feeling the thoughts."]

Could it possibly help him? She wasn't sure, considering he was already battle trained. [b "Want to try some kick boxing with me?"] SHe asked curiously.
  X / Faust / 64d 5h 33m 31s
Alright yeah, it sounded awful when she put it like that. [b "Okay, incentives may have been a bad choice of word,"] he was grasping at straws trying to think of something else. [b "Rewards is just as bad, so I'm just going to stick with incentives."]

Tristan pointed at Erik. [b "You don't want us to get in your way with whatever plans you have for world domination."] The finger turned to Charles. [b "And you don't want anyone to get hurt. So, can't we figure out a compromise? Compromise! That's the word I was looking for!"] he punched the air in victory.

Charles seemed torn between amused and wary of his young charge. [i "Tristan might have the right idea. And Kenna seems to be on board, with proper training. Erik, surely there is some agreement that can be reached?"]

Magneto looked about ready to slap Tristan just to make him stand still. [i "If I agree to a compromise, will you turn off this chihuahua?"] he gestured to the fidgety man.

[i "It's a start. Tristan, please take your seat and be quiet for a few minutes,"] the professor calmly ordered.

Satisfied, Erik was ready to make his demands. [i "If I agree to this team, I want it to be clear that my motives are not the same as yours. I'm doing this for my own needs, and I don't want it to be mistaken that I'm suddenly joining the light. That means I'll be doing things my way if I deem it necessary."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 65d 8h 58m 20s
Was this really happening? This discussion was something strange. Watching she felt as if she was in another room just looking in not directly involved. Kenna looked to them finding the wave of moods confusing. Looking to Tristan puzzled about the incentives. [b "Like Pavlov and his dogs? Or in one"] She asked furrowing her eyebrows together.

[b "I'm in...I have my motivation...I just need a little more training,"] Kenna shrugged. Eric might not completely but he wanted to find his team, and she wanted to find that mutant. Charles was giving her that look, he knew what she was thinking, but she didn't care.
  X / Faust / 66d 3h 49m 42s
Tristan slowly turned his head to see Erik out of the corner of his eye. The team Charles had in mind had already been notified. Well, everyone but the two guests. It was a unnerving to potentially be working with someone who nearly caused a nuclear war to breakout and subsequently disappeared off of the Professor's radar.

Erik looked just as suspicious.

[i "And,"] he spoke. [i "I'm assuming it's not going to be comprised of my own draft picks."]

There was a flicker of amusement on Charles' face. [i "I thought it be best if I took care of the roster. We need a variety of skills. Scott and Storm will provide back up in case things go sour. You and Kenna will do the talking. Tristan will-"]

[i "Sneeze and bring down the building?"] Erik raised an eyebrow.

Tristan slumped a little in his seat. Charles paid the comment no attention. [i "He knows the scientists from the lab. He's going to match names to faces for you and Kenna. You need to know who you're targeting."]

[i "And why is it that we'll be doing the talking?"] Erik crossed his arms over his chest.

[i "Because I've never known someone who runs their mouth so much, and you're oddly good at charming information out of people,"] Charles held his ground.

Tristan raised a hand. [b "Time out? Maybe we need to regroup here. I don't think everyone is quite on board."]

He stood up but his hands kept fiddling together in front of him. [b "Okay, so clearly there's some trust issues going on. Erik isn't on Team X-Men, and Kenna has no reason to trust any of us. So, we need to come up with a solution."] He paused, thinking of the word. [b "Incentives! That's what I'm thinking of. Incentives! We need to give them reason to partner with us for this."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 66d 8h 25m 50s
Tristan was something else entirely, she couldn't place him, only that there was this light inside of him that was warming. Kenna sat down by him and gave a soft shake of her head at Eric. [b "Thanks, and somewhere deep inside I think he means the same,"] she said teasingly towards Eric. It wasn't missed on the others to see the way the three associated.

[b "Thank you all for coming. We have intel that there is a conference on National Security in Seattle. From what is gathered it does have to do witl the disappearances. Further investigation is needed,"] Charles explained. [b "Jean and I will be here looking further, I would like to have a small team go and investigate on sight. "]

And that was somewhat directed at her, if she learned more.
  X / Faust / 67d 4h 50m 8s
[b "So long as Miss Weather over there doesn't come back with a pitchfork, I'd say it's a safe bet,"] he answered, wandering to the mens changing rooms.

The hot water was a welcomed relief. It felt like he had been covered under an inch of grime and dirt since they're initial fight at the club. The spoils of being in the Xavier mansion, he thought as the waterfall shower head rained down on him.

Given that he wasn't expecting to visit the Institute, he had to settle for the spare jogging pants and t-shirt in one of the supply cupboards. By the time he and Kenna made it to the meeting, everyone else had already arrived.

Tristan was the only one to wave a hand in greeting. And of course, the only two remaining seats were beside him. [i "I saved them for you guys,"] the young man explained, moving over a chair to free up two together for Erik and Kenna.

