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Kenna couldn't help but give a laugh at that. It was amusing and she didn't feel it. More than anything she wanted to know how to keep this state. IT was her head and her thoughts, no other noises, of course she'd only have physical strength to free Jamie.

"The structures are amazing. Just...that's impressive iron work there....and even the windows were done with care," Kenna said passing the ghost of a building. True to her word, she didn't care for people, but loved buildings.

Storm have her an odd look before they arrived at what looked new attempting to look old. "This is it. Do you sense anything?"

"No, I don't," Kenna shook her head. "There doesn't seem to be a lot of security either."
  X / faust / 65d 10h 59m 8s
Erik shook his head. [b "Not at all. I just didn't realize we were openly doing that now."]

[i "Trust me, it was disgusting to watch,"] Storm threw over her shoulder.

[b "Sexually frustrated, are you?"] he remarked tauntingly.

Kenna interjected that growing argument, pointing out the historic tunnels. [b "They'd be stupid not to take advantage of using them. The rum runners would have used these to access the whole city. They can get anywhere they need to without drawing suspicion."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 65d 18h 37m 42s
"Are you complaining?" Kenna asked cocking her head to the side. It was just amazing, she had been feeling and seeing it all heavily for five years . She almost wanted to laugh but she knew that now she was a liability.

It all appeared to fit in. There was still remains of buildings that was all crumbled. "So these are the tunnels and buildings that whores and prohibitionists's amazing."
  X / Faust / 66d 12h 45m 22s
[b "You goody-goodies and your peaceful negotiations. Honestly, does Charles just encourage using your words to get your way?"] Erik scoffed.

Locating a chain in the supply cupboard, he tightened it around the woman's ankles before binding her hands with it from the other end. The metal would keep her secure, and he could manipulate it to carry her along side them to avoid having to carry her himself. [b "Problem solved,"] he remarked.

He could see Storm wanted to snap at him about the decision, but she remained tight-lipped about it. [i "Let's go,"] is all she spoke.

Erik caught Kenna's eye as they began moving. [b "So...feeling amorous all of the sudden?"] he muttered.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 67d 16h 14m 48s
"What are we going to do about Debbie Cutthroat over there? That woman either collects or sells mutants off. She wanted to keep me," Kenna said in disgust gesturing to the woman. It seemed waste to let her go but killing her the same.

She looked to Storm on her decision. The woman was still passed out but she also had the badge that would be needed. The old underground and smelt terrible. there was the signs of mutant activity.

"She comes with, and bound, but gently. We will need her," Storm nodded .
  X / faust / 67d 16h 25m 55s
[b "You sure you're-"] he grunted as she cut him off with her lips. [b "You're welcome?"]

Ororo rolled her eyes. [i "That's an image I definitely did not need in my head. She's right, though. Let's get the kid out of here."]

Erik trailed behind them, shaking off his surprise. He opened his mouth to speak, but was cut off by the X-Men leader. [i "He's probably going to feel like shit, physically and mentally, so we'll cut him some slack until we get him medical attention. Who knows if they've beat him, or kept him drugged with their concoction,"] Storm continued.

It was Erik's turn to roll his eyes. [b "Why do I feel like that was aimed at me?"]

Storm glanced at him and Kenna. [i "You're kind of cold when it comes to stuff like this. Historically speaking."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 67d 16h 35m 11s
Remaining by the elevator shaft, the older woman by her. There was minor bruising and her foot hurt from those heels. There has been guards close and she was lucky.

The woman had worse wounds, Kenna lowered the derrinnger gun.

"Good...all good...She might wake up soon. She's used to sabotage and sneak attacks not actual attacks," Kenna nodded looking bright eyed. There wasn't those feelings they were just normal. It was a brilliant feeling.

Moving over to Erik she kissed him hard, not feeling a thing. "You're an amazing teacher. So...let's go find Tristan."
  X / faust / 67d 16h 47m 16s
Erik and Storm did their best to avoid conflict with anyone they came across. A few times they were able to get down the hall without drawing suspicion, acting as though they were simply employees on a break. It wasn't until they were right on top of Kenna's location that a few guards approached with guns raised.

[b "Gentlemen, I don't think you want to do that,"] he held his hands up, watching Storm tense out of the corner of her eye.

[i "Shoot on sight, repeat, shoot on sight!"] a voice crackled through one of their walkie-talkies.

At once, four guns fired. However, neither mutant flinched. Four bullets remained frozen in the air, inches from their faces. Erik was impressed that Storm had trusted him enough to stop it, not showing fear to the enemy. [b "Do I have permission?"] he asked her.

[i "Incapacitate. Don't kill,"] she repeated their orders.

Erik clicked his tongue. [b "Pity."]

Spinning the bullets around, he lodged them in various points of their bodies that would inflict incredible amounts of pain, but were still non-lethal. As the men fell to the floor, Erik crunched his fist, effectively scrunching the guns into unusable scrap. [b "If you'll excuse us,"] he stepped over their bodies.

[i "Kenna!"] Storm was relieved when they finally located her. [i "Not too much trouble?"] she asked.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 67d 17h 36m 23s
It was too good to be true, really it was. She heard the orders. The woman seemed tamed until she heard the footsteps, of course it was all some setup.

