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Erik did little more than lie on the bed and stare gruffly at the ceiling while she napped. He imagined each of those sleazy men lined up in front of him while he wrapped a metal coil around their necks and squeezed until their heads popped.

He wasn't exactly rested by the time he met back up with the other two. [b "Look at that,"] he glanced at Tristan as he fell into step beside him. [b "You can dress like an adult."]

The younger male looked down at his buttoned shirt and tie. [i "Hank said I could borrow his clothes. I don't know fancy clothes. I'm never invited to parties,"] Tristan fidgeted with the poorly tied knot at his neck.

[b "Of course,"] Erik muttered in return, hitting the elevator button and turning to address Kenna's question. [b "The plan is to get one of these pricks alone. If you want to hold off on using your powers, you can influence him to drink until he's willing to spill information on whichever colleague he hates most. That colleague will be who we want to take. Odds are it'll be a more successful man with more authority and knowledge of the program."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 72d 18h 48m 21s
After the two hours sleep she was feeling a little better. Those mental blocks was taking it's time to develop. After a few minutes she joind the other two feeling more clear headed.

"So, what's the plan, Erik?" Kenna asked. They seemed to be coming to one before, the disgusting men put a damper on her head. "I'm sorry, my mental wards isn't strong enough yet. Hopefully soon..."
  X / Faust / 73d 16h 12m 23s
Unable to help himself, Tristan grinned at Erik. [b "Don't worry, we won't gossip about you,"] he taunted the older man.

Erik grabbed his arm, stopping him in the doorway. [i "I'm not afraid to tell Charles that his student suddenly went missing during the mission,"] he threatened.

With a two fingered salute, Tristan hurried into the room and put the lock on the door. [b "Absolutely terrifying,"] he shuddered.

Keeping as quiet as he could so as not to disturb Kenna as she got ready for her nap, he dug a worn paperback copy of Frankenstein from his bag and settled onto his bed to read. [b "Get some rest. I'll wake you in a few hours,"] he assured her.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 73d 19h 50m 5s
That question almost made her pause. She wasn't fully sure what to think but she also had a major headache with more work in a few hours. Looking to Erik she gave a thoughtful look.

"For right now...Jamie...he doesn't usually give me a headache. Unless he's going on about that show," Kenna coudn't help but teased. "Tonight I guess we'll see."

That last statement was openly towards Erik gathering a smirk before entering the room. She really needed a nap.
  X / Faust / 74d 18h 32m 45s
Tristan hurried to match their step, patting the messenger bag slung across his chest. [b "Hank considered the potential for the rooms being bugged, given how high profile this conference is going to be. He packed us a scanner that we can use to sweep for any electronic signals in the rooms."]

[i "Speaking of the rooms,"] Erik hit the elevator button to close behind them. [i "Have the two of you decided the sleeping arrangements?"]

The young man shook his head, his curls bouncing. [b "Just tell me which bed is mine, and I'll be alright. I don't mind sharing or having a room to myself. It's up to you two."]

Erik didn't need to pry to understand what Tristan was trying to do. The boy was giving the two a chance to share a room, despite the conversation that they wouldn't handle things any differently than before. Still, Erik crooked an eyebrow at Kenna. [i "Well?"]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 75d 21h 43m 14s
If Kenna wasn't so riled with the comments she would have been amused by Erik. Looks was common, sometimes she cared sometimes she didn't. Feeling yet another headache come on she gave a small moan before looking to them both.

"Do you think they will bug the rooms?" Kenna asked as they walked along. Already she was placing her hair down. "Before we plan on barhopping I'm gong to need to rest. So many auras. It's blinding."

In a few weeks she had managed to grow in her abilities but it still overwhelmed her.
  Kayd / Faust / 76d 17h 1m 56s
Erik had already killed several of the men in his mind. He'd more than just witnessed the gawking and drooling over Kenna whenever she had her back to them. The other half of them weren't even trying to be subtle about it. Openly flirting with them as though she was nothing more than eye candy.

[i "I would tone down the glaring,"] Tristan muttered to him when they were alone again by the drinks. [i "We don't want to blow her cover. You're our superior, not her lover, remember? [b Doctor]"] he emphasized.

[b "I'm fully aware of our roles here,"] Erik grumbled back, reaching for a flute of champagne when she made her way back to them.

Tristan spared a quick grin. [i "They're close to eating out of your palm,"] he teased her.

Erik dug a knuckle into Tristan's side, making the younger man jump in pain. [b "Just tell us the address so we can get ready and go. I assume it won't do to show up like this."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 77d 22h 15m 42s
The whole time they mingled Kenna looked for the weak ones. She asked about the different ones until she found a male in his thirties. Still eager to prove himself and still was on the lookout. Paul Bateman.

At the end of that day she gave a nod, her mind tired from explaining why she was a female student in something other than the usual fields.

