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"I actually might be able to hook you up with a co worker. She's awkward but adorable. There's a Thanksgiving party coming up but---" Kenna started before getting up leaving her shoes right by the chair. It was an idea. It was a good idea.

"If...we could get sightings of dangerous mutants she might be more open to a trusted circle. And the fiances go offshore...that's not suspicious at all."

It was a tight locked place, but forcing them to make a mistake was always an option.
  X / Turadh / 97d 10h 19m 50s
[b "I've yet to find someone quite as awkward and weird,"] he grinned up at her. [b "But when I do, you'll be the first to know."]

[i "Let's stay focused, shall we?"] Erik interrupted yet again. [i "If we're going to push them enough to get them rattled, we're going to have to be tactical. Hit them where it hurts. If you're gaining allies inside, we can use them to sabotage her right under her nose. Bank accounts, maybe? I'm sure they have a financial department dealing with their contracts."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 98d 15h 21m 26s
"What happens when you find someone as awkward as yourself?" Kenna asked curiously, not taking the hint to stop. She had been friends with him for a while now and that part had always been on her mind. ", it's not true. You're sweet and loyal. Anyone with a good brain would know better."

Her choices...they weren't great.

"Maybe we just need to shake it up a bit more, give them a reason to rattle," she shrugged. She knew she was getting somewhere, having the right people ready to screw over their boss.
  X / Turadh / 99d 9h 24m 22s
Her question made him freeze. It wasn't a question that was new to him, but he never really knew how to answer it without sounding strange. [b "The idea of dating or hooking up is...odd to me,"] he tried explaining.

[b "I've tried before but I always end up having panic attacks, which brings everything to a stop. Never bothered with it after that. Why, does that make me slightly tragic?"] he tilted his head with a fond smile.

[i "There are many reasons that you're tragic,"] Erik appeared in the doorway, wiping his face off with a rag. [i "Your lack of charm is one of them."]

He turned to Kenna expectantly. [i "Please tell us you have some kind of news that will hurry this along. If I'm stuck with him for another eight hours, you may come home to a dead body."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 99d 14h 33m 15s
"Why don't you go out on dates? Or even one night stands?" Kenna asked as she looked to him watching the channel. They were technically on the down low. She slipped off the short heels. "That woman...even if a just as bad as a male boss. Excuses to look and touch. I'm going to do something..."

They were all frustrated. She worked there, they worked the other angles, and she really wanted to get drunk. Possibly blow off steam in some way or the other.
  X / Turadh / 100d 10h 17m 39s
Tristan had been diligently communicating with Hank back at the Institute. Kenna was the brains, Erik was the muscle, so he put himself to use as the communications liaison. Most of the time, it meant brief calls back and forth with the scientist, never staying on the phone long enough for someone to potentially trace the call.

[b "He didn't so much as 'go off' as he did go downstairs to beat the hell out of the punching bag,"] he answered, glancing over at her before returning his attention to the black and white television with reruns of The Munsters. [b "I was advised to let him get his aggression out on something other than my face."]

Thank you, Hank.

[i "I can hear you, moron,"] Erik's muffled voice sounded below. [i "This house is a goddamn aquarium. No peace and quiet anywhere."]

[b "How did it go with the she-beast?"] Tristan chose to ignore the temperamental man.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 100d 14h 45m 11s
It was different being in the world such as this. It wasn't the world where she was getting by in, the world at the mansion, this was more traveling. Closer to the end she did go to work for that woman, who was just as horrible as a male boss.

"Did we get word from Hank, finally? That awful..." Kenna groaned sitting down. She had been careful to come to this "safe house" knowing Veronica did not trust her completely but desperately wanted her for her powers.

"And did Erik go off again?" She asked with a sigh.
  X / Turadh / 101d 10h 35m 12s
Tristan didn't need empath abilities to see Charles' inner conflict. He knew the mentor took his role seriously, and disliked things being out of his control. It went hand in hand with being responsible for the lives of young mutants. For a brief moment, he felt sympathy for the man.

[i "If you do this,"] Charles finally spoke after a few moments of silence. [i "You must ensure that innocent lives are not lost. Erik has a side of him that is nothing less than combustive. If he feels it necessary, he will obliterate anyone in his path."]

[b "We won't let him,"] Tristan cut him off. [b "You always say that you want us to do good for the world. This is that moment."]

