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He gave a laugh. [b "I don't think they were too concerned with me being intimidating. I'm like, a hundred pounds soaking wet. We use Ororo and Scott for the muscle work. Hank steps in if we need extra scariness. He's a puppy, but his mutation makes him look like a brute."]

The kids on the field gave up on expecting him to call fair penalties, and began using their powers against each other. Kitty phased through two of the boys with the ball, causing Bobby to send an ice slope under her feet. The game essentially turned into playful combat, so Tristan dropped the paper scoreboard and turned his chair to face Kenna better.

She was better at this alter-ego thing than he was. [b "Siren would work perfectly. After all, you seem to have Erik wrapped around your finger, whether he likes it or not. When the rest of us aren't around, is he still super miserable?"] He couldn't quite picture Magneto without a scowl and permanent attitude.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 37d 8h 57m 19s
"Doppler...that...That works. Not very threatening though," Kenna mused watching as they played. The ball was on fire against and the other was starting her own power. They were so comfortable here, and she felt comfortable here.

Thinking back to the argument with Erik that was when it hit her. While the master plan was to rid herself of the powers she'd go with it. "Siren...I've always loved the stories and it does match. Moodswing is good, too."
  X / faust / 38d 7h 41m 47s
Tristan's face scrunched and he groaned. [b "They gave me the dumbest one. Ororo's makes sense. Storm! It's intimidating. Scott is Cyclops, and Jean is...well, Jean. Even Kurt is called Nightcrawler."]

He paused for a moment before divulging the name. [b "Kitty and the others voted that my name would be Doppler. The whole sound waves radar thing. I guess it's not as bad as 'Richter' though. I didn't need them giving me a magnitude number every time I cause a quake."]

He caught her eye and smirked. [b "Now you need one. Even if you don't end up staying. Every mutant needs a hero name. I'd suggest you pick one before Kitty decides to declare it for you."]

He raised his finger to tap his jaw in faux thought. [b "Maybe something catchy. How about 'Moodswing'?"] he nudged her jokingly with his elbow.
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 38d 8h 30s
While she was entitled to be very upset at this point somewhere in the back of her mind she understood. It was the fact that she understood was the point that was driving her insane. Looking towards him she sat down slowly, the pain coursing through her, her head catching up with her actions.

[b "Honestly...I think it's his attempt to protect me..."] Kenna answered in a strange tone. [b "Do you have a code name or whatever term they use?"]

Tomorrow terrified her. They could go in, get captured and possibly killed. Yet they were still doing it. The idea that it could be the end of their lives but also continue.
  X / Faust / 39d 4h 37m 44s
The young X-Man was perched on a camping chair in the sprawling backyard, watching an energetic game of soccer between the students. He was supposed to be be the referee, but it was more fun to watch them cheat with their powers than maintain the honor of the game.

Tristan glanced up as she approached. [b "You're in one piece, so I'm assuming you kicked his ass?"] he gestured for her to sit in the chair beside him.

One of the boys on the field threw a disc of ice under the feet of the girl with the ball. She tumbled but shot up immediately, gesturing at Tristan. [i "Make a call!"]

[b "Looked clean to me!"] he called back. [b "Game on!"]

He put his attention back on Kenna. [b "What exactly is Erik trying to accomplish by pushing at your buttons? Other than a punch in the face."]
  Tristan Oehler / Kooza / 40d 8h 49m 6s
This was the last time she'd do that, Kenna told herself, it had been a show. She wasn't weak and did what she had to do when she did. Only after riding the gidiness she felt the lingering effects that'd be on both of them. In this case it was...well...a bad desire.

In a case of both what she created and the natural state she braced herself trying to reign herself in. Watching him leave, she did give a smirk, knowing she done something difficult.

After a shower she sought out Tristan for a while, he being the only person she'd consider a friend here.
  X / Faust / 41d 5h 39m 56s
Erik prided himself on being one step ahead of his opponents at all times. He was a proud man who did not tolerate mistakes. One must remain level-headed at all times. No distractions. No weaknesses. Lock it all away, and you will come out victorious every time.

And then she went and got in his space with her trickster eyes and smart mouth.

Coherent thought went out of his brain when he thought, for a minute, that she might actually call his bluff. And then she was stepping away from him. His face flushed red at having been caught off guard. [i The jezebel!]

He stomped after her and caught her just before the door, pinning her to the wall with her wrists held above her head. [b "If you're still feeling brave later, find me when the goody-goodies have retired for the night."]

He had spoken with his lips close to her ear, trying to raise a similar reaction that she had left on him. He held her there for a moment before pushing himself back and exiting dramatically, unwilling to let her see that she got the best of him.

He needed a goddamn cold shower.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 41d 7h 12m 8s
This was different than before, before it felt like it was it was consuming her. This time she felt far more control, thus over him. Either way this was enough and she had commanded his attention. A sudden giddy feeling rose up in her, it wasn't gone but she felt more at ease.

[b "Color it how you want...that's for you to deal with..."] Kenna shrugged. Seeing that reaction was just enough for her to be sure. Letting go of him she didn't step back. [b "Fire is good, but I like ice more...this was just a demonstration. Don't worry, mentor, I'll always do what it takes without being scary, angry all the time."]