"Yeah, the problem with were already going underground...and I'm normal now," Kenna sighed hating that smirk of satisfaction on the woman's face. "I'lll create a distraction."

After a ten minute struggle she managed to knock her out, both using the sedative and kicking her. Next she placed the viles of liquid in her pocket. They'd be close, and she also had a gun pointed at the boss in case any one came up.
  X / Faust / 68d 13h 57m 20s
Erik was out of his chair before Kenna even finished the transmission. [b "How fast can you get us there?"] he asked Storm.

[i "Lucky for us, the tower is wide enough to land the jet. And with the cloaking device Hank installed, we're free and clear to take off without suspicion,"] she answered, starting the engine.

He could see why she was the elected pilot of the team. She didn't show an ounce of hesitation as she brought the jet down on top of the tower. Even the few guards on the building were surprised by the sudden gust of the engines, getting knocked sideways from the force. [b "Let's not keep our appointment waiting,"] Erik ensured the men stayed put, wrapping copper wire tightly around their hands and ankles with a flick of his wrist.

[i "Kenna, we're inside. We'll meet you in the target's office. The less prying eyes, the better,"] Ororo spoke into the earpiece connecting them to their teammate.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 69d 16h 40m 23s
If this went bad, she would have to fend for herself or end up in those cages. There was much to lose at this point. Including the person she considered her first real friend.

The woman was impressive, a career woman in this age with those heels and that fitting outfit. She oozed this confidence. A woman, and one with pomp, this would be hard.

Walking over to the woman she was able to convince her that she was interested in a job. With some different touching, and techniques, it was a lot more challenging.

It was going too easily, she pressed the back switch on the bracelet given to her by Hank. They were on the move and it was looking dicey. After being told there was a position, there was the elevator and what seemed the underground of Seattle.

"We could use someone of your ability, it's very impressive...too bad I need to do this," the woman said before getting one needle in her arm, almost preparing the second needle.

"You shouldn't have drank so much after taking my friend," Kenna said unimpressed before knocking the second needle out of her hand and pinning her roughly against the wall.

[b "I got her. Come on in guys, we're going to the Underground here,"] She said into the bracelet. [b "I have friends that want to meet you. Powers or no."]
  X / Faust / 70d 11h 33m 48s
[i "You need to stop bouncing your foot before I cut it off,"] Ororo snapped at him, hearing his shoe squeak against the floor.

[b "I'm not used to sitting on the sidelines,"] he grumbled back. [b "I'm getting restless."]

He knew it would only take them moments to get to the office building if she needed their help. One distress call, and they could barge through the doors ready to kill anyone necessary. Still, he'd rather be there in person, ready to jump on defensive at the first sign of trouble.

[b "Does her earpiece have a tracker in it?"] he asked her, turning to see her roll her eyes.

[i "Hank isn't an amateur,"] she held up the handheld GPS screen he'd designed, Kenna's location marked with a flashing light.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 71d 14h 41m 37s
Kenna calmly walked over to the drinking fountain and started the water to cover some of the conversation. People didn't seem to notice and they didn't have a sinister aura.

[b "She caught a loose end. She would have celebrated and in her thirties, she's going to need coffee to function,"] Kenna rationalized. The woman was older therefore it was harder. She saw the woman in a moment before placing her hand away from the radio.

Women were different than men, it took a lot more flattery, contact of different sort and listening to long talks. She was getting somewhere it finally seemed.
  X / faust / 72d 11h 42m 3s
[i "Oh good,"] Storm glanced back as she heard him join her in the cockpit. [i "You're done sulking like a toddler."]

Erik flopped with a grunt into the copilot's chair. She could mock him all she wanted, he wasn't going to concede to having lost the argument. [b "Any word from her yet?"] he asked, ignoring her jab.

Ororo frowned briefly when he didn't rise to the bait of another argument. [i "Nothing yet. She's just getting in. If you keep quiet, I'll let you listen in."]

God, he couldn't stand her. She was a favourite of Charles', and he'd met her before. Still, she got under his skin almost as much as the Cyclopes kid with a superiority complex.

When Kenna's voice finally crackled in their ears, he sat up a little straighter. [b "You sure she's going for a coffee break, and not to drink the blood of her enemies?"] he muttered sarcastically.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 73d 17h 38m 34s
Kenna found it more curious to watch, seeing and feeling the frustration rising from Erik. For the first time she felt the genuine wave lengths from him. It was both touching and strange to know that.

[b "I felt that, Erik. Thank you,"] Kenna said placing a hand on his jacket. [b "So...I get a way to keep contact, right?"]

Storm nodded handing her the piece. [b "Get the information and you're out. You aren't going renegade in there."]

[b "Understood,"] Kenna nodded.

Dressed in the peppy dress and boots, she entered the building, taking a look around. They just needed to find this woman and not look suspicious about it.

Taking ten minutes to get the receptionist to let down her guard and believe that she knew where the office was. Following after she sat down outside the office and waited.

[b "I'm just waiting on her to go for a coffee break. It won't take long,"] Kenna said into the radio quietly.
  X / Faust / 74d 12h 29m 48s

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