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[b "It's not about doubt, it's about finishing what I started,"] he snapped back at her.

[i Make him listen, Azazel,] Charles' voice sounded in the other man's head. [i You will die unless you make him understand.]

He wanted to save the others, but not at the expense of walking into a death trap. [i "Listen to her, Erik. She hasn't led us astray yet,"] the red mutant tried to reason with him. [i "If she can't feel beyond that point, then they have something we can't fight against. The others can wait until we have a more solid idea of what we're dealing with."]

Erik's teeth ground together in frustration. [b "Fucking hell,"] he hissed, punching the wall.

Turning to Azazel, he caved. [b "Get us the hell out of here. We'll figure out a plan and come back. We can't win without powers,"] he conceded.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 39d 21h 33m 32s
"You just begin to doubt me now? Wow. I can't feel a single thing beyond that point... I've been feeling people since ten," Kenna said feeling annoyed, but also understood to a point. Looking to him firmly she felt the spots of rage coming on though.

"The enraged agents are coming your way, what's the plan now? Unless this one hitch will stop you," She asked raising an eyebrows at him. Pushing him deliberately. He was a strong mental force that rendered her with a headache. Maybe he could do the same to this force, something already stopped. "There's so much in there...and that's it?"
  X / Faust / 39d 21h 41m 4s
The longer they stood there, the more open they left themselves to be found. They'd already gotten close to the center of the building. If they could just keep going, he had no doubt that they would be able to get back to safety. Kenna's hesitation, however, was enough cause for concern.

A mutation that could freeze their powers? That wasn't something that they had been counting on. Even in all the research he'd gone through when finding members for his team, he had never come close to hearing about mutants being able to drain others' powers. Charles' student Rogue was the only one he knew that could even tamper with someone else's mutation; but that was to gain their abilities, not stop them.

Erik's brow furrowed. [b "I've never heard of a mutation like that, but I'm sure it isn't impossible."]

Azazel was beginning to second guess their plan. [i "If they have something that shuts our powers down, we won't be able to fight our way out of here. We can't stop bullets if you can't control the metal."]

Fuck! Erik backed up against the wall and rubbed anxiously at his temple. They were so close to the rest of the team, if they could just push forward. Then again, they were useless if they couldn't fight their way back out.

He turned to Kenna and grabbed her upper arms in his hands. [b "How positive are you that they have something that can stop us?"]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 39d 21h 51m 24s
"They know we are here. They're waiting, patient but devious... What's causing that wall though?" Kenna thought. She had done this in rage and frustration before but how? She didn't know how to do this now.

[I "Don't be alarmed, I'm Charles Xavier and I can help you."]

This Charles helped with each step clearly. She touched Erik's hand holding her other out to focus on the people. Connecting deep inside of them she listened to them losing focus and charging forward.

Letting to of Erik, she nodded feeling strained as if someone was targeting her, then it stopped. She wasn't sure how. " it worked... Oh wow...something is...its neutralizing or was trying. Can mutants do that?"
  X / Faust / 39d 22h 12s
There was something definitely off. Either the lab had the absolute worst security imaginable, or they were in the wrong area of the building. Even Azazel seemed more on edge than before they'd even entered the lab. [b "Quiet is never a good thing,"] Erik muttered to himself, but pressed on.

The two men were blind to what was ahead of them. Far too used to their 'guns blazing' method of handling things. Erik was eager to lead the way and carry on, despite the strange surroundings. Her hand on his arm was all that stopped him.

Frowning, he glanced in the direction ahead. [b "Maybe they just don't know that we're here,"] he argued.

Her next statement surprised him, but was intriguing nonetheless. He'd yet to see her angry, let alone raging. He planted his feet and stood tall. [b "Go ahead. Zap away,"] he agreed.