Giving him that bold smirk she even moved as if she'd go for a kiss before stopping an inch away. [b "Almost got you though... So close.."] She moved back relaxed to step away, even beginning to walk away.
  X / Faust / 42d 7h 34m 19s
[b "It's less about guilt and more about being a better mentor,"] he denied vehemently, though it was no use since he knew she could still feel his emotions. [b "I can't exactly recruit an army if they keep dying on my watch."]

Damn her for turning this around on him. She was far too confident, and it was irking him. Even the very mention of sex left him stammering. One night stands were not foreign to him, but he certainly wasn't going to discuss it with her. [b "Whatever you're trying to goad me in to won't work,"] he tried to stand his ground.

Still, she persisted with her damn defiance. Erik was not a man that backed down from a challenge. [b "You are playing with fire here,"] he let his eyes drop to her lips before flicking back up to lock gazes once more. [b "And you really need to think twice before you start something you can't finish."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 42d 7h 57m 27s
[b "That seems an awful lot like guilt to me...projecting out on me...I'm touched,"] Kenna drawled, never losing the contact, in fact she dug deeper in her contact. Stepping closer before never breaking the eye contact. She could feel those powerful emotions but it wasn't completely sinking in, rather she felt it almost pass through. [b "Charles reads thoughts and then they go. I feel and sometimes they linger. Try having sex and that happens, I haven't had a good time since this started."]

That must have been one thing she felt from him. Smirking towards him she gave that daring look. [b "You're the one that issued the challenge. You feel an impulse.. So do're not pushing me away no matter how much you bark."]

Could she do it though? She really hoped so, she would need to learn this.
  X / Faust / 43d 7h 59m 44s
His jaw clenched as he tried to fight her influence. Fists grasped at his sides while she verbally lashed him, feeling his frustration rise. [b "You couldn't even begin to understand my history with Charles fucking Xavier,"] he growled lowly.

She shut him down again, unaffected by his temper. God damnit, why was it so appealing? Erik shook unwanted thoughts from his head. It was only the allure of a challenge. Nothing more.

He focused his energy on his helmet, lying on the bed he'd been provided. He should have brought it with him. The magnetic pulse coursed through him, feeling it grow stronger as the helmet found its way through the halls and into the training room.

Soaring through the door, it met his hand and he quickly tugged it on, feeling the connection to her snap like a frayed wire. [b "I am the reason Charles is in that godforsaken chair. His naivety and ignorance of how the real world works infringed on our friendship, and cost him his mobility on that stupid fucking island. If he had just listened to me, he wouldn't be in the situation he's in. I am trying to protect you from making the same mistakes he did. We are not wanted by the outside world, and no matter how hard he tries to convince you otherwise, you face a similar fate unless you learn to shut them out."]

He slowly moved closer until he was face to face with her. [b "Your decision is important, whether you like it or not."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 43d 8h 57m 14s
"Oh, for Christ's sake...we're back on that?" Kenna rolled her eyes before snorting. Mentoring. It was barely that at this point yet she was still here and learning from him.

Going forward she went to swing at him. If it wasn't for the combat than she would have gotten far more upset at this point. When she had the chance the grasped his arm, moving to disarm him.

[b "Now...I have you...shut up and let me talk,"] Kenna hissed, vocally using her powers as she stepped close to him. [b "I don't know what the hell your problem is with Charles. But I am the closet thing you have a friend here so maybe. And the person that understands more than we both like on an empath level and personal. So don't act with me."]

Whether it was the use of the powers, or the heat of the moment, the thought entertained was what it would feel like to have physical relations with anyone again. Possibly even him.
  X / Faust / 44d 3h 51m 41s
[b "You wanted mentors, that's what I'm trying to do,"] Erik huffed, wiping a bead of sweat from his face. [b "If you want chummy lessons of morality and textbooks, allow me to go find Charles for you."]

His minor temper tantrum distracted him enough that she managed to knock him right off his feet onto the floor. The air left his lungs. Not bad. [b "If you know disappointment, then you should know better than to get to know these people on any level. They'll try to rope you in with talk of inner peace and companions. They just want you brainwashed to follow Charles like the rest of them."]

Erik pushed himself to his feet and lunged for her legs. [b "In a real fight, you need to use your powers. You can't just rely on hand to hand combat. You have an advantage, now use it!"]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 44d 7h 25m 15s
The anger felt like simmering hot coals rather than an explosive rocket. It was eating at her with each word, even to the point of distraction. The words betweens the lines screaming at her through the usual annoying challenges.

It was almost the most familiar the crackling in her mind and then Kenna knew what that was. Taking a small, pained breath her mind sealed. [b "Don't talk to me like you're the only one that understands the disappointment and pain,"] Kenna growled annoyed. [b " you can tell me what to do....come on then."]

If Erik wanted her powers shown proudly, he would have it.
  X / Faust / 45d 7h 57m 38s
He grunted as her elbow dug into his ribs. [b "If we're connected in any way, that means you cannot have an attachment to them in any way,"] he said. [b "Friendship only brings disappointment for all parties, and I won't coddle you through pain of any kind."]

Erik twisted around so he had her back pinned to his chest. [b "If anything, I'd advise you to distance yourself from that moron kid. He's unpredictable and being around him practically guarantees that you'll get injured. I'm not talking about cuts and bruises, either,"] he lands a punch to her stomach. [b "I'm talking dismemberment. Maybe even being crushed under whatever rubble he brings down on their heads."]

Shoving her away, he rolled his shoulders to loosen them up. [b "There are no attachments in the Brotherhood. Loyalty, yes. Friends aren't important."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 45d 8h 22m 30s

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