[b "You shouldn't have,"] Erik drawled sarcastically.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 70d 9h 23m 36s
Giving a groan she took his hand, accepting his help, knowing she couldn't move without him. That had been rough and her body would be sore. Looking between the two there would be no mediation between them, and she was stuck in between.

[b "Protect you? That's funny..."] Kenna relied dryly before looking to her clothes and could even smell herself. [b "Think you could survive on your own for a few minutes while I shower and change?"]

Hopefully Tristan would be included in on this, he was the only one here that she thought as a friend.
  X / Faust / 71d 4h 52m 2s
On instinct, his guard went back up as Ororo joined them. "Please, refrain from undressing me with your eyes. I'm the enemy, remember?" he arrogantly comments, his smug smirk back in place.

Storm snarled. "You wish, Monster."

Erik slapped a hand to his heart. "Ah, see that? Now you're sounding just like the humans. Charles has trained you well. Maybe he'll give you a Milkbone for a treat."

If they were anywhere else, he knows she would have zapped him right then and there. However, under the protection of Charles Xavier while he was on the property, all Storm could do was walk away.

He looked back to Kenna and held a hand out to haul her to her feet. "I don't suppose you'll protect me from the big bad good guys?"
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 71d 8h 28m 31s
On instinct, his guard went back up as Ororo joined them. [b "Please, refrain from undressing me with your eyes. I'm the enemy, remember?"] he arrogantly comments, his smug smirk back in place.

Storm snarled. [i "You wish, Monster."]

Erik slapped a hand to his heart. [b "Ah, see that? Now you're sounding just like the humans. Charles has trained you well. Maybe he'll give you a Milkbone for a treat."]

If they were anywhere else, he knows she would have zapped him right then and there. However, under the protection of Charles Xavier while he was on the property, all Storm could do was walk away.

He looked back to Kenna and held a hand out to haul her to her feet. [b "I don't suppose you'll protect me from the big bad good guys?"]
  Bennett Raleigh / Kooza / 71d 8h 28m 44s
It had been a long time since she had been in this much physical pain. It was almost as if she was a toddler, though she had experience, it was silly. Giving a dry laugh at the comment, the contact, wasn't as strong anymore.

"Oh, you think you'd be that lucky, wouldn't you?" Kenna gave a dry laugh. It was entirely possible, half the time he drove her crazy. "I wonder why. I've been on my own for a long time now, I had to learn to defend myself, so I took up kick boxing."

Seeing the tattoo on his arm, she remembered what he first told her. She wouldn't say anything, not that there wasn't a chance.

Ororo was glaring to the both of them from the doorway. "Charles wants to see you," the woman said briskly pointing to Erik.
  X / Faust / 73d 8h 5m 21s
Erik gave a quick raise of his eyebrow to match his smug expression. [b "Well, I've never had anyone complain about my tastes before,"] he threw back.

She wasn't as bad as he was expecting. Kenna had started catching on to certain moves, so he made note to change it up more. She still needed a bit of practice, however, he noted as he rolled her over his shoulder on to the mat.

He laughed as he kept her pinned. [b "One pain at a time, shall we? I'm a handful,"] he had the nerve to wink at her before sitting back to lie on the mat. [b "Not half bad for your first sparring lesson. Hank didn't last nearly as long when I was training him. Then again, I also made him cry.']
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 73d 8h 41m 14s
"Uh huh, you play fair, my ass," Kenna grumbled after him. The first move shouldn't have surprised her but it did surprise her. She moved to defend but not in time, instead it was delayed. She was better than this. Moving to what she had been taught she looked to him.

"Oh, that's good, do you say that to all the girls? I bet they line up for you," Kenna responded with a smirk. Giving everything she had, which was not enough yet. Despite that she was determined to learn more.

After some time of failing and the pain she gave a small groan. "A break.. Please? Being this sore is only good for sex. God..."
  X / Faust / 73d 8h 56m 56s
Erik rolled his eyes dramatically. [b "Now now, I wouldn't be playing fair if that were true,"] he clicked his tongue in disappointment.

Without giving her a warning, he shot forward and tangled his arms in hers to twist her around with one arm around her neck. [b "I doubt I'll need to use my powers, anyways. I'd like to think I'm a little more experienced in physical matters,"] he smirked down at her.

Erik released her and stepped back a few paces. His knees bent slightly and his hands were up to guard his face. [b "Don't be afraid to get a little rough,"] he taunted, his mood shifting with the distraction.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 73d 9h 57m 47s
[b "Not every human hates us, some even love us for what we are and what we can do. It's the ones that do this shit that deserves the hate not every single one. That's not Charles talking, either, this is from experience,"] Kenna answered steadily. [b "Besides there's something forming, I can just feel that buzz of energy...from them."]

Following after him she gave a soft sigh. This was going to be miserable, and being the glutton for punishment she was she liked him. There was a physical attraction, as well as this strange mental bit. She'd need to ask Charles about it.

[b "Physical, but I know you're going to try and bring my powers into it like last time,"] she said pulling her hair back. She wasn't close to his level yet but she was determined to get there.
  X / Faust / 74d 4h 29m 20s

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