Elsewhere in the lab, Tristan was being dragged down the hallway, having already been incapacitated with a taser. [i "You guys fucking suck, you know that?"] he slurred out, barely able to catch his own steps.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 39d 23h 46m 36s
As they moved deeper, the less agents there were. That feeling was growing stronger making her more queasy in her stomach. Deeper in the beast of the belly it was worse but she also felt a small cluster of agents.

[i Stop, you know this does not feel right. Trust what you are feeling.]

It wasn't her voice, it was a soft males voice, clearly British. Looking around puzzled. Either way, that feeling was right. She'd question what that voice later.

Pausing, she closed her eyes, taking in the next area. Four people, close together, highly focused but also calm. What was strange was there was no sensation beyond that it was dead when there was clearly more agents.

Catching up to Erik she grabbed his arm to stop him. "Stop! It's a trap. The agents are too calm, they know something. And there is something there. I can't feel anything beyond that area when clearly agents is coming out."

Taking a breath she knew what she could do. "I need to borrow some of your rage."
  X / Faust / 40d 18h 20m 52s
[b "Agents past the door. Alright then. In we go,"] he decided to blow the door in instead of pulling it out.

He heard a crunch as it flattened someone against the wall across the room, and gunfire quickly sounded in their direction. Azazel made quick work of porting behind three agents one by one, and delivering a swift punch to the backs of their necks to render them unconscious.

[b "I give it about ten minutes before someone comes looking for them. Let's keep moving, shall we?"] Erik kept walking.

The corridors were unfortunately well-lit. It would make it harder for them to hide with the clinically white walls and floors glaring at them like the sun against snow. [b "I'm guessing they're keeping them in the belly of the building. Most secured, and furthest away from any exits. We should start there."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 40d 23h 40m 34s
That was something else to be in one place for a moment ago and somewhere else a moment later. Despite her reluctance to join anything Kenna found this more fascinating by the moment. Forcing her focus back on Erik she nodded. "Yep, I'm ready."

A fuzzy sensation came through, focusing on that for a moment she looked back to Erik. "There's agents past the door. I can't tell where but close by."

She watched him curiously, mostly to see how this worked, more of what he did.
  X / Faust / 41d 19h 10m 13s
It was a risky spot to be in, but they had no other choice. Without his crew, Erik was left to handle everything on his own. Far too much work for one person. He'd need them back, and fast. On the other hand, they had no idea what they were about to walk in to. Not to mention that the lab could have mutants working for them, who won't hesitate to fight back.

[b "Alright,"] Erik breathed. [b "No splitting up. Once inside, we find where they're holding everyone."]

[i "No exploring. Got it,"] Azazel confirmed.

[b "Absolutely no getting sidetracked. We can't afford to hang around. Wouldn't want to be lab rats ourselves, would we?"] he looked between his companions.

With a nod of his head, Azazel wrapped an arm around both of them and ported them to right outside the door. Erik lifted a hand and channeled his energy. [b "Ready?"] he asked them, wanting to be prepared if anyone was waiting on the other side of the door.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 41d 22h 18m 57s
"They took him before, I don't know a lot more about it. Whatever happened...something cracked," Kenna said, though she had no other details than that. The feelings that she had felt from that gave her the chills. "We need to be careful in there, Erik. There's something there that feels very off but...also doesn't feel like anything. I can't describe it."

When he returned, she looked to Erik, waiting on him. She'd need to update her training if she was going to continue with this. At least there was some experience.
  X / Faust / 42d 18h 21m 26s
Christ, the kid was going to ruin everything. [b "Just what we need. A loose cannon who can make the building crumble on top of us."]

He sighed and rubbed at his temple. Charles needed to keep a better leash on his pets. [b "Whatever plan he's got is almost guaranteed to be idiotic. We're going to keep going ourselves. Azazel can port around to find an opening where we can get in. Once we get in, take out anyone who tries to get in our way. I don't care if it's just knocking them out, or killing them altogether."]

Azazel gave a half-hearted salute and disappeared. Erik looked to Kenna. [b "We'll wait here until he gets back. If we get too close without having a way in, we're sitting ducks for them. Unfortunately, Azazel can't port somewhere unless he's seen it previously. Otherwise, I'd just have him take us in one by one."]