Charles' jaw was tensed, but his features softened. [i "Don't make me regret this."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 103d 11h 59m 28s
"This is a psychology experiment, Charles. We are the variables. Either we can keep mutant and civilian casualties down and find a way that wasn't a part of hypothesis," Kenna said, knowing she probably got some of that wrong.

"So, let us try a different way, something in between. If there is something big, you can swoop in. If not we do it. What do any of us have to lose at this point other than more lives in one way or the other?"

Her persuasion would need help but that counter argument ought to do something. She hoped it would work.
  X / Turadh / 104d 9h 26m 13s
Tristan hovered in the doorway of the office, keeping close in case she needed back up. Erik stayed further down the hall, not trusting himself to get involved without a yelling match starting. Tristan could see Charles attempting to remain calm and level-headed.

[i "You've only recently come into contact with this man. You haven't seen the destruction that he is capable of when his temper is engaged. You are asking me to give you permission to put civilian lives in danger,"] he tried to explain.

[b "By doing nothing, you're letting mutant lives be in danger,"] Tristan blurted out from the door.

Charles gestured for him to enter the room completely. [b "Sir, listen to her. Kenna knows what she's talking about. We're not asking your permission,"] his voice cracked with nervousness. [b "I spent two years being a guinea pig for these people, and I'm still suffering from it. My hands permanently shake. I have nightmares that shake my room. You're asking us to ignore the suffering our people are going through."]

He glanced at Kenna for strength. [b "Sir, we just can't do that. We're going, with or without your support. We'd just rather have it."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 104d 13h 15m 1s
"This is idiotic...If we need the help, we won't get it. Burning bridges is not a good fail safe which is exactly what we need is a fail safe," Kenna sat down, rubbing her temples. That damn headache wouldn't let up. "Let me try...see if there's not something I can come up with."

She didn't even ask, just started out of the room straight to the study. Not caring she interrupted the others.

"You know it's stupid to do this to Erik. It's also stupid to do it this way, and his way. We need a third way, the way on the inside. Give us our room and help if needed, call it an experiment..."

She leaned on the desk knowing she couldn't gauge him.

"An experiment, and we'll make sure no one gets too hurt."
  X / Turadh / 105d 11h 10m 6s
Erik forced himself to calm down, knowing his agitation would likely be rubbing off on her, given her power. Closing his eyes, he tried the deep breathing technique until the redness in his face began to fade. [b "If the kid wants to come along, he can. He can bring buildings down if need be. Not a bad weapon to have on our side."]

Tristan returned not long after, making sure no one saw him duck back into the room. [i "Look, we have probably ten minutes to get the hell out of this place before Charles locks us up himself. He's furious, but he's doing that weird thing where he tries to look calm."]

A key dangles from his finger. [i "I swiped these on my way up. It's for Scott's Mustang. It'll put distance between us in a hurry."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 105d 11h 34m 4s
It was a strange position. Kenna watched him for a moment, before licking her lips and handed him the next item to pack.

"It's not terrible for them to think that there are good people, and everyone isn't out to screw you over. I would give anything to go back to that point," Kenna admitted to him. "Do you mind a tag a long? We do work great in many different ways and a new perspective."

Perhaps Tristan could come along with, she had the radio anyway.
  X / Turadh / 106d 11h 19m 32s
Tristan nodded at her, sparing one last glance at Erik. [b "Aye aye, Captain,"] he assured her.

Left alone with Kenna, Erik had difficulty putting his anger into words. [i "It's this godforsaken place,"] he snapped. [i "I've seen more destruction than these children can even comprehend, yet Charles sends them to monitor my every move like a child."]

He threw a shirt into a suitcase. [i "He's going to convince them that peace and harmony is possible, when we've seen first hand that it isn't. He's going to bury his head in the sand while the real monsters get that much farther away from being held accountable for what they've done."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 107d 15h 44m 12s
What more could they do at this moment? Even the young woman didn't see a point in pushing what they couldn't do at the moment. Kenna had a headache for a good portion of the day already but now she could feel it growing exponentially.

[b "Tristan, could you tell Charles that I've got it?"] Kenna asked before placing a hand on his sleeve. There was not anyway she'd actually force him to calm down unless she did not have a choice.

[b "What's going on, Erik? You're a loose canon as it is but this is worse. Seriously..."] Kenna asked looking to him trying not to feel exasperated.
  X / Turadh / 108d 9h 48m 48s

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