"I'm ready to join the women in California and burn by bra too. One more 'you're too pretty to worry about the future'. Christ, I'll give them what it's like to have a period," Kenna muttered angrily. "They'll be at that"

Now annoyed at herself she wrote down the location.
  X / Faust / 78d 16h 28m 30s
[i "I can almost guarantee that the man in the black suit trailing behind him is some kind of bodyguard,"] Erik drawled. [i "He's not talking with anyone, but he's keeping a close enough distance that he can jump in if need be. He's far too tense to just be an invited guest."]

Tristan followed his gaze. [b "The bellhop has taken our bags to the rooms, so I think Kenna's right. We should mingle, or we'll look out of place."]

They weren't exactly dressed to impress, coming right from the jet. Still, it wasn't the gala evening yet, so they would probably pass just fine. [b "After you, Doctor,"] Tristan nudged Erik forward, ready to play the part of eager assistant.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 78d 22h 56m 30s
The level of manipulation would be off the scale. Kenna listened to Tristan and pondered a little more. Looking towards the pair of them she gave a smile.

"They will go to a sleazy place tonight. If he has assistants or someone underneath him...I want him..." Kenna replied in all seriousness. If you couldn't reach the top peck away at the bottom. She gave a devious smirk for a second.

"Should we go say hi to these asswipes?" She asked knowing she needed to get a feel for the people.
  X / Faust / 80d 17h 34m 39s
[b "Not gonna lie; I didn't think Erik was capable of charming. Menacing, yes, but charming is unexpected,"] he joked.

He followed her to Erik, who handed him a room key. [i "Each room is a double, but we can figure out sleeping arrangements later on. For now, why don't you tell us about him,"] he followed Kenna's gaze to the bald man.

Tristan's eyes narrowed. He'd seen the man in passing at the lab, but never interacted with him before. He was one of the higher ranking officers who oversaw the mutant program. [b "Dr Jonah Lawson. Dishonorably discharged from the United States military after being caught experimenting on prisoners of war. He was one of the founders of the mutant experimentation program. He's actually a neuroscientist. His idea behind the program was to see how mutations can be triggered in the brain."]

The man was ruthless, and Kenna was right; he wouldn't be easily swayed. [b "You'll have your work cut out for you with that one,"] he warned her.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 82d 1h 33m 4s
"It's a subtle art. His shoulders are firm, there is that smile and he's handsome. Charming is new though," Kenna observed watching Erik in fascination. "It is very easy to con people. Just act the part, find out about the people and use that."

Somehow seeing Erik like this was incredibly sexy. She kept herself poised as she walked behind Erik with Jamie. There was already a few potential people. After a quick scan she was sure who had power, and knew they did.

Memorizing the man she went aside Erik. "The balding man with the blue tie. He's important, not easily swayed."
  X / Faust / 83d 22h 10m 46s
Tristan patted the dufflebag on his shoulder. [b "I helped Storm and Hank compile a list of the scientists from the lab I was at. Most of them should be here. We had to pull a few strings to get their photos, but that's neither here nor there."]

Erik raised an eyebrow, momentarily impressed. [i "Maybe you won't screw this up after all,"] he spoke.

The elder mutant took it upon himself to check in for them under the pseudonym that had been picked. [i "Professor Kauffman, checking in with my two assistants. I believe we have two rooms,"] he lied easily, slipping into the role of charming scholar.

Tristan watched as the concierge swooned at the blonde man. [b "Are we sure he doesn't have empath influence?"] he leaned towards Kenna.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 83d 22h 45m 12s
Almost immediately she loved Seattle. The temperature was good, it was a gray sky, and the buildings were older in the section they were at. Of course the hotel most of the FBI agents was staying at was new with all those bright colors.

Kenna looked around, trying to not get overwhelmed by all the auras. "We may need a list of the agents here. There's quite a few people here and it all sorts of...jumbles together."

It was difficult to tell at the moment.
  X / faust / 84d 17h 39m 55s
[b "Weak willed doesn't even begin to describe them. They're all disgusting creeps who will tuck their tails between their legs and betray their own family if it meant their own safety,"] Tristan shuddered.

[i "They run experiments on innocent people. I wasn't expecting them to be stand-up citizens,"] Erik remarked from his own seat. [i "You show us the target, and distract the mad scientists while Kenna works her magic. I'll be nearby to take the target off her hands, and then we go from there."]

Easy enough. That is, as long as everything went well. When the plane landed among the trees, hidden far enough away so as to not attract attention, Tristan slung his bag over his shoulders and reached for the garment bag carrying his suit. [b "Do you want me to bring you back something to eat or drink, Ororo?"] he offered their senior team member.

[i "Bring back the target, and maybe we'll get ice cream on the way home,"] she patronized him.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 84d 20h 56m 42s

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