His partner was always useful to have around, though sometimes there were drawbacks; this being one of them. They weren't kept waiting long before Azazel returned. [i "There's a door we can get in that's behind about 3 barbwire fences. I can get us past the fences, and then it'll be up to you to get us through that door,"] he added to Erik.
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 42d 21h 44m 4s
"I'm not sure. Normally it doesn't last more than ten minutes. Sam was an unique case," Kenna furrowed, knowing it'd be easier if she did have one. How did one even go about that? If it wasn't obvious at this point, she wasn't well trained, just went off of instinct. "What are you thinking?"

This was bound to be an interesting mission. If it was going to be her official fist one, it might as well be interesting. Something ate at her, it felt fuzzy, unsure of itself.

Seeing Tristan she rose both eyebrows and gave a slow nod. "Yeah, Tristan, he's the one that brings down buildings when angry. He was with that woman...I don't sense her though."

There had to be a back way in, anything to get in without getting detected.
  X / Faust / 44d 19h 32m 31s
The building didn't even look threatening. To anyone passing by, it just looked like a factory or warehouse. Erik was sure there were security cameras at every corner, but nothing remotely suspicious stood out. They were hiding in plain sight.

[i "I highly suggest we ditch the car and get closer on foot,"] Azazel said.

Without a set plan, it was probably for the best. Erik drove the car a bit further away where they could hide it in a dense patch of trees. [b "Do you still have an attachment to the agent?"] he asked Kenna as they began the trek back to the warehouse.

[i "We'll have to find another way in. We can't waltz through the garage doors without attracting attention,"] their red companion spoke once more.

As they came back upon the building, Erik held out a hand to stop the other two. [b "Who is that?"] he narrowed his eyes at the stranger in the distance, walking steadily towards the entrance gate. [b "Isn't that your friend from the club?"] he glanced at Kenna.

Sure enough, Tristan stood boldly in plain sight, waving his arms around. [i "I surrender! Hey! You win, alright?"] he yelled out, knowing that he was being watched.

The doors creaked open and three men hurried out with guns raised, quickly securing him in handcuffs and dragging him back inside. [b "Well this just went from bad to worse,"] Erik drawled. [b "What the hell does he think he's doing?"]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 44d 23h 7m 15s
That man, she still felt as if her skin was covered in hives. Rubbing her arms she hated processing what they felt. Kenna looked to the two as if they had an interesting conversation. Hearing the question she gave a wry look.

"No, you may not," Kenna started before giving a small smirk. Rubbing her arms she looked to him. "Kidding. I won't do that, intentionally. I've done my part and now I'm following you. This is a first for me. That agent was slimy, so disgusting."

Agent Brody drove in a hurry to the location, pulling into one open bays. It really didn't look like much at all but it felt off.
  X / Faust / 45d 22h 51m 28s
[b "It's fascinating to watch,"] Erik muttered to Azazel as they watched the scene unfold through the window to the bar.

[i "It's dangerous is what it is,"] the red male retorted.

[b "It's a good thing she's on our side, then,"] Erik finished his cigarette as he watched the agent stand to leave.

They two men got back in the car before Kenna arrived, waiting with the radio breaking the silence. [b "That didn't take much at all. He's not making this fun for us,"] he noted, pulling away from the curb to keep an eye on the black sedan driving away from the hotel.

[i "If it were too easy, it'd be more concerning,"] Azazel answered from his seat, cracking his knuckles one at a time.

The atmosphere in the car was growing back into an anxious anticipation. Erik was gripping the steering wheel tight enough to make his knuckles white. Azazel's eyes closed in meditation, a habit of his before a fight. With a glance to Kenna, Erik broke the silence. [b "Do I get permission to hurt people if they do something stupid. You know, like try to shoot us."]
  Erik Lehnsherr / Kooza / 45d 23h 18m 12s

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